Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hermes: Far Shore Launch

Your face is as everpresent as the moon's
Your marbled curled hair
and perfect body
forever unrottingly eternal
you stand before this Age
with peaceful resolve
your classic iconic image
burns apriori through my brain
restoring my mortality
and broken body
into Divinity's Reconstructed

Greek god Hermes
you hold a young charge
on your musculatured armature
the tiny greek god Dionysus
small-headed with great arm strength
His character of the god to be
of Wine and Song
one day in the future
the infant will imbibe
for now the grape's reach breeched
for this mortal's everlasting being
you hold up to the light
these fruits of truth
of day and
endless night's hightide time

As the baby god Dionysus
reaches boldly for the fruit of the sky
Hermes, you teasingly mock this infantile try
to hold onto the truth
for a time
these juices of truth sustain us
the nonstop vine
life's everlasting cup
give back the dream to the dreamer
as clouded and etched in this cold stone
heart of brokeness

Hermes these memories tell of lapses in time
your marbled far shore lunch
beckons us
as your image
melds my mind
as certain
as space and time

these ancient eternal graces
your heroic godhood
created this dream
for all regenerations
dreams of Genesis
instilled in mortals

Turn around Hermes
please me to do
you are beautiful
beyond measure
let me see the roundness
of the light of the moon
setting over Grecian
hold my hand
as I break into two
as I wander away
leaving your constucts for a time
as busied ancient architects
replaced reconstructed artifacts
archeologists never look back
Love has been found
as I turn around to see you
I will forever follow your
gigantic heroic footprints
left behind for me to find you
through the inconsistencies
and regrets life brings
for in your wake, Hermes, the sands of time
bend and stretch
for your
inevitable return
when you come back to me
on journey's end
to our home

You clearly are perfected form
beyond man's version of perfect
the detailed golden walnuts
gilded triangled porportions
dna encoded geometry
crystalline form
small for a god
completely intact man
god-man being
who would be mine for a time
perchance to dream he could
I won a chance encounter with a greek god
a secretive matinee rendezous
New York's Metropolitan
who knew our Love was so strong?

Dear Greek god
take me to that far and beckoning shore
waves lapping and breeching the banks
you understand the core of me
as I do yours
Young Hermes
embrace me
Forever Young
perfect man
Love all you can
for now
my Love knows no bounds
you could never give
me enough of yourself
in the pools of Desire
Love is found
anew for you and me
Reborn from the seashell of Artemis
reclaimed Life as it should be

who can never live up to
your forevermoreness of being
contained deep within you is
my collective unconsciousness
you steady my being consciously met
Hermes is richness of presence
and persistence of memory
time encounters glory
where you plead desperately for my eternal
my knees like yours become weak
no contest -
Love has won
afterall is said and done!

Mighty Night
Nighty Night
with a Greek god
never could I spurn your romantic advances
as I melt in your presence
for our love that dare not speak it's name
marbled greek god/man and mortal woman/goddess
Love spoken softly
in silent godly whispers
calling me to you
"Come woman"
As you take my breath away
god of my heart

Then is now
as I touch your cool marbled skin
glasslike as I remembered
our chance encouter when I was sent to you
without blemish or sin
I can love you without regret
your figment of neurodnasegmentalized thought
you opt for that pouty needy look
as you loom a foot over my head
I feel safe in your strong marbled arms

you powerful god
take me to your bed
feed me grapes of glory
and knowledge you found
take me to your forever journeyland
ancient lands of continuous
on the horizon of existence
please leave me your laurel leaf in my
maiden hair drawn sun shafts
light within
I can feel you inside me
planting my brain
with your eternal need
sprouting eternity's seed of ideas
once more
classic springs
eternal forms


Apr 8 09

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