Thursday, April 30, 2009

Jane's Joke of the Day and Neologisms (a RIOT!!!)

Jane: I think I am going to change my name.

Bruce: Why would you do that Jane.

Jane: I think I'm going to change my name to Jane Getz.

Bruce: Why would you change your name to Jane Getz?

Jane: Because Jane Gotz means I already got it, and I never did, so if
my last name is Getz, I am sure to get it! Get it?

Dear Maya: This is a riot! I have one! Dipstick - (comment removed due to
public site)...haha!jajo--- In,
"mayareynoldswriter" wrote:
> My favorites are: coffee, flabbergasted and pokemon.
> Regards,
> Maya
> Once again, The Washington Post has published the winning submissions to its
yearly contest, in which readers are asked to supply alternative meanings for
common words. The winners are:
> 1. Coffee (N.), the person upon whom one coughs.
> 2. Flabbergasted (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained.
> 3. Abdicate (V.), to give up all hope of ever having a flat stomach.
> 4. Esplanade (V.), to attempt an explanation while drunk.
> 5. Willy-nilly (Adj.), impotent.
> 6. Negligent (Adj.), describes a condition in which you absentmindedly answer
the door in your nightgown.
> 7. Lymph (V.), to walk with a lisp.
> 8. Gargoyle (N.), olive-flavored mouthwash.
> 9. Flatulence (N.) emergency vehicle that picks you up after you are run over
by a steamroller.
> 10. Balderdash (N.), a rapidly receding hairline.
> 11. Testicle (N.), a humorous question on an exam.
> 12. Rectitude (N.), the formal, dignified bearing adopted by proctologists.
> 13. Pokemon (N), a Rastafarian proctologist.
> 14. Oyster (N.), a person who sprinkles his conversation with Yiddishisms.
> 15. Frisbeetarianism (N.), the belief that, when you die, your soul flies up
onto the roof and gets stuck there.
> 16. Circumvent (N.), an opening in the front of boxer shorts worn by Jewish
>Thu Apr 30, 2009 9:32 pm

Thu Apr 30, 2009 9:32 pm

i got another one (jajo)..succinct...a person who has an uncommon affinity to suck the sink.

incredulous: similar to incrudulous but without the sandman's crusty betrothal.

Colourful Speech of the Resplendent Kind by jajo chicco

Dear Monique: Excellents points. It is probably the

dumbing-down of modern day language is in the simple fact

that we over-simplify the English language in works of

fiction today.
Nothing is inherently wrong with simple language; it

promotes communication between a wide range of interest

groups. However, there may be a need to over-simplify

language in fiction to the point of stupifying the

language. Words are like gems that flavour the subjective

content of a work. Contrastly, words are specific to the

topic being discussed as you had demonstrated with Hegel,

Kant, Satre, etc. with the fine examples cited.
To personalize a novel, the author can use various

stylistic leanings, both personal and historical. It is a

matter of taste, and the educational background of the

reader as to which kind of novel they choose to read.
Personally I like a fast read, as I am a multi-tasker and

cannot stand being stuck on a word. Big words are not

fitting with the common vernacular of the day. Most fiction

is popular by far and this is the taste of the land.
At times I appreciate the unique speech of another

specialized area, say, Philosophy for example. It will take

me hours to figure it out. It is in this way, frustrating

to some extent. However, the end result is a wider

comprehension of the world's intellectual thought. This is

usually way over my head unless simplified as per

Intellectual Treatise for Dummies.
Language keeps evolving or de-evolving depending on the

readers point of view. Some use plain speech like

Hemmingway, or much more flowery speech, like Jane Austen.

Jane Austen's times were so suffocatingly misogynist that I

did not like reading her novels without feeling a great

deal of feminist angst and disgust.
Could anyone find reference to a current author who uses

esoteric and rarely used words? There are not many writers

today who choose to use a wide spectrum or full Oxford

dictionary, unabridged edition in their novels. It would

not be profitable because the writing style does not appeal

to the wide audience, for this reason I agree. Conversely,

intellectual pursuits should not limit the author/artist.

However, authors must eat. We know the winner here; the

colloquial Funk and Wagnalls or worse yet, slang dictionary

perusal by numerous authors. Such flowering writing should

come with a disclaimer; Beware; The contents of this novel

is limited to, but not emcompassing all aspects of language

which reaches beyond the boundaries of the contempary

speech known today.
Indeed new words should be made to amaze and astound the

masses not to confound and frustrate the common everyday

and everyperson reader.
In this regard language and its usage or non-usage does

prove the point that language is tied to status, and other

societal constraints. Comprehension of those of certain
"snob" status are limiting to the community as a whole.
In today's global village we need to communicate quickly.

This light-speed need to communicate may be the reason why

readers choose fiction with limited vocabulary. We read

fiction in the US and Canada as easy-read because time is a

significant factor in our enjoyment and our collective

empowerment as a nation. We want to share jointly together

and this is why there is often outrage and disdain when a

new word with so called "snob appeals" appear in a text.
This is a theoretical analysis of why we choose or do not

choose to include word variety in speech. Like multiple

flowers in the garden, we can choose resplendent colour

language or simple black and white journalistic writing.

However I have noticed some journalist feeding the

intellectual need by inserting academic words from time to

time in their journalistic reporting. Is this true Mike

Easy read fiction is not purely for lazy reasons alone. We

need easy reading material because we need instant access

to the thought process and need quick judgement of thought


The reading public are, for the most part,just being too

laxidaisical to pick up a dictionary or click and point to

Meriam Webster or my favourite Free Dictionary online.
Like fast food we want a fast read, and so we limit our

comprehension and our over-all collective intelligence

median IQ. Some plain food for thought from a plain Jane

albeit Jane Austen wannabe! jajo

Raccoons and other Animal Behavioural Stories

Dear Carol: Sounds like a comedy of errors!(like my last post, excusez)
Bravo Zac! Raccoons are cute but carry leptospirosis, not much fun of a horrible disease. Sorry to be a Debbie downer. On the farm I befriended some pups, and tried not to handle them without garden gloves. There were some horrible raccoon fights at night.Odd thig is, the pups purr like kittens! It was very difficult to raise the pups so your son was smart not to attempt this and let Animal Rescue do the bidding. Raccoons are notorious for having rabies (ooops another Debbie downer...hahah!).
Our farm cats did not get along with them.
Anyway, your story is one of those unique animal behavioural stories which are always so amusing and bring back many subsequent memories, thanks for these rebooted gems! Most certainly can relate to your midnight burglar with the masks, you brought a smile to my face!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jane' Joke of the Day #2

(great day for thinking up jokes for some reason?)

Husband to Wife: "Are you hearing voices AGAIN?"

Wife to Husband: "Only yours!"

Husband to Wife: "Well that's good!"

Wife to Husband: "Ya think so? I thought you were Tom Cruise!"

Husband to Wife" "Ha-ha...".

Jane's Joke of the Day

An elderly couple, married for 55 years were arguing. The wife stated kurtly to the husband, You know, you really should act your age!" The husband replied nonplused "Why, how old do you think I am?". The wife grinned; "About four!". The husband rebutted "You'd think you say at least 45!". The wife quipped "You are acting old for your age then!". The husband blurted "No wonder I get confused; you can't get my age right!". Wife then throws her hands up in the air.

Monday, April 27, 2009


"Smooth my soul, would ya, babe" Dauphine stated definitively as she eased her back into the raw silk cushion of the settee. "You know how uptight I have been lately". Her lover of the year, David, all of 22 knew exactly what GG needed. "Ok, honey, you're wish is my command". "Ahhhhhhhhh....that's it Davie, a little to the left!". "Ohhhhhhhh....aahhhhhhhh...YESSSsssssssssss....". Daphne loosened her uptight mood as she undid the belt on the midnight black Kimono. "Much better" with a slight English accent.

Hours later, Dauphine was hitting the pavement, walking lazily to her art studio, sightseeing and picking flowers from the overly manicured lawns of north Hollywood. The morning seabreeze had readied the salty spring air with fresh zest. Dauphine's huge diamond citrine ring reflected the early morning yellow fireball sun. Her definitive taste as well as her amazing wealth and social register standing. In the morning sun Dauphine shone brighter than midday sun, the Bulgati diamond reflecting prismatic mini suns in array on her penetrating blue gray eyes. Her many affinities for the good life showed in her uniform. Rodeo Drive addressed her as GG while her personal dresser was being paged. The ring was a gift from a wealthy suitor, one of many who would try unsuccessfully to win her heart.

She was partial to Gucci. It was not unusual for Dauphine to always be dressed to the nines. She never left her apartment without being in character, knowing at any moment she could be spotted by an agent on the street. An agent she had dreamed would one day rescue her from herself and her life of extremes. As Dauphine sensed, her biological clock which had definitely run out was now a ticking time bomb. Menopause had not been kind, Dauphine was finding herself impotent.

"All dressed up and nowhere to go?" a very handsome blackman in a YSL business suit flirting oneliner. "Oh yah, babe...". Dauphine's hip lingo sounded much like Cher in the 70's, having just dumped Sonny, with a bit of attitude. Assured of herself, Dauphine seemed distracted as she took her little pinky and encircled the small alabastar jar in her hobo-style cowhide leather bag. She poutingly pursed her lips to even the all natural lip concoction. "I guess..." Dauphine sounded weary, her eyes could only roll in her head, she couldnt bother finding a quick come-back."Who cares? the handsome man, a cross between Dwayne Johnson The Rock and Will Smith in MIB. The young stud tauntingly raised his eyebrows as he walked by Dauphine. Decidedly walking at a much slower pace Daphine turned around to catch a peek-a-poo glimpse of his tautness. "Another one passing me by" Dauphine thought to herself. A few years ago she would be skipping to catch up with the young Romeo.

