Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day: Pause for A Minute and Remember

After listening all morning to various tv shows, in particular "Sunday Morning" which I enjoy watching but only caught the tail end this a.m. and then "Face The Nation" with John King, I felt I must discuss this issue with someone perhaps my bloggy friends in cyber space maybe?

Sad to hear the "kill shot" was not 100 percent successful. What was with using golf balls? Definitely not a MIT plan; not very sophisticated or more importantly, successful. Yes I did at one time know someone who went to MIT; he was an artist. I wonder how many artists go to MIT. They must have an arts program? I'll look into this and a million other things; later...

No, BP has not been successful in stopping the gusher. Not yet anyway. Maybe in August when the next pipeline is installed, however, are we sure of this? There are a lot of people really ticked with BP because they did not "fix" the problem. They said they would "look after it", yet they did not. They thought they could, but this was never 100 percent so, they should have gotten help from someone who knew how. This is called "know-how".

The buck should stop when the environment comes into this risk of disaster. Some government agency must step in and take over, and they better know what they are doing and then send the bill to BP. How could this happen and worse yet, how could it continue to happen over and over again. Did the terrorists poison our drugs, food and water so that we are all stupid now? It sure looks this way!

Why did we need to fix this massive problem in the first place? Why were no safeguards in place? Not knowing that this possibility of fatally poisoning the gulf coast waters and coast and poisoning maybe killing the people and animals, plant life, etc., for how long? We do not know the severity, it could be a lot worse, and hopefully it will not be worse, but, the main issue is; this should never have happened with the correct safety protocols in place. Why were there no safety protocols in place? Ignorance?

Probably greed. All humankind's downfall has been due to this vice; greed. Money talks not safety issues yet this should not be the way it should be, no not at all!

How many years have we, must we, put up with this load of dirty oil? This is a crime of negligence if not a crime for usurpership purposes; and maybe it was deliberate. who's to know? Will we ever know? It effects everyone of us, yet we may never know the extent of the true crime.

With all the terorist lately activity will we know? What level of security? What's next? In the middle of crisis will we be kept dumbdowned for our own safety? How can we believe this was an accident? Did this happen before? When, only since the oil crises and the terrorist started to dig their nails into our way of life? Something is much more rotten than the oil stench. Why are things not being done, really, is it beyond us to win this war on terrorism? Why? No logic here.

Wherever else the oil monster use to be "oil was our friend". Not anymore. Everyone want to hit Texas pay dirt, black gold, Texas tea. Now many people and oil companies will be forced to invest in safer forms of energy. Oil should be shelved and not gradually. Today. Look at ourselves drowning like the duckies in oil.

No longer luxuriating in its excesses our excesses are killing us. Time to smarten up and find renewable energy that does not pollute. It is possible. But the oil companies have this vice-like grip around our collective necks. We let them. Nobody speaks up against them. Very few. Why? No logic here either.

Why? You really want to know? Do you? Because nobody wants to deal with the big guys who bully us. I guess people like to be bullied and enjoy putting up with a lot of bullies. Sheeple? Sure looks that way. People do something! You did it many times before, why not now? Too big? is complacency. We are all mugwumps; i.e.; post sitters stuck in the middle of hem and ha.

Soon a new pipe should be installed to not only stop the evil oil but to capture the oil. How can oil be evil? It is something which is an energy source that does not mix well with humans. Oil and humans don't mix. Or shouldn't mix. Maybe in minutae amounts. Not the amounts we see today. And who knows what is happening to the tectonic plates once the oil is removed from inbetween? The earthquake and volcanic activity we see today? Maybe.

After this next oil disaster fiasco; absolutely something must be done to stop this from happening again. Absolutely some new form of legislation must get passed that says no to oil.

Let's hear Obama say "No more Oil rigs that can and most certainly will cause an environmental disaster. No oil production in any environmentally sensitive area such as the Gulf coast, etc. This is the new energy source and it is now in production; in six months we will be totally gridded to these new eco-friendly energy sources." Yes I want to hear this, we all want to hear this if we want to survive. Oil is killing us and our world. Why? That is a case for complicated symantics. For now, we need to stop oil. Period.

Will this ever really happen? Oil will be stopped permanently? If we can see it in our mind's eye I believe it will happen. Our collective intent will make this happen. This is the power of the human spirit. I am sure it will happen, yes it will happen now. Too much has been lost, too much money down the drain. Money being the bottom line; yes it will happen!

A second "relief well" should help; but that's a long wait. HOw much spread will happen, how much more damage estimated? Will this pollute all the way up the east coast as I had heard may happen? How could this ever happen? There SHOULD have been safeguards in place.

Whenever a disaster strikes we learn not to do the same thing the same way again or expect the same disaster. This is definition of lack of thinking; stupidity. We are not stupid so let's not let this EVER happen again! Enough said. A word to the wise is usally sufficient.

I guess they will have to get that free oil somehow? You know how? BP should say if you can stop you can own it. Make other companies come in to help. The tar sands people in Alberta, other off-shore drillers to start drilling NOW. Not in August! Right Now!

Something that is really odd to me is the fact that I have never heard of off-shore oil rigs blowing up. Can someone tell me when this has happened to this degree? Could it be something somewhat anomalous?

Could it be something else going on down there, like earthquake activity that is really a sign of a much more dangerous situation? Could geological engineers of the earth sciences find a way to homostatises or stop the gushing oil. Any other oil gusher we'd be ecstatic.

What about huge hoses to suck it up and store it on a ship, etc. We need to widen the means to solving this problem. Keeping it in BP's hands is not proving to provide quick and reliable answers. Something is not quite right here. Hmmmm...

With he passing of Dennis Hopper from Easy Rider fame and Different Strokes actor Gary Coleman ~ Rest In Peace. Their deaths this month had me pondering how tenacious our grasp on life. Anyone of us called away anytime; no promise has this world on our lives.

This thought came to mind; what happens when people die at the same time, maybe they meet each other and go hand and hand into the next world, be it heaven or whatever. Maybe they enter into another life, their souls merging or remaining separate. This other life, another life-like experience somewhere, another dimension.

Perhaps there is some recall; they remember that they were from this specific place and time, and become fast friends while they look at the aliens from Zurkon.

And as fast friends knowing intuitively, maybe a distant understanding that they knew each other from tv or in the movies, something about their souls was similar to their personage in life. Yes, I think we will meet again, souls become spirit and the spirit of love is eternal. The Spirit of Love; the only constant, the only thing in this world, in this universe which is definitely eternal and constant as the ocean that never sleeps.

One has to wonder how that works if this be the case, something to ponder. However, if we have faith all will recognize each other somehow, the soul has it's own avatar; something recognizable that is not merely physical. And no matter what our appearance; our souls will show and shine for what they are; light of love. And whom we are at that time we will have no doubt. And "ever tear is wiped from our eyes". That will be a glorious day and something to look forward to, not avoided! Build up the spirit, man!

A minute's pause to thank the soldiers for giving their lives for all our freedoms today. Thank-you all Soldiers who protect freedom and honour our lives! Your lives will never be in vain and never forgotten.

Please people; we MUST find successful ways to solve our many problems we face today. It is absoulutely necessary to find these answers. Figuring out problems and their solutions BEFORE they may happen. Problems do not have to happen if we take into consideration all possible outcomes.

Please...Work on these problems please! Much better than putting people in harms way or in significant risk. We need to understand human nature much better than this or we're sunk. It is that simple!

Good thoughts and wishes coming your way today!


Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bill Bonkers' Takin Us Up the River On DA BUS!!!! AGIN!!!

courtesy Rolling Stones Magazine (for noncommercial purposes)

Today's challenge; to write as per instructions below as per Bill Bonker's conceptualization of fine art poetry. Ok Bill, I shall try to do this; you be the judge; here's the loose noose (hope I dont lose any sleep over this; hard to lose sleep when on an allnighter; you often loose a lot of things; rarely sleep mate!)

"1: Think of (or find) a sentence.

2: Delete the second half of it.

3: Think of as many different ways of finishing it was you can.

4: Now, delete the first part of the sentence, leaving only a collection of "second halves".

5: Play with these and concoct a poem out of them. You'll probably want to mess about with the grammar, leave bits out, put bits in, etc. Feel free.

6: Post the poem.

7: Leave me a link to the post in the comments section below, and I'll post a list of all the contributions I receive.

A tip (you may not need one if you've done this before). If you find you're getting nowhere, go back to square one and try a new half-sentence as a starting point. Some work better than others, of course.

Have fun!

And, finally, love it or hate it..."(from

"All The World's A Stage; And All The Men And Women Merely Players" (SHAKESPEARE CAME TO MIND BECAUSE HE'S FROM THAT SIDE O THE POND AND WELL HE'S HAD A BIG EFFECT ON ME this ijit SHAKING HIS SPEARE AT ME AND ALL THAT..and strutting his stuff)heehee...

All the world's a stage
exit the stage back door
the strings are a talkin'
n' hallaballou rockin'

ya totalfeckineejit
is in za room
met up with
Bill Bonkers!!!
is in za room
za room
za room

next up on the stage
comin' on next
hurry up you're up next
you gonna do what you
do it do it do it do it right
what happens tonight, babe, it's all up
to you...
(now your talkin'!)

bloody well right
you got a bloody right to say
quite right
and Bill reconfigured his will
did so figure a fine figure he posed
hosers o' the night
refined in a way as he came by
happen when he partook a part in the play
As Mr Clash met Ms Bullocks
hanging around in the next bar
for the first time to pub crawl
like babies
heard screamin' one hotsteamin' night
it all came together those two

tonight you let loose
let the good times roll
free the lowly soul
wholly dumbfounded
out of the barrios
from the confines!!
the Confounded Ludnuts!
live from the Hole In The Wall

she's leaving home
bootin' down the stairs
she left home today
through it all away
baby go home home
Get back Loretta
hey baby dont you know
home aint a home
a prison you use to do

Fridays always a wild card
this time get out for free
playing with dear Willy
on the corner by da alley
buskin's gonna feed me
the party just got started
Billy wont cha
come out tonight?

sometimes ya just wanna
write on the walls and yell
rebel yell rebel cause rebels yell
sometimes a rebel yell a rebel yell....
tell us what makes you feel like he...

