Saturday, August 22, 2009

Power Brokers

"When you hang onto something for so long the grasp between fingers start to wear, you really have to wonder if it is worth it to hang onto something for so long. What if you just 'let it go'?" psychologist Dr. Susan Crimson asked her 50 something patient. "How can I let go of something I can't touch?" tearfully pleaded Diane Baton. "It is going to be a major breakthrough if you can just let go of all that is holding you back from being your authentic self, Diane".

Diane looked up at the ceiling with a vacant stare. All her life she had been trying to find the one thing that would keep her anchored to this world. Suddenly she is told to let go of "everything" to give away to the ether everything she believed she waa suppose to be; the labels; a loving wife, a perpetually caring parent, a struggling writer.

"Susan, do you really think I have to give it all away to find myself again?" Diane flatly spoke these words as she was coming to terms with their implications. "What you want me to do is to clean the slate and start over? How?" "Diane you have been through enough trauma in your life than most people. This doesn't mean that you have to be an emotional wreck for the rest of your life. You need time to sort out who you are from the rest of the world; from the roles you have been forced to play. In order to find your authentic self you must find yourself again.

Dr. Susan stated matter-of-factly. "Yes, it has been a long while since I recognized and met my eyes in the mirror and could say, honestly, that I really do love the person I have become, maybe it is due to self-imposed expectations, but I do believe that you are right when you say I must find out where Diane has gone. I have been out of touch with myself since the shooting."

Diane felt she met her words at the door but as yet could not open the door to let them in to her soul. "Diane, you have a realization that you are not the whole person you use to be, that is a start. What you need to do now is to find the time to reconnect, reclaim and restore yourself and feel the rightful dignity to exist in all the immediate splendour of the person of Diane.

These traumatic events in your life have triggered your brain to shut-down. What we want to do is restart the program, find the person hidden behind the self-defensive walls that have been artificially and arbitarily constructed to ensure your survival. These defense posturing is no longer needed and inhibits your person from living a full range of emotive experience. My best advise to you is to go on the retreat mentioned in the portfolio I gave you, complete the program and rediscover the Diane you thought was lost forever."

Dr. Susan got up from her desk and proceeded to open the door. "It is that simple and that profound Diane. I know you are going to love your experience in Sedona." As the doctor looked at her patient she smiled a convincing smile, her eyes appeared positively aglow. Diane got up from the madame reclaimer settee and found her wobbly legs were not as strong as she remembered. "Thank-you Doctor, I will take your advise. Can we meet again when I return?" Diane appeared frought with concern. "Certainly we may, Diane. When you return in two weeks we will discuss your future options."

Dr. Susan opened the tall and heavy oakdoor to the office, "Beth could you please schedule Diane for sometime in early October for a hour?" As Diane regained her shaky self she headed to the panelled bookshelf. "What's this picture, is that Dr. Dwayne Deiter?" Dr. Susan turned her head to look at the shelf which held her copious amounts of psychological journals, books etc. "Oh, yes, that is Dr. Dwayne! I went on a 2 week psychological convention with him. Isn't he amazing! You'll be happy to now he is flying in from Hawaii to be a guest speaker at the retreat in Sedona!"

Dr Susan flashed one of her famous "knowing" smiles. "Are you kidding?" Diane blurted, "this is a dream come true! I have loved Dr. Dwayne forever! He's brilliant! I love his statement "Be the all you can be in the forever moment of now; say yes to you! I have read every single one his books".

Dr. Susan looked circumspect at her patient "Diane you are going to have the time of your life, and in the process, you will be reclaiming your long lost self, not a bad trade-off!" Diane had become empowered with the thought of Dr. Dwayne at the retreat. Suddenly Diane's step became lighter, she felt the weightiness that had been her self-imposed mantel for so long lift. The clouds began to clear and the sun was shining again in her life. For the middle aged woman she felt her destiny was being steered towards the open sea once again, with new vistas awaiting her discovery. Her tiny feet danced around the room like Tinkerbell she felt she was floating on air. Diane was very excited about her new venture to Sedona.

Long forgotten now where the many mantels of burden she wore like a badge on her chest believing that this is the way all women would eventually become, fade into the background. Before the appointment with Dr. Susan, Diane felt that she was dying a slow, unstoppable death. Now Susan was sure things would begin to change in her life, and for the better. "Oh I am beginning to feel so happy again, like I did when I was eight years old!, Dr. Susan you are the best that has ever happened to me, thank-you thank-you thank-you!"

Diane had given Dr. Susan a big hug and was hugged back equally as powerfully. Diane grabbed her coat by the door and peeked around the corner "I'll bring back a new Kiopi doll from Sedona for you, and another doll, a new me, me with a capital "M". Woohoo!".

After Diane had left the room and the door closed, Dr. Susan leaned back on her leather executive chair and sighed a satisfying sound. Dr. Susan felt as if she had made a positive difference in Diane's life, and was certain that the Sedona retreat was going to bring Diane back to a more positive reality and the fufillment of dreams renewed polished and precise Diane would soon see the positive results of all Dr. Susan's efforts. "It is amazing what a little bit of positive reinforcement can do" thought to herself.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Resilient Leadership: How The Mind is Made Powerful

How to train the brain to be stronger, faster, best and brightest? Resiliency Training! Retraining the brain from a negative default takes work but it can be mastered. How does one retrain the brain to become successful?

To examine how resiliency training would propel the brain, the body, the whole individual to success and it's ultimate being a complete a positive being. Training takes much work but the results work to create a renewed sense of being in the moment with arsenal to fend the worse case scenarios; the mind's sneaky way it tends to hope on the negative train bandwidth. How many times have I wanted to be positive, how many times have I been defeated in my attempts at creating a continual state of positiveness in all I am? Self-examination as to how this mechanism function would do much to see how old patterns are set, and how the dismantling of this concept could be established. Essentially, Resiliency Training is a study in the power of positive possibilities.

Through the years I have lost a lot of self-confidence from repeated negative experiences and their subsequent input. As in receiving much negative feedback I am sure I am the instigator of much negative feedback to others in the past. For this I am truly sorry having allowed myself to fall into the trap of being negative. It was so easy to be negative when that is all I had received, and like a never-ending buffet table of negative, this is what I consumed and regurgitated. Not a pretty picture, and one I want to change as soon as possible (asap).

Was it the negative feedback or the way I processed the negative feedback in my brain that created the negative results in my life? It is like asking what came first the chicken or the egg? It is a question that is not as important as asking "how can I turn it around and really be the positive person I know I really am, but for some reason, have not been or cannot be because of my negative default"?

Processing massive amounts of negative feedback amasses negative energy. As life serves up volumous amounts of negative the mind shuts down and/or changes with catastrophically negative effects. These detrimental can negatively effects the individual's ability to function, such as post tramautic stress, etc. The individual looses the self-confidence necessary to become successful. How can resiliency training return the positive person to the helm? Can the self be reintergrated, reestablished into a cohesive and positively-charged personality, a true sense of self living completely balanced in all aspects? RT identifies and strengthens key values, once strengths are established, all the negative aspects of the person disappear because the individual strengths become the dominant force in the individual. This is the "feel good", workable plan for success?

Examining what success means to me and how I can integrate a successful role model into my life would be a great start. What does success mean to me? Basically, to me, success means happiness. Success may mean something different to you, that is ok, I can respect your inherent and intrinsically positive and self-actualized and integrated individual. All I ever wanted was to be soulfully happy. That is all I want for you as well. Like you, I want to have an overabundance of real happiness in my life. It is important to me to be true, real and honest with myself; I dont want to feel that I am just going through the motions of life, lying to my true integral self or that I am just smiling a fake smile to minimize my pain. To some extent, life is a pain, we live on the planet pain and we must deal adequately with all types of pain, emotion, physical, spiritual.

Yes, I want to be able to convince others I am truly happy within my sacred self. Once I am successful I can only give from the abundance of my life to others. All I ever really wanted, what my soul cries for each and every day is to have knowledge of sincere happiness in my heart, mind, soul and body. If we are only covering up pain, and not truly dispensing once and for all the poison in our lives; the seething hidden subconsious will battle with the conscious mind demanding truth. The ID only knows truth. This battle waged in the world today is destroying the world. The human psyche must know truth. Without truth in our lives we are all soulfully lost.

Yes, I want a sincere and lasting happiness for all humankind. Without it life to me is not worth living. Sincere happiness comes from the fact that the soul knows how to find the truths in this world. The soul imprints all that is here. The repercussions of what we do now effects future generations. Inprinted on the dna, the rna unravels generations of pain if that is what we imprinted in the beginning. We must reset the default mode of our brains.

Yes, it would, indeed, be absolutely lovely to invade others lives making their lives, their world sincerely happy too. No fake stuff. No temporary fix for lasting happiness either. The kind of love I want is of the sincere kind of long lasting, never-ending like a fairy tale but better, real eternal HAPPINESS. Perhaps my wanting this truth makes me very vulnerable to any type of pain that should be created. How would I remedy my reliance on my soul's need for the truth but never finding it? There is one way to do this, to reestablish the positive effect to make the truth become evident. The truth will never become evident when it is buried under pain and hurt. The human is very sensitive and recoils when in pain. Replacing the pain with positive action, with a knowing of what to do in all instances will allow the lotus flower to bloom; for the world to know truth and to live truth.

To be truly successful in life takes a workable plan. Life is not a cruel game or worse, a lie, we cannot be defeated simply because we do not know how to get on the positive track. It takes skill to know how to not let life defeat the soul. Once I realized this, I became energized knowing I will be successful. By simply saying "I AM SUCCESSFUL" I become that which I say, I reprogram my brain. The ID knows nothing about time. It is always about the moment. The Zen part of the brain. The entity. A funny, me but not me creature that holds the keys to the universe.

