Thursday, February 10, 2011

Energy Discussion With Dr. Joe "Shakeup Status Quo" Jones

Pretty Pollyanna Reporter: Good morning Dr. Joe! How's it hangin' this fine morning?

Dr. Joe of the Status Quo Shakers: I'm just grand today Polly!

PP: Really? Oh, I heard you were under the weather last week, so that's why we are doing the interview today.

Dr. Joe: Well, yes, Polly, I was kinda sick last week. But that was last week! Today I think I've gathered some really cool insights to something phenomenal that should be addressed to the Blogger community.

Polly: What's that Joe? What could possibly be so earth-shaking as to get a comment or two?

Dr. Joe: Well, you're right as rain again Miss Pretty! I think you got to remember that Dr. Joe just doesn't sit in bed and vegetate!

Polly: Well that's good to hear Dr. Joe. Go ahead, please, and tell us all about your new findings this week!

Dr. Joe: Thanks Polly, by the way, is those new earrings your wearing? There awesome!

Polly: Yes, they are! A gift from my beau! I really appreciate the fact that you noticed, but how did you since we are conducting this interview via satellite audio hookup!

Dr. Joe: Yah, that's true. I guess I heard you say something about wanting a pair of studs for your birthday!

Polly: Dr. Joe, really! Hahahha! You're so funny!

Dr. Joe: Ok Polly, here goes! How to discuss something as serious and complicated as energy with Pollyanna! No pun intended!

Polly: Hahhaahah!

Dr. Joe: Energy is something that we are all about but little is really understood about it, how it interacts with us as humans. It seems we should try to do anything that could expound upon how energy plays such a significant role in our lives.

Polly: Definitely Doctor, please, go on...

Dr. Joe: Yes, I had been thinking, while holed up in my bed last week, how vital energy is in our lives. And energy as you know can take on many forms. Some energy is dormant, or latent, sitting there until something like a catalyst changes it into a released form and KA-BOOM! Energy! Electricity is this kind of energy. OUr bodies our electric and have an electric field, yet so little is known about the interactions of these particular energies on the body, mind and soul. Today, I hope to address some interesting issues, in regards to; number one, finding energy, proving its existence as it interacts with the body, mind and soul. Definitely no easy task, but one I thought I would address as to its extreme importance in the history of humanity.

Polly: Yes, Joe, I read somewhere that you are preparing a paper on this! Please continue, you've gotten my interest piqued!

Dr. Joe: Thanks Polly! I really have thought about this awhile and have consulted various leaders in the energy field to come up with a plan as to how to understand the various energies and their effect on humans.

Polly: Yes, Dr. Joe. I did see some of your preliminary drawings in regards to the human magnetosphere. Which, is, I believe, an energy field which surrounds and interacts with the body?

Dr. Joe: Yes, Polly, this is true! The energy field surrounding the human, often called the "aura" is an area of interest to me. I have conducted initial field studies and have concluded that there is much more testing to be conducted on this vital area. I believe that these energy fields have a vital role to play in our health, as well, I have found new therapies which could adapt the human to a much more beneficial state of energic field. There is a way to create a homeostatic field which would induce great health benefits to the person.

Polly: This is very exciting news Dr. Joe. Could you please explain some of these new healing modalities?

Dr. Joe: Yes, Polly. My group of Body Energy Field researchers have been studying the energy produced by high and low sound therapy, and/or vibrational therapy. It had come to my mind that a new device to improve the quality of proper vibrational health would occur in the body. And in various parts of the body various types of vibrations flourish. For example, the drumming beat of our heart produces and electrical field that can extend as far as five feet or more. Psychically this could be even farther, maybe indefinitely, as these energy due tend to go to a point, which we have called the Alpha/Omega point and then subside.

Polly: Wow, how fascinating Dr. Joe! A drum therapy machine!

Dr. Joe: That's right, Polly! We've been trying not only to replicate the vibrational quality of the body through resonation through the "Drum Therapy Machine" but we've also been able to optimize this level of vibration. As you know, great mystics throughout time have use vibrational chanting for healing purposes. Today, we are trying to create a machine whereby the patient, client, whatever, sits or rather lies down in a resonating machine, similar to the insides of a large drum.
We are experimenting on real Shaman drummers to optimize the various chakras and organs of the patient, drumming in a tone of the various chakra/organ to be healed.

Polly: Yes, I've heard of shaman drum healing before. Don't they have that in Sedona, AZ?

Dr. Joe: Yes, I believe they do, but they it is a hand-held drum and the shaman does go around the body's auric field. There have been reported fantastic spontaneous healings from this particular alternative health therapy.

Polly: Yes, my cousin had gone there for spiritual renewal after a breakup with a boyfriend. She is incredible now, has all this energy, is happy and, well, I often call her to come over to wake me up!

Dr. Joe: You see, a little vibration goes a long way! Everything in life vibrates at various levels. My team is trying to find out these levels electronically and to optimize the neural channels for health. It goes beyond health we are finding...

Polly: What do you mean Dr. Joe that these healing modalities go "beyond health".