these burly men did't think
your wit wrote so well
with pen in fist and
hand in glove you got it
get down Pat

get down get down get down tonight
on the ground like a squirmin' worm
get down and grovel with no shovels
get down hop on pop and do yer dirty dishes
you got three wishes

yo yo yo yo yo yo yo ringin' in my head
ohohohohohhohhoohohohooohohoo that bell
buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz buzz on the brain
dont think you'll ever be tame
let em in...let me in man!
go get em man!let it go!
return to the punk funky room
let it loose let it loose let it loose
you got nothing to lose
nothing to lose nothing to lose

giving it up
these guys stuck together
four beaten cats playing rhythm and blues
with attitude weaving new designs
sucked the life out of the night
right in front of me
blinding lights
rip roarin' sonic the pulsating sound
smokin' foggy haze the musk of flesh
flippin higher than a dream
like glue on flypaper
come undone
sticky and tacky
the barroom floor
as gum stuck to picklestabbers
like your feet in wet cement
in the moshpit
the abandoned, the flipped out
they all do same hyperheaded bop
grease ball n' chain daisy wore pearls
stompin with dr. maertens
rompin with mr bean

no doubt Bill and crew
will hold there own there too
souzed as bright Lime Rickys Boys
high as a kite in Tipperary
take to the night
some girls say
some girls
some girls never the same

thou you knew more than punk
threw you down on the naked ground
realized your man not a machine
you give and you give and you give
your heart away to all the girls

coming down from vegas
fear and somewhat loathing
the razor's edge
you two had just played the slots
won a hand or two
broke thru the iron walled prison
owned by some other
got to come back down
realized the scam
valley dolls stopped that crash
hey babe
come down from the buzz a fly on the wall
berkley peace just got too loud
could have been down and out in the hills
wouldn't matter it no where i've been
crowd lost somewhere seen
In a Savage Garden movie
in The Philosopher Kings

railed and rallied the rebelrouser crowd
you painted yourself red all over town
and yelled real loud enought
and woke up the Grateful Dead and
played in the Black Velvet
Underground as Ozzy ate bats anyway
Iggy would Ziggy the bash
before the Clash

that road you took
never went down there again
the long and winding road
before the crash
you hid your stash
let it get away
get away from me of
all forms of noncomplacency
get away from yer sleepins with
yoko and john and
mr big mr big mr big mr big mr big

chaotic leanings tuning into squelch
who really cares who gives a hoot
yer life as a iroquois scalped like that
a punk wearing clownishness in Picadilly Circus
showed yer right stuff you got the right stuff
all dolled up you stood out no doubt
sweet redhaired bedhead cousin o mine
distantly distant and closer than close
dont stand so close to me
plaid and loud rockn da house
sweet hot rocknroll a billy
baby rockin mama
cruisin for a bruisin
hopin to get spanked
look my way you say without sayin much
rockon rebel rouser rockon!!!

wonders who's who in your world now
like you did me then when you wanted to get done
who's who to do it then like you did it then
did it to you cause you just dunit then
not what you do or who you know
not what you know
it what you do when you think you know
so much more than me
you think you have a way
with the world
that stomps on your head
did me in
you know what i mean
you were mean you men ol man
you are now do
you know who you know
you know who you know who

in who's green do you do
do you do you do you do
the walk-about lookin' spiffy
the creative bloke in a poke
screams from the rooftops
jammin rebel without a cause
he's "not no jerk" he's lettin loose
the pen's mightier than the word
what the f that mean
confusion stymied pent up
caterwhale let er rip let er whale

wearin' o the green a creamsicle dream
like sticky fingers and cream jeans
free as a cuckold in a clock gone crazy
steroidic roosters playing with chickens
fantastic play on words that are raw dickens
endearing the to the crew belabouring stew
sweet sweating sweat hogs know what to do
pigs don't sweat they just make like wet
knows his strokes a tad too convincing
one, two, one, two, one two
two, two, two,two, two, two
row row row row row row row
chacha chacha chacha chacha
your boat...
where the f's yer boat?
where's the f's
the rest?
oh papabillie oh pappabillie oh papabillie NOW!!!
oh papabillie oh pappabillie oh papabillie NOW!!!
down to the test
doin' the pub crawl ALL NIGHT LONG
oh papabillie oh pappabillie oh papabillie NOW!!!
Oh papabillie oh pappabillie oh papabillie NwOW!!!
Bill won again!

two can dine
on one thin dime
but beer is another
thing altogether
I'll stake my brew
I met you two
share my beer?
no way mate
give it up
like you did the night of your prom
when rooster wants
rooster gets roaster oven
get over it
Total got really totally feckinjit that night
and Killed Bill the Rooster oh what a sight
who got too zonkers to know what was right
than poor Bill really went Bonkers
went to downtown with his love
all the way to Yonkers
ohpapabillie ohpapabillie ohpapabillie NOW
ohpapabillie ohpapabillie ohpapabillie NOW!!!

finally staggered in
crashed at home that night
Screamin' Heebie Jeebies
(repeat 2X's)

To the two hot cats on the ot tinroof
quit yer friggin yellin
quite yer *itchin'
it's just the fleas
jumpin' and stompin' the joint
ya bunch of of whelps

yo Bill's gonna do ya in time one time
no time like the now now now now now
oh so uptight
oh baby oh baby oh baby oh
got to get it right
got to get it right
got to get it right
who the frig cares
now is now now now now now now now now
*(for the fuzz pedal)
those crazy cats
gonna get some whoopin'
quite yer yellin and start yer boppin'
do ya do ya wee bop a willie
do ya do ya wee bop a willie
do ya do ya wee bop a willie
saw the cats face larger than life
and then we willie bonkers billy
crashed for the night
on the ratty ol' couch!

good music, eh?


(you can sort of tell I was into the punk scene for awhile in the 80's got to see the Ramones, into the Clash album, Dire Straits, Cyndi Lauper, Billy Idol, early Madonna (what you think of Lady Gaga heard she's related to Madonna or no that Gwen Stephanie who I love too, and Pink, then there was Nash the Slash, Joe King Carasco and The Crowns (my personal fav), 63 know the scene, eh? pretty well all that stuff, you know, hung out at the Blue Boot, Fryfogles). Oh, yah, by the way; I love music! Old man can jam with the best!) jj

Friday, May 28, 2010

Magpie #16 Brown Shoes

Brown Shoes

Brown knew exactly what to do
to remain low key and complacent
reflective of style in high places
feet walked through vogue today

Brown was besides herself; a little offputting
rather droll playing golf by the heated pool
strolling through the local gentry's village
running vague errands and boring mundane chores

Brown had had enough of feet
how like flitting birds; the business all over
often thought they were rather awfully fowl
never like strolling through lush green clover

why couldn't they just kick back, relax
stay awhile; without the pounding abuse
Browns' druthers to just pout and look somewhat glam
rather than dreaded walk-abouts of painful over-use

Poor Brown glam gal didn't know her place
often confused her station in life
upping the ante; looking down in disgrace
defined as "practical" created much strife

Have you ever heard Hush Puppies scream?


Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Moon's Many Dream Meons*

The Moon's Many Meons*

Minions of beings
Onions of layers
These few
The few
Dream of being
been to the moon
experiencially so
jumping on the blue beam
cold and warm
moon carve scapes
moonscape vacations
scarves waving
carter's craters
larger than life
Love Beane being one
flower power fun
with the moon
the moon being
man on the moon
man in the moon
man of the moon?
Neil's arm is strong
moon entity who are you?
being a being
been a being
beane to the moon
enough beans already!
you've grown them so well
during this fullness time
of tides swell
as nodes bode in the body
pulled by swelling
as nodal tonal times dwell
a walk on an ancient beach
recovered revellry
a dream before dawn's dusk
an opening between
the multi-dimensional worlds
fanned out slightly
each bearer similarity but ever so
slightly removed and replaced with
the new moon's creation
multifaceted diamond dust dimension
the key
the crystal
the collider's switch
merging time and space
sequenced in sequentialness
essential for our
sequestered equestrian
locked away on this high ride
loca variable locum dictum
evolutions of storms at Nineveh
elephant cat lady
thing change
remain slighty the same
for awhile til time totally
totals the car

muted elocution's mouthpiece
standard bearer of clock talk
a portal of mystic energies
diffused each fall
waxing each full moon
devoid of love?

finding the long lost tribes there
a waiting place to stay
under the altar of the firmament
like peppermint
a refreshing scent
to the Almighty's nostrils
the breath of life
that fine line
that thing
not described
as strangers, friends and selves
a distant cousin
once removed from time's shackles
kisses me again under laser light
Blue Oyster Cult
opening a jar to new worlds
now blind to the present
enjoying like children
the we "are"
of being "Is"ness
complete zen
locked in
the Apollo capsule forever
looking back at fleet footedness
flitting fate sealed
the compression chamber
the nature of things
the four forces
have never
touched the virgin moon
the brief surface maybe
left imprints nevertheless
what does this mean?
never touched the source of pain
the refined esoteric energies
lying dormant within
the moon cries for the return
of her long lost lover
to return one day
times of tribulation
to follow after
times of relative peace
this universe can only know
one kind in this chaos
to control our destiny
look to the moon
still as still as never

the sun's
bright white light
a flash in this panorama
like a strobe set on stun
kill shot
kill joy
kill pain too
made this my business
moon biz
to know
the irreverence of the seductive moon glow
moon what you do to me, to us, to them
to all we're made whole again
when so separated by the beater
that mixer of elements
mashed up like potatoes
mashed potates!
as your sentinel potato asteroid
circles delineating time
as it sloughs off like dead skin
or does the moon make time
with the lovers of life
waiting in the forests
to renew their vows of wow

orb steals our valued light
our missing energy
sitting on that vacant land
the far reaches
of these passing collapes
of time still beingness
a millenium for each grain
of sand
kicked up
by my dusty little moon boots
returned to wakefulness
once more
for how long then?
how many days
when all you see is eons
moon being?
by wintergreen and rosemary
and an ancient sounding bird
wake up and smell the ancient
coffee bubbling over
thick crude
you gave us your oil
what kind of life are you?

