Sunday, April 26, 2009

Earth: The Planet of Pain is Moving Through The Planet of Love: Get out the Flow-Thru Tea Bags

NEWS FLASH; The Planet of Pain is Moving Through The Planet of Love Today: Pain's Flow-Thru Tea Bags Disguised as hurt...LET IT IN, LET IT IN..LET IT BEGIN THE NEW JOURNEY PAST LIGHT PAST NIGHT to new worlds past the horizon
Who Really Needs the is a teacher, and a mean one at that, but without these hard-earned lessons we would not be ready for the experience to come when we transform into that thing which we think may be there or not? come back kid will tell it goes over there...for now we wait and listen and avoid pain at all costs because we are not ready yet for the truth to be is secret...who knows this truth? No one. Not me.

As much as I did not want to observe
we all live life here
as citizens on the Planet EARTH
of Pain
for this you may need
Like Flo-Thru Tea Bags
like life
we must go through
THIS INSUFFERABLE pain til we come through
to the other side
our own version
of the
the gun in the brown paper bag
or gunnysack
that old potatoe
sure gets stinky!

Do we really need for a paper bag?
need to hide that UGLY pain
or the plastic face
that is just plain ugly
because it doesnt get
how to do reality
how to flo-thru
find the stream?
live it feel it know it well
it is your teacher
from hell
Let's Get Real

Even though you think my flow
would be muvh better than this
the midnight special (why did you give me that dream)
if it wa
would I end it all
with a swift
exit stage right?

why did you give me that dream
remington steele
with the paper bag and brown handled
midnight special
that isnt so special
as every breath we suck
unless on the otherside is wonderfully special
are your trying to tell me that?
What's the game?
Nearer to nowhere gives you power
over death
I think not!
unless you are saying it is GAME OVER
for you
for me
I would go with you I will be there soon
as we all will be make no doubt
Just because Jack Kevorian said it was ok
shouldnt mean that it is
it is not
keep your gun in your pants
where it belongs!
not in your head
shooting out stars
I will never be able to collect the matter
what's the matter?

and before it gets too tough
too rough
too much
you do the manly thing
your own way out
but you cant
you would get in
but you didnt
the cold war is on
where you mad at me
for not being a boy
why I might as well be
when push comes to shove
this war zone
all feminine sensiblilities
get the rush

so you want me not to get in
not to get to know the real you
you cant
Look, see
I'm not a trained Primal Therapist (tm)
ya, maybe Transcendental Meditation (tm)again)
would do the same thing
find a good guru
in the yellow pages
look under Yoga
let your fingers do the walking
your mouth will do the yakking
tell me what's bugging you
I'm the daughter from hell
I'll know what to do!

Hurry up
you're late to the club
tee off's at Nine
then why am I so tee'd off?
must be I am an old tea hag
waiting for the right stuff
of which I wait and wait and wait
until I realized
Happy aint comin' home
not tonight
too into his cups!

ignoring me certainly will do
as always, what else is new?
that to me was so rude
make me feel I dont belong
like kicking dog
not right
not fair
not just

i gower
the bowering spring rosebuds covered stoop
my shoulders starting to bend
weaking havoc on youth
Hah, what you doin'?
who ya doin' it to?
I feel like Maude is dead
today she is
but she sure gave me Chutzpah
as a woman
standing on my own two overly large
and stinky feet

time ravages on, no control
you think you have with that gun
oh no!
you may think that it is ok
to do yourself in
because you cant stand the pain
but what if
you must always keep in mind
those pearly gates dont open
and your left holding
the smoking gun
then they will just have to give in
and wait like me
in the desert of never
nothing ever happening
and after your dasterly deed
I'd have to wash out the damn spots
all those neurons from the pearly gates
of Heaven Can't Wait
and who would send
that gray matter
to hell
when it is invisible
the soul hasnt been found
to exist
ha, you scientists have got it all
reality doesn't exist!

so that old chestnut
sits on the shelf still
still as death
like Kennedy's head
missing time
missing space
missing brain
what's left?

waiting like a lady in waiting
time soon forgot
wait for me by the opening door
would ya?
to all that is new
to battle with the old
now what the ?
isnt fiction
I'm not going there
it is real
it is pain
and it hurts like hell
help helps me so much
you will never know
I'll be here
being there

waiting to exist
dont press the panic button
dont let pain
win you over
this time
until you get the prize
upon the half-live shelf
dont be fooled by imitations
of life

behind the door
on the other side
what is it?
wouldnt we all
like to know
tell us
when you find out
would you, please?
merci beaucoup
to you too
I will pay you back

you needn't give me
all those trojan presents
the panacea from pantegonia
oh what's the one continent called
before the divide
that divided me from you
and you from the world
and the world from the earth
and the earth form the universe
and the universe from itself
to fold
like a deck of cards
there better be something on the other
or I will be real p'd

that offers you
glory for gloom
pills for pain
drugs to kill
"going over the same old song
of how we found" (tip o the hat Pink Floyd)
THAT sucks
GET REAL!!!thank-you Dr. Dyer

Wish you were here
I'm not dying to find out
not quite dead yet
death valley days
wagon train was my favourite
but when I do
I hope it is you
on the otherside
of midnight
waiting fatherly for me
although all is BS
I will always love you
(dont take advantage of my Uncontiional Love)
you didnt know about it during the Spock era
all is forgiven, all is forgot
in the Sea of Forgetfulness
Pain is amiss

Since Time waits for no man
Can time wait for me
A woman
time didnt like anyway
maybe space will like me more?
and with these all things
time space
rhyme nor reason
each having a season
but honestly, I see no reason
for this incessant infernal pain
if I were Queen
I'd banish pain
permanently religated to neverland ashes
this pain which never seemingly ends
where are all our hopes
fades and flakes away
leaves in the wake

when pain tries
to stop us from entering
one must then ask
heavy golden doors
are far too heavy
unfairly so
hey, isnt heaven my brother?

