Monday, March 2, 2009

YEAH!!!!Today I Became A Friend of the Dalai Lama on Facebook

Isn't oddball somedays, besides the moon that I would become a friend of the Most Honourable Dalai Lama, so far away and yet so close. It is like the moon when it is 3/4 of a million miles from earth, and sometimes feel like you can reach out and touch the moon it is so close. What is with near yet so far...or far yet so near? Today I believe my separation is becoming closer than it ever has, or ever will again. I am making connections which I thought would never happen but are happening because OF DIVINE ORDINANCE only. It isnt man who makes the world, it is the DIVINE. No one can stop that, not me, that's for sure. So I will go with the flow as I fufill my intuitive feelings that something is looming near yet far on the horizon. And I think it's CALIFORNIA!!! RIGHT ON BABY BABA!!!
There is so much talk of BEING. What is BEING? Being is BEING in the HERE AND NOW. NOT THE FUTURE NOT THE PAST. THE MINIMINUTES WHEN I PUT each finger on each key as I type this. It is amazing to think about it. I found You. Oh my goodness I thought you were lost forever like my missing turtle. But you showed up. Thank goodness. I felt that I would never find you, I am so happy you are here. It makes me feel wonderful, that I can connect again to you. You have always meant so very much. And it is all good as I dispell the less the best from the best I can be world I am recreating from the BEING world of NOW. So how did this all arrange itself then, eh?
Who cares. It happens, and thank goodness it is good. It is something I know my soul has always wanted. And that it took so long, well that gives credence to the fact that GOOD THINGS TAKE A LONG TIME!!! AND BABY IT IS SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOD!!!! RIGHT ON!!!

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