The babyboomer hotie was still able to hold her own onto at 55. More than a state of being unwrinkled and non-sagging, Dauphine was the poster child antiaging Earth Goddess also known as Gaia the Great. She was sleek, and athletic, working out at the gym every second day. Dauphine really defied nature and logic most days, with most of her subjects being in complete awe of her amazing death-defying powers of eternal youth.

Her community loved her, she was everybody's darling. Although not a politician her face was probably more recognizable than the locale gentry.Actors dont get hurt the stuntman gets hur. She had many friends, of many persuasions, old, young, male, female, ethicities a virtual pastiche of rainbow. Her inductive and creative powers to persuade people to move outside their comfort zone endeared her to many. Her certain flare for life, the "in the moment" of zen buddhism taught her how to do this. She could live in the moment and turn it into a masterpiece. Her certain power was declaring war on the mundane and sublime. Her art was how to make people feel totally comfortable doing ridiculous things. Her gallery at 10th and Sunset certainly encouraged everyone to be an artist. It was not the usual at Highgate. It was a really hip place where the village people would congregate, along with various select groupies and stars. At the village people could be seen whispering gossip about her newsy tirades, usually all true. Even by village standards, Dauphine was still a "wild child" a left over remanent, very rare now, of Free Love mentality, a patchwork quilt of lovers, she knew what she wanted and always got exactly what she wanted.

Princess was a smart cookie, Daddy's favourite and worked or played from her uptown apartment. From the odd hours of one o'clock pm to six o'clock am as Dauphine was busy preparing the world for the next best software program for the next new technological advance device. Today,Princess was primping for the nonstop prom which her life had become lately. "A PR day for Princess" she joking mused with herself. This she did often, having a non-stop running internal dialogue. "Oh shut-up" when she caught herself talking to herself, this would not make the master happy. "Stop the internal dialogue, babe" Dauphine called everyone babe, even herself. It smoothed over the hard life she had come to despise the one which made her rise to the occasion of the prototypical consumate diva of the current happening. "What's happenin' babe". Dauphine was always searching for the new, the untried. In the process she missed the true, because in her world reality did not exist, at least not like the rest of the world realized reality. Dauphine was ejubuliant. This was her "day" at last, she could feel it. Something big was coming down.

Her other day time job" she told her friends was her business. This regular job seemed regular to her, but to anyone else it was far from regular. This was not the issue with Dauphine, it was the Goddess' regular daylight hour life which really amazed and confounded the local citizenry. Dauphine was a daylight tripper, the kind the drug store sells. Dauphine was an installation artist, some would call her a con artist. Dauphine did not care, the more "press" or free advertising for her promotional art, the better.

She could get, by. And then some. She had that gift for details. She had the gift of making herself into the gift that everybody wanted. And it was working. She sold herself on the mean streets of the executive offices. She knew all the rules and bent all of them.

Maybe Dauphine was trying to find the next best high. Maybe she was wanting to find the gatekeeper key. On a need to know basis, Dauphine got the goods. She knew how to score, both on the newest technology front as well as politically very incorrect. She had a bit of the devil in her. Her flaming red crimson boobed hair did give away her somewhat agressive personality.

Going to Katz Bluz Tattoos for her yearly tattoo, her tats were always designatingly original. The complex and intrinsic designs were similar to celtic designs,modernized. Dauphine had lived for awhile in the UK and had taking on the scene there, post-punk Goth with Emo. The interwoven graphic oakleaf with digital symbolism known only to Dauphine, and when she looked upon them would give her great pleasure and secret enjoyment of her passion and her conquests. She expected the same from her partners, and if they did not keep up, she bid them farewell. Presently, most of her exlovers remained friends and business associates.

Dauphine never a sketch artist, although at times very sketchy. Especially when she would come down from her all-nighters. The scene saw all of her, she was overproduced in her business world, maybe overexposed. The new art of the secret world, years ahead of the common consumer processing, all this new technology gave Dauphine an added bonus; art as life. The art of the nerd was her, yet she repackaged the frumpy with a sexy , she kept just enough hidden. This gave her of intrigue and beguilment. Her art was like that, all magic and mirrors.

It took awhile for Very esoteric and intriguing to those who find mystery a turn on. Her piercings were minimal; she wore a small diamond in her left nostril. Dauphine could carry off this cartoonish image since she usually hung out with a much younger crowd. She at 55 could not act her age. In Dauphine's mind, she was 18, and it appeared, besides a few laugh lines and crows feet that she could pull it off. She ws a practising buddhist, studying for approximately a year at the Village Temple on Fifth and Vine.

With all the bells and whistles, the art of "how to WOW them". The worst sin in Hollywood being mundane. The same old. The cardinal rule here being, "the freaker the better, the wierder is the way". Always stretching that envelope made for the uptight to snap once in awhile. Dauphine did possess the uncanny ability to make things new happen. She was hailed in Hello Magazine as the female Andy Warhol. Many thought she was a domamatrix, the way she dressed was a cross between goth and emo, with less severity. She looked like a transvestite some days and nights? They could get really wild. Dauphine did err on the side of caution in only one area of her life. She would not take no for an answer.

Dauphine's world today was focused on the key to unlock the many mandalas secrets of the unicoded universe of the nanobot. The inner outer worlds converging in one big happening, a big bang of a good time. Dauphine always found her own particular brand of high much better, often high as a kite, the girl could fly.

"Secret encrption in the binary code would do it." Dauphine ruminated over the program. "Without the N code I will not be seeding the cochere". These oddities of speech were only known to Dauphine, as an inventor of concepts and design programmer she was on the leading edge of leveraged technolgical advances. "The only problem now is to find that *()+_*code!!! But how? Dauphine had an idea. The Highgate concept had been instrumental in the past to help her with key concepts, but now it was essential she use some of her "installation" field study. "Now to get out the rolodex". In two split seconds the invited were RRSPing Dauphine's Newest Concept Party. "Placation Vacation!" Dauphine emphatically sung as her eccentrically-charged
synapses were firing away with nanosecond light speed.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth: The Planet of Pain is Moving Through The Planet of Love: Get out the Flow-Thru Tea Bags

NEWS FLASH; The Planet of Pain is Moving Through The Planet of Love Today: Pain's Flow-Thru Tea Bags Disguised as hurt...LET IT IN, LET IT IN..LET IT BEGIN THE NEW JOURNEY PAST LIGHT PAST NIGHT to new worlds past the horizon
Who Really Needs the is a teacher, and a mean one at that, but without these hard-earned lessons we would not be ready for the experience to come when we transform into that thing which we think may be there or not? come back kid will tell it goes over there...for now we wait and listen and avoid pain at all costs because we are not ready yet for the truth to be is secret...who knows this truth? No one. Not me.

As much as I did not want to observe
we all live life here
as citizens on the Planet EARTH
of Pain
for this you may need
Like Flo-Thru Tea Bags
like life
we must go through
THIS INSUFFERABLE pain til we come through
to the other side
our own version
of the
the gun in the brown paper bag
or gunnysack
that old potatoe
sure gets stinky!

Do we really need for a paper bag?
need to hide that UGLY pain
or the plastic face
that is just plain ugly
because it doesnt get
how to do reality
how to flo-thru
find the stream?
live it feel it know it well
it is your teacher
from hell
Let's Get Real

Even though you think my flow
would be muvh better than this
the midnight special (why did you give me that dream)
if it wa
would I end it all
with a swift
exit stage right?

why did you give me that dream
remington steele
with the paper bag and brown handled
midnight special
that isnt so special
as every breath we suck
unless on the otherside is wonderfully special
are your trying to tell me that?
What's the game?
Nearer to nowhere gives you power
over death
I think not!
unless you are saying it is GAME OVER
for you
for me
I would go with you I will be there soon
as we all will be make no doubt
Just because Jack Kevorian said it was ok
shouldnt mean that it is
it is not
keep your gun in your pants
where it belongs!
not in your head
shooting out stars
I will never be able to collect the matter
what's the matter?

and before it gets too tough
too rough
too much
you do the manly thing
your own way out
but you cant
you would get in
but you didnt
the cold war is on
where you mad at me
for not being a boy
why I might as well be
when push comes to shove
this war zone
all feminine sensiblilities
get the rush

so you want me not to get in
not to get to know the real you
you cant
Look, see
I'm not a trained Primal Therapist (tm)
ya, maybe Transcendental Meditation (tm)again)
would do the same thing
find a good guru
in the yellow pages
look under Yoga
let your fingers do the walking
your mouth will do the yakking
tell me what's bugging you
I'm the daughter from hell
I'll know what to do!

Hurry up
you're late to the club
tee off's at Nine
then why am I so tee'd off?
must be I am an old tea hag
waiting for the right stuff
of which I wait and wait and wait
until I realized
Happy aint comin' home
not tonight
too into his cups!

ignoring me certainly will do
as always, what else is new?
that to me was so rude
make me feel I dont belong
like kicking dog
not right
not fair
not just

i gower
the bowering spring rosebuds covered stoop
my shoulders starting to bend
weaking havoc on youth
Hah, what you doin'?
who ya doin' it to?
I feel like Maude is dead
today she is
but she sure gave me Chutzpah
as a woman
standing on my own two overly large
and stinky feet

time ravages on, no control
you think you have with that gun
oh no!
you may think that it is ok
to do yourself in
because you cant stand the pain
but what if
you must always keep in mind
those pearly gates dont open
and your left holding
the smoking gun
then they will just have to give in
and wait like me
in the desert of never
nothing ever happening
and after your dasterly deed
I'd have to wash out the damn spots
all those neurons from the pearly gates
of Heaven Can't Wait
and who would send
that gray matter
to hell
when it is invisible
the soul hasnt been found
to exist
ha, you scientists have got it all
reality doesn't exist!

so that old chestnut
sits on the shelf still
still as death
like Kennedy's head
missing time
missing space
missing brain
what's left?

