Sunday, July 8, 2018

GoodMoonRisingDream Jul 8 4:47 about 5-10 mins prior 2 dreams one a kidnapping dream of children, related to me, I believe a boy and girl {Archetype alert; Hansel and Gretel}I my grand kids under 10. Finally figured check Switzerland where the great gps live, until then mayhem at the airport for me trying to find out where they're located. {Archetype alert; repeat dream of airport...  In many repeat dreams same place , the airport facing west approach from the west, long horizontal building, 2 floors, expansive ' and feelings there... Fear of unknown....toss of dice, go for it, magical yet fearful, destiny,change coming big time}Disappearance at the airport. Upset. Using intuitive powers.

Second dream teenage thugs become violent.I had a commercial van parking lot of old all circa 1970s I was a guy about40?I had a beer truck small cube van old school, 1930s flashback reincarnation?at a car swap or auto show. The kids, teenage boys threatened me with a gun, I don't remember as I was pistol whipped but next day I think ok(Archetype Alert: relates in real life, albeit an unsure bad dream now in hindsight as my Westmont life changing JAN 1 1979-80) event at P's basement kegger NewYears party with bio nerds me iggied more and more and that horrible dirty dancing event  ..and yesterday bum repair of lawnmower at st Pals in Stainer THE FRICKEN PULL CORD STUCK and Hancook* Step called ungab*nga grandpa! L Stah, Wahlberg ont (what's with the bad karma around "W" names???and yet other unknown (step)cousin deceased in circa 2015?

Yes a Stainer connect apriori my original family repressed these connections to me..cooks and bakers.. And Mennonites never understood the might of 'nites... These "things" that they never told me like how the heck did md car end up in the burg the one I was promised in the 1st Will??? Or for their power accumulation from me by their unknown ritualization black mass activity which they engaged in, as well as thwarting players in my life from marrying me or buying a home " I'll never buy you a house the odd fellow mason once removed and quickly like the good riddance rich the turd, son of turd king of billiards bridge and all things N*A said by way of decoy Nubian council to me without knowing why relates to being so inept and kept out of the coffee klutch loop and being a ritualized scapegoat also L said he witnessed my others being involved in this dark robe night ritual of the soiled by his way of unknown..maybe break free spies, seriously, someone was controlling negative energy as ALL my social relationships negativity. E lied about me VIA THE HIGHSCHOOL GRAPEVINE kissing Kirby Armstrong in grade 9 at sanders school I went to to, as E was spreading rumors about me to ruin me then and now...away back then..this noxious pattern definitely a poison from the past like thumb painted with mercurochrome to stop thumb sucking what nurse in their right mind would do that?

the known soap wash and Don A Litwell  and Healy yes looked just like Bob Crane...neighbors? E tired to put me into Don A's  freezer.said boogieman had gum, thats why it wouldn't surprise me if M done for the money as Urish Mafia connects with Luconnism and st Mays ONTARIO just as JUSTIN BEIBER MAFIA MUSIC CABAL aka  m's mink coat stolen from basement window smashing thuggites  while at Wasaga and md sudden success,,,and laughing meanness to those fired, AS A MARKETING DIRECTOR AKA trigger MADMEN  and me the guarantor scapegoat etc image of thugitism fir sure..AZ lawyer divorcee born agin RFIR only babysitter we could find although interviewed 6, as connect to via native weird philo ..and the Rc chance of that!yet probably others family did know these deep and dark and awfully delicious secrets such as EBC the karma being repeating and back to the dream...

As I woke up to find my truck van completely ruined. And me violently attacked by a gang of teenage thugsters (Archetype Alert..these thugs recur in realtime in Wowa where the teens do the crime as they don't serve the time being underage) avoidance of this kind of gang of 2-3+Beer smashed. {AA near scene of disassociated life event Christmas stolen kiss with devil intent}Remember the gang was drunk. Remembered the cops were not there {similar to no Drs at the lady Bunn(old bf who took advantages of young skin at this derelict hospital and it was winter said they couldn't show up not enough men to do the takedown, out of town in the country. At the Kafe klatch, Bad Smell and taste of formaldehyde in the  coffee, yes wake coffee.a most evil and vile demise of ALL not in the secret handshake at Barfly milkshake ,at the time, wink and miss it , eagle junkion.a CPR/CN cabal-friendly forever buSStop.

I think the second dream was violent reminding me of how I felt about the gangs of Wowa. Merged with the way I felt about being accosted in the winter parking lot by that drunk guy by the old beer store Westmont mall who kissed me said he was stealing a kiss being drunk Christmas holidays. When most broken from bad and once good so damn many good turned awfully bad fast???families not resolved angst at broken dream patterning aka Tavistock MK ultra via LSD and other nano particulate if any have a hard time and become drunk and violent.

The desolate yet absolute evil in both dreams, the mayhem and violence was very disturbing. The reaction "we can't help you" was also very unbelievably upsetting because it showed complicity and animosity towards to me. It didn't make sense until I dug deeper and found the origins of this hate crime/targeting.

