Saturday, May 15, 2010

ChipnLogs Day!!!Dr. Joe Schmoe Talks to the ChipnLogs Creator

Dr. Joe Schmoe: Good morning! You're up early CNL!

CNL Creator: You can call me "Chip" or "Log"

Dr. Joe Schmoe: I prefer Log. Well, Log, how exactly did you come about this remarkable idea template?

Log: Well it was fairly simple. The idea actually hit me in the head. Well it didnt exactly hit in the head. An axe hit my kid in the mouth.

Dr. Joe Schmoe: And he lived to talk about it?

Log: Yes, Sir!

Dr. Joe: Do you want to talk about it?

Log: Certainly not.

Dr. JOe: Ok...

Log: It isn't something I want to recall, but let's just say it was the impetus to the idea of ChipnLogs.

Dr. Joe: What exactly is ChipnLogs

Log: I'm glad you asked. A lot of people are asking the very same thing! ChipnLogs or ChipNlogs is a patent pending trademark of the Creator, me "Log" which is basically an ideas platform. Since no one was appearing to go to the plate I brought the "plate" to home!

Dr. JOe: Go on...

Log: Well, you see, Doc, it's like this; whenever a person is considering a solution to a problem, and they have this eureka moment but it is never written down, tape recorded and often not mentioned. Just like really good dreams are shelved once the dreamer awakens from them.

Dr. Joe: Oh...I get it! You are a ideas generator and collector.

Log: Exactly! However, I'd like to be known as a clerk who collolates, files and distributes pertinent ideas that will get humanity out of fixes and jams. Now and in the future. Maybe even past bandaid remedies. Ideas are first priority at ChipnLogs tm. We believe that ever idea is doable with tweaking. We also believe that "Ideas are Number One". Everything begins with an idea. "Ideas are First" and "Ideas are our Number One Priority".

Dr. JOe: That's possible? To fix the past? That's amazing!

Log: Apparently.

Dr. Joe: Oh, I see, interesting...hummm....

Log: The fact is, with these portenteous dreams and schemes and flying machines coming in, all this data is more valuable than any known material substance. The problem solving issues, the ideas bank generators, the promotion of how to make ideas work is another department as are the millions who want to get their "idea out there". We offer a place where ideas can be discussed, brought into the light of day rather than sitting on the back ebayance draw of some stuff pending office waiting for what? We do not have time to wait when an idea problem solution is required sometime we need to access potential ideas at light speed fast; especially when in an emergency situation. Chipnlogs takes away the anxiety and the confusion in an emergency, and helps to formulate ideas when one has the time to sit and dream of a better world.

At the ChipnLog data bank there is no end to the potential limit and kind of ideas. For a class A solution to any problem that's out there, floating around, not being solved, Chipnlogs provides these everyday and extraordinary day solutions to problems.

The beauty about ChipnLogs is that any future potential problem is virtually almost 100% eliminated. We're trying for the 110% for professional recognition status.

Dr. Joe: Good Luck! Can you tell me, please, Log, about some of your ideas?

Log: Certainly. Here is one example: I had always wanted to have a fridge or stove that is perfectly suited to my needs. that can be cleaned easily, that does not strain my back when I reach into the bottom to get some meat, etc. I keep getting a back ache from bending down. No fridges are made with the freezer on the bottom.

Dr. Joe: You did that? You bent down to get meat?

Log: No. Not exactly. But the idea of changing things for the benefit of the public got me to thinking about how other day "ennui" type of things, things that are buggy, things that are frustrating can get tweaked for appropriateness in design. Function being a biggy when it comes to appliances, but also, the Form must be substantial, and usually the easiest part of conception. It is really a matter of seeing things from either a 1. different point-of-view, usually the consumer, how the consumer wants it is usually never in the equation; the consumer being the "after-thought". And usually people are so busy or bored that they don't complain about, for example; too many crevices to clean on appliances, etc. Doesnt that bug you taking steel wool all the time to clean or constantly cleaning the appliances, and then having those corners that need extra attention and time? It can be very frustrating! Well the consumer tweaking project is just one of the many areas where ChipnLogs comes in handy.