the meaning of many moondreams
year after year
a call to recall
all those that fall
lost as dust beneath
their souls evoked
the 5th dimension
only moon channels
this interface of multidimension
as so much longer than eons
much longer than one could
conceive any reasonable facsimile
a life slightly removed
dream another dream for me
moon you did that
you made us dream
similarily to where is Lost Larry's
that all-night diner
and dream bubble fizz
and moments waiting wondering
will the pain ever go away
will the pleasure return
will the moon allow the course
to continue or end
as we match up
yin and yang
to balance our lives
those whose visage doth appear
like Shakespeare
a lighthouse in search of a boat
from many vantage points
the far horizon looms closer
on the moon's crystal bottom
at once a new age then
must be entered in
a new contest
to see who'd win
time or space
or maybe misplaced
slightly akilter
slightly ajar
slightly askew
Altered at the Altar
now I ask you
do you think the new moon
will ever reveal her secrets?
the lost time capsule
the cataclysms
of Clash of the Titans
we came from that?
what did she do now
as the moon did stash
these crystalline memory
lemon drops
kicked up dust from yesterdays
universal storms and after the storms
universal peace for how long
cant we make the moon forget the pain part
in part or mostly wholly
yet the moon remains
a figment of the fig Newton
(thank-you Sir Isaac)
the only thing to remain
as tasty
glued in place
while all else dissolved
contorted or changed somehow
the dirt upon her surface told
unfolded truths like scrolls
with each whisper'd secret
silenced with her stubborn
immoveable feast
scion of a lion
bearing all inequity
bearing scars
now an empty shell
do not be deceived
like the crysallis
she is bound to awaken
from her slumber
from her catatonic state
from her peaceful resistance
than maybe then all heck
will indeed break loose
as a messenger words are
scrawled upon her etched surface
"Bear no more Inequity for me"
with each nonbreath
she does breath
she is alive
keeping the home fires lit
as romantic lovers cry out
return to me oh moon
or some reasonable facsimile
never quite the same
as yesterdays remain
better than golden
a thread unravelled
revealed here for the first time
the first time love knew
anything at all

through lidded eyes
deep in sleep
and REM
rapid eye movement
and MEME
moon energy moving east
with each dream
not 10 not 20
at the 5 and 10
unrecoverable numbers
until conception bay's tide rises
moon drunks and sailors
dipping into the big dipper
that's how you bailed out?
the lunatic assembly
waiting patiently
to never disappear

moon + eons = meons*


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Brief News Blurps and Hiccups

Got up early this morning as the heat this May 26, 2010 is just beginning to bear down upon the northern hemisphere. Definitely I love the cool of the morning, the peacefulness found in the quiet moments just after the birds have their wake up and quack sessions.

Listening to classic music all evening so peaceful and makes one so sophoric, like I was meant to be in a permanent sleep state.

Saw "Cube" last night on IFC. OMG. I can't get that out of my mind. My significant other did not like it at all. I did. I think it reminded me of the existentialist Samuel Beckett's "Waiting For Godot". I enjoyed it's realism, starkness, emotionally disturbed characters, the brutal "Man/Woman Against The Machine". Glad the autistic person got to go "into the light" the only one truly worthy of salvation. Did not like the actions of that one mean person who was made totally psycho by "The Cube". HIgh tech and great set. What a concept! Amazing stuff!

Today I found out about Shamus Heaney, Ireland's only (?) poet laureate since Yeats. (is this true?). I read some of his works today online. Amazingly simple, yet emotionally impacting. The mark of a poet; emotionality with personal depth. Intrinsic quality of the individual is valuable. He is being featured on CBC this p.m. (1-3 pm) CBC Canada's national radio is available live online I believe for international listeners. Very witty repartee on CBC. And CBC Two has non-stop classic music, which is relaxing and inspiring when frazzed.

Today I found out there is a new "bean" of quality featured in many "high end restaurants" in Winnepeg Manitoba Canada. There are high end restaurants in Manitoba. Ok. I'll go along with this. The bean is called "Keenwah" (not sure of spelling). However, it is the next Chia (Salvia).

I was also more than happy to hear about the anti-bullying campaign in London, Ontario. A grass-roots movement which is trying to get the school board to take a more "pro-active" stance as far as bullying is concerned.

There is also a National Housing study being done by a private law firm trying to challenge Canada's constitution's laws as far as the right to housing for all. More difficult to challenge on other poverty issues for some reason. I am following this as it is all new news to me!

Interested in tankless water heaters. What a great idea. Why keep the water constantly heated when not in use. A huge waste of electricity.

Did you watch NCIS's final show? Sort of fizzled. Glad no main characters were eliminated but left a lot of pending questions nonetheless. The boss continues to remain a cruel effigy. Did not get the last episode at all. Was Gibbs kidnapped, he did not say he was but got rekidnapped by the brother of the sister of the South American drug bangers. Gibbs almost a space cadet now. Walks onto the C140 like hey I was just kidnapped and now here I am! What? Good to know Ziva became a US Citizen; finally! Now she knows the red headed kid quote! Will miss Abi, Ducky, DiNozzo. Will not miss Leon Vance the mean boss. Could have tied it up abit better in my opinion. At least it is open-ended and maybe these characters will come back. NCIS L.A. is just not the same. I like some of the characters, but most are very cookie-cutterish. NCIS had some really good actors mentioned above. Thought they could have made a better ending. Oh well. Even 24 had a better ending; and I was wholly ok with that show, although NCIS always had a better storyline and plot, whereas 24 even though a good concept originally became too overtly stylized and predictable.

BP is going to "top kill" the leaking oil in the gulf today. Praying for success here as is everyone in the known universe. Lets hope its not an irrepairable chasm or volcanic eruption. Is this how tarsands happened? Ask California's wooly mammoths.

Found a cool site for bookswapping (wonders if this is in Canada too) called

As you can tell, I am spread thin trying to gather all the news of the day. Updates will follow as soon as I find something personally impacting our world.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Da Poetry Bus: Terresa's Drivin'!

The Lady's a Smokin' Firecracker!

She's got that certain glow
you dont get much today
She certainly knows how
to light the night away

tonight's the night
it's gonna be alright?
really don't look that way
Maybe she had something to say?

she made a very big boom-boom
now she's smokin' up the room
giving all a very big fright
the boss gonna be so uptight

down the vacant spaces
this happy cat wanted to stay
Mollie O'Malley O' The Back Alley
a stray who just wanted to play

her old man would just die
if he found out exactly why
Molly messed with a bic lighter
lit the fire of others desires

in other guys eyes the cat's meow
she played mrs. claus you know
and all day said "hohoho"
liked to play poker; "Oh.."

half lit up sweettart
killed by her loud art
hiding in back o' the joint
just deserts just got boinked

where she kept her ciggy butt
Lightening fast like flashy cash
not another kabooming toilet rut
another tidy toilet bowl rash
(nope that's the flowerpot stash!)

She's so bloody hot you know
dont tell me she's not hey Joe
she's one hot smokin' babe
with a lot goin' on with Dave

in the depth of her bosom
only room for a twosome
her heart's spontaneous fire?
Oh! it was just a melting tire!

don't ya know
I've just got to
read the book!
Keith Carter's "Fireflies"
i'm so hooked i could just die

just got to know
on a need
to know basis
what did she do exactly
in these hot tawdry places?

How'd she fair after
blown to the rafters
in bits and pieces
did she ever find Jesus?


TFE's Poetry Bus is driven by Terresa this week. The prompt; a photo by Keith Carter "Fireflies" note to see the picture it copyrighted? So once I get the clear, I'll produce here! For yas!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Meandering Babblings and Ponderings

i'll surely be lost without LOST.yes, .but Love is never Lost it is the magnet of our souls our dispatch to magnetically displaced are we unless we align to the desine of LOVE..yes realize we are really ALL ONE...never alone again in this HUMONGOUS UNIVERSE within us is the key to unlock our place here in all this SPACE which is sometimes LOST yet found when LOVE comes knocking again on the one day when to come together in this way...when we join together in spiritual oneness of LOVE and "get with the program of love" which has been right here all the time. where are those love keys?.BIT EXCLUSIVE JUST EXACTLY THE RIGHT COMBO TO BECOME ONE WITH LOVE...(clue: MORE LOVE) click click WE'RE IN...WE' ARE LOVE!!! NO MORE LOST FOR LOST ... lost's last season will be on DVD...but will we be on DVD? YOUTUBE maybe? idea...?(oh youre talking the tv show LOST...i knew that..:) smiles

lovely pax pics...peace centred in the loving heart of the individual giving through experence what the experiencer wants you to know at this time opening up like a lotus flower. What will we learn today? Joel:. The pics are so fantastic! Where are the footprints in the sand Doesnt matter. They are there were they are; a moment in time to be ... See Morewashed away but for now giving us this amazing image? All those feet making waves together!!! HOW AMAZING!!!! Vibration is keen I can taste it in the air! Happy for this DAY everyday ty Maker!!!!

the rivers of love
coming to you
in abundance of overflow
cresting my banks
in wreckless abandon;
thats kinda heavy for a monday am

Pretty I watch this channelled energy making sense...response like a connection and circuit board where love is written ...on the templates at the temple...

concentrated effort make the concertina ring is all about chanelling the river channel opening the locks and letting our boat float on the sea of love..dreamy marshmallow love

Sacrosanct macro and micro worlds unfold their water design the templated priori accumulated like scrolls unrolled when we give our full when we go as far as to give our second ATTENTION (the one hand doesnt know what the other hand is doing) this allows the nonseeing of the nonbeing worlds to exist in harmony as a gate opening allowing fragments of yet unseen worlds merge with our consciousness

energy unbound knows no bounds and knows nothing about everything as is all or nothing but focused can be whatever we want that energy to be when we tune into the love that is us.

profound wisdom..the dualistic concept of all and nothing. what a cunundrum that is possibly upset to create a mriaculous accident that we may be? A love filled blip on the bleep?

Synchronicity may unlock some key to the universe; once unlocked and as fully understood. as can be possible Some blip in the bleepin' universe! We see this as an anomaly now but one day it is there for repairing the gap in the love flow(Smiles!)

spoken like the true philosopher; you are the best! Bravo! Aside: why at times the answers are black and white and at other times they are varient shades of gray? What makes things waiver or truths become less clear and in need of much circumspection?

Friday, May 21, 2010

Magpie #14 The Old Man and the Sea Monster Named Maeggie*

*(with gracious acknowledgement to novelist Ernest Hemingway. The title's inspiration a tribute to my favorite novelist; Ernest Hemingway. His classic novel "The Old Man and The Sea" mused this prompt.)

Samuel lulled fast asleep by the constant repetitive, lapping waves. Indeed, music to his ears not far from Puget Sound. Gentle waves gradually and unknowingly pushing his outdated trawler closer to the rocky shoals of the BC coast.

The marine radio now squawking akwardly from ship-to-shore, droning garbled words. The distortion becoming a part of the mundane back-ground noise. Sophorically muddled by the midday hum and catatonic doldrums.

The old man insinuated himself leisurely back into the cushioned captain's chair like an old Samuel Clemens' cane rocker. Shifting his weight to become more suppine and relaxed. Wholly comfortable with his new found weightlessness.