Yes, I am wholly satisfied knowing I did it, I achieved my "brand" of success; real happiness I will go to my grave with a knowing smile. Anyone and everyone should try resiliency training. If I am missing out on success because of a negative reinforced childhood memory maybe I could or would or should improve dramatically with Resiliency Training. Please realize, I am not naive, I have been through the mire of self-doubt and recrimination, I am certain this nagging doubt continues to rob people of their rightful place in society. We have all had to fight our demons. How can one battle demons when they do not have a sword to slay the dragon? How can we be successful when our souls are being consumed by a negative vacuum? Sincerely I am praying that RT works!

Hopefully, with Resiliency Training, I have not only fooled my negative default system but I have completely overridden my negative default system and replaced it with a positive default system. Now wholly functional I am successful in all aspects of my life. Rt is wholly adequate for me and I am thankful I have lucked into this concept.

With Resiliency Training, I am now a reborn positive person, able to bear any mantle that life should make me wear. Now instead of more negative in my life, an overflow of positive abundance is coming my way. It is really all a mind-set. RT is a great way for the world to achieve this successful antidote to the negative; true and lasting and meaningful happiness. Today I will start with turning around the negatives in my life, I will tell you how I do this later. A famous smile won't hurt either!

As a mother I am a natural-born leader. Take it or leave it. Coming from, what can be described as, a horribly negative life experience. Will I let all the negative input effect my person, my intregrity, my soul? No way Jose. I am bettet than any crap I can be dealt. I am talking life is a crap game, and at times, through my negative, self-imposed filters, it has been a lie. Up until now!

When one becomes resilient all the negatice "details" that life can deal is easily removed and like the "teflon don" it just rolls off my back and into the gutter where it belongs. I am never again going to take negative shit personally. I am going to learn how to be more resilient and allow myself to be my optimum self and wholly successful.

To understand resiliency training one has to understand the meaning of self and success. What does success mean to you? Is it that cushy corner office with CEO on the door shingle? Do you have a traditional concept of success? Perhaps success to you means the mansion in the Hampsteads or the foreign sportscar, or the Carribean vacation?

When one measures success they must be careful not to let the outside world influence or gauge their internal soul. The individual must arrive at their own concept of success. They must examine their deepest soul to find the true meaning of life. The soul is only going to be resilient when it feels that this measure of success is "true". Do not underestimate the soul's potential! Success to the soul is entirely different than it is to the world. The world, although it must be integrated and filtered, it is necessary to embrass. As the world does become more resilient too, as we all learn how to master what may be the negative as a self-fufilling prophesy.

With resilency training we will have the tools which are necessary to "trim the sails" and "retrain the brain" into the positive way of thinking. Our reactions to the process will depend on what kind of hold the negative has on our lives. Do we really want the negative to win? We know this is a battle, but it is certainly one we can win, with the right positive attitude that comes from rigorous training processes. We must eliminate the negative in our lives by turning all negatives into a positive. It is a mindset.

Retraining the way it should go, in all positive reinforcement is a secure feeling. It is so much more than seeing the glass half full instead of half empty. It is like this; instead of becoming upset, in a crisis type rage because that 'lousey' car is not starting in the dead of winter, and you have a major meeting, remember, it is a life lesson. You can learn from this. You can 'fix' the problem so there is no future recurrence of this problem. This is good. This is positive. This can be applied to all life problems. It is a successful application to living, Resiliency Training, I can imagine.

Let's analyze why a negative event occurred and change it, through our conscious actions, to a positive event now and in the future. Perhaps through our own inattentiveness and neglect we were not attentive enough to the details to make life flow. Life can only flow when we are in charge, when we have preplanned all details, and then the flow takes care of itself. This is not to say there wont be those "moments". Those will always be there, but most if not all will be eliminated, allowing the free flow of positive energy to flow abundantly through our lives.

In other words, we will know how to deal with the negative and how it impacts our life. We will recognize it and make a plan for it's elimination. Not that we are ignoring the negative, we can address the negative and successfully deal with all of it's dimensions.

Since a plethora of negative influences, wherever they should originate really have no place in our lives. We must make a plan. A successful plan that works so that the positive vibes flow more. It is simple yet complex at the same time and takes much focus. The all powerful resiliency trained mind will know automatically how to put the negative in it's place. Once the trained resilent brain can eliminate the stress the brain is able to focus on the positive aspects of a fufilled and successful life. It really is simple, but it takes reinforcement and focus. Not impossible, just a bit of being able to stick with the program to achieve any measure of success in resiliency training.

Remember the world does not operate in the way the resilient ones should go. The world really needs resiliency training, a powerhouse of direct determination and purposefulness.It may be as simple as turning a negative into a positive. Instead of saying "Oh my arm is hurting today, simply say "Oh I am glad my arm is hurting, now I can make it better, make it stronger." Always look at the positive aspect in all negativity, and like the power of attraction; all negative now turns positive. A miracle? You bet!

As I begin my study, I realise that I am not a corporate leader. I am a mom. I havent got all the "right stuff" or do I? Even though I feel wholly inadequate, I may have the "right stuff" at the "right time" to determine the outcome of something vital to history! Isnt that mind blowing? A simple person such as myself has so much potential, like that rock, that I could ultimately, and like the Lawn Mower Man hold power court? Impossible you say! Wait a minute...

We all start out as a single cell and then are zygoted into being with the first seed. As we grow from one cell to two, to four, and so on and so on, we finally develop into what is a wholly miraculous being; the human being.

As I look back and see my development potential, as a human, we really all have the same potential. So why does one person succeed so fantastically while the other non-resiliency trained individual is a failure? Why does one person always struggle with being a positive self-accuatated being of light and love? It is the mind-set. We must find the positive in all negative. We must find a way around the negative and come out on top of the heap and in control of the heap. You may ask so Why can't I, as a mom, be Superman or Superwoman, or some powerful being? You can, you are a super being. All the positive influence will retrain your brain and the reset is now positive, and sincerely positive, no questions asked!

First of all, is this what I want? Do I really want to be Superman or Superwoman? I already am Super! I dont need anyone to tell me I am not Super or I am not this or that, or that I will never amount to anything! As the flood of negative archived feeds flood back into the conscious from the unconsicous where they have been stored like memory chips, we have to say to this negative memory "get thee to the bargain basement, you are not worthy of my positive being. I am master over any negative thoughts. I am in total command of any negative thoughts. They were old memories form years ago when someone gave me a negative world. But my world is now positive, my world will not allow for any repeating negative thoughts or patterns. I recognized them, and by recognizing them, I eliminate them into the ether, gone forever, never to return. Phew, this does take work, but it is worth it!

Positive reinforement; you remember this from studying BF Skinner and others in the field of Behavioural Science. The first experiments with Pavlovs dogs, those drooling dogs that drooled when no food was there, only the ringing of a bell caused them to remember their reinforced training to drool. We are drooling too. We are hoping that the positive bell that rings will bring forth more than drool but positive action and thoughts. This can be done. It will and must be done to help all of us achieve the best we can be as positive individuals.

I am something! I am divine. I was put on this earth for a purpose. We were all put on this earth for a purpose. This purpose is mysterious, and hidden at times, but the reason I am here is to bring love and light to this planet because that is what I am; a light being full of love that wants to share with my fellow human beings. This is my destiny. This is my purpose.

Now that I have success and purpose in my life and all negatives are eliminated or changed into a positive, I can out of the way all that energy it took process the negative. What a waste of energy and life. How much of my life have I lost from negative down-time? As I have had to work very deligently on how to reclaim my positive light filled self from the briney depths of negative wasteland. From the ashes the phoenix to rise again to spectacular worth of being and of never-ending love secured for infiinity.

Seriously, I know this is going to take work. This is an outstanding issue that I have been dealing with for most of my life. I am sure most can relate to this, if not, it may help for the future, in case anything untowards should happen to you as well. Yes, it is going to take much aggregate to bury the re-surfacing dead emotions that came from a negative space which I shall never claim. These negative emotions do a body absolutely no good whatsoever. It is time all negative feelings, emotions, thoughts, actions were removed from the human experience. We know this is to our minds now, before the training, somewhat impossible. However, if we cannot conceive of the complete neglation (negating the negative completely) we must try to turn those negatives into a positive. This is a start and doable before the intensive resiliency training.

In order to recognize all the negative imput on the individual and its effect, some major work has to be done. Actualizing the old pain, understanding amd working through and eliminating these negative energies that suck the soul-life right out of a person. How do we recognize the influence the negative input has in our lives. There are many ways. One way, and one of the easiest is to start a journal and write down feelings. Meditaion also helps to understand the self and how the self feeds on either the positive or negative of life. There are many methods, and some are very technical, these techniques are a fast way to understanding the self and how the self has been influenced to a negative effect by negative input from self and/or others.

Meditaiton will help with the rejuuvenation of the soul. Understanding the hurt that has been done to the inner child, how to heal the emotions. How the mind formulated the negative concepts and hid them away in the innermost recesses of the unconscious mind. How did these negative concepts filter through to the conscious mind from time to time when the stress they were causing created an "event" or "crisis"? How the negative concepts originally developed and how to successfully work through the negative and into the positive where the successful individuals, all individuals belong and should remain with the corrective training of resiliency training.

The strengthening of the body to it's maximum potential will also bring the mind into an acceptance and love of self. To make the mind feel it is successful wipes out the impact of the previous negative concept formulations. The mind is, in fact although there are limits, mostly geared towards positive outcomes. As we are often self-imposed or limits in this world, the universe is definitely unlimited. The potential of the positiveness we can learn when new vistas open up and the "limit" becomes "unlimited".

When the mind can actually experience the positive in the individuals life. The need to not falsely feel successful such as the compulsion the untrained brain has for swank and bling, the so called "rewards" of our society. We need to feel that life has given us much more than mere physical goods. The world, the universe should shape our soul by making us stronger, more able, more successful. Real success is not the kind the drug store sells, it is untouchable, uncompromised crystaline dream of self as the perfected being all we imagine we can be, and more.

