Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Have you ever noticed the INTENSE sunlight during the spring? Today I was riding in Will's car to the mailbox and it was so bright I could see the trees with my eyes closed. I had to wear the orange goggles. Man that was WAY too bright. Maybe, just maybe this bright light has something to do with how a certain intensity is required to make NITROGEN SPRING and all things come back to life. YES, A SWITCH OF SORTS???HMMMM? SOMETIMES I HAVE NOTICED THE FALL ALSO HAS A LIGHT LIKE THIS..A SEASONAL CHANGING LIGHT...STIULATOR/SIMULATOR..SOME INTERESTING THINGS TO PONDER...:)JAJO AS PER CHICCOREAL (real girlfriend who is real)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Nitrogen Springs: Waking Up The New Earth Eurotour

Nitrogen Springs
Green Energy
Waking Up the New Earth
Once More

Eurotour Fling
get up
sleeping dream children
the earth angel fairy sprites
bees and new trees
want to bud
within and without

spring also
brings dead things
back to life
mysteriously so
but all in nature's plan
far removed from man's
complete understanding
as yet

Like the
1918 pandemic flu
reeked havoc
yes, a lot had bought it
the ultimate price
souls recalled
to The Maker of Fools
and Flying Machines
to the Great Beyond
and Beyond the Yonder Blue Sky
Big Sky

Earth's Clouds
had occluded their happiness
a sad cloud hung low and dismal
in their perpetual rain
way back when
yes that spring was mean
to the
dear souls all was lost
perhaps the sun turned on the lurking viral
solar activated beasts

As soon as
they had stepped onto that bus
it would be their last steps
their last stop
never to dance on this earth again
they gave heaven their opened arms
the horrid beast had won
this tragic round

For the world a May Day distress call
for the earth nothing happened
at all
the earth kept turning
time would not stand still

The human siren
can be heard still
of life so easily removed
why me, why us, why this day
in the early, early month of May
Millions of victims could not recall
Earth sometimes shows signs of
spring fevered holy roller madness
Earth never apologizes for anything
considering its many destructive misgivings
you'd think a "I'm sorry" is definitely
in order
at least in the natural scheme of things
to find that divine yin-yang balance

For today let
spring have a new meaning
humans can make
the world and the earth
brand spanking new with ideas
Ideas renewed,
vows retaken
returned in full
all the beautiful
positive and bold
refreshingly cool
minty fresh air
lightfilled flowers
full with bloom

Today we see Spring
as a
Wellspring of Life
from the New Testament
Easter's symbols of new life in Christ
little lambs, chicks and newborn calves
of bubbling cups overflow abundance
filled to the brim
pressed down, shaken not stirred
doubled many times over
my cup runneth over with Love
full of everlasting Divine capacity

Much Joy in the morning and anytime of day
Neighbours greeting Neigbhours
"Hello" from Cheers!
Let's make this a good day!

All people everywhere
make these springtime wishes
neverending resounding
song of the Mountains
instead of doing dishes
enlisting new life
no more suffering strife
yellow green and budding young fiddleheads
randy rhubarb and sally strawberry make good pie
gussie's asparagus soon to fill the belly
the first fruits of the vine
let's make some time

You know it's spring when
like Bacchus you're drunk
by the air so oxygen-rich
it makes me ditzy
like the earth on it's axis
gyroscopic spin
puttin' on the ritzy
and always will
the new spin doctor
brand new format
even the news is new today
new plants symbotically meshing of life
new nose knows it spring
new needs that wants to stay put outside
on the putting green

Which brings me to this May
goodly new
wicked good
terribly good
basket or cornucopia
all these goodly things
of Spring
burst forth and make me feel
so much alive

Untapped energies
unknown synergy
unrealized dreams
as spring springs forth
and endless fountain of youth
winter coccooning and spooning
gets stale and unwanted
a new spring outfit
to match the mood

Spring ordinates and coordinates nicely
all life's fullness and
resplendantly radiant glory
Bountiful Beauty
Bouncing white and blue balls
Flounching pink skirts and white crinolines
Skipping ever so lightly
over muddy frog ponds
slipping into water
on rocks covered in slime
the frogs laid their eggs
now lets lay mine

Spring also makes the change from old to new
and back again
awareness of the cycles of life
awareness of life growing under my feet
the earth
the world
alive with gusto mucho life
many more forms than we realize
or care to categorize by scientific methodology

As the world
pedals harder and faster
the petal pushers
push through the ground quicker
than I can remember
if I can remember
anything much
at all
this spring will enervate my neurons
once more to think therefore I am
and can
do anything
so says my brain
this lovely spring day

I remember Spring
and the feeling
She'd bring me
year after year
the open door
the hidden garden
in my mind
the far shore
beckoning me
year round paradise
is only a thought away
to a new way of seeing
with eyes renewed
my mind evokes these images

New bonding and breaking
of old habits
that keep us too bound to the earth
as humans should want
to fly up into the sky
with the spring breezes
to fly up into the sky
with the butterflies and flowers
to fly up into the sky
with the many birds and bees
escaping the earth's gravity
these nitrogen buddies
fireflies contained in a jar
make me feel light headed and giddy
you really have it all
with Spring

Venturers call on me now
lets go biking
or crack open
those old memories
earthen vessels stores
last year's wine recalled
from the dry basement
to sit with picnic basket
on a blanket
in my yard
seeds sprout and grow
in harmony
with much light, life and love

Old songs recalled
like yesterdays snooze
let's do it again and again
in the rain on the plane
ride to Paris
mile high club
you know what that means
at least Sir Branston does
and nobody knows but me
the way I felt for you
warm and fuzzy
fizzy and dizzy
spring inebriates
making us slightly giddy

With the beating atomic clock
the time is precise
as a robot drone
churning out daffodils
and charmingly bright yellow
reassembling the sun

Energetically driven green machine
each moment strung like pearls
around the neck
each pearl a year
each year a string
each string a necklace
and there are many, many necklaces

For dismissed missives Miss Chatelaine gained
her place in space and time
and lives to glow with the honour
of having known all that there is to know
unknown by man
who considers
Virgin or Whore
no more will men taste
of fruits over-ripened
slightly soured like old perfume
in sunlight
and like old socks never found

Tess stands tall and strong
appreciated only
great Greek women
divine retribution
knows no bound

and pancaked
with rouged
and pucker'd lips
turned to painful humours
and rumours of past grief
she downs her sorrow

Of our indepth empathy
The sister's Love
knows no bounds
knows no time
such as this
for sooth
It is time
to go and grow again

Coming to terms
with old spices
flowers and chocolates
wishing well
waters pure
gifts of Hyacinth
the lost channel
from the Celestial-
Sorcerer's Gift

On the banks
Old Frenchmen
watch (they do so like to watch)
the new shore
Of New France
the old tools
with old hands
hold 'em high Texas!

Only the Most
Blooming Parisols
and circling cravats
entwined lace
with lapel's nose gays

with Tennyson's
albatross' 'round necks
lots of baggage theirs
Furies over Sirens
did reign
renounced the present
presents return to
unromantic suitors
in these
antiromantic times
I yearn for yesteryear

Flurries south of the border
Below the Furries; furbelow that
more than your regular precip
heard lately
news on the street
Let's get Smart!

We're waiting and watching
for the next shoe to drop
the old trends discarded
often brings disaster
what we intend does mend
all the mess lately
it's way too much
to say
we lost it all
before we had the time
to make our day
Especially yours
in the Springtime sun

lets go back to less is more
a friend of mine;
Les Ismore
More or Less
another friend of mine
More Orless
Silly friends' names
say it all!