Dr. Joe: Wow, that's a good idea! I could tell you want frustrates me. And mostly my wife. The little hairs from my razor. The wife once caught me putting them on the floor, boy, did she give me heck!

Log: There you go, Joe! If you had some kind of hair collector bag, or something, this problem would be eliminated. That's what ChipnLogs is trying to do; to eliminate all small and large problems in the world. There is a solution to every problem. I think we born to solve problems and truly focus on less mundane topic matter. That's why people get somewhat (to say the least) frustrated when a small problem turns into a large problem. As problem eliminators, we see all the potential problems before they occur and have made them virtually eliminated once and for all!

Dr. Joe: Great idea Log. What about your scientific research for NASA?

Log: Well Joe, since ChipNLogs birth in 2007, many ideas have been bandied about. CNL's has questioned space itself, and has given some solutions to pending problems that may occur etc. etc. Usually these ideas have been just that, ideas. Whether or not they are being employed in any scientific field is to be determined. However, ideas, like diamonds in the rough need much polishing and time to become the true life-savers that we come to expect. ChipnLogs makes the open-ended idea possible, without "boo-hoo"ing them away, saying "oh that's not going to work, that's not scientific". No matter how abstract, how incomplete, how seemingly worthless an idea or solution to a problem or potential problem, Chipnlogs is there to record the event. This storage system can be dipped into (chipped into?) whenever the need arises. And a potential flow chart of best possible solutions is at the ready. But this is already being done. What ChipNLogs does is expound upon this premise to make and create more solutions other than the two or three that may be in use. It gives a person, for example, in an emergency situation, much more expanded help. Not only that, ChipNlogs has been the idea platform for any type of problem in any area of endeavour (Endeavour! NASA flagship). Creativity abounds because no one says "that's a lousey solution". Here there are no "lousey" solutions, just problem solving of every potential problem. Remember though, the problems, like how to stop an asteroid are still gauged as to best possible outcome and to some degree they are regulated problem solutions. You won't believe some people's ideas of how to solve the problem. It gets comical at times!

Dr. Joe: Can you give me any examples?

Log. Sure, Joe! One problem solving idea was to make an axe with a curve. It saved "kicke back effect, but it did not chop wood very well". We kept it anyway, to be stored when the idea may be tweaked or changed to a degree to allow it to be a potential ChipnLogs Award stamp. The poor guy was trying to chop wood for an hour, but it didn't kick back!

Dr. Joe: That's pretty funny Log! Hahah! I can see it! Hahah!

Log: Yes, Joe, it is really all about getting people to think, all kinds of people about the PENDING PROBLEMS we are faced with in the world today. This opens up the idea pool to a much wider and hopefully skilfull set with ideas that may have never been noticed before. Here, at ChipnLogs Ideas are King.

Dr. Joe: I like that. Is that your motto?

Log: Not yet. Still generating ideas for a motto; maybe you could help?

Dr. Joe; Sure, I've got one! ChipnLogs: Fishin' for Chipin". The name kinda reminded me of the Fish n' Chips we use to have as kids. The kind you'd get at Arthur Treachers or some Mom and Pop neighbourhood store and bring home and eat with vinegar and a slice of lemon. Weren't they wrapped in newspaper? They still do that in England I hear! Man that halibut tasted so good. And I hear it's an afrodisiac? (did I spell that correctly).

Log: Hey Joe! That's a great motto! Can I keep it? You get one percent resids on any sale that generates a sale. ChipnLogs is in the business of making people rich from their ideas. Ideas that are normally excused as being "insignificant". ChipnLogs wants to make you successful. Isn't that the business of business?

Dr. Joe: It most certainly is, Log! Great idea and great business idea. You've hit a double whammy with this one.

Log: Better than the hula hoop?

Dr. Joe: Are you kidding? hahah! That was great! Thanks Log!

Log: You most welcome Dr. JOe! Thanks for giving me this time, and this platform for discussing freely the idea of ideas!

Dr. Joe: You're most certainly welcome Log. We'll talk again soon in a few months, and tell me how it's been going with your ideas peddling business! It's been great!

Log: Thanks Dr. Joe. We'll keep in touch. You can rich me at for now. Waiting for the idea thing to "take off" eh? (Canadian humour) Chat soon!

Dr. Joe: Ciao!

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