There is only one thing certain in this world and that it change. Like life, we as humans are ever changing, rearranging, yearning and striving to be the best we can be. The intention is good but without the means, nothing usually happens because the brain needs an overhaul, much like a car that has failed to turn over. We need the tools to get up the rungs of successful living. We need the blueprint or plan to success. Resiliency Training has these plans the tools to make the best possible outcome for the individual struggling with self-concept and need for more positive input in their lives.

As we live in the moment of positive regeneration, where all negative "garbage" is thrown out of our minds bodies and souls we are able to see the light at the end of the tunnel realizing that end has a purpose as we bring our positively charged beings to the very end. We can say we've not only endured life, but we made it better, we fufilled our destiny, our "raison d'etre" we are only then successful. Our positive filled drive is now our goal, when you succeed we all succeed so we must make all people successful. No more condemation of others, no more fault finding or nit picking, just, unconditional love and acceptance which promotes those new positive filled to capacity concept of self and others. Then we are free to truly be successful when we are truly ourselves and claim our ownership to ourselves. No more rejection, no more broken dreams. Just positive flow and positive return from that flow. The flow that defies all description but just "is". Light filled love of positive charge, happiness, love, concepts that are ends in themselves.

Isn't this greater and much more powerful than any negative garbage (that's a better word) out there Yes, I am being to breath in all the recharged energy, the fresh air of positive and new experiences today. It takes courage to be consistently positive but I am going to keep repeating; I AM A POSITIVE LIGHT FILLED BEING OF LOVE AND LIGHT. I HAVE AN OVERABUNDANCE OF LOVE AS WITHIN EVER MOLECULE OF MY BEING I AM STRONG. I AM DIVINE. I AM UNDEFEATED. I AM POSITIVE BEING. I HAVE UNLIMITED POTENTIAL TO LOVE AND BRING OTHERS LOVE. I MAKE GOOD THINGS HAPPEN AND IT IS SPREADING LIKE A VIRUS, MY POSITIVE LIGHT-FILLED BEING OF LOVE IS INVADING THE UNIVERSE!!! I AM SO HAPPY!!!(you can make up what absolutely charges your positive light-filled soul, it gets personal!)

Success to me is happiness and that feeling that does not go away, that keeps on promoitng the best in me. Sometimes, when I have to go through the "details" of life, which can be overwhelming, ok, the "details" of life, the negative, the chaos part of life, I get overwhelmed. I know we all get overwhelmed by the negative at times, but even in life's sometimes negative times, we can emerge victorous.

The negatives in life, as we work through them, do make us stronger as we come out the other end knowing that we have defeated all negative impacts on our lives. And how do we do this? By smiling in the face of disenchantment. By having a mindset which always says and knowws beyond knowing that "I can do it". I have already accomplished it. A "fait complete" a "consume est". It is finished it is done like dinner Yes, I am a success before any negative thoughts, feelings, or things tried to negate my soul! Luckily, I have a wonderful default system which is all-pervasive, and more persuasively powerful than any known thing.

As I am stamped in the dna 'SUCCESS'! Stripes may bear the witness to my pain but I have conquered pain. I am more powerful than pain, I am better than anything life can throw at me, as I am aware life does create a lot of negative stress but I either change it if it can be changed or eliminate it if it can be eliminated. Negativity has no power over me any longer. With my new and improved resilient self I am able and in control. As I am always on top, the leader, the creator of my destiny because I have power over my destiny. My life has given me this official ordinance. I am powerful because I am. i am a winner because I am positive and thereby successful in every meaning and importance these words mean to me. I am a wonderful individual.

I am loved, I am embraced and I love and embrace the world in turn, making it a better place, gracing the world with my existence. When I tell myself this over and over it sinks in, and I truly believe all the positive reinforcements and I become powerful and share my success with others willingly and happily, as others success makes me fufilled and ultimately I can then say, I am a success! Etched in stone, I Love me, all that I am and all that I do. As I wish you every success in your future endeavours. Remember; your success in life is like the sword in the stone; it is permanent. Your positive beingness impresses me and makes me want to be all that I can be. Little ol' me. As an invincible conquerer, a stellar being of positive flow I have so much to give!



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Gain a totally balanced, high IQ mindset in minutes...

Quick Facts

Length of recording: 2 x 38 minute tracks
Technician: Phillip Stout
Price: $29.95 (around £20.95, or 23.95 Euros)
Delivery: 100% FREE to anywhere in the world
Guarantee: Return for 100% refund if not satisfied

Use the Einstein's Mind CD for:

Achieving a Guru-like mindset
Big picture thinking, excellent for problem solving
A frequency-balanced genius mindset
Gaining profound insight into yourself and the Universe
A state of mind that would take years of meditation to achieve!

Einstein's Mind CD - Instructions

Using the Einstein's Mind CD couldn't be simpler!

Like all our binaural beat recordings, simply slip on your stereo headphones and press the "Play" button on your CD player. The binaural beats will automatically begin affecting your brainwaves, and you'll soon realize the benefit - a true Guru-like mindset WITHOUT years of meditation!

Einstein's Mind CD - Your Experience

Your mind feels cluttered. You need time to think deeply, to come up with insights, solutions and new ideas. But you're getting nowhere... your mind just feels hazy, and every problem seems insurmountable.

It doesn't matter. You slip on your Einstein's Mind CD, breathe in, and sit back. Within minutes, the pleasant tones begin to help energize your mind. The fog clears and suddenly you're looking at the big picture of everything. Where there used to be problems, you now recognize opportunity.

And the whole process is so easy for you, it's almost as though you aren't even thinking at all. Your body feels totally light and refreshed and your frequency-balanced mind is in total harmony with itself. Ingenious ideas appear, one after another, providing insights that Einstein himself would be proud of.

This is whole-brain thinking. It's as though your entire mind has suddenly been plugged into the knowledge of the entire universe. Your IQ increases and you start to enjoy effortless creativity.

When ready, your session slowly comes to a close, yet your mind stays in its mode of big-picture thinking. You breathe in deeply and open your eyes, feeling refreshed, more insightful. You're a genius and you can feel it. Welcome!

Einstein's Mind CD - Spotlight Testimonial

"My mind expanded to view the big picture. Totally enlightening!
... It was as though I was thinking with my entire brain. Wow!"

- Allen Abreu (Mokena, Illinois)
- allen19**

Einstein's Mind CD - Frequencies Used

As part of our dedication to being an open, transparent organization, here are the frequencies utilized in the production of the Einstein's Mind CD:

Track One

Contains a base carrier frequency of 256 Hz, associated with the root chakra, and a main binaural beat of 7.83 Hz, the Schumann Resonance, also known as the "earth's brainwave".
Other frequencies used in this track are music-related for inspiration and Guru-like thought patterns. The carriers and respective binaural beat frequencies are shown as follows:

102.4 Hz - 1.305Hz Low Delta
256 Hz - 3.262Hz High Delta
614.4 Hz - 7.83Hz Theta/Alpha (Schumann Resonance)
819.2 Hz - 10.44Hz Alpha
1,024 Hz - 13.05Hz Alpha/Beta

Track Two

Contains a base carrier frequency of 256 Hz, associated with the root chakra, and a main binaural beat of 7.83 Hz, the Schumann Resonance, also known as the "earth's brainwave".

Other frequencies used in this track are music-related for inspiration and Guru-like thought patterns. The carriers and respective binaural beat frequencies are shown as follows:

93.96 Hz (12 x 7.83) - 1.957Hz Delta
234.9 Hz - 3.915Hz Delta/Theta
563.76 Hz - 7.83Hz Theta/Alpha (Schumann Resonance)
751.68 Hz - 15.66Hz Low Beta
939.6 Hz - 23.49Hz High Beta

Notes: Both tracks include a 7m 30s "bring down" track followed by 30 minutes of all carriers and binaural beats in harmony, resulting in a "Guru" mind effect. During the 7m 30s, each frequently is gently and sequentially introduced, starting from the highest and finishing at the lowest.

In track one, pitches rise slowly until harmony is achieved. In track two, the frequencies are consistent throughout. These two techniques provide interesting and contrasting variance.

Both tracks have a 56bpm "vox" noise, introduced after all frequencies are harmonized. This is an essential mantra, used to maintain awareness and aid focus during the session. The mantra is also musically-related to the frequencies, again helping maintain perfect inner harmony.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

Joke of the Day (Rude, sort of...?)

Joke inspired from watching Indecent Proposal with Demi Moore, Woody Harelson and Robert Redford

Robert Redford: How would you like to work for a Billionaire?

Demi Moore: Oh, I dont know. I'd rather work for a Millionaire.

Robert Redford: Why would you want to work for a Millionaire and not a
Billionaire? Billionaires have a lot more money!

Demi Moore: Well I heard that Millionaires go down a lot faster than
Billionaires and they never get to be Trillionaires because there
ain't no such thing.

Robert Redford: So you're saying that you'd rather go with a Millionaire
because they "go down faster" than a Billionaire.

Demi Moore: Yep, that's what I said.

Robert Redford: Well how long til Woody shows up.

Demi Moore: It depends on how long it takes you to get it on with me.

Rober Redford: Wasnt Woody Harrelson's dad one of the Tramps on the grassy knoll?

Demi Moore: Who cares about the tramps on the grassy knoll, I'm more interested
in the trolls on the grassy knoll.

Robert Redford: Er, ah, Miss Moore, can I call my lifeline?

Demi Moore: Sure, but it wont help any. I cut the rope to the boat.