waiting like a lady in waiting
time soon forgot
wait for me by the opening door
would ya?
to all that is new
to battle with the old
now what the ?
isnt fiction
I'm not going there
it is real
it is pain
and it hurts like hell
help helps me so much
you will never know
I'll be here
being there

waiting to exist
dont press the panic button
dont let pain
win you over
this time
until you get the prize
upon the half-live shelf
dont be fooled by imitations
of life

behind the door
on the other side
what is it?
wouldnt we all
like to know
tell us
when you find out
would you, please?
merci beaucoup
to you too
I will pay you back

you needn't give me
all those trojan presents
the panacea from pantegonia
oh what's the one continent called
before the divide
that divided me from you
and you from the world
and the world from the earth
and the earth form the universe
and the universe from itself
to fold
like a deck of cards
there better be something on the other
or I will be real p'd

that offers you
glory for gloom
pills for pain
drugs to kill
"going over the same old song
of how we found" (tip o the hat Pink Floyd)
THAT sucks
GET REAL!!!thank-you Dr. Dyer

Wish you were here
I'm not dying to find out
not quite dead yet
death valley days
wagon train was my favourite
but when I do
I hope it is you
on the otherside
of midnight
waiting fatherly for me
although all is BS
I will always love you
(dont take advantage of my Uncontiional Love)
you didnt know about it during the Spock era
all is forgiven, all is forgot
in the Sea of Forgetfulness
Pain is amiss

Since Time waits for no man
Can time wait for me
A woman
time didnt like anyway
maybe space will like me more?
and with these all things
time space
rhyme nor reason
each having a season
but honestly, I see no reason
for this incessant infernal pain
if I were Queen
I'd banish pain
permanently religated to neverland ashes
this pain which never seemingly ends
where are all our hopes
fades and flakes away
leaves in the wake

when pain tries
to stop us from entering
one must then ask
heavy golden doors
are far too heavy
unfairly so
hey, isnt heaven my brother?

Even though
life sometimes sucks big time
to use the vernacular
it is ok
everything is going to be "ok"
an invention?
when it really really sucks?
as are most things
we are told
but what is not ok
how so?
is the space between the walls
the universe
our universe
folding in upon itself?
other things about life that really bugs me too
and about those other things
hurtful things
that never seem to go away
how to remove that
world not so fine
but I would judge you world
if you dont judge me
dont be silly!

the universe
doesnt judge us
on what we say or do
cause we cannot do anything
to change the inevitable
we are all f'kng doomed!

under the big tent
fires will consume me yet
like that small lad
whose soot covered corpse did convey
i did not want to look
from the horrible Harford Fire
Fateful Summer 1944
The Big Top burned
a reminder
to Charles Neilson Reilly
and me
our fate is anytime
a moment's notice away
a sketchy moment of realization
the power that be
but I am a mere child, a fool, how can I
save the world
from itself?

(oh that's why I hate the number 44
and nightmares about Formula 44 and
"Dont turn that dial...and Kennedy's assassination
and commericals with guns pointing at me telling me to
"dont turn that dial"..but I want to I have to, I'm frozen
to the spot in my basement..bad nightmare which repeats endlessly)

back to the poem;

and then all hell broke loose
the cold war
in the cold basement
morgie brown's sweater
i would not wear
ohhh he's a boy
he takes my dinky toys
and pulls their wheels off
so I cant use them anymore
a self-destructive being
we destroy so it cannot destroy us first
does this really make sense?
for me at 5
what could I, a mere child do?

at noon
the sirens from the hill
would toll for thee
and me
(For Whom the Bell Tolls, It tolls for Thee)(I know Hemmingway reprinted this, the originator slips my mind, what else is new? early onset?)
next to a graveyard
each saturday would remind us of our nuclear fate
tied in with our impermence and
lack of control
over fate
that can take us
in a moments notice
that enemy fate
worse than our
cold war enemies
buddies now
that we are fighting the Universe
for supremacy
over self

those dang ringing
worse than a Ramones concert
and yet
in high pitched screams I could imitate
Known as the screamer
my neighbours called me
no wonder I dont have any friendsback then (now I have my Facebook friends ty very much)

well Mrs. Littweiller across the street
made peanut butter and oatmeal cookies
and with my highly tuned senses
my nose knew it was time
to cross the street
I could smell wafting on the fresh morning air
and at noon during the week
quickly crossing the street
after those tasty homemade treats
we all want the tasty treats
a baking and praying grandmother
will do the trick
who wants to talk about this other crazy shit?

back then
it was way different
tv was in black and white
and Mad Men for real
ruled the roost and they roused us with their rouse
that show did show the big shew...ah yes, The Ed Sullivan Show
and Jack Gleason
we were doped on the box
it was our high
our hope.

as for
Wearie Willie
and all the other clowns
time as we know it
stood still
that fateful day
to live in infamy
yes it
has run out
big time
for the big top
brave souls suffered
the children
to come unto me
the Lord lifted them up
and did not let them suffer
more than they could take
do not cry for me
i am not here
so where exactly are you
please tell me do?

I AM says
we will all
be returned to sender
like the lender
the librarian has
we are only here
for a short while
looky Emmett Kelly
sad faces
couldnt hide
his big heart inside
as he helped those
through St Elmos' Fire
gathering glory
adding up
brownie points in heaven
smiling finally
down up us
when we pray
to St Wearie Willie
the Saint of Fools
and Clowns too!

Love's unseen element
bracingly fresh and new
Sea Breezes
Ocean Spice suppine away
for the Old geezer
and well worn tweezers
of yesterday's face
plucked like a chicken
til there is no hair

you needn't offer me
your condolescences just yet
alhtough it'd be nice
to know you cared
after all
is said and done

Even though
in life there is a lot of feedback
a lot of reflecting
a lot of looking times before this
history tries to see
how history is so
trying to me
to quack
clearly now the rain has gone
all objects taking on a new meaning
of their own
warning; life appears larger than it should
when it gets tough
it gets too long
when it is short
it is way too smooth
what's up with that, eh?

faded dog lifts old head to see
silver gray sheen
aged man
you never knew me
i was the carrier of pain
for the planet with no gain
til you go thorough
and come out the otherside
in some form or other
then you'll really appreciate me!

Now refreshed
thorugh cold and damp
the rain cleared the mire
out of me
now I know
once and for all
you are there
and always
will be yet

Even though my eyes
are swollen shut
from crying tears of regret
for something I cannot be
one day
this body will cave
take it all away
whats the matter?
nothing matters
left like that
upon the shelf
to be blown far, far away
never to be seen
or heard from again
out of touch
maybe out of space?

even then adding up the
three score
plu ten
isn't long enough
to know the score
fools dwiddle
Twiddle de dee
life away

Take it
or leave it
you cant hide it
the elephant in the room
is larger
than the both of us

Even though
time changes everything
Love is a Constant
Slow K drug
unknown entity
by lovers and fools
Love is the Core
And Bowie wants to score
(we all know that)

Of all things
we know this
to talk about
The Source
in this way
gives reasons to believe
they're onto something big
The Source and all this
is really
Love dressed up
In Crimson gown
and yellow sun
gleaming on your world's
of tomorrows to come
Love is the Source
for me
lead me on
lead me on
still waters

Sunday April 2009
Epithany time
for Janitor in a Drum

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Emmett Kelly's Sad Day Clown

Emmett Kelly's Sad Day Clown (For My Dad)

Cranky sounding hurly burly gig
Little people clowning Big
Fun House Times
Sad faced Mimes
Admit One
sad sad clown
Ride Free
Never mind
you'll be fine now

Coney Island special
get your hot chili dogs
happy and sad
lost and found
lovers quarelling
over a war drawn
in the sand
left by time
colours by clowns
who just happened
to come to town

It's raining all day
Emmett Kelly
shave and a hair cut two bits
it's a quarter to two
he'll be back around soon
buying back the tickets
to the blues
just look at his funny shoes!

Take a gander at the funny holes in his socks
big toe peeping out
from the end of soles
shoe leather mulch
too thin soled for a clown
big versus small humour
that parodies not paradise
but a living earthen hell
mocking birds joke
crows unearth
our inherent weaknesses
poking holes in our disintegrating
material wealth

ended far too soon
for this clown
the world's a stage
all that's in it too
and it was really all could be
was just far, far and too, too much
even for clowns in tutus and funny hats

the train did not wait
hoping for future happiness
for him by the bay
the Wayside Inn
for wayward seafarers
waiting in the desert of never
never growing up
never being loved
never finding love
searching and missing only
love a test that never could be
for some reason or other
bad karma not ruled out
life play's favourites
never in favour
knowing not much
about what matters
Love's Design for him
not cut from the cloth
missing the boat
that never launched
at Happy-Ever-Ending Land
in the way he should go
he did not know
but he knew how to be
a Clown

now now
no more sad clown frowns
Emmett will make gray clouds go away
renditions, traditions and new additions
A Marriage of Fools
future folly can make us jolly
for now strife makes for hard life
laugh clown laugh
pavarotti making panzerotti
surely you remember
the familiar score
the sublime and the ridiculous
and nothing

Balancing plates on sticks that go round and round
hold on
as two small cars
Beep in small circles
making big look funny for not fitting in
squirting fake water at small squirts in the audience
teasingly tough life clown life knows
how to get a laugh from our misfortune
and our pain
never ending torment, mild torture the funny game
No wonder some hate clownlife
except those excited by oddities and quirks
Quark life make out good times
for Role Playing Games

Emmett you paid the hard-earned price
like yesterday's jester
we are face to face
who's nose was clipped
if the King didnt laugh
that's why today clown's noses are red (and BIG!)
you werent a person
not a thing
only to be ridiculed
so clowns turned it around
to ridicule as once ridiculed by those higher in clas
but Emmett you must realize
you are the classiest clown ever and yet
dont let others do to you what you dont want to be done to you
Clowns should never be doormats!
the joke's on them this time around
Just For Laughs
Pass it on
before you pass out
no wonder clowns drink!

