Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Genesis of Life to Love

The person who can love completely is a rare commodity, if they exist at all on this earth. Memories of the far and distant past recall the time when we existed only as love. Before we were born we were Love. When we descended to this plane of existence we became dualistic in nature. Love cannot exist in completed form on earth as it is separated to some extent from the Divine's ability to unifies the constiuent parts here, on earth, it is not the right cosmic time to experience the continuity of Love Supreme. When the time and the place return it will be more than evident, it will be amazing. The overflow, the fullness will exist then. For now, we only receive the dregs, the bottom os the barrel of what love can really be.

For all those who say we love each other, this is partially true because love can only exist on this earth in a dualistic nature. Our souls have not been refined by the spiritual fire of rebirth. When that day arrives, at it most certainly will, the full overflow will be let loose on the earth and universe. A new singularity will exist and this singularness is; The Love Divine in all its radiantness on Oneness.

Our duality, our incompleteness. is necessary for us to experience the divine in all its capacity once the process we are living on this earth is complete. We are fufilling a circle-route destiny, picking up, along the way, love's lessons, if we bring into our heart that wholeness and unifying presence that cannot fully live on this earth in it's bountiful respendance. The awesome power of love is beyond description by our mortal bodies and pitiful souls. There is so much more to consume as far as love is concerned.

Once we leave our earthern vessels, our bodies, we transcend into the unity of love divine. We cannot comprehend this concept now. It is beyond description because it is us, all of us, but it is still so much more than we can ever imagine.

As we try to connect all the dots, make all the connections, make sense of all that is here in all it's complexity and simplicity, we are aware that no matter how hard we try, we will never achieve the completeness of self, our dualistic selves.

As we are lost in the discontect that happens between here and there between the past and the future. We really only see now. The comglomeration of all that is and shall be. The Alpha-Omega knowledge, the beginning and the end as one. That one is the Divine, The Love Supreme.

As the disconnect continues throughout life we either choose to ignore it, or we begin to concentrate on things are important to our physical selves. This is emptiness. This is love in a vacuum. We contain the love within us, we always will as love was always a part of our core; our essential selves. Yet, we struggle on the earth to realize the completeness of Love when it is right there staring at us, nudging us, urging us forward into the mystic, the cosmic unifying force that describes all that is, and all that was, and all that is to be. Maybe instead of duality we live in a trinity, three worlds merging, remerging and converging as one from the sum of all the parts.

Life is a lesson of the heart, and of the mind, spirit and body. We learn life lesson's here, often very harsh for our tender hearts, our love we nuture and adore, love we now, intrinsically conquers all. Yet where is the love here? How come we live in so much pain and there is the opposite of love, hate? How does hate relate to love? We are dualistic remember, there is, in this world, the balance of yin-yang, positive-negative forces. These multiplicities, more than dualities or trinities, probably split out endlessly as we wait with that one true constant force of the universe, Love.

Love is a state of matter, it is like a gas, it premeates everywhere. It fills in the void as we carry love within us into the universes of multidimension, following the circle route to arrive, one day at the beginning of it all again. That funny game. Why? The answer; we are taking love to the far-reaches of the universe making new universes as we carry that knowledge deep within us to take back more of the void more of the empty spaces that have existed without love for so long.

So how do we recover our heart, which burden us so with long lost love, forgotten love, love that has died, love that seems to have died, love that is on hold, on the cold back burner of life? These analogies are rife with suggestion of a world which possesses many various variations of the same, only more salty or more sugary, more alkaline or more acidic. Life is chemistry, Love is Unity. Life deals with many small parts, love deals only with itself and its premeation throughout the known universe. Yes, love never dies. Here on earth, love, like life's chemistry moves through our differenitation or multiplicity, or duality or trinity our everything. Yet here we still think love isnt all there is because there is so much more of things, things that have meaning in their physicalness whereas love is invalidated, it cannot be measured by any known means. Until now!

Not necessarily is love lost forever. We only feel it is. Love is always present, even when appears not to be. Why is that? Remember we were born from love, all of us, we have come from divine love. Divine love is what birthed us. We experienced divine love from our mother's love, the most powerful force that secured our feelings that love can exist here. Yet how much more is love when we become love? And we become complete love after we transform from our earth bodies into our spirit bodies.

Sometimes we feel let down by life, if not often. There is a lot of absence of love which is really hate, the opposite of love. Life can be hard on the soul that is love. Love feels frustrated when it does not have the means to express itself. When one feels they are not loved, for whatever reason, there is an emptiness, a feeling that love and life has let them down. There is nothing like mother's unconditional love, this love is just a precuror of the love that we will become in unity when we transform from the earthen vessel, or body.

There is a love-pain barrier here on earth because the pure love energy cannot in its entirity exist fully here. The love-pain barrier is broken by our spirits which are love and a certain form of matter. We transcend this less than perfect place to become our perfected place. We may feel that we can achieve Nirvana here, and to some extent we can, but it is much more complete on the other side.

Think of ourselves as love's warriors, bringing love to the recesses of the universe, spreading the infectious love that really is all there is once the circle route adds up to One again. It is complex and simple at the same time. The duality again. when the time comes, we emerge like a butterfly from the coccoon we break free the mortal coil our love spirit soul coming out from the top of our head, leaving us weighless and we absorb the love we were in it's entireness.

Living in our hearts and coming out of the top of our heads, love spirit soul the entity the being of all and nothing the competion which is us as we are in our eternal form comes forth. We become the embodiment of all that is, of time and space, of nothing and eternity. We can understand our parts then. We will just "be". Love is a gas!

Between the Two Separate Worlds, between the physical and the spiritual planes we transform into this unknown matter, this unknown entity. Unknown to all but the deepest part of our unified souls. It may be a gaseous-like state which transforms and transfers our soul knowledge experiencing exponential experiences here on earth. Our reemerged souls become our infinite soul, the nature of which is too difficult for us to understand with our yet-to-be developed selves. Our "self" merges into a unified being and this is very difficult for most to understand because we have fences around us keeping out anything from "contaminating" or "infiltrating" our supposedly pure state of self which actually does not exist in the infinite mother cell soul.

All pain, all suffering and their memory will be permanently removed from our consciousness. Our consciousness transforms into sumething greater than the sum of all our parts. We really merge with the divine and share the wisdom of all that is as we experience the awesome beauty of knowing we are one with the divine.


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