Robert Redford; Whaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Ramblings from the Bramble Bush: Questovisionaire

Last night I saw 40 in my questovision. What's up with"40"...cause i'm 50!!! more on this as it comes up (blluuurrryyytt)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Champion for the Physically/Mentally Challenges Eunice Shriver Kennedy dies at 88

Dear Laura: Your wonderful memories of your sister and the special olympics is heart-felt and sincere. The Special Olympics is a wonderful organization and proves the "we can do it" theory of humanity. It is wonderful to hear your experiences and how you made your sister's life beautiful and meaningful while here for so few years.
Here is the article from Yahoo yesterday. It will be hard to find a replacement for Eunice Kennedy Shriver, a champion o the physically and mentally challenged. Who will replace this dear saint?

Tue Aug 11, 6:39 AM

By The Associated Press


HYANNIS, Mass. - President John F. Kennedy's sister Eunice Kennedy Shriver, a champion for the rights of the mentally disabled and founder of the Special Olympics, has died. She was 88.

Shriver had suffered a series of strokes in recent years and died at Cape Cod Hospital in Hyannis on Tuesday morning, her family said in a statement. The hospital is near the Kennedy family compound, where her sole surviving brother, Sen. Edward Kennedy, has been battling brain cancer.

Shriver was credited with transforming America's view of the mentally disabled from institutionalized patients to friends, neighbors and athletes. Her efforts were inspired by the struggles of her mentally disabled sister, Rosemary.

Shriver also was the sister of Sen. Robert F. Kennedy, the wife of 1972 vice presidential candidate and former Peace Corps director R. Sargent Shriver, and the mother-in-law of California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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--- In, "Laura" wrote:
> When I was first introduced to Special Olympics, I was about eighteen years old, maybe a little younger. I was introduced not because I am or was physically handicapped at the time, but because I had a sister who was born with the rarest form of Myelomingiecil, Spina Bifida. I was also introduced to Special Olympics through a pair of overnight stay camps. One was run by United Way and the other by Lion's Club. Eunice Kennedy Shriver was the founder of Special Olympics. In a blog written on the day it was announced she had passed on, I wrote a blog about her and my family and how her creation of Special Olympics continues to inspire me.
> Here is that blog titled: My Heart Goes Out to the Kennedys and the Shrivers. The date was August 11, 2009, my mother's birthday.
> I learned this morning that Eunice Kennedy Shriver has passed away at the age of 88.
> One thing that will forever be thought of with her passing is just what she managed in her lifetime.
> She created the one method for children born with handicaps to excel. She was the founder of Special Olympics.
> The Special Olympics, something I try to support every year here in Georgia, has a special place in my heart. The reason for that is my youngest sister. My sister Alicia was physically handicapped. She was born disabled. She wore bottle thick glasses, didn't have a straight tooth in her mouth, couldn't walk without braces and a walker, and rolled around in a wheelchair most of her life.
> My sister competed in Special Olympics while I was away at college.
> She was the poster child for Crippled Children's Fund and did so many things.
> Why? The type of myelomingiecil spina bifida, Type 3, is the single most deadly form of Spina Bifida. Normally babies with this don't live outside the womb. Alicia did, for eleven years, so she wasn't just a poster child, she was a miracle. And it is thanks to people like Eunice Kennedy Shriver that she could share her story.
> Her presence will be missed as much as my sister's will.
> Rev. Laura A. Neff
> co-owner Poetic Expressions
> minister Covenant of Hope Ministries
> Myspace poeticart169
> Facebook just type in my name.

I am a light filled body of love...sounds good

Today I discovered through sound vibration therapy that I am indeed a light filled being of LOVE. I gave my vibrational love sound to all the my friends, all beings, to the whole earth universe of LOVE. The core sounds aRE LOVE vibrations. We need to... tune that vibrational plane of Love to make consistent love sound waves to surround us as love springs forth from the core. Sound vibrational studies underway!Read More

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Genesis of Life to Love

The person who can love completely is a rare commodity, if they exist at all on this earth. Memories of the far and distant past recall the time when we existed only as love. Before we were born we were Love. When we descended to this plane of existence we became dualistic in nature. Love cannot exist in completed form on earth as it is separated to some extent from the Divine's ability to unifies the constiuent parts here, on earth, it is not the right cosmic time to experience the continuity of Love Supreme. When the time and the place return it will be more than evident, it will be amazing. The overflow, the fullness will exist then. For now, we only receive the dregs, the bottom os the barrel of what love can really be.

For all those who say we love each other, this is partially true because love can only exist on this earth in a dualistic nature. Our souls have not been refined by the spiritual fire of rebirth. When that day arrives, at it most certainly will, the full overflow will be let loose on the earth and universe. A new singularity will exist and this singularness is; The Love Divine in all its radiantness on Oneness.

Our duality, our incompleteness. is necessary for us to experience the divine in all its capacity once the process we are living on this earth is complete. We are fufilling a circle-route destiny, picking up, along the way, love's lessons, if we bring into our heart that wholeness and unifying presence that cannot fully live on this earth in it's bountiful respendance. The awesome power of love is beyond description by our mortal bodies and pitiful souls. There is so much more to consume as far as love is concerned.

Once we leave our earthern vessels, our bodies, we transcend into the unity of love divine. We cannot comprehend this concept now. It is beyond description because it is us, all of us, but it is still so much more than we can ever imagine.

As we try to connect all the dots, make all the connections, make sense of all that is here in all it's complexity and simplicity, we are aware that no matter how hard we try, we will never achieve the completeness of self, our dualistic selves.

As we are lost in the discontect that happens between here and there between the past and the future. We really only see now. The comglomeration of all that is and shall be. The Alpha-Omega knowledge, the beginning and the end as one. That one is the Divine, The Love Supreme.

As the disconnect continues throughout life we either choose to ignore it, or we begin to concentrate on things are important to our physical selves. This is emptiness. This is love in a vacuum. We contain the love within us, we always will as love was always a part of our core; our essential selves. Yet, we struggle on the earth to realize the completeness of Love when it is right there staring at us, nudging us, urging us forward into the mystic, the cosmic unifying force that describes all that is, and all that was, and all that is to be. Maybe instead of duality we live in a trinity, three worlds merging, remerging and converging as one from the sum of all the parts.

Life is a lesson of the heart, and of the mind, spirit and body. We learn life lesson's here, often very harsh for our tender hearts, our love we nuture and adore, love we now, intrinsically conquers all. Yet where is the love here? How come we live in so much pain and there is the opposite of love, hate? How does hate relate to love? We are dualistic remember, there is, in this world, the balance of yin-yang, positive-negative forces. These multiplicities, more than dualities or trinities, probably split out endlessly as we wait with that one true constant force of the universe, Love.

Love is a state of matter, it is like a gas, it premeates everywhere. It fills in the void as we carry love within us into the universes of multidimension, following the circle route to arrive, one day at the beginning of it all again. That funny game. Why? The answer; we are taking love to the far-reaches of the universe making new universes as we carry that knowledge deep within us to take back more of the void more of the empty spaces that have existed without love for so long.

So how do we recover our heart, which burden us so with long lost love, forgotten love, love that has died, love that seems to have died, love that is on hold, on the cold back burner of life? These analogies are rife with suggestion of a world which possesses many various variations of the same, only more salty or more sugary, more alkaline or more acidic. Life is chemistry, Love is Unity. Life deals with many small parts, love deals only with itself and its premeation throughout the known universe. Yes, love never dies. Here on earth, love, like life's chemistry moves through our differenitation or multiplicity, or duality or trinity our everything. Yet here we still think love isnt all there is because there is so much more of things, things that have meaning in their physicalness whereas love is invalidated, it cannot be measured by any known means. Until now!

Not necessarily is love lost forever. We only feel it is. Love is always present, even when appears not to be. Why is that? Remember we were born from love, all of us, we have come from divine love. Divine love is what birthed us. We experienced divine love from our mother's love, the most powerful force that secured our feelings that love can exist here. Yet how much more is love when we become love? And we become complete love after we transform from our earth bodies into our spirit bodies.

Sometimes we feel let down by life, if not often. There is a lot of absence of love which is really hate, the opposite of love. Life can be hard on the soul that is love. Love feels frustrated when it does not have the means to express itself. When one feels they are not loved, for whatever reason, there is an emptiness, a feeling that love and life has let them down. There is nothing like mother's unconditional love, this love is just a precuror of the love that we will become in unity when we transform from the earthen vessel, or body.

There is a love-pain barrier here on earth because the pure love energy cannot in its entirity exist fully here. The love-pain barrier is broken by our spirits which are love and a certain form of matter. We transcend this less than perfect place to become our perfected place. We may feel that we can achieve Nirvana here, and to some extent we can, but it is much more complete on the other side.

Think of ourselves as love's warriors, bringing love to the recesses of the universe, spreading the infectious love that really is all there is once the circle route adds up to One again. It is complex and simple at the same time. The duality again. when the time comes, we emerge like a butterfly from the coccoon we break free the mortal coil our love spirit soul coming out from the top of our head, leaving us weighless and we absorb the love we were in it's entireness.

Living in our hearts and coming out of the top of our heads, love spirit soul the entity the being of all and nothing the competion which is us as we are in our eternal form comes forth. We become the embodiment of all that is, of time and space, of nothing and eternity. We can understand our parts then. We will just "be". Love is a gas!

Between the Two Separate Worlds, between the physical and the spiritual planes we transform into this unknown matter, this unknown entity. Unknown to all but the deepest part of our unified souls. It may be a gaseous-like state which transforms and transfers our soul knowledge experiencing exponential experiences here on earth. Our reemerged souls become our infinite soul, the nature of which is too difficult for us to understand with our yet-to-be developed selves. Our "self" merges into a unified being and this is very difficult for most to understand because we have fences around us keeping out anything from "contaminating" or "infiltrating" our supposedly pure state of self which actually does not exist in the infinite mother cell soul.