Those early days of educational tv
Mr Rogers and Prince Friday
the The Antique Roadshow's many gadgets
and The Lawrence Welk Show? where'd he go?
Masterpiece Theatre definitely
a favourite of mine
the finer things in life
don't let me miss
don't let me miss
play on
play on
roll on
roll on
down the
lazy river
in the easy rider
not gloating
of things I did not get
but wish for yet

Let's together
stumble into ecstacy
that pleasurable place
never ending bliss
infinity's crowning glory
Love must have
discharged all that energy
so long ago

Commercial breaks
the tide of despair
no hope hopelessness
and malicious intent
and the malingering
hunger for more
in this Brief Moment of Time
Dr. Stephen Hawkings said

Yes, we live forever, that we do
well i think we do
no definitive proof
but high suspect
that from logical deduction

What we have now is always and will be
zen time for you and me
once and for all this n' that
"forevermore"(a goodly zen word)
and maybe the raven
quoted here "nevermore"

Love You Forever Edward Munsch Forever, I do
we live for now, yes we do
we live for the moment, yes we are
we live for love, all is Love
Here and Now; Let it Last
But not make me an unmoveable feast
I want to jump and dance around
as I swim in your ocean of Love

Make this happen
Our energy vessel contained
the now beam stays put inside
the soul
holding onto the stable tableau
light bowl poured
the angel of death
lies about our end
life never ends
or so it seems
from Bible evidence

Another commercial takes away thought
for truth sought is bought
and brought
to you today by the letters
"F" and "U"
(you getting this Bruce?)
Flexcare and Ultramatic beds
a place for your pocketbook to live
in perpetuity's continual turn turn turn

They go together without worry
Put this to bed
Debbie Meyer's Green Bags
Won't keep the Spring
in my step forever
or the veggies and fruit
in my fridge
from seeping into
Mozart's lye
saved nothing
of the dear's dna
of the genius'
fluffy white hair

A telltale secret for your eyes
today only
from tv
snap the carrot top
seems to stay fresh so long
he still makes me laugh
my head off too

You look so alive with pleasure
I really want that what you have
I really covet your eternity (oh that's not good)
I really want to live forever too (like a golden painted bird)
I really can live forever there (in some form or other)
with you
yes, with you, for you, by you
what's your price?
heaven can't wait
for your
heavenly cash

Haven't thought nuch about much me lately
or the dire mortality of mr. morality preacherly's ways
sticking it to the man in your face
Chico, my friend
your a gas
that's past
and a sitcom rerun
is like watching
time unfurl, recurl, uncoil
as wind spin prayers
to heaven above
I love to listen
to your song
round and round the buddhist prayer
tell him I love him
before I take up residence there
(Peter Sellers Being There, too)

Religion only brought
much disgrace
a pityful glance
from holier than thou
I really needed that?

You either sold me or scolded me
pampered me or tramped on me
wax me or wayned me
(Jane Wayne?)
or left me a mess
mr tv entity
in tight sausage pants
and slick back hair
you're a turn on
even if the line is a tripe
give me a break
I'll order now, I like your hype
$14.95 seems cheap to me,
as cheap as your cologne
what is it; Brut?
what should I do now, hug trees?

Making life seem resilent
resistent to pain
forever Silent Spring
Come home again
Rachel Carson
I like you're right stuff
Cultural Geography
taught me
to fall in love
with my geography teacher
what a hunk
like the April rain brings
back a unusual form of spring
even if it is as dead as you are now
I know that you live for your word
thank gosh you're not a cow
(good to know?)
Ok i promise not to not channel
the naysayers absolutely no more

Tupperware Forever
perserved formalydehyde
some what evermore
time to sell
caskets for food baskets
and bone fide booze for the Irish
taste testers
of Divinity's Nectar
Booze will bring 'em back again

Stop this rot
rotten tomatoes not
Guiness'd and Heined
surely I can afford
another like charity
for my home propriety

Spring fed dashes wishes
like changeable four strong winds
build mountains
from mole hills
dams and dikes
for speed bikes
keep back the forces
of the Furies curses

That mashpit of our past
Brutal and mean
did you not miss me?

Me I Missed
Hitchiker Of the Universe
On The Road To Perdition
The Me I wanted To Be
With You, of Course
coursing through my unwell
from leaving you so long
under my skin

And all this bs
as things grown from crap
a dictomy of sorts
life on the edge
mechanical beds live longer than most
even Tutankamon eventually did tank and like toast
he extinguished his hold on this world

TV insurance pays our benefactors great dividends
but who really gives a heck when like a doornail you are dead dead dead?
lives on in infamy, leave a path
til only our history need be sent back

Perry Mason reruns, life in black and white
like a dream of the dead come back to life
Handsome Paul Drake, always 33
smoking didnt help him but did sustain his need
to suck

John Edward channels the tv ghosts eternal souls
why'd they be stay here, when heaven looks so good?
one can only guess
Paul Drake what a mistake to make
shouldn't you have quit for good?

On the airwaves
of the dead on dead airspace
of the dead play on
now replayed in endless loop
or are waiting under the altar
writhing for revenge
this world isnt fair
what would keep them here

Angels say
they are not here
they have risen
from the hidden places
particles of what they were
The Way They Were
Way back when?

Long lost ghosts of the distant past
midnight oil extinguished at last
of my witching hour come to me now
so turn on all the lights
and love me like hell
curse curse the damn night
so says Dylan Thomas
the sexy Welchman
against the dying of the light
Dylan's sexiness lives on and on
as I feel those long lost twitchings
I thank him, like Tom Jones
I had something very lovely once
Tommy did say
now that it's gone
what's left for me now
to bitch about;

Yes the long night is extinguished now
deliberately the switch is off
nevermore to be switched on
an automated life turned to puff, fluffy white stuff
we can fool some of the people some of the time
while the encroaching evening psalm
alaca black hole six feet down
knows no bounds
like a broom sweeping under the bad
with a tom foolery dashery
is a stark awareness
the big dipper spoon
capturing me
with one big gulp and I gasp
as I grab onto something
the broom
mr broom
waves in my face
damn sexy nightime boogieman
I'll get you yet in my jam
as I
reach for my little light of fire
hidden in the corner
where's my cupcakes
and New England bed warmer
by the bed
i've always felt attached
come to me now dead man
you've never had such pleasure

mr broom cajoles
to say
it is
time to go
night night
dear lady
to your new old home
my sweet lady
til we meet (meat?) again!

Turn on all the damn Halogen lights you can
The Angels wear day glo hats I know why
their light comes from within
it isnt cheap paint
or tin foil wings
blue angel swiftly
turned out
tuned on
dropped out
Yes echoes in the background space
Life echoes and etches cosmic designs
Dr. Timothy Leary's mace
a brain is a terrible thing to
so waste not want not
give the head a break

Angel knew this acrid truth
the light within
never die
Nuclear since 1945
we all glow within

High above
the earthen outbounders omnibus
released like the
flight of the loud Thunder Cloud clap
the Eagle has Landed
the Raven is waiting
for a trip to BC
in 1969
and yet Crichton says
on the cellular level
may we always flight
or fight away the night
you like it when teasingly
spanked you lust for my feather
to fly away home, fly away all
and fly off the handle
sometimes I do
against the damn dying of
the light
Hugo the Angel knew
all light turns
earth tourists
into happy campers
who stay longer
at the resort

to darkness
my old friend
I want to talk with you again
because Simon and Garfunkel
told me so
in my earworm
heard over and over and over again
and back again
and yet
this eternal flipflop
makes time last that much
suspending time
like a principal
called me into the office
when I was a teen
longer much longer lasting
than any gum care to tell
for those already waiting
for the end
to all
waiting is not possible
hemlock usually wins
life and death coin toss
should I or shouldnt I
who will tell?
flippy isnt it?

exhausted extinquished
ex libris
ex caliber
Kelly's Girl Friday
really goes for you
a gopher in waiting
a darn good golfer too
man you got it made in the shade
with pink lemonaid

In the keeping room
you stay awake
ladies making
Soupe du Jour

Habitant Soupe or
Soupe de L'onion Au Gratin or
Patie de Froigras or
Oxtail, Cattail
Turtle Soup
or a mean Escargot
French eat
odd things
eat out a lot
sammich meme
like Ragout de Rigour
or Croque Monsieur
a plentiful cuisine
for love is too lean
to make the grade
or the cut of beef
Beefcake Boy

with heart shaped
wooden spoons
tossed to the Welsh Wind
to those who appreciate
the real intrinsic value
behind these things
passed on in effigy
you know I'm burned

For a living
basement bargins
Stock, lock
Sap barrelled
sweet things
to bring
with you again
to New France

once crossed
now totally undone
by that bordertown
again crossed
not once but twice
you codgy old
Cagey Cajun
Fishmonger's wife
Come back up North
reclaim your rights
Leave alone the strife
of bitter truths
broken dreams
and self-doubt
a tome of the past
the time has past
we'll close that chapter
leave it alone
let's turn another page
a new book
it's love I'm after

Hey you got your
wooden nickle
so dont get your
twisted Nicky's
in a knot
a rutting ram's
twisted horns caught
that dreaded
love knot
passions killing force
mooses ability to derail
trains and keep on track
with latent seed energy
love's passion-directed fury

and so as we enter
pocanos pools of the past
niagara falls hot tub
we sure made it last
make time
21 knotty pine way
love nest
for love birds
til the killing cull

and with that
3 pointed hat
5 chances
for the 4 door garage opener
set on automatic
you pilot your life
leaving me behind
on tarmacs oily tack
you choice is redundant
you wanted it all
i was not all that
a t'all
t'is ain't t'all bad, t'ainted
but it aint all bad
you blame it on the Irish in me
far, far, too much
thank-you very much
Andy Kaufman

Many prime choices
eloping moose
beavers tails
caribou quarters
on the doorknob
Do Not Disturb sign
passion afire
Do Not disturb sign
dare not go there
never say never again
you know not
your star
alone star state
too much
to area 51