Both incidents should have been avoided if better precautions and a deeper understanding of the bad elements/people/mix. Also relates to my feelings of being ignored and trashed by the narcs in my life, mostly many who seemed to always show seething jealousy towards me. Was I too showy, showing off for attention, making others target me by jealousy, as to KEEP ME AND MY SUCCESS in line, controlled folly? The dream repeats around this area merging Martin MICHIGAN drag race reality, Saunders many dreams and other incidents the Wendy Perrx dream of unsuccessful astronomy merger I in grade 7 creating mostly alone as Wendy didn't want to come over, only once, she a total slave worker at home, this styrofoam ball at hazel tine nursery bear the children's research Centre CPRI , this crappy solar system project whereby she  did sabotage all my best efforts and intent of the said projects instead of having a cooperative effort of equal work and combination of effort were secret saboteurs.

Feelings...I felt odd not feeling protected and vulnerable as if I was set up for this. Victimization. Violence toward me for no reason other than jealousy or covert methods of destroying human potential and success for some. A definite plan...A covert organization of unknown..TAVISTOCK LITTON with agenda to target the successful AND thereby decreasing the public''s power base.🦄TRIGGERED BY UNICORNS OR OTHER EQUEST-PEDESTRIANS-you are not alone...🦄

Repeat dreams show this theme needs resolution or warning me of this tendency me to be too trusting in this life is my undoing. This is a snakey life 🐍with big hidden agendas of which I've been mostly naively unawares, NATIVE UNKNOWN although building intuition from earlier feelings that I repressed BUT did DESPERATELY try to hide BUT did surface in this outwardly dramatic, violent resolve OF WTF. RC covert influence, again????

How to change this deep subconscious angst.Understanding this tendency of repeat dreams with same underlying themes; BETRAYAL, TOO NAÏVE, INNOCENT, TOO VULNERABLE (resolve; FEEL the intuitive signals of good place, bad place, good person, bad person, etc), DO NOT TRUST STRANGERS AND THEIR TENDENCY TO JEALOUSY, GREEDY. BE MORE SENSITIVE TO BAD VIBES AND GET OUT...DO NOT STAY INA BAD VIBE PLACE OR WITH BAD VIBE PEOPLE...REALIZE THERE'S ANOTHER PROGRAM RUNNING AND IT'SNOT YOURS, YOUR DREAMS HAVE BEEN TAMPERED, SUPPRESSED REALITY, THERES A GOVERNOR ON HOW MUCH SUCCESS, THIS WORLD, DREAM NOT OF YOUR MAKING, ALL THAT SEEMS GOOD AT FIRST ISN'T AS KARMA'S SLIDING SCALE OF REBALANCE CREATES THIS REALITY AND SICE NO GOOD CAN LIVE HERE IN THE DUALITY, ONE MUST USE THE TOOLS OF AWARENESS TO AVOID THE MANY PITFALLS. STAY AWAY FROM SLEAZY ACTIVITY AND PEOPLE HELL BENT ON SELF DESTRUCTION. STAY AWAY FROM BAD VIBE PLACES AND PEOPLE EVEN IF ALMOST EVERYWHERE SEEMS THUS. TRY EVKING MAKING FOMENT FORMULATION ALCHEMY  THE KARMA KEY EQUATION...WHICH IS PRECOGNITION AWARENESS AND PRECOGNITIVE AVOIDANCE, WATING IT OUT, TIMELINE JUMPING, OTHER METHODS TO BE DISCUSSED LATER. REALIZE THE EVIL SNAKES COME OUT AT NIGHT IN NUMBERS AND EVENTS ASSOCIATED IN CLOAK OF THEIR FEEDING FRENZY OF DESTRUCTION. WICKED INTENT IS A PRECURSOR TO THIS AND DO GRD PURIFICATION APRIORI VIA DIVINE INTERVENTION BY INTENT. WILL RIG THE NEG KARMA WHICH CURSED MY LIFE {AA readers to mouth washing incident in grade 2 which devastatme...I did not feel I said the f word did not know the f word unlesse made me say it to work with mom to get me punished aka Sacrifice scapegoat a women's auxillary thing? WTF? for later insurance fraud set up methods of RC group to reclaim family money by covert coercion.this scapegoat theme in my life was huge ..yes I'm probably passed pd when you figure this out..too late to cry for me Argent Tina. Knowing this karma code of action reaction solution method can divert and divest you of similar bad rising moon karma)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Far Above the Clouds the sky borrowed Venus' birthing bowl, a shell she shoved down while the sun bowed it's fiery head..and lacey curtains or crocheted tablecloths with perfect wing chairs; we left the place with it's shellac'd wings it's sublime to the spirit in the sky, so upward- heavenly bound to hold sway we looked up; we felt the trouble coming the low rumble, the bass jumped up flapped and yaw, for there, were more agains..the movement was the rocked earth effacing the wall that held back the bleak night held tight by too high breaker walls; we'd eventually was for our souls which stood ready to fly free still ..surrounded by illusion which grounded us to earthen soil; a comfort to locate this unbridled energy in a place setting we the pure vessel-.of limitless sky-born earth...endless bits blown across vast red-orange so intense you could taste iron or sanguine; these dreams dissolved into a fullness of light' an electric-body resurrection~

Monday, October 21, 2013

Ascension Earth : Hilarion's Weekly Message for October 20-27, 2013 ...

Ascension Earth : Hilarion's Weekly Message for October 20-27, 2013 ...: Beloved Ones, Behold yourselves in the mirror and you will see that the transformation of your phys...this reminds me of Uri Geller last evening..i saw a magician's hat..and heard "magic hat"..? on CoasttoCoast last night...