All pain, all suffering and their memory will be permanently removed from our consciousness. Our consciousness transforms into sumething greater than the sum of all our parts. We really merge with the divine and share the wisdom of all that is as we experience the awesome beauty of knowing we are one with the divine.


Jane On Divine Gift Bestowed to One

ja-Len JonesThank-you Dear Nina: And with the innocence of a child the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing as we give and receive flowing, knowing it is how the universe works. Spiritual gifts are then bestowed as we meet the Divine in the middle of our need.Amen Namaste

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happiness is a state of mind

Happiness is a state of mind
I want to know which state

Happiness I was
And then you took away
my all day sucker
and I had to look around
for a replacement
never like the original

Happiness I offer to you
Laugh at me if you'd like
Laugh at my foibles
Laugh at my mnay human failings
Happiness is a gas
of a reaction

Happiness is really to me
not acting like a sacrastic snob
finding happiness really means
your being blesses another
with Love bathed in kindness
of my real being
not some plastic version of the same

Happiness to you
Is not the same as to me
As you failed to see my value
as you looked other places
up the ladder you climbed
finding me down here
nothing more than a samll ant
to be spent
like squash
under the feet
gets to a slippery slope
without you
without the true you
before the fall
before the

i would have never left you
if you were true
you were not
I had to recoop, regroup
reexamining my state
my happiness quotient
which i thought a sure thing

nothing in life is a sure thing
only the lie, the hate
but if you or they who are not you could make all the unhappiness
for but for a moment
you would make me so glad
maybe not return me to those times when once upon a time
I believed in your fidelity
your dog-like loyalty to my dog-like loyalty
but you know I knew you were a urban sophisticate
your were all that I wanted to be
you were my stair way to heaven
but you were on top of the stairs
and i was in the basement
canned fruit stored in a dusty old fruit cellar
better than being that clown that is there too
plastered in cement
his last drink
the Cask
of Amontillado

i will send you me lucky charms
from out of my vault of cups running over
but wait!
you see me as a fool? an idiot, a tool
for your purposes
I never knew
they just did not include me
once you figured you could get better
and saw the grass green on the other side
but who made the grass
you dont want to know
for you
you want to believe it was you

our philosophies differ much
you believe it is all about you
and I believe it is all about me
meet in the middle
where all the molecular weight goes
who knows, you might like it

why couldnt our polarities shift for a minute
so you'd understand me
and i'd understand you
then we could
we should
but we wont, not know, unless you really didnt mean
what i thought you did, did you?
did you laugh at me?
was I a joke?
a throw away bit of grief
for your sacrastic laughing pleasure
but that is not happiness
i was showing you true happiness
which you rejected
that is why
i am here now

to find if you grew
out of yourself
to make those connections
which are so much better than
life inside your head
when hearts meet
and I gave mine to you
they dont let go
unless they're not true
or circumstances surround
the barbwired heart
and you are lost in a drift
of endless searching for self
to find me
grab my hand child
and with my hand
get ready to grab
hold onto
that thing i once gave you
and never could be lost
even for a minute

before another drown man
is saved from
let go of the hold we think we have
on the inevitable chaos that one day
may be controlled by our hearts desire
merging as one
Universal Being
An Entity

weren't you one too, a long time ago now
and yet you think that you could sell me out
to the highest bidder for my long dead heart?

out of my eternal and endless

since happiness amiss
would only give
false laughter
phoney gaffaws from another room
leaves me to think
it is only really really fake
and it makes me sick
i had to go
thinking i left you
not sure if you liked the lie
of this false

Happiness does not deny another's
neglecting the one who through all

Genetic Discrimiation

Arlo Guthrie's concern about his children getting Huntington's Chorea could be less of a worry

if testing were to occur. As with Breast Cancer there are many mitigating factors besides the

genetic causes. Genetic Testing should be used to help the patient not harm the patient. "Do no

harm". Not getting health insurance due to genetic discrimination is causing the patient harm by

the information leaked to the insurers. Disease is a mindset; the legionnaires are case in

point. They smoke yet they dont get cancer, why not? If there were a genetic link all those who

smoke would get cancer 100% of the time. So it is an odds game this genetic testing. If you are

told you're going to get cancer, that is called "self-fufilling prophesy", and the patient,

believing this to be true, convinces their mind they are sick, and then, voila, they get sick.

The final gatekeeper to any genetic precursor is the mind. The powerful mind "entity" is, I

believe, all powerful. No one should ever discriminate against anyone with genetic markers for

this or that disease. In my opinion, and that of many others, genetic discrimination is against

the law! Instead of finding genetic faults, let's find genetic cures, via stem-cell research or

whatever to cure genetic diseases.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Who Nutures their Inner Child each day and how do you do that?

The Inner Child

It is a place where one is safe knowing the unconditional love is always there for them. It is a safe place because it is the self before the program of this consciousness. As souls descend into finite being the Inner Child is the soul. The soul knows the beginning from the end, the Alpha and the Omega, the wisdom of the ages before time began. Eternal the Inner Child. How do we nuture the inner child you ask?

To nuture and heal the Inner Child one must find that place in the self where the Inner Child exists. Many have chosen deliberately or unconsiously to lock away the Inner Child, due to fear or ignorance. Yet the Inner Child is the Creative Mind, the Healer, The Divinity Within. In order to find that source of your Divine Self you must delve into the soul. You ask How? How do we find the Inner Child after years of neglecting the soul, the source of the universe.

In this world it is easy to forget our humble yet awesome beginnings. We are stardust! Yes, we are magical pixie dust! We can choose to spread around the love we were given from the Divine or choose to store it up inside, hiding and killing eventually the very thing we are meant to be; a forever child of the Divine's.

As we find our Inner Child, by calling him or her out of the dark recesses of the brain inner sanctum where it has always resided. Your Inner Child has been waiting behind your adult self, peering from your eyes, just behind and to the left of the twinkle in the eyes. The spirit of the Inner Child is free, loving, kind, generous, playfull, innocent. There are many other descriptions of the Inner Child, but for now we now the Inner Child wants to play and live and enjoy life to its maximum pleasureable love and happiness.

If someone says to you "you are being childish" you could be misunderstood when you ask the child into your life again, requiring the intuitive knowing of wisdom to evade your world. Don't forget Albert Einstein stated that Imagination or Creativity was more important than knowledge. This is due to the fact that all knowledge has all ready existed in the form of wisdom. You dont believe me. Let me prove my statement. For many eons, countless generations have bwen built and rebuilt, torn down only to be built back up brand new. Only some relics are left behind for architechs to understand the civilizations that came before.

In our world today we are building up or civilization with the knowledge that has existed in other civilizations. These civilizations were as advanced or moreso by all accounts. If this is the case we could be less intelligent than other civilizations due to the horrible pollution, the sun going through an active phase causing much radiation and damage to the precious dna link to our past. All life events are recorded on the dna, and dna and rna are endless in their continuity.

So we are forever. Our dna states this. Our weak bodies will transmute, transform, be reborn and shed the skin, the crysalis form of the human butterfly. We will re-emerge in our soul bodies, knowing all we have learned here stored on the soul's dna, wherever that may be or what it is. Perhaps a Mother Cell Soul God? We want to believe we are eternal that all this here is not a waste of time.

The Inner Childs continual happiness proves that they know this world is safe because they know their souls are eternal. The child never ceases laughing, enjoying, living for the moment, being completely in the here and now.

All of need to find our long lost Inner Child. We need to be happy again, to live sponaneously with joy and happiness. With a knowing and a wisdom which passeth all understanding of the Divine that we are and for ever more shall be. Namaste friends! jajo

You wonder why I am an Idiot?

you're an idiot
you'll never amount to much
youre going to end up like
your aunt at the funny farm
youre a whore
youre a bore
youre no good
youre ugly
youre nuts
youre psycho
youre retarded
youre lazy
youre a stupid girl
youre skanky
youre a street walker
youre mean
youre evil
youre hopeless
youre nobody

and you wonder why i am an idiot?

Love No More Opens The Door

through the years
through the tears
i have always been her for you
if you asked
but you never asked

as time went bye
flying so high
alighting on rooftops
and chursh spires
you inspired me

recalling days gone by
bye bye baby left town
returning far to late
her life was rained out

looking around now
there isnt a lot of time
that's how i feel
whether or not it is true
leaves in the pipe

tomorrow doesnt matter
as much as today
hoping to write it all down
before departure
to renewed worlds
for those left with lost worlds
have ever only known
how to fly as everything
flown away from
off the handle to be
blown away our
every last trace
of love

maybe not to late
to cry
or start over
or both
always seems to be
that way
tears flow
then i go
not able to bear
the pain
of having dreams
feelings torn
pain never stops
when love takes
the knowledge of itself
to become some dead thing
once everything
now nothing
as if anything really matters

matter does matter
oh yes
but it does
what's the matter?
matter begins the process
the healing starts now
should start
in a moment
in time
when I held my heart
in an abandoned
reliquary for hearts

the healing process
of self doubt
of stalled processes
love recanted
it can't
Immanuel Kant says it
I think
I am
but not without you
my matey not until our souls
in Four Acts
now under
sea we're set
to wed
the watery grave
Davy Jones locker
far sare
yes me matey
one day
you'll say too
is that all
there is
the "am"
and Popeye's yams?
oops that was spinach!?

one day i hope
it will all
come together
if it dont
i are f'd
nicely said
now get out
the cameo soap
and warsh me mouth
I'll never forget
that picante taste
and my famous last word
beginning with the same
cursed word
that made my mouth fresh
til the next cursed word
came unwantingly out
and stayed out
all night
until it went to bed
for good

my last dying wish
my last dying word
on this earth
this planet of pain
cursed by the light
or some fascimile
if it all must end
dont curse the light
like Dylan Thomas
was wont to do
and it all on the note
that remote note that says
key of "g"
thanks for welcoming me home
Gee, how i missed you
absent Father
caught between a rock
and another hard place
that may be a pillow
for my head
when you lay me down
in fields
of those forever
kind of dreams
with baseball players
and nobody sings
take me out to the ballgame
we're already
Batter's up!