Leaning back against the wheel house pilot's panel; Samuel spun yarns of lucid dreams often visualizing "The Big One" as alive as OgoPogo. His mouth hung agape in a gnarled expression with much contortion. The side of his mouth, a puddle of drool; imagined hunger getting the better of him today.

Clearly he could smell the smoked salmon wafting from the distant shore lunch. He could see his buddies anticipating great things to come on the far shore. This tasty meal, his long deserved supper from hours of trolling would provide much nourishment.

His banjo would provide as much entertainment as the edibles, all basting in the sunlight, refreshing for both body and soul. Truly pleasing Samuel's finely tuned dream senses, he grinned and giggled loudly in his sleep imagining things to come.

In this dream state, Samuel's automatic nervous system reacted on cue. His odd body spasms reflected his awakeful state; a man with talents especially for fishing.

As Samuel leaned forward with rod, lashing out his line upon the reflective pool, waiting patiently, then suddenly, pulling back as if all hell would break loose. Somehow, even the jerking motions were akin to the nature of things; all sublimely in tune with the timed rhythm of the sea.

Samuel reliving every souciant moment of his lastest fishing conquest. Always relishing in his many honourous victories throughout the long years. His supernatural powers seducing the monsters of the deep like Circe's sirens. Samuel's intuitive magic would conjure and channel the ghosts such as Poseidon and the many ominformed Ancient Mariners of the past. Fishing was Samuel's life and love, his "raison d'etre". His reason to be and his only place to be one with it all was the sea.

By midmorning, the summer sun was looming closer, like a huge yellow bobber high above Samuel's dreamboat. Nautical signals imprinted on Samuel's brain like the tattoo "Mom" tatted on his right forearm. Other mystical tattoos found their way precipitously upon his body. Morphing and burled now as the floating redwood drifting precariously close to his Mercury outboard.

As Samuel moved ever so slightly back and forth in his perpetual chair, ironing out the kinks in his back. Only his strong jaw and chin firmly planted into the centre of his thick nest of overgrown salt and pepper chest hair.

"Tingle-Tingle!" The small bells attached to his fishing line lured him out of his deep sleep and into the bright stark reality of midday and a possible strike. A lucky strike!

"Yehah! A got another! Oh my...what a dandy". Samuel sprung back to life, his black eyes widening. As a wide smiled with brilliant white teeth beamed while the sunlight many motes twinkled like fisherman's pixie dust. A spell was cast.

All for the love of his beloved trawler and the lifestyle that goes with it. He could hardly contain himself, needing to find the head, but it was too late. Certainly he could tell that this was a doozy of a fish. A Tall Fish Tale. Humongous. The Salmon Derby winner. He smelt the sweet smell of fishy smelt and the rich loam of success in the air.

The line was almost completely bent in half, the sheer weight of the fish would call for an incredible concentrated effort from Samuel. Samuel rushed to bring her in, to quell the seas deepest offerings, a much concerted effort, a sacrifice of sorts, would have to be made to appease The Maker.

He would send the best offering he could afford. A magnificient gift of sound from Samuel to please the Maker's ears. As a loud, rude sounding foghorn bellowed through the airwaves Samuel exclaimed an equally loud "Halleluia!" reaching the hosts of Cheribim; Heaven's resplendent gates opening ever so slightly to let the sunshine in, for today anyway.

Samuel danced and cried in sheer ejubulation as a golden light unleashed and unbound from the heavens above. "And glory shone all around". Samuel was certain the heavens could hear him. He saw the angels dancing on the water. Samuel was lifted to a higher state of consciousness, totally immersed in this golden glow. Samuel shimmered and basked in this golden light, unknown by mortal men.

As Samuel held onto the rod with all his Popeye-like strength, he could not believe the power of this fish. He started reeling her in, his muscles tensing and releasing, displaying much prowess and athleticism of a much younger person.

His faith in his skills as a fisherman far outweighed any physical condition which had previously continued to bother him from time to time. "Oh it's just a touch of rheumatism" Samuel would tell his friends as he tried to straighten up trying to get out of his cabin's rocker. Today he not only felt twenty years old, Samuel was twenty years old once more.

With much skill, and his usual dumb luck, Samuel, ever so slowly, hauled in his catch. Talented though he was, an artist cum fisherman, Samuel knew there was much more to the process of fishing than the act of simply fishing. "Truly the Master's hand is at work here" thought Samuel. "I feel good about this one".

His mind and body coordinated in timed with the constant reeling motion, undulating like a wave as schools of floating fish surrounded his craft. Sheer exhilaration ignited Samuel's mood as fish after fish supernaturally appeared on the deck of his ship. One unusually huge almost massive heap. "What's this? The loaves and the fishes again?" Samuel cried out to the heavens in abandoned astonishment, laughing and dancing; an ordained fool for the sea.

"Click, Click" the fancy reel sounded then "Ssshhhhhwish", as each turn and spin brought the elusive trophy fish closer to the surface and to the awaiting fisherman's net. He knew he had her now. "I've got you my pretty!" Samuel exclaimed to his found nemesis.

Yet Samuel was not satisfied with the recent boatload of fish, he wanted something more; he wanted much more, he wanted the fish the sailors called Maeggea, the Gaelic Witch O' The Sea.

There were more than many tall tales about Maegae, she owned the legend of the deep. The fisherman would pay hommage to her before departing from the shore, so the sea would not swallow them in one large big gulp.

More than anything else in the world, the one thing he had wanted all his life, the one fish, the definitive trophy fish was none other than Maeggie The Great. She was the biggest and the best thing he ever saw with his own naked eyes. She was out there, he saw her many times before, he knew she was out there, somewhere.

He would find her again! He knew the curves of her aquatic body. He sense her proximity to his boat without the aid of fishfinder or gps. He felt her close to his heart, distant now, but close as his spyglass.

As Samuel unbuttoned his cotton shirt to reveal a magnificiently etched fish in the middle of his chest. So carefully etched in India Ink the word "Meag" carefully and superrealistically rendered; as fine a tat as one could find on any old Sea salt.

Samuel could definitely see himself, in his mind's eye anyway, holding the beloved trophy fish so high in the air, above the sway of crowds. All his friends would finally see that his tales were not such overwrought tall tales rather a realized dream of an actual tall and beautiful, a massive, magnificient fish named Maegae, finally realized in the now of it all. No questions, no snickers once Maegae on display for the world to see.

As the talk of the town, the small fishing village where Samuel eeked out a meager existence would resound with hoops and hollers. Finally, he would be admired by all his close fishing buddies from the Cove. Samuel knew there would be lots to celebratate tonight, he felt it in his bones and in the bottom squishness of his rubber waders.

Suddenly, he saw her breach, jumping seven feet clear over the surf, nearly six leagues from the darkest part of the ocean; a sparkling silver with a rosy underbelly. "Maeggie, you're the fish of my dreams!"

Samuel could not contain himself, he was besides himself with great joy, his stomach turning out butterflies and nervous twitches as wishes do come true. Try to imagine the end result, Samuel sweating buckets in the process, his palms as oily as the fish he wanted to catch. Awash with excitment, Samuel swiped his dirty forehead and squinted through his Polaroid Raybans, paying full attention to the prize at the end of the line.

"Oh, Maeggie, you're gonna kill me, but you know, darlin', you're not gonna win this time, Daddy's taking you home!". The two so thoroughly involved in this life and death struggle, Samuel wholly consumed in the dramatic action of the day, blistered and worn, reeling slowly and surely the big catch. As The King of The Sea, darling Maeggie would always be to Samuel, his Sweetheart, The Salmon of the Sea".

Old Samuel held tightly onto his rod, his head and reel spinning, the quickening effect giving off lightening-like sparks. The remains of the day a calming salve, a calm love balm. Save for the battle to come, once fully engaged, patently ensued by proxy aboard his trawler. His neoprene gloved hands aware of the brutality and the tug on his heart from the ominious levithan. A beast worth her salt.

This was the nature of the beast. Like a Mississippi mudpuppy becomes one with the mud Samuel became one with his rod. Like cemented glue, Samuel called upon all his strength to subdue this whale of a fish, his dear Maeggie, hoping and praying his line would not snap in two.

After three hours of Herculean-like struggle, Samuel was beyond exhaustion. His feet were slowly slipping on the boat's slimy deck. He used a wooden oar, in a perpendicular direction to lock onto the plank to secure his foothold on eternity's bestowed gift. Would he soon loose his grip? How would he bring her in? Would he finally claim the trophy? He had waited for so many years, he would never give up. He would never let go of his dream. He must have Maeggie, one way or another. "No one else shall claim her" Samuel repeated to himself, hypnotizing himself, using all his moxy to muster the end result.

After two days, two officers from the Coast Guard finally found Samuel, drifting nearly fifty knots South by SouthWest. "This boat gone aimlessly adrift for two days at least" said the first officer. They noticed the many fishing lines were still bobbing on the ocean, no bells were ringing, no fish in sight.

Samuel was still slumped back in his captain's chair, his chin permanently anchored to his furry chest, a big smile encompassed his face. It looked like he had fallen sound asleep and was dreaming a happy dream. He looked like an angel.

The officers took Samuel from his abandoned station and covered his body with a white sheet. One of the officers noticed something; "Huh, look at this, a picture, probably of the dead guys, er, ah, wife" The officer turned over the photo on the console and read outloud the pencilled writings "To Sammy Love Always, Your Wife, Maggie".

The Officer said jokingly "Boy she was a good looking babe, back in her day. I guess this one didn't get away!" Winking towards his petty officer. The other officer said nonchalantly "I guess not, no, I guess not, Sir."


As a very vivid silvery orange and crimson red sunset faded to smooth and silken brachish blackness found in the deepest caverns along the westernmost coastal archipelago.

This evening on Samuel and Maeggie's trawler, the light's came on as they had every evening on the Captain's galley. Never did Samuel extinguish his love light in his heart for Maeggie, never did he forget her. He never turned off the desire to reconnect to his long lost love. Permanently "leaving the lights on" in their heart of hearts a gathering place devoid of the encroaching darkness.

On their beloved boat, "The Dreamboat" the brass deck bell clang; giving one long ring. The sound in the key of "g" radiated like a sonar love wave far into the deepest reaches of space. Maegie on the deck in this ghostly light looking magnificent as ever.

All lights soon appeared to fade on the skiff, fading to black. The lights from their ship never totally extinguished, a phospherescent glow. Now a tourist's attraction out west, a scenic tour each evening at sunset. "The Dreamboat" a ghost ship, a testament to one old man's love of the sea and the love of his life, Maggie the Magnificent.

