Thursday, April 16, 2009

DISCONTENT IS GOOD? Quote of the Day from Thomas Edison

"Discontent is the first necessity of progress" Thomas Edison

If Discontent is the first necessity of progress" says Thomas Edison, that genius from Vienna Ontario (ok he vacationed there with his grandparents and I use to go to a Born again Church there for a time...very close to Port Burwell...where they hold the Friday the 13th Biker Rallies...hey I'd love to go to one...a date?)...anyway...Edison was so smart...and stupid. Is he rallying people into revolution? Do you know how much of a headache revolution is? and how, unless it is really really necessary so many many people die in the cause for a cause. I mean we need causes, dont get me wrong, but at what cost. Cant revolutions be quiet and less death, I mean there are a few "silent revolutions" like silent farts, they are probably still deadly. (thanks Dave Boyle). I really hope someday to link up with friends, and since I am over 50, not in THAT way. I just want to be a friend and to have happy happenin' times agin' ya, hardy. But not in that way...I got old bones now and they break easily. I just want a good ol' viking send off down the river ya, know...that lazy river? I am lazy. Laid back and as laid as I am, I really am quite content. I dont need to you know. NOt that way at all. and if you think i am just like that...i dont want to talk to you anymore..hhhahahaha

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