Thursday, August 6, 2009

More Comments from the Lovelorn

Me: i promise I wont get goofy. Goofy is in Orlando. NASA

is at Cape Kennedy. The two shall never cross paths. Unless

it is another sequel to Goofy in Space! I will stay on-

topic and try to learn the ways of NASA. Indeed a

phenomenal task for any student of the Space Sciences. All

business, I promise! Once I begin to get silly, I will

excuse myself from conversations here. Thank-you for you

expertise in this area, in is vital to my research into

this area. I need your brain to pick. Do not discourage me.

You are giving me nightmares of abandonment in space!

Cheers! is typing...
Your horoscope for

August 6, 2009 Just as soon as you taste success, Jane,

something comes along to make you feel badly about it.

Perhaps another person is jealous of you, and so he or she

does or says things that make you feel uncertain about your

own actions. Perhaps the doubt is coming from an internal

source that says that you aren't deserving of the

prosperity you hope to receive. Don't be thrown off course

by either of these sentiments. Move forward with your

grandiose plans. 149 characters left

Sorry to here about Budd Schulberg, Mike. I realized what

he meant to you in your last post. He has achieved

immortality now and left us with an amazing legacy. I will

never forget "I was suppose to be someone, a contender"

from Marlon Brandon from Budd Schulberg's famous novel "On

the Waterfront". Classic and iconographic, these memories

are permanently etched on our collective

unconsciousness.Not too shabby a feat!

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  1. Remember you were loved. You never stop receiving the unconditional love from your mom. It is real. As real as any dream. The dream any more real than the reality we live the complexity of all this. The multi-dimensional meaning of all that is; the interplay, the interactions and reactions, the substance and the substantial. Get with that substantial part. The real part of love.