And if you look carefully, to the south by southwest on the eve of the Maeggae Festival one can experience this higher level of consciousness. On the evening of the 21st of June at sundown when the spirit is willing; the image of "The Dreamboat" and crew of two.

If one squints carefully, not allowing the to sun to blurr the vision of this place, you can see Samuel and Maeggie holding each other tightly in love's everlasting embrace. Upon the deck the two sup. When this ephemeral ghostly light soon fades, their merging image slowly forms a love knot cloud and like a puff of smoke; dissipates.

As the sunset fades from view and the night outline each form from lights within the heartshaped cloud of the lovers reunit in silhouetted splendor. Their love's brilliant spark becomes the backdrop of the western sky and the everlasting setting sun's final curtain call.

As the image slowly evaporates into the far horizon line's vanishing point, the Summer sun begins the love cycle over again and again. Recounting the many times fisherman's tales kept the hope of many a shipwrecked, ages long ago.

For as many eons as Once Upon a Time, this story is retold for humanity's much needed posterity. The faith in the unseen is the faith in the dream "The Dreamboat" naturally, lives on and on.

This tall tale of "The Old Man and the Sea Monster Named Maeggie" a tale to be read and reread and spoken aloud. Dreams of love can and do come true and never ever die. Remember; Maeggie and Samuel? Their Love is alive for all to see lasting as long as our eternity.


Fishy Concepts: On the theme of fish the one that got away

Fishy Concepts

See it all for the first time
Like you never
saw it before

What looks like a fish
smells like a fish
usually is a fish
to me it looks like a car
a fish car that I can convert to
renewable scaled-back economy
given that; all's said and done

Although it is difficult to cook
a fish meal for someone so fussy
I think I've loved you since
loaves turned to fishes
their academic ambivalence
something to ponder
in the fuzzy muddy multi-ampidextrous
amphibian world of wierdness

I feel all wierded-out
like light gossamer pink see thru nakedness
I love your Honey Nuts
Come to think of it
it is this multi-tiered interface of directness
supreme disordered chaos' finest hour


(cant stop talkin' fish to my brain on too many tangents and lines in dangling, wiggling and giggling I caught something; not sure what it is; maybe just an old boot form an old man of the sea?)

Magpie#14 All Hope Lies On Ambivalent Fish

Said the fish to the fisherman
man dont it run deep
as a river runs through
it all
as ambivalent
as a fish
as a wish
as dream
as ever were
some everware

hopefulness gives rise to
the once downtrodden hopeless
those people on the contrary
side of life
the others caught or missed
by sheer placement askew
in the reversed Gamma radioactiveness
the otherside of midnight
the other road less taken
none other than that which were
Reverse tables of fabled talkers
The Wheel Of Fortune Unfortunate few
hides the equation; lies the equation
not always equal so it balances is irregular
due to oppositional magenetic theory
of splice and dice on the bias offset
as the Wheels of Change keep changing
ringing in
and bringing in
the sheaves
KaChing KaChing
The I Ching of Change
the churned muddied waters
come Florida's clearwaters once more
the oil covered tar sands
sink like the wooly mammoths
rebirthed by ways and means committees
hell bent on salvation
return to glorification
renewed spirits
eyes up

and all hopeless being hope
we can work it out
and retool the tool given
spin little fishes spin

you have no way out
other than to spin on
your tailfeathers
hope that Jeopardy
and the Wheel of Fortune
wheels will spin
hop off that tailcoat
of others
wave goodbye
waiver no more
sea is swells
Happy Valley!

spin and spin
til spun and done
stand up and be counted
person non grata
your value unknown
except by the universe
that keeps its secrets
known by you deep within
the heart of truth
awaiting unlocking

We're all just a bunch
of dumb klucks plucked
from the sea
without any focus'd prize
We're just waiting to be born
yet that's not enough
for the many waiting in agony
we're all going down
we're all going nowhere
we're all going deep six
to own the stars
make it on our own
make it all alone
make it shine bright
all the time
after all

as hopeless
breeds contempt
a hopeful breeds attempt
a much needed nemesis
a carthatic reaction
a fitting hubris
to the action

as slowly rotting gut rot
gives way to ought to wrought
the finer things in life
which then, happily ever after
finally makes it
all right
whatever's left
of the leftovers
thrown out with the trash
collected by the recollections
of things that once were
so valuable
now resorted and retooled
a past in hindsight
once to drool
upon a time
a spool spun out to the universe
collapsable ends
never meet
only in the middle
step down off your highhorse
meet me in the middle
or at least St. Louis
returned to sender
my darling
deservedly so
as yet undeliverable
to the Deliverer
to the Bearer
of Good News
Hope Springs Eternal
as the Fish of the Sea
outnumber man 10:1
Said the fishes to the men
"A Big Hopefilled Balloon Full Of Fish To You!!!"


(please stay tuned for my short story on the wee fishes coming soon!)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Poetry Bus: Linoleum's Fresh Dreams

from Barbara Smith "I gave you all this line: 'I got down on my knees and smelled the brand new linoleum,' from a story by Edna O'Brien (another class act) in her short story collection The Pagan Place

Linoleum's Fresh Dreams

red nails dug deep
into the clutch handbag
her pillbox hat askew
a stark silhouette
the only reminder
she drew the crowds
her stilettos dug deeper
as she kept putting on weight
from the groceries
from the babies
from her incessant need of candy

into the light of day
a bit of gray linoleum
new foundations laid
made me weep
it's time for a change
cigarette butts n' scrambled eggs
uncouth yet deeply meaningful
a chain-smoking Marilyn M. said
all her dear children dead
sat silent, ate as slow
choking on the bitters
and said no regrets

not far from nowhere
smell of acrid-acetonality
"don't give me no lip"
factories churning
out the dailies
showering down
upon their sweet heads
propaganda poetry
rousting them out
calling them down

"Better living
through chemistry!"
instore today!
'Install a
new linoleum floor
hear as a news flash
over and over
24 hour the
grill's greasy radio

Immediately I fell
prostrate and pious
upon the round ground
I got down on my knees and
smelled the brand new linoleum,
prayed for the first time
as uptight as my upswept hairdo
wiped out by memory banks
drifting ashore
weekend warrior
swiftly I downed the rum
took the pills
and went straight to bed


Prophesy Wishes Dreams Come True

Prophesy Wishes Dreams Come True

what blessed bestowing of Beauty
as flowers fall upon yourself
from Heaven's gated majesty
many Kelvins away
your sweet headed nakedness
bared all to the sky
flowing down
lighter than air
feathery oil and water
feet lift from the earth
the weightiness of life burdens
removed for a moment
one moment
in time to dwell
to keep forever;
je m'aidez!
one space removed
from Horrible Hades

since space opened my eyes
as life lingered longer than
flesh could flash away
leaving in its' wake
floating bits and pieces
of heart held onto
emptiness and hope
of Love unbound
bliss's bounty
snake-like sounds

a long lost spaced-out soul
ramblings from long past remissed
dismissed from class
searching longingly
rumblings of viscera now
hunger pangs remit
still waiting to be
filled by the eptide
spirits of return
at the shores of no return
one day

my ineptitude
my long seated waiting
holding onto an essence
of a thing I never knew
but may have felt in another
lifetime where all was at it
should be not here and now
but then again
no way out
even if near perfect score
a perfect 10 can only
wait for decay

to hope to find
and seal the fate of which
the hopeful and faithful hearts
long to but
never will ever
return again to these
rocky shoals
where time always stood still
on these rough shores
these rough collies
like lassie

thought in this way
dashed and collider smashed
heart lost on the rocks
spilled guts all over the place
a mess even the floatsam
and jetsam refused to clean up

If you can for a minute
take a moment from your
claimed time and fame
remember my good intentions
warped beyond recognition
thwarted beyond comprehension
take time to order the chaos
take your hand and wipe my face
come up with a workable compromise
and equation that actually weighs
on the side of error
and corrects unfair

whether or not life
was worth the struggle
for this weighted chain
for this unrooted balance

as tears welled up
in this seemingly hopelessness
well of tears, veil of tears
the dreams of the unborn dreamers
to sacrifice the first
so others may last
the long fight
the bitter weather
all calamity to come
flitter flatter crashes
let's order
another round at the bar
another round for my friend
who keeps me in
this tourist town
(appropriated to Joni Mitchell)
maybe I'll be there again
one more time
for old times sake

could anything good
come from unburying the dead
digging up old plates
left in the garden
to wait and hope
someone could find
unlock the mystery
as life unfolded
a heap of cr*p?

convenient any control failed miserably
the purposefulness of the sacrifice
the missing heir
an ivory bone
disconnected pieces lost spaces
serving up servitude on a platter
the name "John" in female form
Arch Angel Michael
of the underbelly's fury
of earth's
shaken plates
long lost and missing dishes
ghosts cannot return to claim
won't matter in the afterlife
if the spirit is strong
the flesh was willing
the two to mesh the soul
eternity frees the captives

A life so out-of-control
so chaotic so droll
as Sisyphus Incorporated
certainly knew the score
frustratingly happy (the fool)
flushed actually
knowing life is not enough
for me
Pity the Fool!
Mr. T!

Knowing not much
time is left
the intelligence of which
seems inconsequential
removing my shoes
to feel the next life's
cold embrace
much the same as the last
to depart this game
for one time
an exit way out
once one is shut out
as it had always been
closed door to me

without my life as a sacrifice
where's the glory to shine
all around
look around you
far away and beyond
all known unknowns
not even a dent in the crown

as noncommittal to ownership
one can't help but be amazed
at the wonderment of it all
no agreement to sign with waivers
no proxy settings on stun
the registration I sign
a life to be lived
that is all

so cold cuts
and tear jerkers
to say I'm alive
feelings somewhat intact
bittersweet repast
intelligent beings
making sense of all
this infernal mess

whatever catastrophe
should come our way
in the following years
from today
may it be a catastrophe
that brings with it
not much entrophy
not only good time chaos
but much good luck to thee


Cursed since space

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Good News! I can DRIVE (a boat)At Last!

Good News week on Dr. Oz I heard that there is a potential cure for some cancers with 90 percent cure rate (longer than 5 years). The drug is Gleevex. It made me so happy to hear this!!!

I am so happy! Today I have gotten my Pleasure Craft Licence! I can now officially call myself "Capn Jane". However, with this "license to boat" I must read up about how to do it correctly and to stay informed. Lots to read and I have the real Capn to thank!

