Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Cloud Watching" Comments on Being: 600 years is along time so why am I shy?

So I listen to sounds of trees rustling today, their willowy dance, the oaks girth protects me, the clouds; ah the clouds.

As a young child I thought the clouds were the sky and the sky was the clouds! Sky Blue Clouds? I had to ask my Mom as she was making dresses for her three daughters. I remember asking this question as the cold early spring wind blew into the opened bedroom window. Maybe on a Pleidian star the sky/cloud setup was switched or I see
things differently!

Today I deliberately appreciated the clouds today. Being blown into the air by an upsweep strong November wind, tornado force as I rounded the corner of Transfiguration school. Wind has always been to me the power of the mighty; The Source of immense power.

*** P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L ~~~~ P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L ~~~~ P-O-W-E-R-F-U-L ***

Thinking of the past, as I am tending to do lately since I have become a "big girl" as my Dad called me lately, and being the "baby" of the family. There was this time in the school yard when a gust of wind blew my kercheif from my head and landed on the roof of the A-frame church next door. The scarf stayed there for a week and it was a sky blue scarf. Nothing seems to want to stay on my head for long! Escpecially not the first communion veil that kept blowing in the wind that came from where?

All of a sudden. This wind appears! It is always a mystery to me and I think I know that is why I felt the wind as a calling card like God is saying; hey! notice me! Remember me!? Do this in memory of me: I am!

I always do, and I am usually given an indication that it is God; there is the presense of the wind. Check the Bible! The Israelites always had God protecting the ark of the Covenant during the day a Cloud and at night a fire. The Holy Spirit Descended or Ascended. Still trying to figure out ascending and descenting not exactly the same thing in the meditative spriral effect; learning this as it is new to me. Maybe?

Always I've been fearful of tornados and remember hiding in the stairwell of St Marcellus, my sister trying to convince me not to worry about the pending tornado. And this too shall pass. Faith. Mustard Seeds. Mountains and their removal if they should bwe obstacles.

Much later, after realizing thought-intent-projection and prayer can stop or alter winds; especially tornadoes, I am not as fearful or feeling victimized by many impending disasters or looming chaos. Love being developed in such a way, through prayer meditations helped to create this strength within.

Two years ago we had a tornado a block from here,. I remember that Saturday in the afternoon. I was not feeling well as I always feel tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes. I am a human barometer. Not much fun! My ear aches and I have headaches of the ocular migraine kind.

This tornado came from on top of the hill; there seems to be this vortices around the Great Lakes and we get the brunt of the accumulation of this powerful winds; the winds spiral around the Lakes.

Once we had a huge winter storm on route to North of Lake Superior in early December near St. Ignace Michigan. Our trunk was ripped from my husban's gloved hands and like a huge tunnel the trunk flings open as a huge vacuum sucks high into the sky. And leaves us virtually cashless as the trunk blew open and the wind literally sucks the cash up into the air. Talk about the wind being a Grab and Go! The power of that wind was Supernatural. Clouds only form by the winds that surround them. The various classifications of clouds, be it Cirrus or Cumulus, etc.

Low Clouds:Stratus

Middle Clouds:Altostratus

High Clouds:Cirrus

Clouds with VerticalDevelopment:Cumulus

And Clouds wholly depend upon the wind for their form. No wind, or some wind or plenty of wind, the clouds can be changed by the wind; costantly pushing them to form and reform every few minutes or seconds.

Clouds never stay the same. Changeable; like water, but the same and often the same things I see. Is my mind only focused on these certain symbols? Perhaps.

Clouds are known to come out of nowhere in this area. In fact two men where blown a mile from Christie shore about ten years ago and had to swim back to shore. That's would be quite a swim, and very frightening. I'd have to float on my back; and be exhausted, not being a long-distance swimmer!! It would be a bronze-medal swimmer to handle that distance!

Clouds in this way are now thought projections. We can shapeshift clouds. Or change the weather! With intent. How? See the sky the way you want it to be and then project that image into the sky (or what I call the projection screen) and voila!

Today I got to see my beloved Unicorn, as well as a clover. I think the wind reminds me of Ireland where I have never been. It was always the windy days that brought out my imagination and when I would find little black boots I thought were leprachaun boots. And of course Mary Poppins always came breezing in on her magico umbrella when there was a change in the wind. I never could imagine Mary leaving.

