Monday, April 27, 2009


"Smooth my soul, would ya, babe" Dauphine stated definitively as she eased her back into the raw silk cushion of the settee. "You know how uptight I have been lately". Her lover of the year, David, all of 22 knew exactly what GG needed. "Ok, honey, you're wish is my command". "Ahhhhhhhhh....that's it Davie, a little to the left!". "Ohhhhhhhh....aahhhhhhhh...YESSSsssssssssss....". Daphne loosened her uptight mood as she undid the belt on the midnight black Kimono. "Much better" with a slight English accent.

Hours later, Dauphine was hitting the pavement, walking lazily to her art studio, sightseeing and picking flowers from the overly manicured lawns of north Hollywood. The morning seabreeze had readied the salty spring air with fresh zest. Dauphine's huge diamond citrine ring reflected the early morning yellow fireball sun. Her definitive taste as well as her amazing wealth and social register standing. In the morning sun Dauphine shone brighter than midday sun, the Bulgati diamond reflecting prismatic mini suns in array on her penetrating blue gray eyes. Her many affinities for the good life showed in her uniform. Rodeo Drive addressed her as GG while her personal dresser was being paged. The ring was a gift from a wealthy suitor, one of many who would try unsuccessfully to win her heart.

She was partial to Gucci. It was not unusual for Dauphine to always be dressed to the nines. She never left her apartment without being in character, knowing at any moment she could be spotted by an agent on the street. An agent she had dreamed would one day rescue her from herself and her life of extremes. As Dauphine sensed, her biological clock which had definitely run out was now a ticking time bomb. Menopause had not been kind, Dauphine was finding herself impotent.

"All dressed up and nowhere to go?" a very handsome blackman in a YSL business suit flirting oneliner. "Oh yah, babe...". Dauphine's hip lingo sounded much like Cher in the 70's, having just dumped Sonny, with a bit of attitude. Assured of herself, Dauphine seemed distracted as she took her little pinky and encircled the small alabastar jar in her hobo-style cowhide leather bag. She poutingly pursed her lips to even the all natural lip concoction. "I guess..." Dauphine sounded weary, her eyes could only roll in her head, she couldnt bother finding a quick come-back."Who cares? the handsome man, a cross between Dwayne Johnson The Rock and Will Smith in MIB. The young stud tauntingly raised his eyebrows as he walked by Dauphine. Decidedly walking at a much slower pace Daphine turned around to catch a peek-a-poo glimpse of his tautness. "Another one passing me by" Dauphine thought to herself. A few years ago she would be skipping to catch up with the young Romeo.

The babyboomer hotie was still able to hold her own onto at 55. More than a state of being unwrinkled and non-sagging, Dauphine was the poster child antiaging Earth Goddess also known as Gaia the Great. She was sleek, and athletic, working out at the gym every second day. Dauphine really defied nature and logic most days, with most of her subjects being in complete awe of her amazing death-defying powers of eternal youth.

Her community loved her, she was everybody's darling. Although not a politician her face was probably more recognizable than the locale gentry.Actors dont get hurt the stuntman gets hur. She had many friends, of many persuasions, old, young, male, female, ethicities a virtual pastiche of rainbow. Her inductive and creative powers to persuade people to move outside their comfort zone endeared her to many. Her certain flare for life, the "in the moment" of zen buddhism taught her how to do this. She could live in the moment and turn it into a masterpiece. Her certain power was declaring war on the mundane and sublime. Her art was how to make people feel totally comfortable doing ridiculous things. Her gallery at 10th and Sunset certainly encouraged everyone to be an artist. It was not the usual at Highgate. It was a really hip place where the village people would congregate, along with various select groupies and stars. At the village people could be seen whispering gossip about her newsy tirades, usually all true. Even by village standards, Dauphine was still a "wild child" a left over remanent, very rare now, of Free Love mentality, a patchwork quilt of lovers, she knew what she wanted and always got exactly what she wanted.