all we are here
cold space and hot plasma balls
cold beer and hot meatballs
refined and redefined
slightly the same
ultimately changed
your destiny
on your thin dime
sectors vectoring and mentoring
altitudes pop off the map
there's no end to the
between us
only that map
i had at the bottom
of the dash
that got scrunched
by my big feet
as i put
four on the floor
of your
four dour coupe
scared as hell
the little minime
pushed dowso hard
swallowed my feer
we're gonna crash
i'm gettin' out here
you know i had to stop the car
by my make-believe
braking method
no control makes me feel
i need Johnson Control Systems
to keep me adrift
maybe that's why
i'm a wing nut
did save your soul
as we were
kareening out of control
i got no commendations
saving a pizza box on fire
alarms saved a sleeping man
confused with forgetfulness
as I pressed down
and met the man of my dreams
who stood a foot above me
and said anything I can do
for you M'am?

yes it was going nowhere
we were out of control
you were vectoring I
was venting
hoping you'd hear
my trash on a crash course
on the radio
you didnt hear me
how could you
know that bottle in front of me
meant i was due for a frontal
i went nuts
trying to figure the
old shit out

so as you went
on your way
i went mine
and wondered what if
i hadnt taken that
road less travelled
but given to me
by my cultural geography teacher
making curried lamb with a friend
more of my kind
messed up
f'd up
because of life's design
not my doing
but given to me
a mantel to bear
a purposeful bearing
a model of under

by the engine
my car door
last I saw of you
like I was nothing already
i never mattered to you
i was a flower picked
for what purpose
i'll never know
but i guess
it had something to do with
my relativity
that didnt want me
to go the way
you were going
because i was meant
to be their moll
a stooly
tooling around
looking for love
why not become a nun
no, I'll work for the
and make meaning
for somebody else
martyr's dont come cheap

everything here
means nothing
only recalling
the recalcitrant memories
when someone
meant something
to me one day
now i must rebuild
the universe
without you


Saturday, August 8, 2009

The sculpture stood on a pediment near the entrance to the studio. the ancient studio with mouldy smells and ancient cold resolve, irreplaceable it's value. Like a lost world, the studio reminded her of regret and shame. There was no need to discuss these long lost feelings, for years she let them go. The feelings she thought had left were really held within her being from long ago and although she tried she could not remove herself from them. Maude cried to her soul "I try i really do". Maude being recently drawn into her bitter past as she recounted years of unfortunate circumstances from which she could not escape. For Maude all things past were to be avoided at all costs. From years and years of repressing the past into a compacted package of emotional angst Maude could only live in the now. As removed as she was from her past, she would turn away from all that would remind her of this conflict. Until today, Maude had buried the past along with her resolve never to love again. Alone and vacuuous the space surrounded Maude in the nearly empty studio overwhelmed her. Maude's strength and steely resolve to forget the past with it's ample and complex people connections was impossible. For all her bitterness, chips on her shoulders, and empty dreams her unfufilled destiny was to change dramatically today.

Before Maude entered the studio space at 999 Queen Street Maude felt a flood of emotionshe could not comprehend the tears she could not contain. Maude felt the salty sting of tears, making her charcoaled eyes and face puffy and itchy. A veil of tears stained her pinstripe chanel suit. The embodiment of shipwreck Maude felt beside herself; "Where is this coming from? These fleeting feelings don't exist", as she recollected her past formulative years as a beautiful young woman full of positive expectation.

Collecting herself was not easy as her breakthrought emotions created a heavy weighted feeling on her chest, Maude cntinued her slow sobbing, trying convince herself she was not this way. "Maybe it's just the change, these things happen". Maude had to convince herself that the unwarranted emotional outburst was just a biochemical release from hormones being absent. "It's really funny why I can't stop crying, yet I know that there is something bothering me and keep feeling like I have to find myself, the missing piece that was once Maude".

Maude soon entered the studio and methodically walked to the far end of the studio as to not drawn attention to herself. Through her tears she looked through her bifocals completely in amazement and awe of the studio space. All around her, the finest art she could imagine. In unexplained wonderment Maude could feel and smell a connection with her past. She smelt his musk cologne. "No, it couldn't be!" Maude knew this smell. On her last trip to Japan she had purchased Jade East for him. It cost $200 an ounce, a lot back then. Maude was beginning to realize, with the awakening of her recalled memories, the love she had felt for him.

Although the studio appeared empty, the key pieces of modernist sculpture held court. At the far end of the studio could be heart clinking teacups breaking the silence of the moment. Art patrons milled around the various works of art, commenting to each other about their extraordinary presence. Most were collecting around a few pieces, they looked like critics thought Maude. At the other end of the studio subdued laughter mingled with hushed converstation. Msude was drawn to the sound which whe felt added to the pinache of the moment and recovered her sense of self from the unbearable silence.

Simulaneously, upon hearing the jovial sounds, Maude regained her bearings and composure. 'All too soon', Maude thought. Maude enjoyed feeling her emotional surge of aliveness once more. As she had a chance to feel again, those long lost feelings opened the floodgate of buried memories. As the recalled images surfaced, Maude fought to stop the onslaught of the past painful memories. The flashback images had brought back to life her old feelings contained within her distant self and sand-worn with time. As Maude looked around her at the art which now became very familiar. "Of course, I should have known, Sergio's old stomping grounds!". The shock of having to take in these images from the past propelled Maude into a state of disbelief. Maude had to suspend her disbelief and realize she had accidently walked into her old boyfriend's studio. Sergio, was the love of her life, and since having had to leave him due to life's many misunderstandings was standing at the end of the studio, dressed in what could be best described as a gypsy tuxedo.

Her one-time lover, Sergio had been all the world to Maude. For Maude all things that were once past became like a polaroid snapshot. instantaneously dispersed Maude's emotions were heightened, she felt like she would faint. Maude had the irrestible urge to run from Sergio. She didnt want him to see her as this old version of herself. She did not want him to remember her this way. Sergio was there, in all his artistic splendour at the farside of the guest table. Standing besides a small vibrant woman Maude felt she did not want to interfere and tried to avoid Sergio's gaze. It was too late. Sergio recognized her. He quickly walked towards Maude with a beaming smile lighting up his face. Maude knew this was not a chance encounter with her past, it had to be a synchronistic moment in time when the past and the future link arms to make the moment that much stronger.

at the time and Looking her way, seeing her in her old clothes, her old skin, feeling as though he encroaching upon her hold on reality. As all around her now Se. These old feeling bringing back to life what she had thought had died. As she began to look around her, recognizing for the first time in her life, the purpose of her being. Her eyes widening at the thought of this chance encounter with her past.
Maude's extraordinary evening was to unfold.

Maude felt incredibly fortunate to recount so many blessed memories. The recollection of all things romantic evoked in Maude a return to her childhood and the comfort found there amid her friends and family. Lost from years of being adrift in a sea of bitter memories, from an imcomplete life which seemed meaningsless Maude was about to ebark upon a reawakening of her soul. Years ago Maude would relinquish her soul to others, giving without receiving, expecting nothing in return. As she had loved too much, gave away far too much of herself. She suffered for her art, her need to express love in an open and honest way. Maude was susceptible to a barage of malconents, wanted always to nurse the downtrodden professional.

Forever in danger of giving away too much for free, Maude represented the free spirit of love once upon a time, now left over, these halcyon days which were to never end. As the aged hippy reached middle age she had to reinvent herself for her own heart's protection. As Maude believed the unleashed and unlimited powers of love would conquer all, reality would prove to destroy her theories about love. As love had to be false or not at all like Maude had ordered and expect, Maude was lost in a sea of regret and broken dreams

Maude knew how to survive, she just did not know how to live with purpose any longer. As the night tightly found it's way across the sky, Maude's heart ached for those days where she knew only never-ending nights of love. Her fate being sealed like a tomb she made for herself her own hell, her own misgivings. As Maude entombed her soul, encasing her past encounters with woven silken bandages to cover her open wounds of shame and regret. Maude forever locking herself away from her own soul's content. Hidden away in recessed corners Maude's ability for any chance of future happiness was doomed. Without her soul being able to breath in fresh air and to experience love evaded her. Maude's countenance imbuded the image the deafeated woman. Where would she find the key to unlock the fortress of her own self-inflicted heart?

the door on her hearts desires all encounters that may have fufilled her every, never being able to out all promises and fufillment of light-filled love by the poor choices she made, she knew that in order to survive she must live a life with a retracted version of love. For Maude, survival was a necessary evil and a remedy for her broken heart. Maude took upon her mantel the burden of pain, her eyes could never hide the sadness her heart felt. and although the long lost summer of love prevailed for awhile, by it's very weightiness a heavy feat, stamped on her soul, her failure to sustain her ideals made her feel weak and vulnerable.

, which lasted decades was now awash in spiderwebs and mothballs. Although her faith in love did not diminish over the years, Maude could never make love last. Although Maude was now witnessing her old boyfriend's artist's retrospective she was now aware of huge chunks of missing time with Sergio.

Maude knew The sides of her mouth began to curl upwards smiling through her tears. It had been years since she had entered the artist's studio. When Maude had to begin her new path she left all the hurtful things behind avoiding her old way of life. Abandonment looked like the woman in the reflected evening light of the elongated handblown one hundred year old window. Her wispy gray hair around her temples gave her a sophisticated look as her skin still held its recoiled elasticity. Her style, a mixture of ancient goddess meeting cemented reality Maude had driven far for this moment. Attuned with uncanny resoluteness, Maude was direct in her confrontation focusing all her power on this night. Determined to find her long lost soul, Maude addressed her feelings of inadequacy and failure. As she felt her life fading away, caste off from her old ties, her friends and community would soon embrace again.

and fated world her new reality fate knocking upon the door, Maude was ready to open.