Even though
life sometimes sucks big time
to use the vernacular
it is ok
everything is going to be "ok"
an invention?
when it really really sucks?
as are most things
we are told
but what is not ok
how so?
is the space between the walls
the universe
our universe
folding in upon itself?
other things about life that really bugs me too
and about those other things
hurtful things
that never seem to go away
how to remove that
world not so fine
but I would judge you world
if you dont judge me
dont be silly!

the universe
doesnt judge us
on what we say or do
cause we cannot do anything
to change the inevitable
we are all f'kng doomed!

under the big tent
fires will consume me yet
like that small lad
whose soot covered corpse did convey
i did not want to look
from the horrible Harford Fire
Fateful Summer 1944
The Big Top burned
a reminder
to Charles Neilson Reilly
and me
our fate is anytime
a moment's notice away
a sketchy moment of realization
the power that be
but I am a mere child, a fool, how can I
save the world
from itself?

(oh that's why I hate the number 44
and nightmares about Formula 44 and
"Dont turn that dial...and Kennedy's assassination
and commericals with guns pointing at me telling me to
"dont turn that dial"..but I want to I have to, I'm frozen
to the spot in my basement..bad nightmare which repeats endlessly)

back to the poem;

and then all hell broke loose
the cold war
in the cold basement
morgie brown's sweater
i would not wear
ohhh he's a boy
he takes my dinky toys
and pulls their wheels off
so I cant use them anymore
a self-destructive being
we destroy so it cannot destroy us first
does this really make sense?
for me at 5
what could I, a mere child do?

at noon
the sirens from the hill
would toll for thee
and me
(For Whom the Bell Tolls, It tolls for Thee)(I know Hemmingway reprinted this, the originator slips my mind, what else is new? early onset?)
next to a graveyard
each saturday would remind us of our nuclear fate
tied in with our impermence and
lack of control
over fate
that can take us
in a moments notice
that enemy fate
worse than our
cold war enemies
buddies now
that we are fighting the Universe
for supremacy
over self

those dang ringing
worse than a Ramones concert
and yet
in high pitched screams I could imitate
Known as the screamer
my neighbours called me
no wonder I dont have any friendsback then (now I have my Facebook friends ty very much)

well Mrs. Littweiller across the street
made peanut butter and oatmeal cookies
and with my highly tuned senses
my nose knew it was time
to cross the street
I could smell wafting on the fresh morning air
and at noon during the week
quickly crossing the street
after those tasty homemade treats
we all want the tasty treats
a baking and praying grandmother
will do the trick
who wants to talk about this other crazy shit?

back then
it was way different
tv was in black and white
and Mad Men for real
ruled the roost and they roused us with their rouse
that show did show the big shew...ah yes, The Ed Sullivan Show
and Jack Gleason
we were doped on the box
it was our high
our hope.

as for
Wearie Willie
and all the other clowns
time as we know it
stood still
that fateful day
to live in infamy
yes it
has run out
big time
for the big top
brave souls suffered
the children
to come unto me
the Lord lifted them up
and did not let them suffer
more than they could take
do not cry for me
i am not here
so where exactly are you
please tell me do?

I AM says
we will all
be returned to sender
like the lender
the librarian has
we are only here
for a short while
looky Emmett Kelly
sad faces
couldnt hide
his big heart inside
as he helped those
through St Elmos' Fire
gathering glory
adding up
brownie points in heaven
smiling finally
down up us
when we pray
to St Wearie Willie
the Saint of Fools
and Clowns too!

Love's unseen element
bracingly fresh and new
Sea Breezes
Ocean Spice suppine away
for the Old geezer
and well worn tweezers
of yesterday's face
plucked like a chicken
til there is no hair

you needn't offer me
your condolescences just yet
alhtough it'd be nice
to know you cared
after all
is said and done

Even though
in life there is a lot of feedback
a lot of reflecting
a lot of looking times before this
history tries to see
how history is so
trying to me
to quack
clearly now the rain has gone
all objects taking on a new meaning
of their own
warning; life appears larger than it should
when it gets tough
it gets too long
when it is short
it is way too smooth
what's up with that, eh?

faded dog lifts old head to see
silver gray sheen
aged man
you never knew me
i was the carrier of pain
for the planet with no gain
til you go thorough
and come out the otherside
in some form or other
then you'll really appreciate me!

Now refreshed
thorugh cold and damp
the rain cleared the mire
out of me
now I know
once and for all
you are there
and always
will be yet

Even though my eyes
are swollen shut
from crying tears of regret
for something I cannot be
one day
this body will cave
take it all away
whats the matter?
nothing matters
left like that
upon the shelf
to be blown far, far away
never to be seen
or heard from again
out of touch
maybe out of space?

even then adding up the
three score
plu ten
isn't long enough
to know the score
fools dwiddle
Twiddle de dee
life away

Take it
or leave it
you cant hide it
the elephant in the room
is larger
than the both of us

Even though
time changes everything
Love is a Constant
Slow K drug
unknown entity
by lovers and fools
Love is the Core
And Bowie wants to score
(we all know that)

Of all things
we know this
to talk about
The Source
in this way
gives reasons to believe
they're onto something big
The Source and all this
is really
Love dressed up
In Crimson gown
and yellow sun
gleaming on your world's
of tomorrows to come
Love is the Source
for me
lead me on
lead me on
still waters

Sunday April 2009
Epithany time
for Janitor in a Drum

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  1. "A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on." John F. Kennedy