Forever burning brightly
tiger tiger
in the nitie night
A thousand nights
for a thousand clowns
I was one too
packed a punch
and now let's
Sing it Loud and sing it proud
from the rooftop
and ramparts
Napoleon Rules
all the rest
drool or
go to Ohio

Denuded now
Defrocked then
Dumbdowned now
Denounced then
Once now all that's that
Happening Now!
emotionally reduced
flaring red glare
embarasses our fine fashion

Those were your
golden shimmering moments
halcyon haystack days
extra larger than life
made popular by sunset poplars
shadows painted in colours
Monet came and went
A Van Gogh to go
Seurat splats pointed out
silos brimming
overflow and abundance
overstocked conspicuous wealth
overture from the undertones
clanging cymbols,banging bells, tinging triangles
ringlets and tangles and deep thrust quakes
niagara gorges
waking the dead
in the wake
of life's passing
to all those
days of pure yore
yolked with unbelievers and overachievers

You who knew you before you knew me
gave it away
to the nearest door
that time which melted
in Upper NY state
you were the Universe
In One Act
In One Egg
You came from the cold
crystalline palace place
to my place
by way of via
rail and hope and a prayer
I gave you back your ticket
Now make like a tree
and Leave
it to Beaver
Omly 8 and dropping acid
you didnt have too much to learn

Come out of your shell
Miss Shelly Divine
Frankenstein has awakened
the monster in me
the dawn of the dead
the day of the retread
the day I took Manhattan
and left the ho of Berlin

is made
for you
just dont dump it
like you did me
you did me
no you didnt
you couldnt have
i wasnt awake through
all that bumping and grinding
on the wall

hemmed in
on the
Aunt Blanche
blonde hair
you little
Hide Society's Ills
The Bleak House
in her
peasant farmers
fed despair
"I want my baby back!"
the contents of Mallory's malcontent
malaligned malingerers
misconceived misfits
Kingly Commoners
Rulers All

slanted light
that night
eyes shifted
for a boo
Bette Davis peeks
St. Francis' Abbey
Fancy that
time well spent - not
with contractual terms
and prenups
from hell

Not again
wasting away again
St. Margueritaville
wasting or melting
all that fat from your cat
at least for
Hemmingways tragic daughter
a lush moment
of rash destruction
patent time
new leather shoes
with tighty whiteys
clearly seen while standing still
naughty or nice
dont kill yourself

Not since then not much or such utter nonsense
would ever make it
to air or
the Playbill Ducks versus
and Screaming Black Swans

P'shaw to Nunsense
As You Like It
you seemed to like it
Well at least that is what
I though
you said
you played the part
of events
or if you prefer
done like dinner
when it is finished

Releasing Airs
Passing Gases
Hurdy Gurdy
organ grinder
Snagged on time
Lying Dormant
On the Doormat
warped by
Little Miss
Little Miss
come back to me

Red carpet
Spring's new Release
A Book For All Seasons
tense supersteps
up the Eiffel Tower
elongated elegance
trippin' the light
The City of Lights
at Night

an Evening
in Paris
with my
civet cats
this evening
some brew
in this long lost
Renoir Films
glimpse of passes
Art Nouveau
Watching the Ouevre
This Green Day
Film Vert Course
Lena Wertmueller
A lioness of directness

Prima Ballerinas
twirl in pink and tulle
For Whom the Bell Tolls
It Tolls For Thee
Manet Monet Mammon
For all
the plastic you provide
I love you
on your
Mastercard charger
invoice the Master
for the room charges
me double occupancy

No past incongruities, inconspicuous
the iconographic image
now brand new
once behind the scenes
now brand new
Hotel Dieu

From the artist's army
or neuroplasic surrealistic
painters magic
contemporal terrortorial initiatives

bedridden embedded
beswagged behangin'
beshagged bedraggin'
begrudgingly befrocked
beflocked beflucked
and plucked threadbare
fuzzy wuzzy
has no hair
but once
upon the twinkledust
peter pan's paris
our night
in Paris


poets all
recall incantations
magic moments
The Persistence
of Time
Hello Dali!
Go west to Bali
in the raindance
reindeer horns
on the
far plain
far shore
far horizon
too much rain
and tear smudges

All Spain's famous concrete poet-
painters melted icing
dreams and
together all
swirling circlular staircases
down the drain to underground pipes
and tunnels leading to
new chalk on the sidewalk
same time
same show
same channel
we sketch our new renewed dreams
for new unearthed tomorrows

On the
Champ Elysee
Riding a
mini couper
around and around
the Roundabout
All Be Your Roundabout
Maybe even
Napoleon's dream machine
to Conquer
standing Loud
standing Proud
standing Taute
obviously not tall
in this his
day of
remember Waterloo?
Spring Forgets Me Not

The flesh
that screams
touch me
with the A cups
remember or
Evening in Paris
You cant forget
that night
of liquid dreams
and languid kisses
signifying nothing but

jajo 26 Mar 09

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ja-Len Jones Dr. Wayne Dyer, and other incredible speakers, via computer...NOW!! INSPIRATION!Hay House Radio | Radio For The Soul | Listen Live to Hay House Authors | Homepage
Source: www.hayhouseradio.com
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Write a comment...Ja-Len Jones OMG!!! RAM DASS and DR WAYNE W DYER...TOGETHER IN MAUI...OCT 09...dreams do come true..pray this dream for me friends...it is a long shot..but, hey Good happens

Monday, March 23, 2009

French Fried New France

French Fried New France

incongruous incongruities

i think
therefore i am
a french poet
Tess DuberVille
before the fall
of France's pants
My ruffle jambone
filet procette
en tableau
sur la semaine prochaine
en chinoise
Pour le Monde
en Verte

Circe de Soleil
Head once didacted
in a one act play
gutterless gorilla
dances with other
barenaked gorillas
jane goodall
cloned another jane
monkey virus

or so it seems

clone your dog
that which i were
when i was then
and am
much more
a bag
of cashed in
from black jack
a mere
mirroire dore
of french fried
potato chips
famine filled
perished in the deep
or died
of malingering

will I have
a garbage bag
with that?
for my head
with that?
tossed in
the white trash
with that?
You Know?
trailer trash
came crashing
as heads
all's for not

yet royalty
Aching ARches
demi tasse is
than less
is more
a whore
or tight fitting

Kingly Roi
Prince Dolphin
of My dreams
Marie Antoinette's
net stockings
Leotards that Roar
Mon petite chat
Au Revoir!-jj-

Sunday, March 22, 2009

On Psychology: Personal Insights, etc

Recent Marketing Trend Psychology - Resultant Market Psychology:

Have you noticed the Rising Retail trend? Recent through the roof sales in USA? Why? When you Tell people they cant do something, like shop, for example, or there are no jobs and no money..people go hog wild spending on garbage, buying things they cannot because they figure; better use up what wont be there soon. It is a defensive reaction. And so of course, when people are coming from a negative, they react negatively or not very smart because...negative plus negative equals more negative. Unless we can spend our way out of a bottomed out economy or a "tanked" economy? We just dont have money and so why would sales go through the roof? Of course sales go up and up...Our nature? "Dont tell me I cant"..(sort of predictable...we knew this would happen..and it does (Self-fufilling Prophesy)..so we can manipulate eh? hmmph!It is a last ditched effort to gain control of the lack of control we see in our economy. People don't have a clue what to do so they spend like all hell has broke loose, like there is no tomorrow (which may in fact be the truth as the govts are not doing enough to say "everything is going to be ok"...it just looks hopeless unless we make A GOOD PLAN THAT WORKS..WILL WE BELIEVE IT???.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just Jane Joking Around

Do you know why you have a virgin mind? You never use it.

Righting Wrongs in Regards to Physically/Mentally Challenged

At least he admits the mistake, so I know it is not deliberate. Now the icing on the cake. The apology gift will have to be made, and made with humble pie! President Obama should and will make concessions by increasing disability insurance to disabllity insurance recepients. Also, any other way to help the physically and mentally challenged.This will even the score of fair play so missing in the world.

Fri Mar 20, 11:00 AM


What's this
By The Associated Press


WASHINGTON - President Barack Obama has apologized to the chairman of the Special Olympics for his quip equating his bowling skills to those of athletes with disabilities.

Appearing on "The Tonight Show," the president told host Jay Leno he'd been practising at the White House's bowling alley but wasn't happy with his score of 129.

Then he said: "It was like the Special Olympics or something."

The audience laughed, but the White House quickly recognized the blunder. The Special Olympics, founded in 1968 by Eunice Kennedy Shriver, is a global nonprofit organization serving 200 million individuals with intellectual disabilities.

On his way back to Washington on Air Force One, Obama called the chairman of the Special Olympics, Tim Shriver, to say he was sorry - even before the taped program aired late Thursday night.

"He expressed his disappointment and he apologized in a way that was very moving,"Shriver said Friday on ABC's "Good Morning America. "He expressed that he did not intend to humiliate this population."

