Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Moon's Many Dream Meons*

The Moon's Many Meons*

Minions of beings
Onions of layers
These few
The few
Dream of being
been to the moon
experiencially so
jumping on the blue beam
cold and warm
moon carve scapes
moonscape vacations
scarves waving
carter's craters
larger than life
Love Beane being one
flower power fun
with the moon
the moon being
man on the moon
man in the moon
man of the moon?
Neil's arm is strong
moon entity who are you?
being a being
been a being
beane to the moon
enough beans already!
you've grown them so well
during this fullness time
of tides swell
as nodes bode in the body
pulled by swelling
as nodal tonal times dwell
a walk on an ancient beach
recovered revellry
a dream before dawn's dusk
an opening between
the multi-dimensional worlds
fanned out slightly
each bearer similarity but ever so
slightly removed and replaced with
the new moon's creation
multifaceted diamond dust dimension
the key
the crystal
the collider's switch
merging time and space
sequenced in sequentialness
essential for our
sequestered equestrian
locked away on this high ride
loca variable locum dictum
evolutions of storms at Nineveh
elephant cat lady
thing change
remain slighty the same
for awhile til time totally
totals the car

muted elocution's mouthpiece
standard bearer of clock talk
a portal of mystic energies
diffused each fall
waxing each full moon
devoid of love?

finding the long lost tribes there
a waiting place to stay
under the altar of the firmament
like peppermint
a refreshing scent
to the Almighty's nostrils
the breath of life
that fine line
that thing
not described
as strangers, friends and selves
a distant cousin
once removed from time's shackles
kisses me again under laser light
Blue Oyster Cult
opening a jar to new worlds
now blind to the present
enjoying like children
the we "are"
of being "Is"ness
complete zen
locked in
the Apollo capsule forever
looking back at fleet footedness
flitting fate sealed
the compression chamber
the nature of things
the four forces
have never
touched the virgin moon
the brief surface maybe
left imprints nevertheless
what does this mean?
never touched the source of pain
the refined esoteric energies
lying dormant within
the moon cries for the return
of her long lost lover
to return one day
times of tribulation
to follow after
times of relative peace
this universe can only know
one kind in this chaos
to control our destiny
look to the moon
still as still as never

the sun's
bright white light
a flash in this panorama
like a strobe set on stun
kill shot
kill joy
kill pain too
made this my business
moon biz
to know
the irreverence of the seductive moon glow
moon what you do to me, to us, to them
to all we're made whole again
when so separated by the beater
that mixer of elements
mashed up like potatoes
mashed potates!
as your sentinel potato asteroid
circles delineating time
as it sloughs off like dead skin
or does the moon make time
with the lovers of life
waiting in the forests
to renew their vows of wow

orb steals our valued light
our missing energy
sitting on that vacant land
the far reaches
of these passing collapes
of time still beingness
a millenium for each grain
of sand
kicked up
by my dusty little moon boots
returned to wakefulness
once more
for how long then?
how many days
when all you see is eons
moon being?
by wintergreen and rosemary
and an ancient sounding bird
wake up and smell the ancient
coffee bubbling over
thick crude
you gave us your oil
what kind of life are you?

the meaning of many moondreams
year after year
a call to recall
all those that fall
lost as dust beneath
their souls evoked
the 5th dimension
only moon channels
this interface of multidimension
as so much longer than eons
much longer than one could
conceive any reasonable facsimile
a life slightly removed
dream another dream for me
moon you did that
you made us dream
similarily to where is Lost Larry's
that all-night diner
and dream bubble fizz
and moments waiting wondering
will the pain ever go away
will the pleasure return
will the moon allow the course
to continue or end
as we match up
yin and yang
to balance our lives
those whose visage doth appear
like Shakespeare
a lighthouse in search of a boat
from many vantage points
the far horizon looms closer
on the moon's crystal bottom
at once a new age then
must be entered in
a new contest
to see who'd win
time or space
or maybe misplaced
slightly akilter
slightly ajar
slightly askew
Altered at the Altar
now I ask you
do you think the new moon
will ever reveal her secrets?
the lost time capsule
the cataclysms
of Clash of the Titans
we came from that?
what did she do now
as the moon did stash
these crystalline memory
lemon drops
kicked up dust from yesterdays
universal storms and after the storms
universal peace for how long
cant we make the moon forget the pain part
in part or mostly wholly
yet the moon remains
a figment of the fig Newton
(thank-you Sir Isaac)
the only thing to remain
as tasty
glued in place
while all else dissolved
contorted or changed somehow
the dirt upon her surface told
unfolded truths like scrolls
with each whisper'd secret
silenced with her stubborn
immoveable feast
scion of a lion
bearing all inequity
bearing scars
now an empty shell
do not be deceived
like the crysallis
she is bound to awaken
from her slumber
from her catatonic state
from her peaceful resistance
than maybe then all heck
will indeed break loose
as a messenger words are
scrawled upon her etched surface
"Bear no more Inequity for me"
with each nonbreath
she does breath
she is alive
keeping the home fires lit
as romantic lovers cry out
return to me oh moon
or some reasonable facsimile
never quite the same
as yesterdays remain
better than golden
a thread unravelled
revealed here for the first time
the first time love knew
anything at all

through lidded eyes
deep in sleep
and REM
rapid eye movement
and MEME
moon energy moving east
with each dream
not 10 not 20
at the 5 and 10
unrecoverable numbers
until conception bay's tide rises
moon drunks and sailors
dipping into the big dipper
that's how you bailed out?
the lunatic assembly
waiting patiently
to never disappear

moon + eons = meons*


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