Clouds would form these huge shapes, puffball mushroom clouds, I thought the third war had been declared. The power so much more when you see the force of the hurricanes. I believe this is the collected energy from the sun's magnetic protoplasm which is so powerful it wipes out all electronic commnication on this planet and maybe a few satelittes as far as Jupiter? Thank goodness the flares from the sun hit the largest object, Jupiter, in our solar system. Thinking "clouds of Magellian now and must get back to topic of earth; I do so love to float. In my dreams for now in reality soon! There; a cloudy prediction for you!
(clouds over Mt Shasta)

The Clouds show me the mood of the day, and I can somedays see forever in clouds and they speak to me like a story. Who needs tv? I cant begin to tellyou the things the clouds tell. Secrets. And all so obvious I get embarased for the sky! Certain seasons are better dreaming clouds, Spring and Summer my favourite!

Clouds morph and always do this when change occurs as always a constant state of change water and sky elements. This can be easily examined as clouds, sky mirror our world. There are days when nothing seems to change. The order of the day, the scribble, the idea, jotted down, picking up the energies; balancing them to make more ambient serrendipidy for all. Some make the world a dramatic place when it can stay balanced in ambient serrendipidy for a long time.

We need not always have the dramatic weather. Someone ordered this; it is not inevitable! We need to know how these subtle energies work and I beleive there are some, like ancient sundancers who know how to balance the sun's magnetic energies. Not a big task; just misunderstood; lost knowledge from ancient worlds that can be recalled when accessing the vast space between the ears!

Yes, the organizing of the thoughts and the allowance of the mind expansion into the multi-dimensional Universe allows this ability. Never say Never! Believe in the impossible and it shall Be! We have a part a BIG PART to play in all this!

(cloud like ufo on mt shasta ca usa)

May you always have SUNSHINE ON A CLOUDY DAY and FIND THE INSPIRATION FOR YOUR FINE ART created BY YOU...all of a sudden INSTANT INSPIRATION clouds do this, as into a life "a little rain must fall" and it is this way to balance, and we accept this, and become understandig of this, and allow our being to be carved in the way the Creator wants it to be. Because, as much a we can do all things.

It is only THROUGH that which is the Creative force that makes it so, and we must work with these INCREDIBLE forces; not against them, and know that it is all about BALANCE...

Now to truly understand this balance and make the long term BIG PICTURE HAPPEN. The Big Picutre is A UNITY OF LOVE; THEN AND ONLY THEN DO things FUNCTION and the dna triggers start to fire, turn on, and become the song that we truly are; and that song is the love song in our heart. Hold it; strengthen this , let it go and begin again this power filling up of the spirit to release Love force from the heart into realms unknown. And as to do so freely letting go of this heart-love power convergence which emaniates outwards and inwards. I am gettig this now!

And into the atmosphere to give everywhere and fill in the voids that were lacking. This is the human's true business here on earth and it is life changing energy for the positive; greater good! These heart cycles like the beat of the Universe heal the world and Universe. This is our mission; this is powerful knowledge.

To see Love light in the clouds at first slowly revealed as if a curtain or veil were lifted to reveal the wonders of the universe and the mechanics of the way it works. It is like this. Slowly surely, in God's time. We wait patiently for this knowledge to be wholly revealed; and we meanwhile attend to the immediate need of the heart of the matter. Soon the matter will be all heat; all Divine Love. Soon children, soon...

No Clouds exist in The doldrums. So they? I should attend to this question; it is important. No water, no clouds. No clouds no water. Then just a dull grey day haze of just existing not really living. Many feel they are living a life in this sealed tomb of fatedness or nonchange, ineptitude, lingering doubt looming, negativeity. But with a breeze and a new cloud, the Lord gives us this need change, theis break from a holding pattern to nowhere. which makes one become reflective of the past; not recreating the cloud futures.

When life, like clouds goes through it's various positive and negative phases we feel lack of control over life's events; like we are witnessing a slow-motion disaster. The way though this negative thinking could be as simple as letting the mind drift upon a cloud to get a new perspective; take a walk and watch the clouds; get a new lease on life.

We can get negative thoughts and act on a negative way of being and thinking unless change happens to remove the barriers of negative thought. Had the wind not blown at will, and if all is due to the fact of our adherence to our BELIEF SYSTEMS.

that I indeed believe in this magic of wind.-cloud-change. It is the Supernatural. The clouds are like a crystal ball to discover another way of being, another way of seeing another way of doing and making this world our own the way we have deliberately made INTENTION a priority, have made our positive Spirit-filled thoughts our world, our Universe, OUR DESTINY. Yes, and often a way of being completely free of thoughts and we can allow our surface thoughts to merge into a cloud-image.

Angels always appearing in the clouds, around Easter and when my Grandparents died. Clouds are like angels wings and remind me of a huge painting and so much can be envisioned in them.

Clouds are, scientifically rain formed into shape. Clouds merge at least two elements; water and sky. Recently I have been told that there was a ring of water around the earth and it did fall to earth causing the flood. The rainbow is the promise of no more fear of water disaster for the earth because water is such a prevalent element on the earth; yet dangerously coming close to evaporating with the ozone holes. Those we can fix with intent. Much can be done to balance through envisioning the earth's gaps. We can make whole again.