Dr. Joe: I mean, Polly, that the vibrational healing, takes on a very spiritual dimension or dimensions. In our prototype vibrational drumming machine, patients/clients have been known to experience deeply profound spiritual experiences!

Polly: How so, Dr. Joe?

Dr. Joe: Well, it is really a phenomena I've yet to fully understand or comprehend. We are recording all incidence of reported spirtual or abnormal happenings. We'll keep you posted!

Polly: Sounds like a whole new show or two, we'll have to have you come back to report on this latter!

Dr. Joe: Definitely would love to Polly! Thanks!

Polly: Besides the Vibrational Drum Machine (tm) there must be something else Dr. Joe has his irons heating up!

Dr. Joe: Hope I'm not spreading myself to thin, as I do like to go out on a tangent once in awhile!

Polly: I'd say, it is amazing how many fields of interest you've been involved with! I'd say that you bring back the old notion of Universality, where multiple fields are connected, not simple specialization. Although specialization can be just as difficult, it is often the "big picture" which I find to be a most amazing aspect of your research. What else is on the horizon Dr. Joe?

Dr. Joe: Thanks for the compliments Polly! Our team of researches at ChipnLogs (tm) are also conducting research into the emotional resonance of sound and language. This is a huge field of interest for me and I have often thought how little is known about the emotional impact of sound and language. Right now we are trying to gauge this, with various sounds, gutteral, vowel sounds as well as how these primitive emotive sounds have been translated, emotionally, into various languages throughout history, and this is most important, how these emotional sounds effect a language and the comprehension of words, as well as which languages are vacant of comprehensive emotive sounds and words. It is quite a vast area of research as you can tell Polly, stretching over many cross-departmental areas, Anthropology, Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology, Biology, etc.

Polly: Wow Dr. Joe, you sound like you'll be busy for awhile figuring out the complexity of the emotive nature of sound and language.

Dr. Joe: Yes, I will have my day filled to capacity Polly! Much like Twitter! I might have to deligate more of this work to my fine team of researchers at ChipnLogs(tm)!

Polly: You're amazing Dr. Joe. How about I'll call you for an interview in another month or so to see your progression on your current activity, and I can't wait to see what you'll have that are brand new discoveries!

Dr. Joe: Thanks, Polly! You're going to be a surprized as I am, for I am never sure where out of the left field these new ideas are coming from! That's the excitment for me, Polly, the discovery of new things. I guess I'm an inventor of sorts!

Polly: Indeed! I guess you take that from your relatives!

Dr. Joe: Yah, the monkeys we're pretty smart!

Polly: Oh, I meant your relatives, as in your father, mother and grandparents, etc.

Dr. Joe: Yah, I thought you meant that! Yes, there were a few bats in the belfry!

Polly: Hahah! Dr. Joe...hahha!

Dr. Joe: Until next time Polly? A date with destiny?

Polly: Definitely a date with destiny Dr. Joe! I love you Dr. Joe!

Dr. Joe: Hahah! Polly, you jest! Yes, I love you too, Polly! See you then!

Polly: This has been Radio Innovative for Galaxy Diner...Ciao For Now From the Diner!

PollyAnna Pretty

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  1. Nice post my Dearest of this summer in my back yard I went into a deep but shallow lining meditation as I felt becoming of the gap and this feeling went through my being as my neurons were feeling great with endorphins flooding happiness and bliss..later realized I had tapped into the gap that place between us and oblivion and knew that the Universe is made up of magnetic bands of energy continuously feeding from the feet through the head as this is how all nature operates in growth.....then after that noticed that the texture is equivalent to the Soul as this energy is the same as the Universe and after that I knew that the Soul manifested in Consciousness the physical body...Now with the three together as one the non resistant or zero point field was opened to me to move freely about in....I also found out after 16 mountains I had climbed that living in the present with Soul that insecurity is the veil and it wipes off when you start seeing what Now has to offer and not later and the direction of said you have become the energy in Consciousness the way it was meant to be and the direction it flows in....enjoy as well(+)

  2. Dear Dom: Mountain climber! Wow! That is so cool Meditation on those peaks must be totally awesome! Your ability to find this connect is very wonderful. What magic exists when we align to "zero point energy" of which I am not totally sure. Wonders if this would be similar to "alpha-omega point" the place which is outside the dualism. If this is the case you are made whole in all three areas..way to go! I am tryin to find this point of destiny, maybe it is a geographic location,like a mountain peak or a valley or sedona, or...where the vibes are orrect and connected. I am sensing the vitalness of alignment. In all areas of mind, body soul then add spirit and WOWSA! Spirit seems to wave in and out. Consciousness is being fully awakened to the full poetential when all vibes are correctly aligned to flood the being with enormous amounts of seated bliss. as in a "zen-state". I've had this happen to me a few times and since it better than anything, I continually seek this sometimes elusive state. There are holy sites where these energies exist and I'd love to test my theories...maybe this is why tribes were nomadic (one idea) because they were trying to find those "good vibes, etc". Spiritually speaking, cosmic consciousness is divine to me. Thanks Dom!:)