Obama, Shriver said, wants to have some Special Olympic athletes visit the White House to bowl or play basketball.

Still, Shriver said, "I think it's important to see that words hurt and words do matter. And these words that in some respect can be seem as humiliating or a put down to people with special needs do cause pain and they do result in stereotypes."

It's a shame that even the President of the United States can't be human. Anyone in their right mind would have known that the comment was not intended as an insult.

POSTED BY: Judy on FRI, MAR 20, 2009 08:14 PM -0500

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Yahoo Canada doesn't hide it's bias,what a different slant they have compared to it's US counterpart.do some search on Canadian Press you will see how what a lovely right wing bias they have.

POSTED BY: Shel b on FRI, MAR 20, 2009 08:13 PM -0500

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Hitler was Human too . just a thought

POSTED BY: etibamecus1 on FRI, MAR 20, 2009 08:13 PM -0500

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What's all the fuss? He spoke before he thought, he realized his gaffe and he apologized for it. Who among us has never uttered a derogatory comment about any group or person? Move along people...nothing to see here.

POSTED BY: MelseeDotes on FRI, MAR 20, 2009 08:12 PM -0500

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LMAO. MORE BLAH BLAH BLAH'S Retards want to be treated like everyone else right? So they are! Whats the prob? thats all I have to say.

POSTED BY: mjDoxtator on FRI, MAR 20, 2009 08:12 PM -0500

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Understanding Emotions: Dialectic Argument Pro/Con

Jan-Len wrote: The dialectic argument: if we look at emotions as a spectrum,

or a rainbow, realizing that, we go or grow through

emotions, they are necessary to become wise and achieve a

richer wholeness found in the collection of all spectral

emotional colours or white light. White light represents

spiritual attainment; higher spirit-vibe energy;

We cannot dispense so easily with emotion; it is what makes

us human, sometimes emotions seem to not help matters.

But would you rather be a robot without emotions or

plastic; denying a key to the road to fullness in mind,

body and spirit?The divine must have given us emotions for

something goodWhy Do We Have Emotions?
a message from Sarah Biermann

Friday, 20 March, 2009


176 views, no comments - login or register to comment
Emotions are a major part of the Earth Game. We wanted to

experience duality, to see what it was like to be separate,

limited, and have physical bodies. We wanted to experience

all the juicy, human possibilities; to feel emotions, taste

food, sing a song, ride a horse, pet a cat, and make love.

The problem is that we identify ourselves as being that

emotion. We say, “I am sad” or “I am frustrated”. NOT TRUE!

You are an Infinite Being who is feeling an emotion. There

is a belief that if you have an emotion you become that

emotion. If you feel shame it means that there really is

something wrong with you at a core level. It’s like if we

feel it then it makes it real, and it will never go away.

Actually, the opposite is true, but we aren’t taught that.

We’re at the end of the Earth Game of duality now. It is

time to release our judgments of what is good or bad and

embrace the whole. It isn’t about only having the positive

emotions and positive thoughts in order to create a

positive reality. It’s not set up that way. In order to

fully experience joy, love and excitement, you must be

willing to equally fully experience sadness, anger and

hopelessness. That’s how the Game was created.

The transition we are going through now is to be willing to

feel all the emotions fully while at the same time

maintaining your awareness of self as the Infinite Being.

We’re remembering our multi-dimensionality.

In her book Initiation, Elisabeth Haich wrote about her

experiences as a Priestess in Ancient Egypt and her

initiation process. They deliberately brought up strong

emotions (positive and negative). Ptahhotep is the Priest

who taught her. He explained emotions to her.

"My dear child," he begins, "initiation, as I have already

explained to you, means to become conscious on the highest

level, the divine plane. To be able to do this requires

long physical training and spiritual preparation. One first

must strengthen the nerves to enable them to bear these

high vibrations without harm, without death.

To become conscious on a given plane means to conduct the

vibrations characteristic of this plane into the nerves and

through the nerves into the body. From the time a body is

born, that is, from the time a 'self' dwells in it, the

body develops a power of resistance corresponding to the

average degree of consciousness of the spirit dwelling in


The degree of consciousness of a living creature fluctuates

up and down, depending on its emotional condition, within

the limits of a octave of vibrations. These fluctuations,

however, must not exceed the limits of elasticity of the

nerves; for if they do, injuries and sicknesses of a more

or less serious nature occur, even death. The vibration

belonging to a creative vital energy is absolutely lethal

for creatures whose consciousness has not yet reached this


The great initiation means consciously experiencing the

vital energy and creative vibrations of eternal being,

experiencing these vibrations on every plane of development

and in their original frequency, without transformation,

and simultaneously conducting these vibrations into the

nerves and the body."

They began by intentionally producing emotional states by

using dream pictures.

Once that was mastered they had to experience different

emotional states on command, without dream pictures, going

from the lowest to the highest.

Then they practiced fast changeovers from one emotional

state to another.

The next step was to experience opposite emotional states,

one after the other, with no time lost for transition,

shifting from deep sadness to the highest hilarity, or from

fear to self-assured courage.

"People believe that there always has to be a reason for

their being joyous or happy. Through the exercises with

dream pictures we first imagine we have a reason for being

in one mood or another. Thus we learn to control the

reasons themselves! As we do not actually have a reason,

however, we have to imagine one.

Then comes the next step of experiencing an emotional state

by itself, without a reason. After long practice, we

discover we have always imagined we had a reason form being

'sad' or 'joyous', 'depressed' or 'exuberant' etc. Through

these exercises we thus become convinced that events and

occurrences in our lives must not have any effect on us. We

discover that every state of consciousness arises - and can

only arise - within ourselves. The same event can provoke

one person to laughter and another to tears, while a third

remains completely indifferent; all because each is merely

projecting outwardly his own inward attitude, and it is

only the inner attitude which provokes our response, not

the external events themselves."

The end result of all this emotional training is that we

are able to experience all levels of emotion and at the

same time hold an expanded view, knowing that our True Self

is untouched (being multi-dimensional). We have gained

unshakable emotional composure, knowing that "...whatever

happens on earth is only a transitory dream projected in

time and space by ourselves. We only need to take it

seriously in so far as it adds to our experience."

That's emotional freedom!

Sarah Biermann - Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Energy

Healer, Writer and Artist www.limitless-one.com - Email:


This message was originally posted here

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Visions Spotter

When did the separation occur? I will use "we" and "us"

from now on instead of "they" or "them". Great to rethink

our mindset. It is always good to question these things

that are creating gaps in our understanding...we need to

say "ohm" when we make the unnecessary brainwash of

semantic word play made when fear ruled...Now we are

fearless, we dont need these words of separation; we need

to have fearless conversations and make powerful things

happen; together we are stronger and more than two; the

strongest ever

Ja-Len Jones at 9:04am March 19
Dear Colleen: Wow!!!this is so much more than

synchronistic...the bird vision..knowing visitation by Sri

Tirumala Krishnamacharya must document this! Wow moments

are HAPPENING!!!Knowledge is desireable as is Love and all

good things which are flying all around..now to hold onto

this magic...can we?Ja-Len Jones Sri Tirumala

Krishnamacharya: Dear Master Guru Sri Tirumala




whipped by my bathroom door while I was brushing my teeth;

Sri Tirumala Krishnamacharya? LOVE YOUR ENERGY!!!WOW!4

minutes ago

Ja-Len Jones Sri Tirumala Krishnamacharya: Dear Guru Sri

Tirumela Krishnanacharya: Thank-you for being powerfully

present. Please send me a visualization and I will tell you

what it is tomorrow. Namaste!

skipping on the light fantastic...hi friends! elephants

never forget...good is forever!Nina Ferrell Note from the

Universe - 19 March 2009
People, when given a chance, smile, skip, and dance. They

create, play, and laugh. They care, share, and love.Catrine

Larsen at 4:32am March 19
I love this one...Bowie was wonderful in this movie...seen

it a thousand times......Thank you for reminding me Nina!
Write a comment...

all empires eventually collapse with the removal of the

first stone...absolute power corrupts absolutely...freedom

and love will reign...may cooperative government be

Thank-you Arthur - Visualizing a huge HUG of Love along

with a Peppermint herbal tea! Namaste!

Colleen Zaruba The bird of vision is flying towards You

with the wings of desire.#quote ~RumiPosted 8 hours ago ·

Comment · LikeUnlike jajo

Things Occupying My Mind Today...Always New For You

The Irish believe in "charms" as in "a charmed life" in "Lucky charms".Simple Superstition! Not sure where Irish charm concept orginated, but material wealth and the "dowry" are mementos of the past. Things about the "woman" let The Quiet Man's woman (Maureen O'Hara)to remember her deceased mother and father, I believe. It isn't so much the material wealth, but rather the connection the "things" past and the joy things bring when it comes to having a connection or a "touchstone cairn" to the past. In this way, things makes life complete. However, I am thinking about going Feng Shui...not sure if I can, really. Addicted to The Waltons (70's tv show)these supposedly poor mountain folk had lace curtains and stained glass. Irish were poor dirt farmers. The accumulation of things could mean "social" climbing, or a perceived wealth. All these things are very important to the Irish, but mostly it is all about Love.jajo

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

19th Century Poets Knew From Love

Dear Bruce: You have gotten me to thinking again. Ouch!

