Thursday, January 1, 2009

Rejoice, It Is A New Day, And Be Glad It Is

Happy New Year Bloggers! It has come to my attention that we may start a New Year with Resolve (Resolutions) and Stamina to make things better, to right wrongs, to cast shadow on doubt, to recreate creation, to turn a new leaf. It is the most importnat thing, to believe "We can do it". And we CAN. Absolutely. Where there is life there is HOPE, Faith, Love and Charity. We need New Years to attone for all our discontent, our mistakes, our misgivings, misfortune, and any other "mis" waiting in the wings. Today, we should call "Independence Day" because it is the first day of the rest of our lives with FREEDOM in tow, and a steady companion.
What are you doing to change the world? Does this sound a tad too much for you, that YOU could actually do "your bit" to CHANGE THE WORLD? Dont be shocked by this, but your VERY EXISTENCE is MIRACLE enough! So anything else that happens is just secondary. We really are amazing! Let's give kudos to that, awards, badges and metals to follow! Phew, I 'FEEL GOOD" to quote James Brown. (yes I channel James Brown, and a host of other legions and legendary fellow humanbeings, whom would you like to speak or sing with?).
Today, let's make that difference. Let's make it work. We have those inate and intrinsic tools to make things better. Let's work on it, please ladies and gentlemen.
Without even knowing the beginning from the end, we begin again to seal our fate the way WE WANT OUR FATE TO GO. So, let our fates allow us to continue in the vein of righeousness and ordinance, with the flow of the spirit breaching every cell of our bodies with empowerment and might from above. AMEN!!!
To all auld friends, Auld Lang Sein! To you I am always true. True Blue Jane. You know it! Hey, it didnt take a miracle to realize our dna is intertwined in time and space, yes, we shared that experience and are FOREVER BONDED. AND, I kinda like it! Yeah!
NOthing wrong with a bit of intermixing and sharing of expeience. It does make us richer somehow. Yes it does. Thank-you for sharing your life with me. You are EVERSOMUCH SPECIAL TO ME, NOW AND FOREVER. YES, FOREVER!!!
Ok, now that we have BFF out of the way, let's grip onto that heated embattlature of a movement called LIFE AS WE WANT IT.
How to make LIFE AS WE WANT IT? First as Bill Czaplar would always say besides "have ahamburger" let's 'MAKE A PLAN"!
What sort of plan do you want to make?
Let's work on it!
Tomorrow we will assemble our plan to make "life's highway" smooth-flow for our stellar beings which will one day (I believe) morph into "immortal human butterflies". Let's make this "crysalys time" a time to gain more spirit, which will be greatly needed on "the outside".
Not to sound "hail boppish" but what if 2012 is a reality. That means we only have 3 years to prep for this "once in a lifetime of millenias" trip! Yes, let's plan this one well and pull out all the stops, and brainstorm and whatever to make the best we can be really happen in our future world projections! Amen!
If it works, great, if it doesn't, heck, we tried!
Something can be said for trying.
Until tomorrow, I bid you adieu, and farewell this fair sleep of night until we wake up to the Glory Lights to come. (oh turn those high beams down please Scottie).
Peace Love Faith and Hope to all who venture here.
Tomorrow we make the "PLAN" come alive! Now and Forever!
Not too big a committment. Just a plan we can live forever with, if you get my drift
Nite Nite!
chiccoreal 1 Jan 09

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