Maude held court. could not take away her old soul, it being permanently etched like a etched rendering of Rodin', it had an of her ex's collection. The modern sculpture adorning the studio looked like relics from temples and tombs found in the ancient world. their niche on the old wood cigar factory. This evening soft glowing lights gave a calming and serene atmosphere. She had felt she had entered a Buddhist temple. Far in the distance, at the very end of the elongated studio room, past the rippled glass of ancient windows gave an amber glow to the people's faces. At the farthest most end of the studio maude could see the guest table. The people's warm smiling faces were familiar, she felt at home. Although maude did not know how she arrived here, she felt comforted by the people in the room. Most were strangers, but they gave off a scent of familiarity, like even though she did not recognize their faces, she felt a bond with them, connecting to another time and space, other worlds away.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Jane On Critism (Constructive)

Dr. Dheena: Correct! Critism is valuable when it is constructive. Thinking empathetically will lessen the sting of critism when it is tempered with love. Having had art critqued can make a person immune to critism's sting. Art is very personal and when someone says "I dont like the colour of paint or the subject matter", one can get highly offended and close down emotionally. We learned how not to attack the person and learned how to focus on the subject at hand. As well, a polite discussion on critism is expected, otherwise it is an affront to the person. I almost expect critism now! I am a Virgo too, and tend to over-analyze and over-critize everything. I must be careful not to hurt feelings by being more sensitve to the feelings of others. But allowing the case for over-sensitivity to stop any form of critism would be counterproductive. We have to learn the difference between a personal attack or meaningful constructive critism. There is a HUGE difference!

Magic in New York and Baltimore

"Why am I focusing on this?" the frustrated middleaged matron thought to herself. "I have no idea...'. It has made my every waking thought, my every sleeping moment a living nightmare., why do I have these horrbile nightmares? What's with these recurrent dreams, always the same, always involving people from my past?" Shiela tried to comfort herself as best she could, however her change of life being a catalyst and a direct push from the universe telling her she must take immediate action. The dreams turned to nightmares, the drama had upped the ante, and Sheila wanted to end the constant knock on the door of her subconsious. Sheila had been hiding for so long, without realizing it, horrible emotional pain. This artibrary vector was persistent. The uprooting of much emotional turmoil had been purposefully and directly propelling her to confront her past and any demons living there. Shiela knew she had to dispense with these self-loathing dreams, before she could live again. She had to go through to the otherside and find the thing that was bothering her subconscious for so long.

Sheila knew that it was not her alone which caused her heart to flutter, and her dreams and attention turn to her past unrequitted love. "This love will quit torturing my mind or I will have to do something. I cannot love a person this much, it is something else going on. My mind is playing tricks on me because my heart was played with in the past. I tried to ignore it, but now, after pushing down the pain and the awareness of that pain, I am confronted by some middle aged yoda in the centre of my brain saying "make life fair" and "don't let someone take advantage of your good heart and humanity" and "don't tread on me". Certainly Sheila was walked on in the past, actually rolled over by years of psychologically abusive relationships. Relationship that were concerned with power than the person behind that power.

Sheila emphatically added "I dont deserve to treat myself this way, I won't! I am stronger than anything that has been or will be thrown my way, I am much bigger than this, then these old emotions that are trying but yet again to drown me in a sea of troubles, old emotional trouble!" Shiela recited MacBeth "Boil, boil toil and trouble" If I am made into a witch, a witch I will be!" Sheila began to grow stronger as she looked upon the broom sitting on the floor by the counter. "What magic powers has been provided to creep back into my life when I least expected it, when I was least ready for it. This caged bottle of doubt will be broken and cast to the wind and who is next to feel the wrath of Sheila?" Sheila started laughing or, rather, began cackling. "Hey, hey my pretties, watch out for witch Sheila, the gray malkins mistress!

Sheila's strong Celtic roots could not keep her rooted to her staid position. Sheila knew she had to make changes in her life, she did not want to admit it to herself. Her dreams and nightmares had become her wakeup call. Sheila was becoming aware of her odd state of mind lately. "I cannot possibly continue living like this, with these crying spells, these regrets from what? Thirty friggin' years ago?" What is wrong with me? Am I going nuts? These annoying flashback distractions! I haven't got time to wallow in my middle age misery; I have too much work to do, people depend on me! Sheila thought about him, and became sad again.

Suddenly a knock on the bathroom door. Are you finished in their yet? I'm hungry! Sheila's teenage son had been calling Sheila for his supper. Sheila had totally forgotten about this. "Mom, come on, I'm late for rugby practise! Didn't you hear me calling?" "No, I didn't, sorry, dear. I was busy thinking in the shower." Mark had been worrying about his mom lately, she didnt seem as "with it". Mark wanted Sheila to call her doctor; "Mom, why don't you get a doctor's appointment?" Sheila angrily said "What for, do you think there is something wrong with me too? Oh, you're all nuts! Daddy said the same thing last week. I'm just sorting through some "unfinished business" it wont take long, just collecting the missing pieces and loose threads of my life. I am just coming to terms with becoming older. I will get use to it or die trying, I guess! Mark replied "hey Mom, we just love you, that's why we are concerned. We're just hoping to get our old mom back!".

Sheila looked in the mirror as best she could, clearing a fog-free patch with her robe. As she looked at her image, a soft foggy tear ran down her cheek and into the sink. "Nothing should be making me sad, I have a good life, a great husband, wonderful children" Shiela patted herself dry from the early morning shower. She could not put a finger on her unusal thought patterns of late. Her mind kept drifting to another time and place when life was less complex, simpler.

Her midlife fiftieth birthday last year had changed her dramatically. Now she realized the word "change" had significant physical and psychological meaning. Her life had been good, everything was fine. Of course there was that nagging doubt that she could never please her parents. None of the boyfriends never had the stamp of approval drummed up a lot of self-examination and doubt. Shiela was being confronted her demons, real and imagined, she did not differientiate between the two. For all intents and purposes Sheila was caught between two worlds,and a rock and a hard place. She is living in her world, what did the past what to do with her? Why the emotions now, thirty years after her lost love left her emotionally vacant and headed to the big city to find fame and fortune and a richer and much younger and prettier wife. Shiela had long ago, or so she thought, dealt with and dispensed her long lost love. It just would not work out, it wasnt to be, they both were not made for each other, the fit did not fit. Or so she thought. Her focus had become an obsession. The world she knows each day as having a certain continuation of reality and the world which offered to her a glimpse of the Sheila she left behind in Baltimore.

The hurried rush of midday Manhattan had caught Nathan Stephens off-guard. The midtown office crowds had rushed by Nathan to be the first at their favourite lunchtime deliccatesen. Around forty-second street Nathan looked to grab a hotdog and an overly large pretzel. It only cost $3 dollars, money being tight. Nathan got the vendor to wrap it in waxed paper. The vendor gave Nathan a disgruntled smirk and slowly completed the task. After quickly throwing the change on the vendor's counter, Nathan couldn't wait to eat. Quickly grabbing the hot food and stuffing it into his briefcase, Nathan ran purposefully through the streets to upper Manhattan, passing the suited throngs to T.G.I.F.'s restaurant to have a huge gulp of his favorite draft beer. Nathan could taste it now.

Arriving at the restaurant, Nathan swivelled on his favourite barstool, he looked at his watch, he had fifteen minutes to eat and get back to the office. A regular at the bar Nathan waved to his bestfriend, the bartender. Gus Smith had known Nathan since highschool both were attending The Actor's Studio in the fall. Nathan gave Guy the sign-language code; a Laurel and Hardy hair and face scrunch. Guy new to bring his favourite Guiness draft. Since both Nathan and Guy were attending The Actor's Studio both having acted in theatre arts plays in Brooklyn. As physically different as Laurel and Hardy, Nathan being the former skinny clown type man-boy. Guy as Hardy could certainly play his part, ever the serious second banana, he could charm the ladies with his physical mass which although large was buff.

More Comments from the Lovelorn

Me: i promise I wont get goofy. Goofy is in Orlando. NASA

is at Cape Kennedy. The two shall never cross paths. Unless

it is another sequel to Goofy in Space! I will stay on-

topic and try to learn the ways of NASA. Indeed a

phenomenal task for any student of the Space Sciences. All

business, I promise! Once I begin to get silly, I will

excuse myself from conversations here. Thank-you for you

expertise in this area, in is vital to my research into

this area. I need your brain to pick. Do not discourage me.

You are giving me nightmares of abandonment in space!

Cheers! is typing...
Your horoscope for

August 6, 2009 Just as soon as you taste success, Jane,

something comes along to make you feel badly about it.

Perhaps another person is jealous of you, and so he or she

does or says things that make you feel uncertain about your

own actions. Perhaps the doubt is coming from an internal

source that says that you aren't deserving of the

prosperity you hope to receive. Don't be thrown off course

by either of these sentiments. Move forward with your

grandiose plans. 149 characters left

Sorry to here about Budd Schulberg, Mike. I realized what

he meant to you in your last post. He has achieved

immortality now and left us with an amazing legacy. I will

never forget "I was suppose to be someone, a contender"

from Marlon Brandon from Budd Schulberg's famous novel "On

the Waterfront". Classic and iconographic, these memories

are permanently etched on our collective

unconsciousness.Not too shabby a feat!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dear Wedding Planners and Singers: Have you ever heard of a

Sand Ceremony? They look very beautiful. Having the old

maid and "Miss Haversham" (sort of left at the altar)

syndrome myself I can only imagine how beautiful that could

be! Maybe I was suppose to be a nun! Yes, I do have an "old

man" in the wings. Divorced he isnt looking forward to the

paperwork again. I guess I really am left in the lurch! Not

in my Barbie doll dreams did I ever think I would end up

like this! Blessing to all those so lucky to find the

"right stuff". What the world needs know is a lot more

love, sweet love!Do they still give out fruit cake at

weddings that you can put under your pillow to wait for

your prince? Maybe this only in Cinderella's - The Real

Life Story! :)jajo--- In, "Gayle Hedrington"

> I think it's foolish to go into debt for a wedding.