The archer in the sky; the power chi of this degree, to be one with everything is to understand the forces can come from within without at the same time and the discernment of knowing how to use these spiral descending and ascending powers for great benefit; Spiritual growth with all the many qualities that come with such dreams of cloud development.

Today I felt like a child again, seeing things like I did as a child, thorough my child's eyes. I thank my Guide for this. As I sense the protection of my allies. Quite a group of well-wishers today I sense who are looking deep into the well of spirit. As the pupil of the awakening my world isis enlarging; expanding from being closed to open and sparking with these given gifted energies that are unique to each individual, a whole bunch of talents that defy an easy description! Thanks to the talented muses of magic from the Supernatural Source of all this that is; the Great I am Eye in the sky watching me be free showing me the way to this intrinsic knowledge of being one with the Universe. No longer separated into parts per zillion, now a wholeness and a smooth flowing positive attracting the like Love.

This morning I took the neighbour's dog for a walk and I began, yes, I started skipping down the Lane! Haven't done that for a long while! Being the feelig that fed my spirit, being the Love that I remember that I am! So as not to discourage my Gifts from God, how have I often over-looked these gifts of the Spirit.

Always known was the Spirit so special the Gift bestowed to us All can access! In the Sprit of the Spirit which is Divine Love.

Always, I was so happy to be one with nature, flying in the clouds. "My head in the clouds" known by teachers as a "daydreamer". I liked that even though they did not! Only some appreciated those gifts in me, some teachers hated me for being "air-headed".

Seeing the sky I could sing to the tunes in my head and on the radio. Feel the oak tree I love beside my house, hug the tree, wait to gather her leaves when she is willing to give them to me. Swapping spit. We are one.

Enjoy your own skywriting in the sky today! As your mind forms the clouds you are learning how to become the one consciousness that makes all this contruction of invention, the creative artist, the imagineer, the concepts, the deep thinking, the light thinking and the ability to be completely the non-thinking absorber sponge taking in cloud energy; the ephemeral mystic world of lightness of Being. A Floater!

As you recreate the world with your thought clouds taking in all the breath of nature, you are making something wonderful, and not doing anything but sitting back on the ground and looking up at your own etch a sketch in the sky. And have fun! You SkyWriter you make me do this writing in the sky.

Reproduced from FB as per request? Who asked me to do this? A Little Cloud? (from B Little Cloud)

The vision forms in the clouds. The fertile imagination replacing my plausible pause that is rso efreshing now because I found the key to Be~ing. Why give a carp about something I cannot control, like the aging process. Although I know there is a cure for the slow death process. The Mother Cell Soul is our eternal soul and once we locate it; we will have ETERNITY but then, if we get hit by a bus; then what? Oh well...we just get our wings that much faster!

This new being allowed to release from the logical sequence it's been trained to conform. Forming now to the clouds, metamorposis, changeable, free floating; to be a cloud! That is what I aim to be! And my intent this week!

cloud heart I saw while viewing the sky in the East and it was from you I felt this. and I know. I am knowing. Why? I dont know Just am I guess! And...I love you too! We share this divine love and IT IS AMAZING!!! THANK-YOU GOD!

WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THIS CLOUD FORMATION BETTER THAN The Rorschach test! Some days it's all Visions! Tell me yours and I'll tell you mine!

AJ Casson Canadian Artist Group of Seven...The Clouds in Spring are moving...Fall winds are changeable and can motile easily into any shape or thing you want; you're the artist! Go Paint Clouds!

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Ja-Len Jones Mountains are only clouds! There is no spoon...matrix-like web of the illusion...and you've got the key gated one.
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8 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · Ja-Len Jones I see two cheribs holding a placard. There is a mirror being held up by two cheribs! We are too look at ourselves, our hearts. Are we happy with what image our heart is showing us? Are we doing all we can to make everyone heart-felt lions; stronger than the physicalness that only defines us partially? What do you see in the clouds?
2 minutes ago · LikeUnlike · Write a comment...I see two cheribs holding a placard. There is a mirror being held up by two cheribs! We are too look at ourselves, our hearts. Are we happy with what image our heart is showing us? Are we doing all we can to make everyone heart-felt lions; stronger than the physicalness that only defines us partially? What do you see in the clouds? ...
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  1. Sometimes it helps to squint to see the images that are waiting for you in the sky. (this is just a hint!)

  2. What a great post! It's our car journey occupation. We get dragons mostly.
    Today was the grey, uniform veil that Western Scotland does so well.

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  4. praise God, nature expresses His creation, His power