Pain turned physical
make it stop sidestitches again
doubled over gaffaws
ACME tap flowing like a river runny, watery eyes
blurting out tears of blurred unrelenting joy
at some fool hardy thing the clown would do

laughter never matters
it just flows when the mind finds funny
Sad turning pain to no gain
so dont ever forget to
laugh clown laugh again and again
only the good times will be remember
when we blot out the unfunny feelings
those sick jokes
that constantly try to deride
our standing in the community
as persons non grata
you take the fallguy cause
Zen and the Art of Clowning
our clown now intends
to magnify the real kind of humour
which knows no sore nodes
the humours business
is straight forward funny
without the classless jokes
of those who think they are better than others
and cruelly laugh at the clown's sad fate

as a found train of happiness
you Emmett have found your Source
Emmett you certainly have a quiet way of knowing
what truly tickles my funny bone
you make us go safely outside our comfort zone
how do you so quietly now?
You definitely now how to Wow me in everywhich way
and loose
your monkey business is catching
grab hold by the tiger's tail
hold on, another tale to tell!
another spin to take
another dance with me
my other lover is a clown, I guess

Emmett Kelly's
personality is subtle and subdues even our most intinmate
gritty painful truths to be told
own it claim it move on into
something new
a better way of being
Like Clarabella the Clown
you wear your heart on your sleeve
for all to see
which makes for transparency unseen
by most

clownlike of heart
you put other's first
before the self
For this you are my hero
Steadfast and true
you never grow old or die
but live forever in my heart
laughing daily with the beat

your silly comedia del arte scenes give
grace to our convictions of what clowns
should be
you are so funny mr sad man clown
with you
your bum's day old stubble
is a crowning touch
You're A Bum!!!

Matching as holey your old tweed coat so wellworn
threadborne and bare
born of much pain
you relent
to make me laugh
at your pain, woebegonia
how can I make a clown laugh?
as the clown is forlorn
a tramp among welldressed clowns
without the bucks
poor old clown
as sad as the day is long
you work hard for a living
for this I'm glad to pay you back

Dear Emmett
the other clowns may have funny money
but not your classy clown-like style
that comes at a price
a pittance of a pennies' receipt
paid in full
a widow's mite for a flea circus of faith
that life although hard
can be softened by others who have been the rocky road first
and what a pity
what a shame
they mock your misfortune
and take advantage of your naive and innocent ways
you deserve the best
the head table
at the last supper
your the angel
who never smiles

Like Aunt Pitty Pat
in Dicken's novel
at what cost fame?
at what price pity?
certainly not worthy
of your fine Clowning
the street-smart audience
sophisticated to a tee
laughing with malice
and sadistic candor
laughing at your pain

As you Emmett
brush off the pratfalls
the mocking leering and jeering teams
of preset values of unknown worth
that the world deems
more value than true
so be not of the world
you say
as you knowingly look my way

From the other supposedly high class clowns wannabes
thinking they are all that
so smug a mug
so sure a thing
making you smile quickly
then fading to nothing just as fast
soon the audience
hungry for more and soon forgot
instead of laughing wisely inside
the clowns mock the turtle once to much

Dearest Emmett:
you overcame all that life has to offer
and now it is really who cares
what the heck really matters!
Emmett you sorted it out long ago
I'd rather have only one clown to entertain me
for eternity is along time

As other clowns clones
hide behind a facsmilie smile
magazine smiles poster pasted
over such
plastic faces
Emmett I can see through your clown face
not much makeup to undo
the real you
to find the man behind the clown
is safe and warm and alive
for evermore
clowns rule!

Those other clowns
then going home
and hit their kid
cause they spilt milk
Emmett goes home to kid's hospitals
and gives the kids money to save their lives
Emmett knows better than the rest

Emmett you have class
for all the trailer trash
can make you smile
for a time
but Emmett
makes your smile
permanently affixed to your soul
the knowing soul of love's desires
the intuitive clown-sense
all makes sense now
the topsy turvy world
for those whose is screwed
that is a big screw
to match the big shew
you do each night
under the big top
Barnum and Bailey's
Ladies and Gentlemen!

once in your shoes
down and out
and living in Beverly Hills
on the window sill to jump out
with a ever so small umbrella
to cushion your fall
to mimic the elephants
as they look so dainty
when standing on one leg
and balancing barrels on their trunks
we all fall down
humpty dumpty had it much better
the kings men at least tried
to put him back together again!

From the lofty to the lowly
clowns please all
working for peanuts
our gaffaws the constant draw
for all your efforts
hope clown's get union scale

To those other clowns
that dont hold a limelight to you
to me they are so much less than you
they're hapless smirks and jerks
to vainglorious and sure of themselves
loud obnoxious clowns
A thousand clowns their ranks
too much

Fake laughter from another room
a three ring circus
performers all
pushing the envelope of etiquette
to make you laugh a minute
or better yet, laugh your fool head off
at least they admit you are a clown too
clowns like this need to find a place
in clown school!
Florida here I come!

Often far too large to carry a stick
these clowns are far too scary
babies cry when they come by
and want to pluck their all day sucker
mothers wonder why they make their babies
panic, and then look closely
the clowns really are babies themselves
acting infantile, bossy and so rude in-your-face
popping balloons, making loud noises, blowing horns
look at me! I'm a clown!
Enough clowns already!

These bad clowns with
Their multicoloured pockets
and big Ruby clowns feet
yes their telltale fake demeanor
is usually mean to extreme
they pull your hatstrings that sting
your face so there no wonder why
babies scream at this
obnoxious collection of phoney baloney
clowns or fools or frustrated losers
n'er do wells
clown wanna bes
bozos all
you want to punch in the mush
like punch and judy

so how do
you know us
as well as you do?
you know us like
the back of your
white cotton gloves
so how do you now live with your
big brown
sad dog eyes
staring back
at you
near and far
way below
the belt
the ground
rise up
sad clowns
take your mark
fight for us
ridiculed by smiley cloned clowns
lettuce become the teasing ridiculer
bully clowns alls
loving every minute
of my sad demise
in that clown's face
all my disappointments

turn it around
sad friends
frown is just a smile upside down
'cause inside we
'cause inside you
your heart much bigger than
the Big Tent
Much sunnier than the smile I never see
knowing it is there
brightening the heart inwardly
it it just that
and not much more

you are
bigger than the energizer bunny
who I came to know
you go for miles and miles
clown white and grease paint
the town bright red
with your sad love
clown love
is the best

Kelly green and sad sack brown
the big top
blue skies
country fair
amongst the daisies
Emmett has one for you
Sunshine yellow
and polka dot tie
red rubber clown feet
matches the honking nose
and curled up toes

Emmett Kelly
you're a doll
an old boyfriend owned
when I tried to take it
away from baby face
he cried and cried and cried
all day long
all night long
for sure

Emmett you are a Grand Toy
Plain and Simple made
Like your heart of gold, solid
and thing of value
knowing no bound
from yesterdays toil

When I remember the many
my sister made
every year
at the cottage
painted and framed
hanging in groupings
behind the bunkbeds
on the cedar'd bedroom walls
send in the clowns
they are everywhere!

in the cottage by the bay
on hot summer days
Emmett Kelly's picture
looks out from the wall
looking back at tomorrow
Emmett Kelly you knew it all
on the wall of fame
you had no shame
to show your sad emotions
were ok, hey that's a first
to be told "it's ok to cry"
when life ditches
and switches off the happy lights

and then
in the middle of it all
a place of prominence
Emmett Kelly is back
long distance forgot
reminences of sad face days
and red face ways
my blushing prince to come

but not in my dreams
I return each night
to that place of innocence
the nose knows for sure
for the most
in my life
Emmett's the best
none can compare

BooBoo's Clown
sad looking clown
who knew one day
i'd grow that tall
and find
you were me all along

Emmett Kelly
as you looked down upon
your subjects all
your the mighty King of Clowns
From your mantle throne
to other clowns thrown
creme pies
in the face
to make us laugh
and laugh
and laugh
til we run to the bathroom!!!

Thank-you Emmett Kelly for being
the clown I'd most likely be
can i take you home
for my own
much longer than a day
much longer than tomorrow
you are all that
and a bag of pototo chips too
so please let me be with you
not just a moment in time
for forever
just is not just long enough
keep me with you
closely hold me next to you
drag me around
never leave me
I'm your biggest fan

in return I'll give you
a lifetime of live, life,
love and laughter
what more can I ask?
you sad and funny clown
you have always been my own
with the bitter and sweet
you stay put
you wonderful clown
Sir Emmett Kelly The King of Clowns!!!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Venus: Joy In The MorningThe Day Has Arrived

To the Planet of Love; From the Planet of Pain on Earth Day April 23/09

You luminous ball of Love
Surround sound of Harmony
Is Her Name
Looming Larger
The Bright Morning Star
As A Planet
This Morning
You Loom Larger Than Life Itself

She hangs heavily floating on our air
methane filled to capacity
Oh so bright
Her skies
Full of promise, promises

A diamond magnet filled planet of gas
What a gas
To Love and be loved
To Know No Other
Romeo and Juliet's
Eternal Embrace
Blushing Bride
of a Planet

Everyday I see you
In Wait
For Me
I Show You
My Love
Waking this new day
I repeat your mantra
your silent sound
emanating from the bowels
of your planet
Place Of Love

Your Love Knows
No Bounds
Like Other gods who made Bound
our earthly paradise
so full of strife
your love flies high
in the face of earth's
Disenchanted Garden
of Hope
To be like
and loved
by you

Venus Knows Only
The Endless Bounds
of Glory
Like Your World
Not Here
Love Has Moved ON
Turned On by other

As You Hang
your head
in the dawn sky
this morning's
Big Bang
did all with a si-gh
Grecian god-dess
redress me now
in your knowing Love
pinnacle moments
tending the
Earthly Gardens of Delight
on our Planet Earth
On This Earth DAy
April 23, 2009

Sibyl like
Sensual Feast Day
Granting My Every Wish
To be All I Can Be
Even in an Army
of Lovers
Where would I be
Without Your Love?