Proust must have an answer, n'est pas? C'est la meme

choices. One of Proust's contemporaries must have hammered

the same golden mask of Love's design Love doesn't "play

right" in the poetry of today and is often absent in

intensity and purpose.
I like how Proust shows no effort in recording his love of

life. The romantic lived for love. There are no true

romantics today. Well, maybe Leonard Cohen. Proust is

profoundly subtle and almost journalistically modern in his

literary skills of recording his world, his times.
Proust along with the greatest minds of the historic past

are buried in the same cemetery where all the great 19th

century writers, artists, thinkers are buried in perpetuity

at Cimetière du Père Lachaise Paris, France (same place

where Jim Morrison is supposedly laid to rest).
What great mysteries revealed before the atomic structures

changed. Steeped in the classics, the poets of yore knew

what was important. However, once the oeuvre (cosmic egg

cracked) in the 20th century with the first atom bomb,

Love's meaning faded.
Love indeed was divine and honourous back then, it really

had a hold on the creative imagination; greatly missing

today. One has to wonder; why is Love delegated to the

backseat in the 20th century? We have switched our

priorities; technology the new Love goddess.
At least the kind of Love which I am sure was known to the

likes of Proust. Even though his type of love was a

forbidden love(as per 19th century moralism) he seemed to

have his finger on the trigger of the essence of Love.
It would have been nice to have known Proust back then and

the kind of love he employed. It was not naughty but

meaningful and purposefully executed with precision and

The kind of love and dedication which had meaning and

purpose. Maybe embrassing lovers were encompassing an

unknown template of love's design that was to propel

humankind to a New World Order of Love? Lovers were Don

Juan's in training, romantics all, no thought of

technology, just deep-seated meaningful everlasting love.
Not the pithy kind of non-Love today. Love never mocked or

ridiculed or cruel stings and nettles set upon the vengeful

political usurpership of today. Marry money was always a

goal of the powerful. But for the others who knew only

love's design, this made the world great.
No one really has that sacrificial Love obsession today,

and if they do, it is either boring or dangerously

psychotic. No skill-set for the modern poet describes the

absolute need to Love like the romantic poets.
Today, there is so much else to distract us from Love's

purposeful design, either that or the templates of Love's

design are broken forever. Love was really to die for back

then, literally. It was a cause.
Men did really profess to Love's absolute hold. Or least it

looked that way. Rather than surface level love equals

physical attraction, deep and meaningful love was eternal

and these mysteries, although not understood completely,

were accepted in society. Today, no one believes in true

love. There is no quest, no mountain to climb, no purpose

in love when anyone will do. Love back than was specific

and deliberate.
Once Love's infatuation and romance faded poets turned to

pending issues of the 20th century and Romance died. Proust

was panning for some other unconquered love interest. Maybe

it is good Proust is staying where he is, as it did get a

too bit much of a good thing. Love takes a lot of energy.

Now to dig up the old methods, traditions of the romantic

poets. We just cannot conceive of the romantic mind today.

The meaning of which will stay buried indefinitely.

The ancients and newly departed since 1889.

Love will certainly wait for the new dawn and soon to be

resurrected poet's souls from beneath the altar of these

ancient passions. Once new forever forgotten in the

scramble of molecules decay.jajo

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Writerly Advice: On Frontline Writer Warriors and Maintaining "Distance"

Dear Kirsten: As difficult as it may be, you must maintain a distance from the
subject matter. As an objective observer, you can discern without becoming too
overcome by the material. If you are becoming too oversensitized to gruesome, or
whatever material, you need to talk with a professional; either clergy or a
medical doctor.
It is possible that Mike could discuss this issue, as a journalist he would have
been able to learn how to report crime scenes, etc., objectively. However, it is
not always possible to be objective, as you know from direct experience.
It would help not to let events and other things effect the psyche and the
emotions in this negative way.
Perhaps it is a hazard of the writer and the sensitivities of the writer/artist
that creates these burdens.
Like any occupational hazard you must try to put emotionally charged or negative
topics into perspective. If this does not work try talk with a professional.
There are a lot of 1800 numbers, and free advise from professionals.
Either way, you should not let anything effect you to the point of harming you
emotionally, life is too short to make more negative from negative. A --- In

"Kristen" > Hi all..
> I've been doing a bit of research for my novel, and some of the stuff I'm
digging into is pretty disturbing. Basically, I feel like I need to have a
clear understanding of how and why people can come to have particularly
offensive views and do disgusting things based on those views, and I'm getting
some good material, but I'm having a hard time staying unbiased because I'm
getting so angry and upset about some of the stuff I'm reading.
> Has anyone else had an experience where the things they were learning for
their fiction were really starting to have an effect on them? What did you do
to find the balance between learning what you needed to learn without letting it
affect your mood and outlook too much?
> Thank you.

Police State Energy Audit in ONTARIO is SCARY!!!

Dear Honourable Jim Wilson, MPP: Thank-you for this information! I find the emails very helpful and informative as to the various legislative issues on the table. It is frightening that the Energy Audit will be much like a police state. It seems to be another cash and power grab which really has no business in a democracy.what is the present government thinking? I wholly agree with your disdain for the Home Energy Audit proposal. It certainly would be a far better thing to create a spirit of cooperation rather than what is being force-fed the public through the invasive "Home Energy Audit" agenda. It seems this Audit will only serve a select few special interest groups and does not address the issue of long term Energy Saving requirements. It seems very limited and short-sighted and does not take the big picture of a new renewableGreen economy into effect. Where does the buck stop? It seems wonderful when the common citizen can renew, reuse, recycle. We take the burden from big business when we have to recycle plastic, cardboard, etc in our green bins. However, should not big business be responsible for making packaging in the first place which is 3R friendly? Why place this burden always on the back of John Q. Public. People will start getting smart and realize the burden is being unfairly placed on the back of the public when it should be a cooperative effort. Besides, recycling plastic is frought with environmental dangers, not to mention PCB contamination when the byproduct of plastic is burned during the recycling process. The entire recycling programs needs to be reexamined as far as equitable and ethical considerations is concerned. A question that has been on my mind lately; why are there not more public input/referendums when it comes to the important issue? The public is already taxed to death and overly scrutinized in all areas without a fair advantage for the people. Who is really being served here? We need to realize this will only make for difficult public relations. The public needs to be respected for the intelligent entity it needs to be; after all, I thought democracy credo is "We the people". Why is it I am feeling left out of the democratic equation? Thank-you for standing up for democracy principals, Honourable Jim Wilson; please help maintain the public's democractic processes. Your public service is invaluable, and we do so appreciate all the hard working and well-meaning politicians and public servants to a great degree! Thank-you for listening to me today, and we always appreciate the information sent via email, it does educate me and my family as to the governmental procedures in Ontario Parliament today.Yours truly, Jane K. Jones

--- On Mon, 3/16/09, Jim Wilson, MPP wrote:

From: Jim Wilson, MPP
Subject: Home Energy Audits Will Be Costly Says Wilson
To: jannneee2121@yahoo.com
Date: Monday, March 16, 2009, 8:50 PM

Jim Wilson, MPP Queen's Park Report

Home Energy Audits Will Be Costly Says Wilson

Forgive me for writing another column on Bill 150, the Green Energy Act. As the centerpiece of Dalton McGuinty's legislative agenda this spring I think it is important that we all understand the many ways that this Bill will concern your pocketbook and community.

As I wrote previously, if Bill 150 passes, it will drive energy costs up by shifting the risk of cost overruns and scheduling delays in the energy sector from private developers on to taxpayers. It also eliminates the last remnants of a competitive marketplace by allowing private developers to build anything, anywhere, anytime, at any price.

When I was Energy Minister, our Progressive Conservative Government said "never again" to that approach. Those who remember Darlington or the $38 billion in accumulated debt from the old Ontario Hydro know why. Unfortunately, it appears as though Mr. McGuinty's Liberal government is now saying "one more time!"

But the most controversial aspect of the Bill that directly impacts every homeowner is the requirement in Bill 150 for every home sold to undergo an energy audit. It will cost about $300 and will consider everything from your showerhead to your furnace. If one isn't up to snuff, be prepared to fix it. The average cost of repairs? Based on past examples it's going to cost thousands and thousands of dollars.

