Monday, August 10, 2009

Genetic Discrimiation

Arlo Guthrie's concern about his children getting Huntington's Chorea could be less of a worry

if testing were to occur. As with Breast Cancer there are many mitigating factors besides the

genetic causes. Genetic Testing should be used to help the patient not harm the patient. "Do no

harm". Not getting health insurance due to genetic discrimination is causing the patient harm by

the information leaked to the insurers. Disease is a mindset; the legionnaires are case in

point. They smoke yet they dont get cancer, why not? If there were a genetic link all those who

smoke would get cancer 100% of the time. So it is an odds game this genetic testing. If you are

told you're going to get cancer, that is called "self-fufilling prophesy", and the patient,

believing this to be true, convinces their mind they are sick, and then, voila, they get sick.

The final gatekeeper to any genetic precursor is the mind. The powerful mind "entity" is, I

believe, all powerful. No one should ever discriminate against anyone with genetic markers for

this or that disease. In my opinion, and that of many others, genetic discrimination is against

the law! Instead of finding genetic faults, let's find genetic cures, via stem-cell research or

whatever to cure genetic diseases.

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  1. "Do no harm" is, as most should know today, the Hippocratic Oath the pinnacle, the ethic pas none of the Medical Community. The ancient great surgeon Hippocrates believed "doing no harm" was the best treatment for patients. If doctors "do harm" they are doctors, they are vampires!