Maybe, I guess I was (and still am?) Sir Francis Drake or some other Lord of the Deep, channelled or reincarnated as I dont really have any clue about boating how-to really, but I PASSED!!!a

lthough I would often have "my big ears on" when listening to the sea Capn tales, hearing intently the Capn talking boats, boats boats. It rubbed off! Aye, there's the rub!!!

I guess I picked up on it through osmosis. I passed? I have driven a boat in the past a motor boat and I also have canoed and rowed with a little 5 hp motor! I can't believe it!!!I PASSED!!! Yeah!!! Logic rules. Safety first in everything. Makes commons sense, right? Boy am I going to study first, don't you worry!

Must have channeled the Admiral! How admirable. NOw if any of you want me to Captain a pleasure cruise on your yacht be sure to call! Thanks! It is a deal! $60 bucks and it is good for a lifetime. So I got my boating license before my drivers license, what does this say! I'm certainly not a land-lubber so what am I doing on land...get me to a boat! Quick! The Boat Quickener my next novel. Oh I am so going to the Keys!


ChipnLogs Day!!!Dr. Joe Schmoe Talks to the ChipnLogs Creator

Dr. Joe Schmoe: Good morning! You're up early CNL!

CNL Creator: You can call me "Chip" or "Log"

Dr. Joe Schmoe: I prefer Log. Well, Log, how exactly did you come about this remarkable idea template?

Log: Well it was fairly simple. The idea actually hit me in the head. Well it didnt exactly hit in the head. An axe hit my kid in the mouth.

Dr. Joe Schmoe: And he lived to talk about it?

Log: Yes, Sir!

Dr. Joe: Do you want to talk about it?

Log: Certainly not.

Dr. JOe: Ok...

Log: It isn't something I want to recall, but let's just say it was the impetus to the idea of ChipnLogs.

Dr. Joe: What exactly is ChipnLogs

Log: I'm glad you asked. A lot of people are asking the very same thing! ChipnLogs or ChipNlogs is a patent pending trademark of the Creator, me "Log" which is basically an ideas platform. Since no one was appearing to go to the plate I brought the "plate" to home!

Dr. JOe: Go on...

Log: Well, you see, Doc, it's like this; whenever a person is considering a solution to a problem, and they have this eureka moment but it is never written down, tape recorded and often not mentioned. Just like really good dreams are shelved once the dreamer awakens from them.

Dr. Joe: Oh...I get it! You are a ideas generator and collector.

Log: Exactly! However, I'd like to be known as a clerk who collolates, files and distributes pertinent ideas that will get humanity out of fixes and jams. Now and in the future. Maybe even past bandaid remedies. Ideas are first priority at ChipnLogs tm. We believe that ever idea is doable with tweaking. We also believe that "Ideas are Number One". Everything begins with an idea. "Ideas are First" and "Ideas are our Number One Priority".

Dr. JOe: That's possible? To fix the past? That's amazing!

Log: Apparently.

Dr. Joe: Oh, I see, interesting...hummm....

Log: The fact is, with these portenteous dreams and schemes and flying machines coming in, all this data is more valuable than any known material substance. The problem solving issues, the ideas bank generators, the promotion of how to make ideas work is another department as are the millions who want to get their "idea out there". We offer a place where ideas can be discussed, brought into the light of day rather than sitting on the back ebayance draw of some stuff pending office waiting for what? We do not have time to wait when an idea problem solution is required sometime we need to access potential ideas at light speed fast; especially when in an emergency situation. Chipnlogs takes away the anxiety and the confusion in an emergency, and helps to formulate ideas when one has the time to sit and dream of a better world.

At the ChipnLog data bank there is no end to the potential limit and kind of ideas. For a class A solution to any problem that's out there, floating around, not being solved, Chipnlogs provides these everyday and extraordinary day solutions to problems.

The beauty about ChipnLogs is that any future potential problem is virtually almost 100% eliminated. We're trying for the 110% for professional recognition status.

Dr. Joe: Good Luck! Can you tell me, please, Log, about some of your ideas?

Log: Certainly. Here is one example: I had always wanted to have a fridge or stove that is perfectly suited to my needs. that can be cleaned easily, that does not strain my back when I reach into the bottom to get some meat, etc. I keep getting a back ache from bending down. No fridges are made with the freezer on the bottom.

Dr. Joe: You did that? You bent down to get meat?

Log: No. Not exactly. But the idea of changing things for the benefit of the public got me to thinking about how other day "ennui" type of things, things that are buggy, things that are frustrating can get tweaked for appropriateness in design. Function being a biggy when it comes to appliances, but also, the Form must be substantial, and usually the easiest part of conception. It is really a matter of seeing things from either a 1. different point-of-view, usually the consumer, how the consumer wants it is usually never in the equation; the consumer being the "after-thought". And usually people are so busy or bored that they don't complain about, for example; too many crevices to clean on appliances, etc. Doesnt that bug you taking steel wool all the time to clean or constantly cleaning the appliances, and then having those corners that need extra attention and time? It can be very frustrating! Well the consumer tweaking project is just one of the many areas where ChipnLogs comes in handy.

Dr. Joe: Wow, that's a good idea! I could tell you want frustrates me. And mostly my wife. The little hairs from my razor. The wife once caught me putting them on the floor, boy, did she give me heck!

Log: There you go, Joe! If you had some kind of hair collector bag, or something, this problem would be eliminated. That's what ChipnLogs is trying to do; to eliminate all small and large problems in the world. There is a solution to every problem. I think we born to solve problems and truly focus on less mundane topic matter. That's why people get somewhat (to say the least) frustrated when a small problem turns into a large problem. As problem eliminators, we see all the potential problems before they occur and have made them virtually eliminated once and for all!

Dr. Joe: Great idea Log. What about your scientific research for NASA?

Log: Well Joe, since ChipNLogs birth in 2007, many ideas have been bandied about. CNL's has questioned space itself, and has given some solutions to pending problems that may occur etc. etc. Usually these ideas have been just that, ideas. Whether or not they are being employed in any scientific field is to be determined. However, ideas, like diamonds in the rough need much polishing and time to become the true life-savers that we come to expect. ChipnLogs makes the open-ended idea possible, without "boo-hoo"ing them away, saying "oh that's not going to work, that's not scientific". No matter how abstract, how incomplete, how seemingly worthless an idea or solution to a problem or potential problem, Chipnlogs is there to record the event. This storage system can be dipped into (chipped into?) whenever the need arises. And a potential flow chart of best possible solutions is at the ready. But this is already being done. What ChipNLogs does is expound upon this premise to make and create more solutions other than the two or three that may be in use. It gives a person, for example, in an emergency situation, much more expanded help. Not only that, ChipNlogs has been the idea platform for any type of problem in any area of endeavour (Endeavour! NASA flagship). Creativity abounds because no one says "that's a lousey solution". Here there are no "lousey" solutions, just problem solving of every potential problem. Remember though, the problems, like how to stop an asteroid are still gauged as to best possible outcome and to some degree they are regulated problem solutions. You won't believe some people's ideas of how to solve the problem. It gets comical at times!

Dr. Joe: Can you give me any examples?

Log. Sure, Joe! One problem solving idea was to make an axe with a curve. It saved "kicke back effect, but it did not chop wood very well". We kept it anyway, to be stored when the idea may be tweaked or changed to a degree to allow it to be a potential ChipnLogs Award stamp. The poor guy was trying to chop wood for an hour, but it didn't kick back!

Dr. Joe: That's pretty funny Log! Hahah! I can see it! Hahah!

Log: Yes, Joe, it is really all about getting people to think, all kinds of people about the PENDING PROBLEMS we are faced with in the world today. This opens up the idea pool to a much wider and hopefully skilfull set with ideas that may have never been noticed before. Here, at ChipnLogs Ideas are King.

Dr. Joe: I like that. Is that your motto?

Log: Not yet. Still generating ideas for a motto; maybe you could help?

Dr. Joe; Sure, I've got one! ChipnLogs: Fishin' for Chipin". The name kinda reminded me of the Fish n' Chips we use to have as kids. The kind you'd get at Arthur Treachers or some Mom and Pop neighbourhood store and bring home and eat with vinegar and a slice of lemon. Weren't they wrapped in newspaper? They still do that in England I hear! Man that halibut tasted so good. And I hear it's an afrodisiac? (did I spell that correctly).

Log: Hey Joe! That's a great motto! Can I keep it? You get one percent resids on any sale that generates a sale. ChipnLogs is in the business of making people rich from their ideas. Ideas that are normally excused as being "insignificant". ChipnLogs wants to make you successful. Isn't that the business of business?

Dr. Joe: It most certainly is, Log! Great idea and great business idea. You've hit a double whammy with this one.

Log: Better than the hula hoop?

Dr. Joe: Are you kidding? hahah! That was great! Thanks Log!

Log: You most welcome Dr. JOe! Thanks for giving me this time, and this platform for discussing freely the idea of ideas!

Dr. Joe: You're most certainly welcome Log. We'll talk again soon in a few months, and tell me how it's been going with your ideas peddling business! It's been great!

Log: Thanks Dr. Joe. We'll keep in touch. You can rich me at for now. Waiting for the idea thing to "take off" eh? (Canadian humour) Chat soon!

Dr. Joe: Ciao!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥Dream Generator♥ ☼٥♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥☼٥♥♫&♪♥

pic by courtesy m.jones
♥ ☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥♥ ☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥DREAM GENERATOR♥ ☼♥♫&♪♥♫☼♥☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥

Let's make magic happen! This is the place where our collective dreams can be imagined, refined and fully realized. More than fantasy, this dream workshop is the making of dreams for me, you and us! "If we can dream it we can make it happen" paraphrased from Thomas Alva Edison who use to visit his grandparents in Vienna, Ontario.

Today, right now I want you to close your eyes and picture the world you want in your minds eye. It might help to relax, do any kind of relaxation exercise that might allow the dream world to come into being. Capture this dream-vision. What is it that attracts you to this place, this time? What would you like to see realized from your dreams into the everyday world of "reality".

Believing that thought came before this physical world or reality, I believe that we can actually make our dreams a reality IF we know how. If we have the correct techniques to allow our dreams to grasp hold of this reality, this physical realm of existence and flourish and grow!

It is possible. Clearly, stated in the Bible was the "word" or the sound and then creation. The Creator wanted it this way, obviously, since thought should follow function. Form follows function. Louis K. Sullivan turn-of-the-century architect. Think about it; you have within your thoughts the ability to create the world you want; unicorns, lollipops and all! And, if you know how, and you can sustain the thought projection, create an endless world of physical joy for yourself in this world.