Princess was a smart cookie, Daddy's favourite and worked or played from her uptown apartment. From the odd hours of one o'clock pm to six o'clock am as Dauphine was busy preparing the world for the next best software program for the next new technological advance device. Today,Princess was primping for the nonstop prom which her life had become lately. "A PR day for Princess" she joking mused with herself. This she did often, having a non-stop running internal dialogue. "Oh shut-up" when she caught herself talking to herself, this would not make the master happy. "Stop the internal dialogue, babe" Dauphine called everyone babe, even herself. It smoothed over the hard life she had come to despise the one which made her rise to the occasion of the prototypical consumate diva of the current happening. "What's happenin' babe". Dauphine was always searching for the new, the untried. In the process she missed the true, because in her world reality did not exist, at least not like the rest of the world realized reality. Dauphine was ejubuliant. This was her "day" at last, she could feel it. Something big was coming down.

Her other day time job" she told her friends was her business. This regular job seemed regular to her, but to anyone else it was far from regular. This was not the issue with Dauphine, it was the Goddess' regular daylight hour life which really amazed and confounded the local citizenry. Dauphine was a daylight tripper, the kind the drug store sells. Dauphine was an installation artist, some would call her a con artist. Dauphine did not care, the more "press" or free advertising for her promotional art, the better.

She could get, by. And then some. She had that gift for details. She had the gift of making herself into the gift that everybody wanted. And it was working. She sold herself on the mean streets of the executive offices. She knew all the rules and bent all of them.

Maybe Dauphine was trying to find the next best high. Maybe she was wanting to find the gatekeeper key. On a need to know basis, Dauphine got the goods. She knew how to score, both on the newest technology front as well as politically very incorrect. She had a bit of the devil in her. Her flaming red crimson boobed hair did give away her somewhat agressive personality.

Going to Katz Bluz Tattoos for her yearly tattoo, her tats were always designatingly original. The complex and intrinsic designs were similar to celtic designs,modernized. Dauphine had lived for awhile in the UK and had taking on the scene there, post-punk Goth with Emo. The interwoven graphic oakleaf with digital symbolism known only to Dauphine, and when she looked upon them would give her great pleasure and secret enjoyment of her passion and her conquests. She expected the same from her partners, and if they did not keep up, she bid them farewell. Presently, most of her exlovers remained friends and business associates.

Dauphine never a sketch artist, although at times very sketchy. Especially when she would come down from her all-nighters. The scene saw all of her, she was overproduced in her business world, maybe overexposed. The new art of the secret world, years ahead of the common consumer processing, all this new technology gave Dauphine an added bonus; art as life. The art of the nerd was her, yet she repackaged the frumpy with a sexy , she kept just enough hidden. This gave her of intrigue and beguilment. Her art was like that, all magic and mirrors.

It took awhile for Very esoteric and intriguing to those who find mystery a turn on. Her piercings were minimal; she wore a small diamond in her left nostril. Dauphine could carry off this cartoonish image since she usually hung out with a much younger crowd. She at 55 could not act her age. In Dauphine's mind, she was 18, and it appeared, besides a few laugh lines and crows feet that she could pull it off. She ws a practising buddhist, studying for approximately a year at the Village Temple on Fifth and Vine.

With all the bells and whistles, the art of "how to WOW them". The worst sin in Hollywood being mundane. The same old. The cardinal rule here being, "the freaker the better, the wierder is the way". Always stretching that envelope made for the uptight to snap once in awhile. Dauphine did possess the uncanny ability to make things new happen. She was hailed in Hello Magazine as the female Andy Warhol. Many thought she was a domamatrix, the way she dressed was a cross between goth and emo, with less severity. She looked like a transvestite some days and nights? They could get really wild. Dauphine did err on the side of caution in only one area of her life. She would not take no for an answer.

Dauphine's world today was focused on the key to unlock the many mandalas secrets of the unicoded universe of the nanobot. The inner outer worlds converging in one big happening, a big bang of a good time. Dauphine always found her own particular brand of high much better, often high as a kite, the girl could fly.

"Secret encrption in the binary code would do it." Dauphine ruminated over the program. "Without the N code I will not be seeding the cochere". These oddities of speech were only known to Dauphine, as an inventor of concepts and design programmer she was on the leading edge of leveraged technolgical advances. "The only problem now is to find that *()+_*code!!! But how? Dauphine had an idea. The Highgate concept had been instrumental in the past to help her with key concepts, but now it was essential she use some of her "installation" field study. "Now to get out the rolodex". In two split seconds the invited were RRSPing Dauphine's Newest Concept Party. "Placation Vacation!" Dauphine emphatically sung as her eccentrically-charged
synapses were firing away with nanosecond light speed.

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