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~~Emily Dickinson~~Poem-A-Day "By such and such an offering" 38/1775

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"By such and such an Offering" by Miss Emily Dickinson

By such and such an offering
To Mr. So and So,
The web of live woven —
So martyrs albums show!

by Emily Dickinson

This is truly a remarkable "short" poem. Packs a punch! It is at the same time mystical with religious references "martyrs", "offering" which transcend into the aesthetic of the everyday secular world i.e., nature.

Emily also jestingly (as Emily is wont to do)has fun with words here (very modern by the way and rather un-Victorian in her unique and witty humour) stating "by such and such" and "To Mr. So and So,". Emily's comedic talent diffuse the solemnity of the nature of this poem.

I think the third line almost sounds like a "typo" as we have noticed, this may be the case, that some of Emily's poems were scrawled rather quickly at her insistence and may have been misread by some of her devoted compilers after her death. Nontheless the line "the web of live woven" would make a lot more sense syntacally if this third line read "the web of LIFE woven". However, the astute ever changing the mundane idiom in her own thread, Miss Emily uses LIVE as maybe, an elusion to the LIVE which is all around her and which she has studied in Biology and which is so important in her Transcendental quest or way she is naturally.

I just figured out what the last line means! I think! "So martry'd albums show" may be referring to the dead bugs left on the web! Which may be like "Live woven" also our martrys show as their bones are remaining on this earth. Did I sink this one? Tell me if you see this poem in "another live light of day". Enlighten me! Thanks!

So what exactly is this short poem evoking? What is it moral? To me, Emily is stating that the web is woven with life and that all deeds are reflected upon the "woven" or "work" of humankind. That the reflection in the web of life (or web of LIVE" is indeed showing all, including the fate of the saints who become murdered and thus don the "martyr'd mantel". Do you find something else in this poem? Please tell me if you do...always much more than appreciated! It is somewhat, PLEASE! Thank-you Love-you!

Chiccoreal's Channelling Miss Emily's poem with a 21st Century Perspective

Oh What a Gift Live Has Woven

Together we have given
alms to the poor
time to the ill
spirit to the wind
we have come again
to view the web to find
all we do is reflected
like a mirror the web
holds all our truths
holds all our lies
holds all our pain
We will one time soon
Find the way out
of deception
of confusion
of the spin-out flux
The Great Illusion
free of the web o' lies
and our moral coil
will finally then
loose our skin and die
then we've find
our ONLY LIVE way
back home again.


(one has to wonder if Ms Emily is foreshadowing the "web" of the computer network?
An amazing poem!

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