So today, I though I would try a Wish or Dream generator, one which list possible dreams and wishes of people, should they arise. We may come back here anytime to focus on the dreams we have formulated and to enpower our world; to make it truly ours and yours! Y-OURS!!!

Yes, we can do this. Please let me go first. No you go ahead...ok I'll go first! Here goes;

I wish that I could fly. That I could fly or float easily above the ground by about three inches and go wherever I want to go, and fly high in the sky without any risk and come back down again, zipping here and there at free will, whenever and wherever I want to anytime of night or day.

This has been a long-standing dream of mine since childhood. I guess you have a lot better dreams then me. That's great! I am just starting the process. It is fun to dream and believe in the dream. I think the important thing is; believing in the dream, that it will happened or it has happened and it is in mine or your possession, it is within or reach and grasp. We can hold the dream, feel the dream and live the dream. Isn't this kind of neat? I think so. Stay tuned, a lot more dreams and wishes coming our way! Happy wish-dreaming and making your dreams come true. Good safe dreams only here please! Thank-you!!!♥ ☼♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥☼L♥♫&♪♥♥♫☼♥

Magpie #14: The Blue Willow ~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫The Plate Seller's Song♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫

~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*• ~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫

~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫The Blue Willow ~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫The Plate Seller's Song♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫

"Bye bye bye you...Bye bye you....bye
bye bye you bye bye you
you bye you bye you bye you bye...
buy buy buy my Blue Willow plates
buy buy buy my Blue Willow plates....
please? bye bye...
buy buy buy will you please bye?
buy buy buy will you please buy...?
bye bye..."

The lonely sad plate seller
her song sung like a mourning dove
the lament echoed long billowing
through those hallowed halls
and long endless alleys of town

the sound so repining for me
whinning crying I must see
whispered tales
lovers desperate leap
the sellers mission
to bring out the lookers;
to draw the crowds
to make a final sale

to purchase a plate or two
maybe two dozen? how many?
as they sold so fast
like pancakes upon
a hot tin plate

the call to all
to gather
to flock
our souls
like the birds of the air
at Picadilly Square
Plate Seller
Sing me another sad song!

As these plates
were not the woman's only wares
her only possession
a three pence today
a pensive thought
thrown your way
her wherewithall
her only connection
of her feet to the earth
soon to bound
bondage no more

so transitory this life
from this world and to the next
it is written on the plate
like a long lost text

upon the faith filled plate
here lies sad destiny
lovers embrace for awhile
until time; too soon; took flight

all knowing is belief in the unseen
like waiting forever always an eternity

yet the haunting song
the lone woman's call
all hope once flourished
and embellished with flowers
now dashed; gone to the mire

against the wall
one day to dream all
life as it should be
the lovers' transcendental
Willow Tree

one day one day not too far
to find true love, my love
a simple wish upon a star
upon two entwined. a turtle dove

to capture the moment
like the Willow plate
a moment in time
a moment in space

old beyond years this ancient
mother goddess seller of wares
held back our years
reformulated our templates

this prophetess and seer
was it what we thought
it should be as it was then
as it was in the beginning
and soon to be forever more

this handsome plate
what was it really
was it all about
Simply Love?

all delicately positioned almost touching
the detailed drawing real-life etching
in a neat little row; the oriental scene just so
fine porcelain dreams many millenias ago

her many fine wares
stood the test of time
reminding the potental buyer's beware
heed the lessons of time's rhythm and rhyme

all respendent all shining brand new
polished to perfection the plates! who'd be the first?
to make the transaction;
of love's permanent and unlimited collection?

"Bye bye bye you...Bye bye you....bye
bye bye you bye bye you
you bye you bye you bye you bye...
bye bye bye my Blue Willow plates
bye bye bye my Blue Willow plates....
buy buy buy will you please buy?
buy buy buy will you please buy...?
bye bye"

~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫ ~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫ ~♫•*¨*•.¸¸❤¸¸.•*¨*•♫

ChipnLogs Idea Day with Jonathan the Seagull

Hi! Jonathan here! You might have noticed me breezing in on the next stormy air mass. You know when you see a lot of Jonathans that there is probably a storm coming in or someone has dumped a huge amount of french fries on the ground. I like mine with a bit of ketchup!

So today, I Jonathan Seagull have decided to be the spokesperson for ChipnLogs Ideas day which usually is Thursday but not always, depending when the idea hits the Creator of this blog!

Ooops! There's another poop on the head!Don't worry! It's good luck when you have been airdropped a load from a passing gull like me! And remember it's from me, Jonathan L. Seagull. My middle name? You might ask. I like the guessing game so or here it is; starts _I________N. I gave you a few clues. Since I dont want to infringe on anybodies copyright turf I will leave it semi-blank. You know how to do crosswords? Leave it at that; say no more; you fill in the blanks. This is fun! Can I do this? I just did! Whoopee!!!

Well I just came in from the Gulf oil spill! Boy what a mess! I see a lot of people trying to solve the problem ipso facto. Wouldn't it have been a better idea to have solved this problem in YESTEDAY?

It never fails to amuse me; you humans! What a lot! You'd think you'd get it right by now; but oh no! I can just let out a stupified sigh and throw my wings up in the air. Disguisting! You are very dirty birds, er ah, humans!

Let's hope this spill doesnt happen again. But given past "accidents", and so many of them, it doesnt look as though this is going to happen. It may be that Nostradamus was correct about seeing oil everywhere "It is going to be (the seas) polluted from a greasy substance; very dirty water". How would this seer see this? With his third eye? Where is THAT located?

Maybe humans were given these prophetic blurbs from ancient mystics for a reason. Maybe it was not only to be dramatic and foreboding, but rather to SMARTEN up the humans, a sort of "heads up" to potentials for disaster in the future, and then with some of this foresight; DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!

What can be done you scream like a flock of seagulls? What? What? (sounds like a caw caw to me). Well my dear human friends there is A LOT that can be done NOW.

Just got the picture in today of the huge leak. The flood gate of the earth's first hades level opening up. The earth's lubricant; oil. Maybe those tectonic plates are shifting and this caused the oil leak, maybe not. Maybe it was something that humans did not see coming (they should have been forewarned by Nostradamus and others of this). However, this is all in hindsight now. Hindsight being 100 percent, but not always useful ipso facto (latin for after the fact). Oh well...another human blunder!

Do not give up humans, I know you're ok! I always ask for fries when sitting on the hood of your hot rod at Mcdees and I see everything! I see that you don't want to be stupid; you just are by nature stupid. Why? Maybe it is because you cannot fly without mechanical aid. That must be it. You do not see the big picture. YOu focus in on the small trivial things that do not serve a purpose when it comes to the Big Picture. You, humans, really need "Big Picture" glasses. I will make a pair for you they should help you solve your many problems you fail to see and/or respond immediately to these pressing and oppressing problems of the day.

Dear Humans: do not think because I am a mere bird and not human that I am nothing of consequence. You just don't know that; you don't know that one day, I may inadvertently save your life. Look at Indiana Jones: The Last Crusade where Indiana's father (played by Sean Connery) was using all of us flock of seagulls to cause a plane to crash! We are heroes! We are in the Bible too! By this action we saved the free world from possible occupation by an evil bunch of rats. And that's not all! Oh, that's not all! Not at all!

Even though I have a small bird brain, which you think means I have no consciousness, I do have consciousness. A huge expanding consciousness; almost as large an infinite a scope as the whale.

By the way, (BTW) did you hear about the grey whales going beserk lately, being found in such abnormal places as Vancouver BC and Israel? YOu know why the whales are acting odd? It may be global warming! They may have crossed through the formally permanently iced waters of the famed North-West passage.

The Grey Whales could have taught Henry Hudson a thing or two (poor Henry!). Something tells me that animals could be acting odd because another pending earthquake. They act like dogs of the sea. They run loose and try to get out of the way of an earthquake, like dogs do when they sense things are wrong. Or the smell of the oil from the gulf may be making them scramble for a new home somewhere far from something that is bothering them. And they are so endangered! Poor whales. I often hitch-hike on their backs when I want a trip out to sea to see my grandseagulls!

Nonetheless I am certain of one thing; the importance in the scheme of things humans just do not understand. It is all in here.((I am pointing to my bird brain by the way BTW)! Oh that! That one thing that may save us from ultimate doom, hinged on such an unlikely candidate. Huh. Who'd figure this out?

Anyhoo...I guess I've blabbered for long enough on Chipnlogs blog. I've got to see if I can score some more free fries. And if you think all those signs that say "Do not feed the birds" is going to stop me! Hah! I've got free will and with that means free french fries! I'm off! Chat later alligators!

ps I'll be back later to help you humans solve the obvious problems you are so often missing; like thinking ahead before disasters of all sorts can strike. You've got to get with the program! What's wrong with you? Are you eating to many mercury-contaminated fish? I know what that's like and either the seagulls know how to avoid these stinky fish or we have developed some unique biological properties. You dont see too many seagulls that look sick, do you? You do see the odd one legged hopper, usually caused by kick boxing seagulls. What do you mean you've never gone to a kick boxing fight of seagulls? Oh they can be mean! Like extreme fighting! I wager you'd put odds on me as the favourite. I've been known to out-kick outlast outsmart the best of the best. They call my stage name A. Kimbo as in Legs Akimbo, you can see just a blur when watching me win these gull fights! I'm a TKO (techincal knock out) but you already knew that!

For the most part, we gulls look pretty good. We must be doing something right! Must be all that fresh salty sea air!
Did any scientists do a study on this? No? Why not? Will be discussed later. For now my fuzzy headed humans; Ciao!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

M.O.M. Pet Project of Love: Focus on the Infinite

Today I feel apprehensive. Not sure why exactly. Foreboding? Nonetheless I still must make the best of my day.

Yes, it greatly concerns me; everything. Should it? Do I have residual worry about last evenings PBS Whaling Special about historical whaling?Killing of Sperm Whales to be exact from the 1700-1800's as close as the late 1960's!

How the poor sperm whales were crying for days with "red chimney" coming out of their air hole spouts! The danger to the men who were literally dragged around the ocean like on a coaster ride or a "sled ride". The risks to lives! The dangers! The gore! Oh my gosh, all too much! I will spare you the horrible details. Nonetheless, I am feeling effected or affected by this, to the marrow this morning.

How many things like this effect people and we just slough it off as being "part of life". Thank goodness, it was years ago.(well the 60's not that long ago really).