As the morning star fades
as it is now 6:35 am
and the sun is now up
and the sky has removed you
from my vision
my focus
shall always be
on the Love you gave
so freely to me
today and always
you smooth applicator
appealing to the lamb
to quell the lion
tame the emotion
let Love be

Apr 24 2009

Homage to Earth Day, yesterday
"Plant a tree each earth day
for as many years as you have been here
tomorrow will thank-you" jajo

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Humanity's earliest written works (Chinese) go online

Humanity's earliest written works go online

Tue, April 21, 2009
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People attend the launch of the World Digital Library in Paris, Tuesday April 21, 2009. National libraries and UNESCO have put some of humanity's earliest written works, from Chinese oracle bones to Latin America's first novel, online in the World Digital Library. (AP Photo/Jacques Brinon)

PARIS — National libraries and the UN education agency put some of humanity’s earliest written works online Tuesday, from ancient Chinese oracle bones to the first European map of the New World.

U.S. Librarian of Congress James Billington said the idea behind the World Digital Library is not to compete with Google or Wikipedia but to pique young readers’ interest — and get them reading books.

“You have to go back to books,” Billington said in an interview in Paris, where the project was launched at UNESCO’s headquarters. “These are primary documents of a culture.”

A website in seven languages — English, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian — leads readers through a trove of rare finds from more than a dozen countries.

Among them: a 1562 map of the New World; the only known copy of the first book published in the Philippines, in Spanish and Tagalog; an 11th-century Serbian manuscript; and the oracle bones — pieces of bone or tortoise shell heated and cracked and inscribed that are among the earliest known signs of Chinese writings.

It also has early photographs, films and audio tracks.

For now, searches on the site produce no more than a few hundred items in any category. But Billington says the project is ready to expand as other national libraries join in with the 32 libraries and research institutions already involved.

He insists the idea is quality, not quantity.

“It’s not an online bibliography,” he said. “These pieces are one of a kind, or available in just a very few places. . . . You don’t get that elsewhere.”

The site provides page-by-page viewing of the original works, scanned in by the national libraries that took part in the project, often with multilingual narration by curators.

It unites items about one subject but held in different countries, in a kind of online retrospective. “It brings together cultural heritage that’s scattered around the world,” Billington said.

The site is aimed at researchers, teachers and schoolchildren worldwide.

While its offerings are fairly narrow, Billington sees it as a starting point, “an entryway to learning for those who are living in an audiovisual world.”

The concept is modelled on the Library of Congress’ American Memory project, which debuted in the 1990s and now has 11 million history-related items online.

The partners in the World Digital Library project, including national libraries of countries from Iraq to Uganda and Russia, argued over how to finance it — the funding comes from private and public sources — and how best to translate it. But they all agreed on the need for such a global repository, Billington said.

He hopes it gets readers interested in a topic or historical period and then nudges them toward real libraries to read more about it.

“Books have to be read so you can appreciate these treasures,” he said.


On the net: World Digital Library —

Monday, April 20, 2009

Skeleton Inspiration by Ray Bradbury A Short Story A Week: AND BONUS DANDELION WINE RECIPE ON 3rd COMMENT!


To Ray Bradbury my hero! (a lesson in writing shortstories, one per week for 52 weeks...I'll try!)jajo

Whenever you feel your bones through your skin do you feel like you are basically just a ecoskeleton with flesh attached? Often times our bones being rattled from time to time make noises untowards,with creeping noises, popping sounds, disengagement of metal hoists, of blackboard chalk and nails, grating, uncomfortable noises, hellish sounds, telling sounds from Mel's Hole, hell unearthed in Russia?

Similar to the odd apparation of rattling chains carried by ghosts of Conan Doyle's Welsh moors, these far cry noises tell ghostly stories of other the world's bordering on death's door. Like a knock upon the door these distant and displaced sounds could be heard mutedly from the community of Highgate Commons a close community of psuedo-intellectuals, retired professors and the struggling middleclass.

A comfortable zone, Highgate with its sedate old Hollywood homes, mostly Arts and Crafts architecture. Of course there the classic Victorian mansions as well, dispersed between the Shirley Temple homes. One could imagine 1930's old composition dolls heads peering from their garden graves long forgotten by the children of the depression era. With the knowledge that everything will be the same and safe Highgate Common withstood the test of time, or so everyone was led to believe. At Highgate Commons all reality flows equally through to one vanishing point, predetermined, preset and predefined by laws of natural selection.

"Should I or shouldn't I...?"I questioned my better instincts. This park route was, after all, the shortest way home to my residence in the downtown core. As I walked with much fearful trepidation, with eyes closed tightly shut. Boarded up my peepers would not reflect any images I did not want to see. The dull street lights did not shine any further into the park, all that could be seen now was the inky darkness of where I remembered things use to be. It was against this impending doom to come that I wrestled with my inner demons.

The late night forays into the heart of the ever darkening park were adventures of the lusty kind. Closed at dusk the park was off limits, yet the young campus lovers could be seen near the banks romantically involved in the forbidden love freshmen new so well. These were walks through the nightime park, closed to all but the very foolhardy. It was known not to transgress through the Antler River's tributaries so close to evenstide, for to do so would, evoke the sullen lands of ancient sprites of long lost Eire. The many ghost stories saved in the periodical section of the local library denoted a truth to the legends. For these young lovers, histories were unimportant, the moment taking over as the peak experience having such a crush of an effect. For the nubile couples in the park, the other worlds were either not considered or were so far away in time and space as to be unimportant. And yet these powerful evocation of ethereal worlds were so very close to the heart of the University gates, and the park harboured them in droves, if you opened your eyes and looked around at the park's unendingly eerie sensations. Thus the beckoning began once more on this night, the criss-crossed lovers would soon find out.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" a scream could be heard from the parkbenches by the river's edge. "Pay no heed" I said to myself as I hastened my footsteps through the parks lush green forested lawn. "I got to get out of here..." I kept saying to myself. I knew that it was the one of the lover's scream, the sound of which I could not determine whether the female or male counterpart. Maybe both? It was very unnerving, and I knew I did not want to be associated in any way with anything which would make me a witness to any crime scene. Besides, I felt I was next in line for the gruesome and unwholesome attack on my person. I would check on things after I had left the park, not before. The lovers predictament would have to wait. I was trying to save my own skin at this point in time.

All of a sudden, fear griped my heart as my heart stopped beating for it seemed like at least a minute, but felt like an hour. The shock response I felt may have been a passive reaction to my aggressive attempt to rapidly flee the area. The fight or flight response my psychology professor discussed earlier that day. My feet could not change direction now, it was past point of no return, there would be no turning back now, and well past midnight.

Staying much too late at the University library tonight, burning the midnight oil way past midnight I was exhausted.. The library is usually open 24 hours 7 days a week during exam week and since this was exam week. It was not unusual for students to be seen drifting in and out of consciousness studying valiantly for the dreaded mindbender exams the next day. Earlier in the evening my steady boyfriend and me had had a lovely first class dinner at St. Simeon's restaurant, a classical guitarist serenading us with flamenco and classic guitar sounds. My creme brule was finished with an aperitif of Benedictine and I was still savouring the distinctive licorice flavour of the anise, licking my lips in remembrance of the fabulous night with Vincent.

Studying for an early morning history exam I had crammed as best as I could and had learned to relax in the process. The fine dining was always appreciated during times of trouble, and exams, were usually tramatic for me. Vincent knew this about me, and would always tame my wild beast by placating me with subtle worldly pleasures. It did the trick. My mind was a clear as a sledgehammer. Tomorrow I would ace the exams, and graduate suma cum laude the following June. All was as it should be. Life was grand.

It was a good thing that I had suffered from nightblindness as I did not want to see the beast precipitously following me. Although the nightblindness meant I could not get my driver's license, I knew that tonight it had been an mixed blessing, and protected me from the unseen. Commisurating with myself telling myself repeatedly if I don't see it, it does not exist.

My eyes widened and popped opened immediately when the hand on my shoulder was felt with startling heart-wrenching fear. I quickly looked behind my left shoulder. At that very moment I got a view of detached legs, discombubaled legs without a body. At this point, I knew all hope was lost and if I did not do something, something terrible would happen. I could not fool myself into believing everything was ok, these legs meant business!

Quickly, I ran like a fool as fast as I could towards the street lights that announced the middle of the park and a safe haven. The street lights were nearly a football field away from this point in time, and like a bad dream, I had frozen to the spot, fear beseiging my ability to move and free myself from the clutches of this enemy. To be free from the amputated legs of lon chaney. I knew that orginally I should have followed the street lights home and
had more common sense than to leave the Highgate Commons neighbourhood. Silly girl!

The old 1900's wool gaberdines, the colour of muted sepia from a photo rusting in the museum's historical photo section. I had seen those legs before, years ago. On another travail, another woodlands adventure, alone in the woods with me and the "legs".

Hoping not to see the thing I knew was following me, maybe ten feet back, I could feel it creeping closer to me, I dreaded to turn around and look. As my neck stiffening, the hairs stood straight up, sending additional chills up and down my cramping spine.

Adding to this phobic sojourn, creepy bats flew zigzags in front of my face. As a soldier on a mission, I became owl-like with a 360 positioning system for a head, a scanning Mordor sees all and blasts evil away, although wasn't Mordor evil? Too late to get out my JJR Tolkein. Through the impeding fog I could feel this invading transformation of forbidden worlds seeping beneath my skin, taking over my body, ruining my party dress. Something came over me, I was not sure exactly what, but this strange force, within the belly of my deep soul started churning, and suddenly I realized, I had ectoskeletor hands!

The darkened damp hallows of the dank pond waters permeated my red silk brocade dress destroying the thing of beauty it had once been. The silk shroud shrank around my body clinging to my clammy flesh. The waters persuasive powers were overtaking my lifeforce, soon, I too, would succumb, as the lovers had, upon the banks of the park's far shore. Never to know love, never to feel love's impassioned death grip. Shivering, my teeth began to chatter as I tried to keep warm, but it ws a loosing battle. Now the evil waters had breeched the mystical banks with escaping ghostly mists. a gift of overflowing spirit-essence from the unlucky lovers shapes were now formless yet transparent and seeping through every pore of my body.