Simple can be elegant
Dear Bruce: The double entendres in your poem

"Antiquity" prove once again in their brilliance the

enlightening effect in has on the hyperbolic funny bone.

How "countless" these "moments" of "bent"ness where a

"pleasure" dome decree. In antiquitarian actuality, the

Ancient Greeks built temples to their gods, the rent of

which must have been a huge headache.
Whether or not they could afford those marbled temples is

disputable, it must have been wholly a pricey expenditure.

RENT the musical may give credence to the methods used in

the procuring of said rent.
"The Roaming Greek" sounds like an original name for an

Italian-Greek restaurant. I do recall the Rome-Greek perios

in Art History, known as Greco-Roman. YOu don't mince

words, you julienne them! Love it Bruce!!!jajo--- In, "Bruce Hamilton"

> Antiquity came and then went,
> and countless new moments are bent
> on longing for pleasure
> that somehow might measure
> how royalty paid its last rent.
> It's all roaming Greek. -- bh
> >
> >>Dear Firm: There must be a lot of new developments in

aberrant psychology of late. I really love reading

Psychology Today and other journals and studies in regards

to this subject, I did study this in 3rd year university.
The experts realize that the antisocial personality may be

part genetic as well as resultant environment deviations.

Whether or not you believe that antisocial behaviour is

nuture or nature determines where you stand in terms of

treatment for these unfortunate souls. Your comment about

the antiscoial teenage boy seducing the teacher is

interesting and brings about much speculation in my mind

and reminds me of the new story a few years ago with the

woman teacher and her young charge.
The youth may be a product of his environment, a negligent

father usually, and a mother who may be sending mixed

signals. The boy sounds confused. The nature of the male

beast is to actualize the "conquest". This aspect of the

male to seduce the adult teacher is kin to putting a

feather in his cap.
The teacher may be a "cougar", searching for some young

thing to verify her worth as a woman. The student

encouraging her sense by taking a personal interest in her,

something which may be lacking in her own family life. The

teacher's waivering sense of self may have been confused as

she continues to age and as her husband finds less sexual

interest in her.
Once her powers as a sexual being are confirmed by the

youth taking interest in her, reaffirms her positive self

image. Her ego being thus stroked, becomes biochemical as

endorphines are released with the "feel good" vibes from

the student. Since it is much like a high, the teacher

becomes addicted to this unconditional love and seeks its

However, if these roles are reversed and the teacher is

seducing the student, she has serious problems with her

sexual identity and feels she must corrupt an innocent

student as a subconscious drive from her abusive past. If

this is the case, she probably has a form of nymphomania.

Most nymphos cannot satisfy and are on the constant search

for the perfect fit (if you get my drift).Anti-social

behaviour can also be a condition caused by high levels of

mercury and other cotaminants, such as that chemical found

in plastics. Both the teacher and the student need

psychiatric help because, no matter who is the agressor,

the relationship is all about abuse of power. Since the

behaviours of the sexual agressor are aberrant they must be

treated. Treatment of choice would be the classic

conditioning and deconditioning of BF Skinner and others.

Also, the methods of Abrahams and Maslow, as in Humanist

Psychology would help to remedy the abnormal sexual

behaviours and help to stop any further recidivism.jajo---


"firmwareengineer1" wrote:
> I am currently having the pleasure to read THE CRIMINAL

PERSONALITY by Samuel Yochelson and Stanton E Samenow. I

have read numerous books on Antisocial Personality Disorder

but this one is the clear favorite in terms of the depth of

insight it offers. The authors' theoretical orientation is

clearly CBT, and what is amazing is their contention that

APD is a treatable condition. I find that interesting

because CBT is being used in England to treat antisocials,

and there was an article in THE GUARDIAN a few weeks ago by

some amateur who insisted the therapists were being put

upon by clever criminals. (That does in fact occur during

the early stage of treatment, but the therapists move

beyond that if they succeed in establishing rapport with

their criminal clients.) This is also interesting because

not so many years ago it was standard dogma that the only

"cure" for antisocial personality was either a bullet or

lifetime incarceration. These authors are not so


Dear Bruce: The double entendres in your poem "Antiquity"

prove once again in their brilliance the enlightening

effect in has on the hyperbolic funny bone. How "countless"

these "moments" of "bent"ness where a "pleasure" dome

decree. In antiquitarian actuality, the Ancient Greeks

built temples to their gods, the rent of which must have

been a huge headache.
Whether or not they could afford those marbled temples is

disputable, it must have been wholly a pricey expenditure.

RENT the musical may give credence to the methods used in

the procuring of said rent.
"The Roaming Greek" sounds like an original name for an

Italian-Greek restaurant. I do recall the Rome-Greek perios

in Art History, known as Greco-Roman. YOu don't mince

words, you julienne them! Love it Bruce!!!jajo--- In, "Bruce Hamilton"

> Antiquity came and then went,
> and countless new moments are bent
> on longing for pleasure
> that somehow might

Dear Maya: Another good book to read, thank-you. Two

personality traits are responsible for criminal behaviour,

narcissism and misuse of power. The greek god Narcissis

looked at his reflection in the water, so infatuated and in

love with himself. This ego-centric analogy determines how
becomes similar to the inner focus of the autistic

child. In other words, maybe most criminals cannot relate

to others because they do not have the capacity to feel

outside of themselves. The world of the narcistic being

narrowed to an almost non-existent shared world. Maybe the

criminals must relearn or retrain the brain to understand

the concept of "others" and the empathetic feelings lacking

in their autistic selves. Again, I believe it could be

environmental, this chemical poisoning of the mind by

certain chemicals found in DPT vaccine shots for example.

The drug Thimersol is loaded with dangerous levels of

mercury. Deadly. And we wonder why we have so many

criminals and so many autistic children. Jim Carrey and

Jennie McCarthy have speared-headed an awareness of the

dangerous of excessive innoculations before the age of one.

It could lend credence to the reasons why we have our jails

filled to capacity and beyond and why many children are

labelled ADD, Depressed, Autistic, or emotionally vacant.

Hopefully we can save the lost generation. It is scary.

Jajo--- In,

"mayareynoldswriter" wrote:
> Interesting.
> I'm reading THE ANATOMY OF EVIL by Michael H. Stone.

He's a psychiatrist who has done a detailed exam of the

histories of more than 500 criminals. He suggests two

personality traits reflected across the board in these

records: narcissism and the violent use (misuse) of power.

> The conceit he employs, which caught my attention because

I have played with it in writing fiction, is the levels of

Dante's Inferno.
> I find his personality traits more specific than the DSM

-IV TR's "reckless disregard" and "lack of remorse."
> Maya
> --- In,

"firmwareengineer1" wrote:
> >
> > I am currently having the pleasure to read THE CRIMINAL

PERSONALITY by Samuel Yochelson and Stanton E Samenow. I

have read numerous books on Antisocial Personality Disorder

but this one is the clear favorite in terms of the depth of

insight it offers. The authors' theoretical orientation is

clearly CBT, and what is amazing is their contention that

APD is a treatable condition. I find that interesting

because CBT is being used in England to treat antisocials,

and there was an article in THE GUARDIAN a few weeks ago by

some amateur who insisted the therapists were being put

upon by clever criminals. (That does in fact occur during

the early stage of treatment, but the therapists move

beyond that if they succeed in establishing rapport with

their criminal clients.) This is also interesting because

not so many years ago it was standard dogma that the only

"cure" for antisocial personality was either a bullet or

lifetime incarceration. These authors are not so

> >
> > Anyway, the book is not only interesting in and of

itself (even though it was written for Behavioral Health

professionals) but it occurs to me the detailed description

of the antisocial personality and how it works could be of

use to writers as well. I have read a lot of true crime,

and have been astonished again and again to find Yochelson

and Samenow describing and explaining behaviors and

thinking patterns that come up in the true crime books

without explanation. If you want to create criminal

characters who are true to life, this book could be

extremely valuable.
> >
> > As a side effect it also explains much of what we

commonly see in the news. One instance that comes to mind

is teachers who develop a legally indefensible hankering

for their students. According to the authors (who do not

mention the current bumper crop of randy teachers),

antisocial teenagers delight in coming on to young and

attractive teachers. Their intention is by definition to

defy the system and its rules, not to seduce the teacher.

But if an attractive 18 year old makes a 23 year old woman

think he is available, it is inevitable that some of these

ladies are going to go for the bait. As a matter of law the

adult is always and totally responsible, but the authors

say this is where the law deviates from psychiatry. From

the psychiatric perspective, the antisocial student bears

some of the responsibility, and is not in fact a victim,

since his participation is voluntary. Once the antisocial

is caught in some offense, he typically blames everyone

else, regardless of the nature of the offense. That seems

to be why these kids suddenly turn into victims when their

teacher lover is caught and prosecuted. The antisocial has

no real loyalty to anyone but himself or herself. "Lord"

Kitchener of British army fame comes to mind as I write

that. I have not read enough to understand whether this is

in fact the position of the authors or not, but it appears

from what I have read that the teachers may have at least

some antisocial tendencies themselves (they disregard the

ethics of their profession, after all and consciously

offend against the law), even though they may not be what

Y&S call "extreme criminals."
> >
> > Anyway, this is a genuinely fascinating book. Highly

> >
> how royalty paid its last rent.
> It's all roaming Greek. -- bh
Y&S call "extreme criminals."
> Anyway, this is a genuinely fascinating book. Highly

> > Brenda Coxe
> > Freelance Writer
> >
> >
focus on se