These whaler ships and the brave "whalers" were incredible. Put how I pity them! The men used like pawns, jumping ship, travelling the world, trying to make a dollar by risking their lives in this end game. The game a sport venture of the high seas.

Just so that we could see at night, read another edition of Moby Dick, without flicker without too much smoke billowing from the whale oil lamps. Truly! The best oil being from spermicetta (sp?) from the sperm whales massive head. Moby Dick by Hermann Melville, Herman waxing so poetic through this episode, as he was a most experienced whaler himself who gave his script to a fellow whaler to be appreciated the world o'er today! Melville is incredible! So is Nantucket sound, oh I can smell the salty brine as I repine for this shelter abode from the stormy gales of New West Humberland. (or where-ever!). I made this up. Although I'd love to visit and smell the ocean just once in my lifetime. Although I did get to go to NY NY in the early 80's I didnt get to the ocean yet. I have been on the St. Lawrence, I do recall the smelly fish air; is that sea air?

Yes, the whalers. They were either very brave or very stupid. Or both. What a history, their art on the whalebones captured, the nautical oil paintings so other-worldly now. The art work and the history totally amaze me, their life style compared to a soldier's 97 percent boredom 3 percent intense action.

The battle scene straight from Homer's The Iliad: The battling levithan a creature of the unknown, like the lone ships sailing the seas with only the horizon line guiding their unsure destiny.

Close to the maker, no life like it. As these tales were recounted I could not help but think; so poetically beautiful and so epic in tragedy. Massively dramatic. Thank goodness I do not have to battle a whale today.

Or do I? Yes I do. By way of existing here on this planet right now we are all battling something. No one is immune from being in some sense, a soulful warrior.

In a way we are always "battling" something in this life, be it small change or larger than life. Today on the news I noticed that a St. Jude's in Quebec had a massive sink hole. I also saw the huge tornados that touched down in Oklahoma.

This massive assault had a heroic story of a saved family being almost reborn coming out of the depths of their storm shelter. The golden lab so adorable, the people with sunny smiles so happy to be alive; so happy!

I also thought of the others not so lucky, those in flimsy trailer park homes being torn to shreds. But these storms it did not matter, the size being Force Three to what next?

I saw substantial middleclass homes being totally demolished. I once lived in a mobile home up north. We had to worry about the electricity going out at minus seventy degrees celcius, rated the coldest place on earth at one time. And this is just the beginning of tornado season? We had one here last year. In the spring. I was lying on the couch as was awoken to a huge bright ball of light (ball lightening; protonic lightening). The force of which I have never known. I was blinded for a few minutes terrified. Then the tornado went through a ski village where supposed no tornado would ever conceivable go through, doing much damage to apple trees and a block of fine chalets. What's causing this, really, why so much so, it was never this bad in the 60's or 70's. What the? Protonic activity from the sun. Unrecognized as yet except by M.O.M. University labs. Huh.

Also listening right now to last weeks floods in Tennessee. The huge problems we are dealing with daily. The Greek market collapse of their Euro dollar in the Trillions. This may effect, via trickle-down effect our markets here; the interest rates may rise, leading to another, maybe unsalvageable depression.

But I don't, I can't let this stop my day, the way I see my day as going, the way I want it to go. The focus is on the "prize". The prize? Life as we want it to be, as we have made it to be, the way it will be with all intents and purposes. What is that prize? What is that focus; the very thing we need for our survival is..."____".
Please fill in the blank! The prize is L.O.V.E.!!! Don't you forget it!

I have already filled in the blank. The basic thing that will see us through any disaster is "LOVE". OK? You're ok with this?

Sure, we need disaster planning, (that was last week's initiative which I didnt get to see much about although it was National Disaster Planning week in Canada).

Now back to the St. Jude Quebec sink hole. When I saw that today, it sort of matched the sinking feeling I had when I awoke today. Whether or not that sinking feeling is residual feelings from the whaling show, I don't know. Whether or not is impending doombastic prophetic feeling via the emotive fountain of soul, I am not sure. I never thought I was related to Sylvia Browne, but maybe? Psychically? Hmmmm...

Oh that odd sinking feeling remains like a gapping hole of unknown wonder yet at the same time it is creepy. It can be both creepy and an incentive to take action. Maybe too much caffeine's fight or flight response when this drug wreaks havoc with hormones. Especially adrenaline stores. Who knows? Someone must. Yet, hmmmm. What is truly being done. Researches stuck in their labs cannot help us can they? Will they? They have not in the past. S

o how the heck are we as humans to fill all these massive gaps, those missing pieces, those holes that lay vacant, dormant ready to suck us into the pit both spiritually, physically and mentally?

Is it possible to correct the physical world or have this effect to any extent? After all, I am merely human! Mere or Mere? I am mother of the ocean of love I CAN DO THIS. I WILL DO THIS. CONSIDER IT DONE!!! Everything is possible with love. This gives us hope. This enpowers the unenpowered. You. Me. Us.

Nonetheless I must "Carry On". I must take this mantle upon me of whatever comes my way I must "deal" with it. How? Brace yourself with the love's girdle! What?

Well, I have known that the deepest part of the pool or soul is the Universe of Love. The place where we are directed to go, where all our footsteps we take in this lifetime lead us that place where we are no longer vulnerable to any attack or disaster, or both, or whatever.

Today, I think I can say that I am using a form of Love to create a world we all want to enjoy. We know that when we place our focus on something like love, love sheilds us from all of life's illusions, because only LOVE is real.

Now that I have formally discovered this aspect of life and living, I am able to actually make a difference in this world by promoting LOVE.

What exactly is Love. Love is caring for your neighbours, Love is caring for yourself, that you are headed towards some place that is where you want to be, and where you want to live. It is a loving place. It is no longer fearful of any "sling or arrow" that can be projected our way. How does projecting love on the earth work to make the earth a better place for all?

Love works because it is our core energy. A misunderstood core energy, but an energy nonetheless and it is pivotal in our world. Our world, our physical world is prone to decay. This causes the flux, the disasters, etc. Love is the only constant in the Universe. This I have come to realize lately.
It makes me happy to realize the power that we possess within ourselves.

With the power of love comes the ability to make a difference in your world. Nothing else will work. Absolutely nothing else. It has to be love. It is love. Love heals the wounds that are caused by a physical reality that can only lead to disintegration. So how do we use love to make our world better?

There are so many problems facing our physical reality, but it is with the force of love which is a constant and therefore, eternal that we are able to project more love constant on the physical projection of this particular place and time where we exist.

The solar system is a spiral system, it is constantly moving, changing, evolving into and from Love. Thinking polar/solar/ right now. Why? Every molecule every atom has this constant at its core. Love. We are made from this or we would not be experiencing this. When we master the art of how to love ourselves, our neighbours, our world, we will be able to control the events that happen here. In other words, love covers a multitude of disaster. How?

Today I work up, apprehensive, why? Could have been the negative projection from tv, the news, even old historical bits about how cruel whaling use to be. And it sadden my heart. It made me feel somewhat apprehensive as if I am to expect another disaster. But if I project instead, Love when I feel apprehensive, or fearful, I can accomplish much more than the sum of the parts of this world which is "change".

So we have two constants in our world "change" and "love". Love being the constant force and change being the changeable or non-constant force. So we must balance in this particular place which is 1/2 physical and 1/2 spiritual (yinyang effect) until the time when we merge again and complete the spiritual journey or cycle. The Vulgate Cycle? (I'm off-topic! This is something new to learn something else to focus my attention, i am directed by "happy accidents" to the truth of it all. Yes the VC has much more to do with Arthurian Legend yet I had this pop into my head like some; what is that doing there thing? What the? Listen; these concepts will be discussed in detail later once I can fully realize the spiritual approach of the ancient writers; I will find out why the thought latched in, linked in (not THAT linked in yet (inside joke).

In other words I need a really good book reader, you know, what are they called; where do I get this knowledge required to make magic happen. Some computer program. Certainly canot do the actualization of the dream all by myself. It takes everyone's focus to make this happen! This will happen! Coming soon!) Anyway, there is a cycle to all this from Alpha to Omega, we do continue in a loop-like circular action, for what purpose, we will examine later, in detail, with information, not just mere supposition.

Phew! That's a lot to consume for today. I guess I have realized that my anxiety is the spirit urging me to do something. What? Spread more Love and Love is faith. Faith being belief in the "unseen". We didnt know there were certain forces there was no direct evidence to prove this, yet, with collaborative evidence, the judgement lays heavily on the side of "possible form of energy" when it comes to discussing the invisible "Love" energy.

Today I want you, (and me!) to find physical evidence of love, I want you to record this. How? Let's say for example, you have the same thing I have, a feeling of apprehension, and then you start to understand exactly where that apprehension is coming from, from something you feel you have no control of stopping. With your willful direction of your love flow you can you will direct the world towards more positive results. How?

Recently I was concerned with the Greenland volcano. The mayhem it is causing the flights in Europe etc. The potential for other disasters loom larger with the smoke coming from the top of that volcanic mountain. It looks like dragons breath. Originally I wrote a poem about how it effected me. It made me feel better. Love is after all a feeling, a wonderful great feeling. A feeling of accomplishment a feeling of having conquered anything that takes away from being in the "moment of love" the constant force.

How do things take away one's attention form the loving feeling? Why does this happen. It happens. Who's to say? Again living in the dictomy world we have here, half good, half bad is very difficult. It is a challenge. However, once realizing the power of love bridges those seeming gaps in our physical world and we are allowed to live the life we want when we push forward the idea that we are primarily, the mother cell soul energy of Love. Love is what we are, and it what we should be all else is extraeous and erroneous.(Thanks Dr. Wayne Dyer).

Project Love today. It is a project and it is a projection. How coincidenal! I love those synchronistic moments! (see blog for my synchronicity section). It is really all amazing all very much a miracle of love this world. A combination of elements, and we have the power to change the world. It is really amazing. Our thought projection of love can cause miracles to happen.

We will discuss in future M.O.M. University further ways we can employ to project love at places. We can focus the projection, and the love energy to change the abberant "protonic discharge" from the sun which I believe is causing volcanic activity, tornado activity, earthquake activity, etc., etc.

M.O.M. University is going to be discussing this topic in much more detail in the near future. There are methods to use, there are new inventions made from love. As love wants to survive and thrive just like we all do. We know this to be true. This is a reality. Love is a reality. It not hypothetical. Love is transformational. With the outflowing of love we all greatly benefit.

To be discussed next time on M.O.M. University; how to alter the sun's protonic activity and how to make protonic collectors.

Love is all! Make good loving vibes happen! Now!