The mist rising around my ankles, the familiar spirits of the lovers embodied by this vapourous nectar of the gods, a watery grave bestowed. The landscapes could be a gothic John Turner watercolour were captured water gods decend to reclaim their mortal prize from this earth.

Knowing so well that in the daylight hours this phantom world does not exist. This moment in time could never happen. This evenings events told a far different story, when the two worlds collide on the banks of the Antler River bend. What hidden worlds had sought their hard-won truths on the distorted battlefield warped through years folding upon one another? We had known them as reversals, "where black is white and white is black, and we decide which is right, and which is an illusion". The Moody Blues could not have written finer poetry or better music.

There was a sombre and malingering elegance and to all this deluge of passions fire. This dirge. This funeral pyre. Jim Morrison would like this. A sad remembrance of lost lovers drowning in a sea of love without a lifesaver, not even a peppermint leaf or mushroom flavoured toadstool to break the spell. Foolish lovers without a worry about tomorrow. "I have an exam tomorrow!" I screamed at the effigies' unfocused blur.

Now the world was asleep and the unearthly worlds would inhabit the far shore once more ripper-ish and stealthily encroaching upon the foolish lovers' nest. Suddenly, I looked down and saw my plague-like, pale and ghostly electoskeletor type hands. They were securing invisible powers for my dominion over the dreaded detached legs.My hands took it upon themselves to free up some time in this battle. My cold hand had an ice-grip grasp on the plagued legs that were endlessly stalking me. Immediately my hands took hold of the shape-shifting legs and broke them deliberately and swiftly in two, as if the ghost legs were dry twigs ready for the fire.

My hands now appeared to be looming larger than life. They looked so huge and were very real, to a illogical extreme, so much so that my hands appeared fake to HD television, too good to be true, almost microscopic an attention on detail, this was very surreal. My hands were true, in the stricked sense of the word, they had this authority granted to them. Ordinance decreed, my hands were now the master's hands, the surgeon's trained instruments of power; of life over death. Today these hands securing the rightful places to the holy mountain. It was all too much this night. What was in the Benedictine?

The many legions of unearthed soldiers had descended from the naked ground coming from the flanks on the right. Dispersing like ocean sprayed mists upon my face, the crackled of cannonfire heard low to the ground. The rumblings of horses hooves could be clearly heard coming from the northern-most proximity of the park's range.Soon all defending angels who knew the score triumpantly raised the great flag of Victory, touching ever so near to the earth and the troubled waters would soon be silenced.

Attached at an obtuse and odd angle, my clown-like hands precariously placed at the farthest end of my arms my hands were not my own. Fingers like spiders moved like water and quickly broke typing speed records. My hands were definitely not my own but were of divine providence alone. Without thinking I allowed my self to just "be" while my hands were here, there and everywhere dangling ropes, whipping magic wands around, levitating all kinds of things. My hands at this point were making various powerful conjuring positions, lifting up objects of various sizes and shapes and weightiness as if they were merely feathers. Park benches flew across the field, trees lifted from the ground with their tree roots lifted a foot from the ground. All these various powers sources never seen by humans before made me lightheaded and dizzy.

Here,here to the heavens above!How could this be happening?Like the Tao, it is better not to question, or ask its name, but rather to watch, learn and listen at the marvels that were unfolding on the shores of the universes' bewitching shores.

When the creepng sensation took hold I had to look down upon the hands; those segmented digits of bone and sinew. Observing the hands in this way is an odd and eerie sensation. A glimpse into an annexed reality, the secret garden of otherworldlyness. and seeing your human divinity's powerhouse. The hands and the bones beneath being all the reality there is, just hands, your hands that can do anything.

The knowing of hands is an odd and very unusual strangeness; a feeling of self in the universe. This sudden awareness of being and of being alive with the unknown sense of personal power is undoubtly all-encompassing and an awakening to the cosmic card, the ticket to the vast powers of the universe. Feeling wholly the wizardress with esoteric powers emanating from the mason's house next door. Yes this world is elative and elevatingly ephemeral.

The warriors embattlement won; the hands winning the unseen war against usurper evil throngs. Today these hands would knit together the two worlds and overcome the pending forces of doom. Esoteric essential music in the key of g; William Tell 1812 Overture clearly heard on the wind over the park. This woman's hands had evil right where she wanted, and The Legs did not stand a chance! The legs were no more, religated to the backroom of the dark night.

Now to perform the body selectric the virtual reality of the nonphysical. The feat of the separating bones, the command of the ecoskeltor will certainly pertain to my demands and at this very moment I will do the splitz.

CRRRRRRRRACCCCCK!A wicked creaked-pop from the lumbar region. That nether-region order of never do that again. But I did! At what cost? All the way down to the floor, the numb crotch hitting the floor with terrific speed and then that wrenching CRUNCH! Ohhhhh!Nooooooo....I have fallen and can't get up!

From a night of tomfoolery when fool the younger forever breeched eternal and painfree. Yes, you thought you could do anything like the splitz the cheerleaders could do. My old Irish bones were not made this way, I was an odd collection of bones. Old ancient bones, rheumatic bones, not wholly romantic. Marfan-like I was an odd admix, maybe the very thing I feared, I was a genetic anomaly, a mutant turtle.

They were mean bones, ne'er do well bones. But they were my bones, and I loved them. They were extra elongated, awkward bones. Even on this night, the evening song star, ever so near the twixing time of Hallowe'en. The blue star shone down upon me.

Of course you could stand on your head because the moon was full and the gravity was as near to zero as ever it would be for the entire year. jajo

Sunday, April 19, 2009

The truth is real

Dr. Wayne Dyer

says "Get Real" I say "Be Real" What is real? You know the

answer. The truth is real. Fear is a reaction to the

unknown meaning the truth of reality hasnt been figured

out...fear is sometimes necessary or we wouldnt have this

emotion, it protects us as in flight or fight response, but

we need to tame the fear beast, it can do a lot of damage!

Ashton Kuchter MANIA on Tweeter!

@K_C_Royals Hey Mark Teahen of Kansas City's in goin' kissin' cousin? Jack's from London is my Dad...St Marys Ont LOVE YOU!!!
21 minutes ago from web
@realgilbertgottfried Why is the Pillsbury doughboy made without a penis? Execs didnt want him doing Poptarts in the stockroom! (huh, good?)
about 1 hour ago from web
"You Got Punk'd" Ashton "You Got Twitter'd"!!! Right on, Man!
7:43 PM Apr 17th from web
Demi has put up with a lot, she should get an award for most patient wife of twitter freak
7:40 PM Apr 17th from web
Ashton,due to his whompishness has been able to secure the most twitter followers on record.
7:38 PM Apr 17th from web
Ashton's got kahuna's...the lone wolf...taking on the hungry lion CNN
7:37 PM Apr 17th from web
@tinafey Susan Boyle may be the My Fair Lady in waiting of a waxing; who cares not to pluck when gifted with those pipes! Groucho Andrews?
6:32 PM Apr 17th from web
@aplusk you so ROCK!
5:47 PM Apr 17th from web
@jimmyfallon heard you have nice legs...I concur..
9:46 PM Apr 16th from web
@andersoncooper having FLASHBACKS of Sarah Palin is probably not a good trip?'re into beehives and moosemeat
9:40 PM Apr 16th from web
@tristan4real Jimmy Fallon has nice legs? I knew that!
9:36 PM Apr 16th from web
@aplusk congrats to ashton in regards to the most followers! way to go ashton aka KELSO!!! LOVE YA MAN!!
9:35 PM Apr 16th from web
@aplusk i tried to get on oprah's site and all hell broke loose...i had to reboot. CNN SUCKS VOTE FOR ASHTON! ANDERSON COOPER HAS FLASHBACKS
9:32 PM Apr 16th from web
did anyone have a problem when trying to check out oprah?
9:14 PM Apr 16th from web GOOD TIMES
6:33 AM Apr 16th from web
BLURRPPPPP....i am drowning in a sea of troubles..throw me a peppermint lifesaver would ya?
6:32 AM Apr 16th from web
rONALD rEGAN SAID tEAR THIS WALL DOWN TO gORBACHEV...i SAY...make this wall crey...good method acting huh?
6:31 AM Apr 16th from web
"Discontent is the first necessity of progress" Thomas Edison...I MUST BE REAL PROGRESSIVE THEN...
6:30 AM Apr 16th from web
congrats to ashton in regards to the most followers! way to go ashton aka KELSO!!! LOVE YA MAN!!
5:50 PM Apr 15th from web
night nght sweet tweets
9:32 PM Apr 14th from web
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Jane's Joke of the Day


Why is the Pillsbury doughboy made without a penis? Execs didnt want him doing Poptarts in the stockroom! (huh, good?)
about 1 hour ago from web

Why is the Pillsbury doughboy made without a penis?

The company executives did not want him "poppin' any "tarts". As in the doughboy doin' the "Poptarts" in the stockroom!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Deep In The Soul of Desire Writing FB, Mike's etc

There comes a time in every women's life when they search

for that "perfect lover". Someone they have known from the

past who will continue ad infinitum to give them love and

desire and pleasure that they need to live life for another

fifty years or so. Whatever it takes to make love last and

eternity can wait for me to find that perfect lover, the

mesher of souls the one flesh imbiber, thee knowing man,

the eternal man. That destiny speaks to me of which is

found and known deep in the soul of desire.


OF THE AMERICAS? OH MY I am so NAIVE..but oh well. yes

according to Col Sanders (ok Jeffrey something or other

from Kentucky (Ken Tuckey I did date in the

70's)..anyway..I think I am DIPLOMATIC...therefore I AM

DIPLOMATIC...and totally wasted again in

MARGARITAVILLE..well I am Irish and I am drinking Jack's

Jungle Juice...which is absolutely the verybest he's made

all week..buzzzzzz...zzzz...zzz.z!