Gary Weir of the Ontario Real Estate Association noted "the results of these audits will be used by home buyers as bargaining chips to significantly reduce the final selling price". This could be particularly worrying for seniors relying on the equity in their home for retirement. Same for first time home buyers who will now need more money to buy their first resale home.

Most troubling is the legitimacy of these audits. In 2007, a Toronto Star investigative report explained how four companies came up with four different energy ratings for the very same house. One company said the house required $3,000 in renovations while another claimed the need for $25,000 worth.

If that doesn't concern you, maybe the new "toaster police" will. Bill 150 allows for government inspectors who will be able to conduct inspections and searches in your home, not for criminals, but for energy-efficiency. Granted, they must get a search warrant, but they can apply for it without notice to the homeowner.

Once the warrant is in hand, they can enter and seize any document or computer and search through your garbage. Interfering with the inspector or even failing to assist is an offense punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 -- all of this in the name of energy efficiency.

Finally, Bill 150 will take away local autonomy by exempting renewable energy projects from local zoning by-laws. This means that McGuinty will decide what gets built where and he doesn't have to give a hoot if you object.

In the end, despite what McGuinty would like you to believe, Bill 150 is no panacea to the economic crisis in Ontario that he helped to create. Ontarians are going to end up paying the price, for more expensive energy and for McGuinty pet conservation projects too. Hold on to your wallet.


Some Spiritually Uplifting Conversations from FACEBOOK FRIENDS TODAY

Are you feeling overwhelmed?Share
Today at 12:59am
Just received this from Inner Journey newsletter... Thought

I may not be the only one who relates to it! :-)


"Life does not happen to us, it happens from us."

-- Mike Wickett

Are you easily overwhelmed? If so, answer this question in

your journal:

While growing up, what did you experience too much of?

Experiencing too much of something leads to feelings of

overwhelm. When we’re young, overwhelm can lead us to

believe that we are not capable or that we are not good

enough. These are power issues.

Awareness of when we are feeling overwhelmed can help us go

inside, claim our power and change our experience of any


"When we know that the cause of something is in ourselves,

and that we (ourselves) are one of the few things in the

universe that we have the right and ability to change, we

begin to get a sense of the choices we really do have, an

inkling of the power we have, a feeling of being in

charge... of our lives, of our future, of our dreams."

-- John-Roger and Peter McWilliams

"Be thine own palace, or the world’s thy jail."

-- John Donne

jalen says How did you know I needed this today? What

possible joy do people get from totally ruining another's

life? What peace is found in hate? I totally agree; Love

thyself, to thine own self be true, I understand that, but

what happens when "the slings and arrows of rageous

outfortune" sting? Something has to save the human at that

point that is far beyond the human's normal range of

happenings...and it is Divine Love. Life is not perfect, or

ideal; we need a big LOVE overdose from above to see us

through those inevitable potholes on life's highway. ps

love the John Donne quote...mucho gratis!

Thanks Nina - open mind open hand open heart; fill the

human vessel with love divine

jalen saysChange the negative magnetic thoughts, feelings,

reactions, ect., to positive magnetic thoughts, etc., by

thinking positive thoughts..When and if a negative thought

or feeling should or would pop into our mind and/or soul,


POSITIVE THOUGHTS through the garden gate THE PARADISE of

my soul, I am, after all, the gatekeeper and I have the

keys. I choose what gets in to my mind and soul and what

does not. In this way we control the input. Remember GIGO?

Garbage In, Garbage Out...we have the POWER to CHANGE what

the Universe dishes out...in that way we have sovreignty

and divinity as human beings, WE ARE NO LONGER SLAVES TO


ja len says Breaking Down Barriers; physically and mentally

challenged families need support which is always

appreciated. Not enough money to survive with so many

burdens; these people need extra help and special care for

their special needs families. God bless you Lauren!paradise

is the state of acheiving oneness with the universe...way


====================== IT'S NO COINCIDENCE you're here,

everything you attract into your life is a vibrational

match. The Law of Attraction has been popularised in rec

jalen saysThere are no coincidence or accidents...only

synchronistic churnings from the heart of the universe...we

are meant to be, baby!focus...beyond the physical frees up

the impossible way to go Olympia!

Manifesting & Law of Attraction Abundance finds itself to

you via the path of least resistance. Be open in your

expectations & let the Universe deal with the ‘how’Posted 2

hours ago · Comment

jalen Overflowing Abundance...I intend for this, I claim it

I own it, I send to you with Unconditional Love...the good

vibes from the Universe of Love...to you today...you

attract good and I like that...yes indeed!

Simple Unconditionall Love..what's so difficult about that?

.One of the things I've learned from witnessing

civilization after civilization after civilization,is that

one should never underestimate the profound resiliency of

the human spirit, nor how swiftly things can change for the

better - often overnight. Swoosh - The Universe www.tut.com
Posted 2 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Share

jalen all that mankind (humankind) has accomplished is

nothing without Love.

Nina Ferrell ~ Live mindfully, consciously, with an open

heartPosted 3 hours ago · Comment

Ja-Len Jones at 8:52am March 17
Thanks Nina - open mind open hand open heart; fill the

human vessel with love divine

It's another amazing late summer's day in my little corner

of paradise – and I am so grateful to be here...

paradise is the state of acheiving oneness with the

universe...way to go Nina!!!Colleen Zaruba Don’t ask

yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you

come alive, and then go and do that. #quote ~Harold

WhitmanPosted 10 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike You and 4

others like this. 4 people like this.Andrea Pierce at

12:20am March 17

Jones at 9:21am March 17
What the world needs is Love sweet Love (Diana Warwick),

all else is extraneous! All you (and me) need is Love (John

Lennon, Paul McCartney THE BEATLESLauren Brenner wants to

donate funds from an art show to help single mothers with

hospitalized or physically/emotionally-challenged kids. Any

ideas of a charity?Posted 13 hours ago · Comment ·

LikeUnlike You like this. Alice March at 8:48pm March 16
Venice Family Clinic does really wonderful work with all

their clients - and it's supported mostly by the giant June

Art Walk...Show 3 more comments...

Ja-Len Jones at 8:44am

March 17
Breaking Down Barriers; physically and mentally challenged

families need support which is always appreciated. Not

enough money to survive with so many burdens; these people

need extra help and special care for their special needs

families. God bless you Lauren!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Zen Buddhist Study: Praying for Peace

Praying for Peace. Once politics is taken out the equation, borders are removed, then we bring heaven to earth.The spirit emerges when the human spiritual butterfly fully emerges from its cocoon.We will be transformed; we will be one with When will this happen? When it happens; until then we accumulate spirit. Now we dedicate our spirt to the universe.

Lama Shenpen Rinpoche "The Likoud concluds a deal with Israël Beitenou to govern; and seeks other deals with extreme right and religious parties"... No peace ahead...Posted 4 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike You like this. Steve Michalski at

Za Rinpoche instead of thinking how many moments in life, thinking how much life is there in a moment.....Posted 3 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike You and 7 others like this.
Ja-Len Jones at 8:44am March 16
Very true! Master; how do we know which is the most moment; the most now we can be?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

hOW tO gET bACK yER mAN - yEAH, rIGHT iN mY dREAMS....


further to this GET BACK YOUR MAN article below scenario..hear yea hear yea...MILADY SPEAKS...

Holy crap...The half way shit stick is the turning point
"I'm 50" for friggin sake. I am going through overwhelming mad menopause. I have fluctuations in hormones that make me want to pogo stick on the nearest or fartherest (which is what my old bf is) and these old emotions are tied to the fact my past was so damn imperfect.
I wanted all that I had imagined as still escape to in my fantasy world. Sorry I used you for that template of love I thought I had and entwined in my celtic designed early imprinting.
I am sorry I imagined you again. I guess I felt lonely, ugly, unloved, without the abilities to be able to fully express all that was in me. Like all those multiple orgasms I missed but was more than capable of, but mena arent enough men lately or something about cukes, I dont know.
I never will understand as long as I live as men, on the most part are so emotionally unavailable.Men are mostly nothing more than dick in pants, let's face it. Most Mean ARE EMOTIVELY AND EMPATHETICALLY RETARDED beyond belief. They have no clue as to the romantic arts of Dona Juanism. They are just clueles and babies, self-serving, boring. dull, uninteresting, clones, bots, automatons..you know what I mean. Not to be insulting to men, dont get me wrong. I LOVE MEN. Too much. And the wrong men, all the time it seems. But where are Spanish lovers when you need them. Invariably when they are good in bed they are lousey at being partners. There is never any compromise. There is no middle ground. When you look for a hubby, look for someone who is middle ground because you need that. Have a wild lover who knows love, but cant give you a day to day life. So this is my burden with men.
Oh well.

