Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Spirit IS ALIVE revelations from The Source

Fame is fleeting, being one in the spirt of love is fufilling destiny.
4 minutes ago · The soul is eternal this I believe. It is the core, the centre of Divine Love.

Enjoy being you..Being One with your "IS"

Enjoying the "IS"ness of BEING one in the Spirit of Love where we meet to have divine coffee and


The peace that passeth all understanding; the "IS"ness of being Love Light. Go spread your

light...the world's constant turning will have no effect there. Enjoying our "IS"ness together!

Mingling love lights like fireflies. Source is within us.

HEY FRIENDS OF LOGB; GUESS WHAT? I am sometime chatting with peeps on Facebook. Very spiritual friends that are so cool! Instant chat! Well almost instant chat. Please check me out and become a friend on FB! S earch and seek out Ja-Len Jones. Add me as your friend, friend! Tell me you enjoyed my blog and YOU ARE SO IN!!! Come join me for daily divine coffee and donuts form the Creator. You'll not gain a ounce! Just sail into the love light fantastic! Fireflies awaiting to enlighten all who arrive. Enjoy the Oneness of it all! See you there!

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