Dearest Bruce: You are most welcome. If I hit open the

concept of your piece, or I am way off...oh well! I hope

that you have illicited a response to the weighty matter as

as we age "gravity so beseiges us os" and we must clamour

for amourwear..or defense against the blight. We

babyboomers are easy prey for the weighty matters, and it

does matter, as a babyboomer spokesperson myself...ssems

like a lot of metabolic mechanisms simply "turn off", some

keen observation and action can curtail the excess, and

make us enjoy our well-earned "golden years". If this in

fact is of which you write in your most excellent verse. Oh

this is a winner! To the diet gods; please figure out the

enzyme action once and for all so we may live to eat

another day? Provenders all! Mucho Sir Bruce!jajo--- In, "Bruce Hamilton"

> Dearest **J**:

Dear Ed: When we are struck down we are

also raised up again; you indeed have raised the roofbeam.

We are never given more than we can handle, so the good

book says.
Your struggle is truly a wonderful lesson in grace and

proves once again how life's blessings can be both simple

and profound.
I may or may not know who you truly are; but I do know you

are a wonderful person who just happens to be megatalented

superstar poet laureate.
We are truly blessed to have a Pulitzer Prize contender in

this group. As I am now dumbstruck with shock and awe.

Feeling like I am floating on the very rarified and elative

air of pure genius in the room!:)jajo --- In, "Ed"

> Thank You Gayle!
> Yesterday I had an operation on my left eye; they

replaced the lens with an artificial one. Over a period of

a few months I had gone almost completely blind in that

eye, had less than 10% vision left.
> This morning I woke and can see through it almost

> It simply amazes me that things like this are possible

and I thank God I live in a place where a treatment like

this is readily available.
> I have been blessed in my life more than most could begin

to image. This morning is another to add to the list.
> Whether or not I win any award seems paled in comparison

to mornings like today.
> My regained sight helped put a lot into perspective.
> --- In, "Gayle

Hedrington" wrote:
> >
> > My best wishes and prayers for you...
> >
> > Gayle
> > ----- Original Message -----
> > From: "Ed"
> > To:
> > Sent: Wednesday, April 15, 2009 10:06 PM
> > Subject: [Mike's Writing Workshop] Re:Amazon Strikes

> >
> >
> > > My publisher is also a published poet. :)
> > > Basically we are working together to try and bring

down a few walls that
> > > poets face when trying to get thier work to the

> > > Things might get VERY interesting this coming Monday.
> > > They will be announcing the finalist for the

Pulitzer's and my latest book
> > > is in contention for the prize in poetry.
> > > Believe me, I am honored just to be considred for an

award such as this.
> > > Have no idea what I would do if the book actually

> > >
> > > --- In,

> > > wrote:
> > >>
> > >> Dear "Ed": Do not give up hope, sweet "Ed Iam a

poet". Likewise, as a
> > >> prosey poet, I too, have felt the wrath of

ignorance. Remember that
> > >> ignorance is bliss. Who needs them? You have the

heart of a poet when all
> > >> he publisher's hearts as as stone cold soup. Who'd

you rather be, really?
> > >> Rich in the pocketbook, or rich of spirit? If you'd

like, we could
> > >> collaborate and make a fine publishing house of

cards (like us) poets all
> > >> united in riches within and without and in our

pocketbook. Talent is
> > >> often debased as it is not understood, because you

cannot teach a wall to
> > >> cry. I feel for you man. :)jajo--- In
> > >>, "Ed"

> > >> >
> > >> > Iam a poet; we are already used to being shunned

by publishers and most
> > >> > book stores.
> > >> > Still this doesn't mean we have to like it or

accept it.
> > >> > Being a poet let me leave you with a poem from my

latest book
> > >> >
> > >> > If They Were Coming for You
> > >> >
> > >> > If they were coming for you
> > >> > And you knew
> > >> > Would you pack your things
> > >> > And run
> > >> >
> > >> > If they were coming for you
> > >> > And you knew
> > >> > Would you try and find some place to hide
> > >> >
> > >> > If they were coming for you
> > >> > And you knew
> > >> > Would you gather your weapons
> > >> > And fight
> > >> >
> > >> > If they were coming for you
> > >> > And you knew
> > >> > Would you try and reason with them
> > >> > Try to talk your way out
> > >> >
> > >> > If they were coming for you
> > >> > And you knew
> > >> > You knew what it is
> > >> > They would do
> > >> >
> > >> > You knew you would be tortured
> > >> > In the end
> > >> > You knew that you would die a horrible death
> > >> > But you knew
> > >> > Your death would inspire thousands
> > >> > Maybe millions
> > >> >
> > >> > If they were coming for you
> > >> > And you knew
> > >> > You knew it all
> > >> >
> > >> > What
> > >> > Would
> > >> > You
> > >> > Do
> > >> >
> > >> > Can any of us really be sure?
> > >> >
> > >> > Ed Roberts 6/02/07
> > >> > Taken from
> > >> > Whispers, Tears, Prayers, and Hope
> > >> >
> > >> >
> > >>
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > > ------------------------------------
> > >
> > > Yahoo! Groups Links
> > >
> > >
> > >
> > >
> >

> Many thanks for that relatively lean commenting on some

perhaps mattering matters! Thank you again.
> Signed, bruce hh (who truly ate your various phrases up)
> ************************************************
> --- In,

"jannneee2121" wrote:
> >
> > Dear "B": To diet or not to diet. As weight flunctuates

one can blame lack of fat metabolic processes and lack of

exercise. Eating incorrect food, such as excess sugars and

fats are deadly. The dieting yoyo is a viscious cycle. One

day they will find the enyzme missing as well as how to

stay heart smart without the burden of weight-bearing

exercise which reek havoc on the joints. As people age the

process of fat storing (especially for women) is one which

does not seem advantageous to the youthful streamline look.
> > Willpower is so difficult to maintain on a diet. That's

why diets are almost impossible to maintain. What is needed

is a healthy overall lifestyle, with a new way of thinking

about being healthy, not just skinny.
> > The Mediterrainian diet is the healthiest. Olive oil,

(not cooked, ever), grapes, nuts (not roasted), fish, (5)

variations in fruit and veggies per day and you have the

diet side of the healthy lifestyle. As for the exercise

program; the heart has to be elevated to a certain

prescribled level in order to loose calories. 1/2 to an 1

hr 3 times a week on an Elliptical (not hard on the joints)

will get the heart strenghtened. The yoga stretching

exercises and windsor pilates are excellent for muscle

tone, as well as some light weight bearing to maintain

muscle mass. Relaxation tapes help to put one in the mood

as well as good advise from a real doctor. Try is an amazing doctor who specialist

in Sports Medicine,he is widely knowledgeable and has much

information on all topic areas on his website. Dieting

doesnt have to be so depressing. When you are motivated to

eat when you shouldn't try to change the eating habit for

some other habit. Also keep tensing and untensing muscles

whenever possible. Hope this helps...? Zillion dollar

industry hasnt cured "fatwars" as yet...why not? Too much

money being made on crazy diet plans. Think "healthy" much

better!jajo --- In,

"Bruce Hamilton" wrote:
> > >
> > > A DIET
> > > A diet often precludes any actual loss of poundage.
> > > The dieter remains a very staunch fool and idiot.

Part and parcel of his (or her) dieting, then, must be rank

idiocy and rank foolishness.
> > > At least nearly to exactly I'm your typical dieter,

I suppose. I surely and certainly may imagine very

sensible approaches to weight loss. I actually stay wedded

to the old habits of alimentation that permitted my girth

to do some definitely excessive growing.
> > > I may not be horrifically overweight -- or, that

forms part of my current "script" unto myself. In many

instances my failures as a dieter may hugely hinge on that

very area of possible misperception. One small but to me

not negligible fact could be that I still can fit almost

absolutely comfortably into my current clothing. Certain

other facts remain, though.
> > > As I prepare to have any meal I may be your typical

"would-be" type. My plans and my intentions nearly may

seem to be tilting toward complete abstemiousness. Soon

I'm all too dimensionally involved with and in the process

of serving to myself some lovely food.
> > > Maybe an epicentral difficulty we dieters (or, we

would-be dieters) generally face is something we accurately

might call and again might call "sheer availability." Food

sometimes is or at least may seem ultra-abundant.

Furthermore, edible items on hand might seem like some huge

smorgasbord of possibilities. I will carefully intend to

consume "this, that, and the other" (for example), but I

will soon have added on and added on -- perhaps only in

small amounts, yet those amounts mount up.
> > >
> > >
> > > *****************************************************
> > >
> > >
> > > A DIET
> > > A diet and another diet met
> > > and constantly discussed the human race
> > > as something evidently deeply set
> > > on managing a truly large disgrace.
> > > The notion of some dreaming of a chance
> > > of finding that the various designs
> > > of Nature and of other facts might dance
> > > gave rises to a yen for perfect signs.
> > > Uncounted people stayed and would remain
> > > as plump and silly as must stay the moon,
> > > and everything appeared to foster pain
> > > that likely couldn't yield one lovely tune.
> > > Each dieter, plus everyone besides,
> > > had traits which this fat sonneting derides.
> > >
> > >
> > > *************************************************
> > >
> > >
> > > A DIET
> > > A diet may merit a chance
> > > to lend every moment romance
> > > as able as sable
> > > to chant some fine fable
> > > implying some possible dance.

Quotable Quotes from the Mind of Jane

It drives me crazy, the ying yang of the Big Bang! (ok it is Saturday...):)

Friday, April 17, 2009

A Fleeting Thought of Doomsday Reversal Before I Forget...

Oh my gosh...I just thought of something...I wonder if this will ever see light of day. You all remember how those two satellites collided in outerspace? Well if you could get this to happen to an incoming asteroid and make it fly out at the epogee (into high heaven) like that..then I think you got a cure to the asteroid dilema. It will need some work but it is doable.