Please realize my lack of hope or rather NO HOPE (Bob IS my Uncle)...unless men have found that new hormone which once wholly a woman's hormone domain is now available to them.THEN WHY IS MY MAN SO EMOTIONALLY AVAILABLE, YET I THINK OF THE PAST IMPRINTS???I GUESS IT IS the fact of ACCEPTABility...I HAVE TO FIND APPROVAL FROM MOMMY AND DADDY WHICH i had thought may have happened way back when with virgin skin i Loved you..but then you point out BRUCE..LEAVE BRUCE THE F OUT OF THIS..I WAS INTO GLORIA STEINEM...IT IS PERSONAL...I WILL WORK THROUGH THIS WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A PEEP FROM ME UNLESS YOU PEEP IN MY HIGHLY PERS DIARIES HERE AND FOR THAT I DID SAY ENTER AT OWN RISK..DANGER! EXCUSEZ MON PETIT...the tinpan man heartless, emotionally unavailable and...dangerous. If he ever came back with his heart on his sleeve my desire and fire in my pants would burn us both up. Not healthy!BUT I'LL ALWAYS LOVE YOU ANYWAY, JUST NOT RIGHT NOW, IN THIS LIFETIME UNLESS...WELL AS I SAID...IF IT DIDNT WORK OUT THE FIRST TIME WHY WOULD IT WORK OUT NOW. DO ME A FAVOUR; FIND YOUR EMOTIONAL SELF. THIS WOULD BE A FIRST STEP TO DATING ME AGAIN. IF NOT, FORGET IT BABY...I AM GOING SOUTH MYSELF! LOL, JANE THROBBING WITH DESIRES FROM ANCIENT PASSIONS

Dear Jane,(oh no, not a Dear "Jane" letter! I got this in my email; URL below)...

Dear Christian, I'm sorry but I need to ask you a
question. I need advice and help. Me and my
ex have been together off and on many times,
recently we just broke up and now he's dating
someone else. (he doesn't know what he wants)
But I know he still has very big feelings for me
and I want advice and help on getting him back.
Even though he's dating someone right now, he
still has feelings for me, and I need help on
getting him back with me and not with her.

Please help!

Needy and Hopeless


Thanks for writing, your email has about 147
great things here.

Let's look at a few of them....

The first important issue is that you're
ignoring all the important signs your ex is
giving you.

Please don't be naive...

Wake up!

Realize what's going on here.

If he's dating someone else, you've got to
start moving on.

He doesn't share your feelings of wanting to
back together.

If you challenge this idea, you need to
recognize that he's not in the right place in
his life to share what you want with him.

This doesn't mean you should to go out and
try to date right now, but you need to take your
mind off him.

This is hard for a woman when you still have
feelings for him.... but you're setting yourself
up for ALL KINDS of pain and disappointment.

Yeah, I've seen couples get back together
like this... but the odds are things don't look
good for this old relationship.

The more you can distance yourself from your ex
whose dating another woman, the happier you'll be.

Trust me.

And I know doing this is tough, but you've got

You're also making a lot of assumptions about
his feelings when you say "he has very big
feelings for me" when you know he's dating someone

Thinking about this only keeps you stuck on
him and his feelings.

If you listen to the signals your ex is sending
you, you'll see that his "feelings" are just his
way of holding onto you for his own comfort.

He's already dating another woman.

That should give you a clear idea of where his
mind is at (not focused on getting back with you)
and what his "feelings" TRULY are.

Here's what I want you to do first and

Think about making some decisions for YOURSELF.

Right now it sounds like your waiting for him
to make all the decisions.

Think about what YOU WANT to be happy, and
remember all the things your ex has done and said
to let you know he's not committed to sharing his
love with you.

If you give him and yourself some space, a
funny thing might happen you won't expect....

Your ex-boyfriend won't have the comfort of two
women who both want his affection.

He won't know that you're still there waiting
for him - and this will trigger thoughts and
actions in him that will ultimately help resolve
your situation.

Until then....

For your own well-being, it's important you
let him know he can't keep sharing his intimate
feelings with you while he's dating another woman.


Never allow men who have "someone else" in their
life to keep sharing and expressing their feelings
for you.

It's wrong on several levels... for you most of

When a man can have the affection of two women,
and he's in a place where he's emotionally
non-committed to neither, odds are he will try to
keep this situation going for as long as possible!

Not all men would do this, but men who are
"unavailable," as it sounds your ex is, can
continue multiple intimate situations at once.

You don't want to date a man that's in this
place in his life..... and I know because I've
been this guy in my past!

NO AMOUNT of talking, experience or reasoning
with him can get him to feel the way you want him
to feel.

You can't change a man's emotional depth and
where he's at in his life.

"Getting him back" is a bad idea.

Rarely does this give you what you think you

It's a losing battle, and you're going to end
up being hurt or upset again as you undoubtedly
keep moving farther and farther away from what YOU
ideally want and closer and closer to whatever
strange and unhealthy situation he's creating.

If you feel like you HAVE to see this
through, then be careful. You're going against
the odds.

Don't be "that girl."

And I promise that you'll ruin your chances if
you think you can "convince" him to come back to
you through shows of affection, appeals to his
desires or other "gifts" to bribe him.

I've watched this EXACT thing unfold so many


Instead, you should think about the times
you've broken up and the times you've seen that
he wasn't personally ready for a relationship.

Those things are as real as the strong feelings
and emotions you feel that keeps you coming back.

Use the issues and challenges you had together
as a guide or a reminder of what's keeping you two
apart now.

And once you start doing this, I think you're
going to be strangely surprised at what starts to
happen for you...

Once your guy notices that he doesn't have you
waiting around for him like a puppy dog to figure
it out, while he's off doing god knows what with
other women, there's going to be a big change in
his attitude and behavior.

It doesn't make "sense," but that's how it


You've got to learn to understand and identify

If a man doesn't know what he wants, he
generally doesn't want what he's got.

This may sound harsh, but it's the truth of the
situation. And even when it isn't completely true,
it's a good rule to go by.

A good man who is the right person and wants to
be with you will find his own way to his
"Emotional Truth."

If his truth is that he wants to be with you,
or not be with you, you have to respect that.

But I see women do it all the time.

The guy will be sending all kinds of subtle
(or even direct) signs that he's not "available"
or interested in something "serious", but the
woman ignores them and just pays attention to the
fact that he likes being with her when they're

In other words, she substitutes the physical
connection, or even the occasional emotional
connection, for the real relationship she wants
to be in.


Men have a different "love equation" from

A strong connection does NOT necessarily equal
any interest in a relationship.

That's why it's CRITICAL that women learn to
read the signals that a man sends about where
he's at.

Because he's surely not going to just lay it
all out there for you.

I promise.

If he does, write me an email, tell me all
about it,and give me his mailing address so I can
send him his prize.

When a guy isn't interested in a relationship,
and he's doing something like seeing other women,
here's what most women start doing that makes
things go from bad to worse...

They start trying to "fix" things, and "fix"
the guy.

And then comes the "convincing" behavior,
trying to convince the man that they are the
right one for him, and that because they have
such a great connection, a loving "relationship"
is the only right way to go.

I know, it sounds bizarre.

Why would a man have a great woman and a great
connection with her that felt amazing when they
were together, and not want a relationship?

I'll get to that later...

The thing I'm worried about here for you is
that in trying to get your guy back, you're
making these mistakes that are like

So I'll say it again.

You can't convince a man to want to be with

I don't know the specifics surrounding your
off-and-on with the ex, but it speaks volumes.

Especially when it's combined with him not
"knowing what he wants."

This is CLASSIC man-speak for "I'm not
emotionally available and I'm not ready for a
real relationship".

When he can't get in touch with his feelings
and isn't open to exploring them, it's a text-book
case of unavailability.

I don't mean that he can't share feelings or
some level of intimacy with you....

In fact, I'm sure he still likes to connect
with you when things are easy-going and he's not
feeling "pressure" around you.

But your ex sharing his feelings with you can
easily confuse you into thinking that he is
potentially the right guy and ready for a
long-term relationship.

I'm sure you've seen this since you've been
back and forth with him. But when a guy is
unavailable, he has a fear of getting deeper
into a relationship that he knows he's not ready

In his own way he's tried to tell you this several

Here's what he's saying:

Yes, I have "feelings" for you.

And no... that doesn't mean I want to be in a
relationship with you and be faithful.

Take some time to think about the past with
your ex, and then compare that to what will
honestly make YOU happy, and what kind of
relationship you want in your future.

If you're honest about it with yourself, I
don't think he'll fit well into that based on his
actions and behavior.

Put more value on his actions, not his words.

Get back to the things that you enjoy, the
places you like to go and avoid places or things
you used to do or see with your ex.

Spend some time with your friends and give
yourself the space you deserve.

The less you talk about your ex and this
situation for now, the better off you'll be.

And I think you'll be amazed at the results.

First, I think you'll just plain old feel

But even better than that, you'll be breaking
the old connection that you had with your ex.

