Saturday, May 8, 2010

ChipnLogs Day 2: Oil Management Resources

Welcome to yet another ChipnLogs excerpt from the desk of ChipnLogs creator.
Recently there has been much discussion regarding the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico's BP offshore oil rig. According to radio news reports today (from Cleveland Ohio CTAM? early this a.m. new report) I heard that the cause of the explosion was methane gas.
Methane gas? Due to a chemical reaction with some cement or something like that. Really? How? Can they reproduce this? Were they not aware that this chemical reaction would be possible? Were the oil execs unaware that this potential reaction would be this deadly killing 11 people. (Uri Geller note I see 11 again!).
Anyway, this explosion and dangerous leaking of how many gallons of oil per day is catastrophic. Will it or will it not cause the president to issue a no-off shore drilling decree.
How many BILLIONS of dollars to clean up this mess? Astronomical! Lets make sure it does not happen again! How?

It was my bone of contention with much consternational conceptualization that MAYBE the explosion was a causal of THE EARTHQUAKE ACTIVITY leaking methane out through the earth's mantel and into the oil areas.

If not, why would the oil execs not be aware of this dangerous build up of methane and the subsequent explosion caused by the cement repair (which I think is not the case). Is there any documentation on this? Where? First time I have heard of this kind of potential for disaster.

Here at ChipnLogs we are the leading edge for new ideas leading to possible fixes for a number of standing problems. Problems that until now seem unresolvable. Or at least nothing at all is being down and the problem just sits and festers. In other words ChipnLogs is the solution place to get with the program and begin to solve, resolve and invent new solutions to the impossible. A new way of seeing a problem with fresh eyes; unadulterated by rigourous programmed thought-patterns. Break the mold, gangway! ChipnLogs is here to save the day. (sounds a bit like Underdog or Mighty Mouse doesn't it...isnt this fun!).

Hallo! We only have a limited amount of time once disasters strike (if they do strike Chipnlogs has a cure for that too). And really, it is up to us, our collective smarts to make the world and all that is in it (and now the Universe too) to go the way we want to go. Right?

Right on! Yes, collectively, we can, we will, we shall solve the pressing problems of the day, the month, the year, the millenia, and beyond. Let's work at this. Now for the oil spill disaster planning and clean up Chipnlogs assessment.

1. Study stat all other potentials for methane explosions of all oil rigs. Gage the potential etc. Stop any construction that uses the same concrete substance that caused the Gulf oil explosion of April 10.

2. Create a vacuum suciton pipe for the oil or stop the leak by making other holes to lessen the amount of oil coming out. Is this possible. Engineers could find out!

3. Only allow off-shore drilling of oil in places not deemed at environmentally protected area like the gulf coasts, USA soil interference. Create mortatoriums on oil is non-compliant.

4. New safer designs tested and true 0 room for error or no allowance of a licence to drill by the USA etc governments.

5. Hire IMMEDIATELY NASA engineers, all sorts thousands of people to save the animals NOW. Do not use dangerous toxic chemicals to the oil. Use only SAFE products. Further investigate all possible methods of cleanup etc. Hire USA citizens to conduct these environment saving programs.

6. Invest in only safe fuel alternatives. Wean off all oil and oil programs. They are dangerous and have cost USA and Canadians etc lives from war caused by oil and money by putting good money after bad. Time to think up new methods and use them NOW.

7. Invest in USA/Canada in new methods of energy and make this a political priority by lobby your respective govts to do the same. This accident was totally avoidable and who knows if it was an accident or not. We must have security on oil rigs until that time when we are wholly weaned from the evils of oil! Good luck!cnl

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  1. Another thought just occurred to me will I was thinking how to fix that abominable leak. How about huge rocks, etc? Might take a while. Wonders what the force of the eruption is, and is there such a force to counter this force. I think blowing just make make it larger? The gush...anyother time this would be considered Texas tea and well appreciated. Wonders if sand would help the leaking oil in the water? (Could later be processed at the tar sands in Alberta?)