Thursday, April 16, 2009



Tweeeeetiepie GOOD TIMES
7 minutes ago from web
TweeeeetiepieBLURRPPPPP....i am drowning in a sea of troubles..throw me a peppermint lifesaver would ya?
7 minutes ago from web
TweeeeetiepierONALD rEGAN SAID tEAR THIS WALL DOWN TO gORBACHEV...i SAY...make this wall cry...good method acting huh?
9 minutes ago from web
Tweeeeetiepie"Discontent is the first necessity of progress" Thomas Edison...I MUST BE VERY PROGRESSIVE!!!

DISCONTENT IS GOOD? Quote of the Day from Thomas Edison

"Discontent is the first necessity of progress" Thomas Edison

If Discontent is the first necessity of progress" says Thomas Edison, that genius from Vienna Ontario (ok he vacationed there with his grandparents and I use to go to a Born again Church there for a time...very close to Port Burwell...where they hold the Friday the 13th Biker Rallies...hey I'd love to go to one...a date?)...anyway...Edison was so smart...and stupid. Is he rallying people into revolution? Do you know how much of a headache revolution is? and how, unless it is really really necessary so many many people die in the cause for a cause. I mean we need causes, dont get me wrong, but at what cost. Cant revolutions be quiet and less death, I mean there are a few "silent revolutions" like silent farts, they are probably still deadly. (thanks Dave Boyle). I really hope someday to link up with friends, and since I am over 50, not in THAT way. I just want to be a friend and to have happy happenin' times agin' ya, hardy. But not in that way...I got old bones now and they break easily. I just want a good ol' viking send off down the river ya, know...that lazy river? I am lazy. Laid back and as laid as I am, I really am quite content. I dont need to you know. NOt that way at all. and if you think i am just like that...i dont want to talk to you anymore..hhhahahaha


We all remember President Ronald Regan (apparently the world's president) stating (imploring) to PM Gorbachev "Tear this wall down"? It was the 80's, I remember looking at the wall, and all the East Germans punkers having fun, being into "Chaos" or "Anarchy" anything which destructs is "abit of alright" for them. And then I thought today's new motto would be "Make this wall cry". Now THAT would be a challenge for the 2009, eh? At least Ronny would be stretching back to his acting roots and the method acting principles taught by, guess who, a Russian! (do you remember Slavinsky Method Acting? Marilyn Monroe got into it too, as did my fav actress, Miss Shelley Winters! Oh my gosh everyone, i IMPLORE YOU...MAKE THIS WALL CRY"...boohoo boohoo...WE DID IT!!!

If you go to ANY site today...see this one...:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Todays insights from pages and this n that

> Dearest "B": A provender of sponges? Or tasty juices? You

do have epicurian taste for life, I commend you! As I read

the intrepretive essay, then the poems I am amazed at how

you accumulate material for your refined poem. If this in

fact what you are doing?
There is much detail at first and then condensed

abstraction or fusion(?)of the work.
Yes, there is some real intelligence here in your many

specific insights on life as "A Sponge". If you conpared

yourself to a summer day, or a rose, but you chose a

sponge. Much analyses of this choice in an analytic "object

d'art" means you are deeply aware of your station in life

and how you fit into the "big picture". You do like to

"suck it up" and "take it all in". This is good, and this

should not be thwarted, go with the good "flow"; take it

You should not feel guilty or feel that you are greedy

because you "zest" for life.
that this is your compartment, "sponge-life" is not so bad.

It seems to me that you have the ability to adaptogen.

There is this need and then there is obsession. The scent

of greed is this "oink oink" intuitive feeling you get when

"it really is as good as it gets" and you want more. Why is

that? What is wrong with Everest? Not high enough? Need a

big, better high? Isn't that the nature of man? You have

learned to hone in that beast, and create a vanishing point

to all that is, that that is it, but there is more, if you

look from another perspective, or as you say, see through

another's eyes.
Sometimes a necessary line must be drawn. I am not sure if

sponges know when to stop sponging or being a sponge.

Personally, I think you are aware of this need within to

"take it all in" to "experience the most life has to

offer". I think we all struggle with this fine, nail tooth,

comb aspect and we must seive or "weed out" the need from

the greed, or the want from the need. Essential self can be

arrived at through "no-ing oneself" as in the Zen buddist

tradition. Or like the Feng Shui lifestyle of less is best.

By the way, I happened upon this URL when looking up

"provender" (love that word). Here it is;


Please note; I also happened onto Peter Tork living in

my first love of my life(I have a thing for Drummers)

because of you. I think he is also from your neck of the

woods. ps Do you have a lot of success with publishing your

poetry and how? Thanks for this enlightenment sponge. ps

you dont go by "Bob" (aka "Sponge" Bob)...(another joke for

the morale) your poems Bruce! Keep on keeping on

(and trucking too!):)I am one of your sponges as I sponge

up your work...very addictive...(am I getting greedy?):)

7:35 pm and the sun has such an usual slant I feel I am

living on another's cool! The sun has

definitely moved around a lot! wow! hump day was always my

lucky day!cause i get lucky (sick joke, sorry)!:)

the heart of darkness means we are hollow as well as

whole...we must come to terms that negative exists, and the

change is in living through it, like pain we llive through

it, experience all the pain as in Primal Therapy, Arthur

Janov and then we can say to that wall; "is that all you

got?" we are not always floating on marshmallow clouds now

are we? As Wayne Dyer would say "Get Real"! Spiritual

warriors cannot sugarcoat reality and make it all better.

It takes "real" work!Hemal Radia Abundance is attained by

tuning in to what you appreciate HERE, and more of the same

is attracted, and it grows and grows2 hours ago · Comment ·

Excellent points, Ja-Len....
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Paul Kennedy life is wonderful !! Hooray !!! I am so very

thankful for life itself !!! thank you !!2 hours ago ·

Comment · LikeUnlike
You and Lindsey Ellen Jolivet like this. Lindsey Ellen

Jolivet likes this. Ja-Len Jones at 7:40pm April 15
positive affirmations work! Life is good, thank-you ,thank

-you, thank-you!!!
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Paul Zelizer "Meaning is not something you stumble across.

Meaning is something you build in your life." John Gardner3

hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
You and 2 others like this.
2 people like this. Ja-Len Jones at 7:41pm April 15
Truth and meaning go hand in hand!Paul Zelizer at 7:43pm

April 15
Sounds like a good way to build a life to me.
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Hemal Radia "Law Of Attraction and Making it Work for You"

Teleseminar page is up! For more information and to book go

to hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
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Nina Ferrell The Law of Attraction and Karma - Tom Murasso

| Nina Ferrell
Past lives often hold the key to our present life. Many

people believe we come back again and again, living lives

interconnected to the lives we’ve lived
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Nina Ferrell Ending off for tonight - night night

angels...4 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
You like this. Linda Fogt at 4:03pm April 15
Night, Nina. ♥ Show 2 more comments...Thamary Abecasis at

4:41pm April 15
Good dreams 4pm afternoon time jejejjjjj
A demain,
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Nina Ferrell Stephane Grapelli - As time goes by

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Hemal Radia "Learning the Law Of Attraction and Making It

Work For You!" Teleseminar
Once and for all understand the dynamics behind the Law of

Attraction and how to apply it in YOUR LIFE!

ZONE YOU ARE IN DATE: Tues 21st April 2009 TIME: 8pm UK

time/12pm PDT/1pm MDT/2pm CDT/3pm EDT The Law of

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Living in HD LiHD Answerman: What is Image Stabilization?
Getting the most out of your HD products: What is Image

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The Ellen DeGeneres Show I give away three HUGE prizes when

audience members play “Cover Your Assets”!4 hours ago ·

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Howard Breen observes big-business, pro-development

Campbell Liberals are entering the campaign as friends of

farm salmon and champions of unregulated deforestation,

excessive port expansion combustion of fossil fuels and oil

and gas development CO2 emissions – the latter have all

been linked to runaway climate change and the end of life

as we know it.5 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
You like this. Adam Blainey at 3:05pm April 15
Shame.Adam Johnston at 3:14pm April 15
Yes indeed shame.Howard Breen at 3:36pm April 15
However Campbell slurs it, he hasn't and won't shatter any

progressive stereotypes. His undeniably significant

corporate donors will always keep him in a political

straitjacket. And the truth will always stand in stark

contrast to his campaign pr fictions.
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Howard Breen It's time to end insider corruption under

Gordon Campbell
"It's time to end insider corruption under Gordon Campbell"

Carole James vows concrete measures to ensure integrity

North Vancouver - Carole James vowed to end BC Rail-style

corruption with tough new laws to regulate lobbying and

conflicts of interest...
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Susan Olson Dupuis
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You like this. Susan Olson Dupuis at 2:45pm April 15
The Cochrane Library contains high-quality, independent

evidence to inform healthcare decision-making. It includes

reliable evidence from Cochrane and other systematic

reviews, clinical trials, and more. Cochrane reviews bring

you the combined results of the world’s best medical

research studies, and are recognised as the gold standard

in evidence-based health care.Susan Olson Dupuis at 3:05pm

April 15
Got this link from Lori. Thanks, Lori!
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Howard Breen An Evening with Stephen Lewis and Carole James
Take back your BC, because everyone matters
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Lauren Brenner is taking off for a day of creative

inspiration.5 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike
You and Mich Bradee like this. Mich Bradee likes this.Mich

Bradee at 2:40pm April 15
me too please!!! ;)Steve Cyrkin at 3:48pm April 15
I'm jealous!
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Lauren Brenner About the Hammer - Hammer Museum
Mission StatementThe Hammer Museum explores the capacity of

art to enhance the full range of human experience. Through

its collections, exhibitions, and programs the Hammer

illuminates the depth and diversity ...
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Paul Kennedy Evanescence - My ImmortalEvanescence - My

A beauty video of the song My inmortal by Evanescence...

enjoy it! ;)
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