And as counterintuitive as it sounds, breaking
out of your old connection is actually the thing
that's going to change the situation for you the
most and help get you the results you want.

Right now, your convincing him and your wanting
him back, even when he's with another woman, is
making you come off in all kinds of ways that men
just don't respond well to.

I know it seems like the best idea to keep
trying to stay in touch with him and keep the
connection alive.

But the truth is that you're just keeping this
same old situation alive by pumping your time and
attention into it.

If instead, you step back and stop chasing him
or trying to convince him you're the right woman,
you'll have an opportunity to do something that
can honestly be ATTRACTIVE to him-

You first leave a space that he'll not
recognize and not understand, which will first
get him thinking about you and then wondering why
you aren't acting the way you used to.

Men love "new" things and curiosities.

Plus, you'll also be able to give him the
space he's tried asking you for in his
emotionally-retarded, unavailable "man-speak."

Something funny happens when a man gets the
space he asked for-

If you do it in the right way, he's forced to
deal with himself and his own feelings to figure
out that all the things he is worried about,
afraid of, fearful of "committing to", etc.

And being by himself, he'll see that these
things are really just in his own mind - and not
bad things about YOU.

In other words - he won't keep taking all the
old "stuff" from the past that wasn't working and
keep identifying it with YOU.

But you've to go know the way to "re-wire"
the connection once you've broken the old one.

And if you can do this, I guarantee he'll come
calling wondering about you.

In my ebook, "Catch Him And Keep Him", I detail
specific ways to communicate with men that will
help you build that new connection.

There are several psychological and behavioral
"keys" that will help to open a man up, and just
as importantly, make him feel that electric kind
of ATTRACTION for you.

I'm talking about the kind of attraction that
gets a guy feeling, at a deep level, that he
wants to be with you right now AND far into the

This goes for the "unavailable" guys too who
seem to keep withdrawing and don't communicate
much about their feelings or what they want.

These guys are the toughest ones.

If there's just ONE PIECE OF ADVICE that holds
more power for women than any other when it comes
to men, it's this concept of only dating
emotionally-available men.

In my ebook, I also talk about how to identify
good men from the "unavailable" ones.

If you're dating, wouldn't it be great to know
what kind of guy you're dealing with FROM THE

And if think you're already got an unavailable
guy on your hands, and you're wondering what you
can do after all the frustrating disappointments
that have gone on...

There's AN ENTIRE SECTION of the book dedicated
to helping you both understand the emotional world
of a man (yikes, right?) and how to lead him to a
better way of being with and understanding you.

So make the choice to do something about your
love life and create the situation you want in
your life.

Go check out my ebook now.

You can download it and be reading it in just a
couple of minutes.

Check it out here:


And best of luck in life and love!

Your Friend,

Christian Carter

P.S. - I'd love to hear your stories, your successes
and things you'd like to know more about when it comes to
dating, relationships and men. And yes, I'm a real guy who
reads my email. Email me if you want to at:


But remember... I get a LOT of email and, unfortunately, I
can't respond to each one. I do read them though, so please
don't take it personally if I can't get back to you.

P.P.S. - If you'd like to get to know about me and how I
got started with the giving advice on relationships and
love, please check out my short bio on my catalog page. I
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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Never Stop Questioning

Being different than the average Bear is not such a bad thing. There are reserves left over after the standard procedures are breached. There are other paths, travelled lightly, not known too well. The standard bearers are not the forebearers. Our classic standards are always being minimalized to a very narrow range of possibilities. Someday, this pattern, will change as "what goes around comes around".
If you feel you don't fit in, you probably do not. It is good to question why you feel like an outsider. We are all outsiders, so in this way, in our mind's eye, we can come to terms with it. When we know we are outsiders in an inner world that keeps shrinking and and outworld that keeps growing, we can understand that we don't perfectly fit into this world. Why not?
The reason the fit is poor is because we live in a dictomy. A dictomy is two opposite and equal (Newtonian equation) reactions because of our basic molecular structure. So if you feel different you can blame it on the War of the Molecules.
Today, I have come to term with my odd-ness. I am ok with it. It may bother some who are standard bearers of status quo. Let them have their party in their pants. For me, I will eat cake!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Cucumber, Cool!

Cool Cucumber
preferred vegetable
of the summer day

Cool Cucumber
too cool for school
you're well on your way

Cool Cucumber
listlessly turgid
in blazing hot sun
may all your dreams
be wet ones
in the summer sun

Cool Cucumber
number one

Cool Cucumber
why are you so cool?
should you not be in school?

Cool Cucumber
winking and nodding prodding
don't you have a date?

Cool Cucumber
maybe I'm a wanna be
cool cucumber too

Cool Cucumber
like you
will come
my way
until then
forget it!
I've found
carrot top
will do

Cool Cucumber
we dated
quite exclusively

You brought the salad
I dished the mayonaisse
we dined so elaborately
on dandelion wine
you got a little fresh
and now you are squished squash

sorry I had to devour you
it was so predestined
to be
the thing
that matters
to you
was so
to me

before again
I search for fork and knife
get thee to a corn field, get!

Cool Cucumber
grows so profoundly
proficient in agriculture
the soil knew what to do
you grew and grew
and now dear cucumber
let's eat

patient and kind
in your tall garden grass
time to weed
the cucumber from the chaft

doesnt the lovely cucumber
have an awfully
nice package
wrapped up like a vegetable
do you want that
cool or warm

earthly delights
have some fun
in life's briar patch
and wholly
remind me of you
wait til I get home

so much
I almost
bought it

thanks for
the time
remember that line
when you can't find a date
a cucumber will do
whoa, that is so rude
don't be a prude
you know what I mean

to take in these
cool watery places
fresh smells
seed well sprouted
higher than
an elephant's eye
cucumbers make me anything
in the summer's heat, hot
cool cuvumber
keep me cool
as the rain after the storm
quaking rivers run
and overflow their banks

earthy and new
bringing back
renewed energies
to you
cucumber cool

lay out the hay
in the patch
down the way
look up at the universe
and smile
you're on top
of the cucmuber

like new shoes
cool cucumbers
are sensible

enticing and yet
to be larger
and a looming presence
as ever
is really meant to be
a lunch for
Our flat stomachs
Digest well
forever Cool
as cool as can be
, "Bruce

> Cool cucumber, strive to arrive
> at points where life's infinite jive
> might sit at your table
> and help you feel able
> to thrive and to thrive and to thrive.
> Such direct addressing! -- bh

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Have You Got The Time?

Dear Bruce:

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Have You Got The Time?








Sad Willows Cry No More

To Know a Willow
is to be a Willow

Willow says: Do not weep for me
that is what I am
and do best,
learning to dance
the wind
tour de forte
a place
in France
I am
there I

As our
Acidic eyeballs
the shadows
of doubt
long lost
sand dogs
once formed
leaf knew
once more
all instore
energy sources
today only
to last
for all our
to be
who knows
Willow knows
how to bend and grow
with the wind

.Bruce Hamilton>
> I like the willows you feel sad for, since
> they seem to let your eyeballs have a rinse.

NIAGARA FALLS TURTLE SAGA CONTINUES;Why is it when we want something to happen the opposite happens?

CHICCOREAL SAYS; There is more to this sordid story: this dear man was trying to kill himself. Well at least now he will be on the Niagara Falls Wall of Fame for going over the falls. I guess they will have to have a special section for FAILED SUICIDE ATTEMPTS...do they count? Time to get out the tickertape for the Paxil deprived? What is next? Mutual Suicide Leapers? Sic...I thought Niagara Falls was Balls Falls, not Fall Falls to Hades!

Man survives jump over Niagara Falls
Module body

Wed Mar 11, 7:21 PM


What's this
OTTAWA (AFP) - A man was plucked from the Niagara River on Wednesday after surviving a dramatic plunge over the majestic Niagara Falls that straddle the Canada-US border, police said.


At around 2:00 pm a tourist saw the man believed to be in his late-30s crawl over a wall and enter rapids south of the falls, the Niagara Park Police said in a statement.

Moments later, he was swept over the Horseshoe Falls on the Canadian side, dropping some 56 meters (184 feet) into the river below.

A Canadian rescue team attempted to extract him, "but he refused any assistance and swam further away into the river," police said.

The man then grabbed onto a log, and a private helicopter used the air flow from its main rotor to push the man closer to shore.

A Niagara Falls firefighter, tethered to shore and wearing a dry suit, went into the river and dragged him out, police said.

The man was taken to hospital and treated for a head injury and hypothermia after being immersed in the river's cold waters for almost 45 minutes.

The Niagara Falls are the most powerful falls in North America. They were formed by receding glaciers at the end of the last ice age, with an average four million cubic feet of water from the Great Lakes flowing over the crest each minute and carving a path to the Atlantic Ocean.

The last time someone survived a plunge from these falls was in 2003.