Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Have you ever noticed the INTENSE sunlight during the spring? Today I was riding in Will's car to the mailbox and it was so bright I could see the trees with my eyes closed. I had to wear the orange goggles. Man that was WAY too bright. Maybe, just maybe this bright light has something to do with how a certain intensity is required to make NITROGEN SPRING and all things come back to life. YES, A SWITCH OF SORTS???HMMMM? SOMETIMES I HAVE NOTICED THE FALL ALSO HAS A LIGHT LIKE THIS..A SEASONAL CHANGING LIGHT...STIULATOR/SIMULATOR..SOME INTERESTING THINGS TO PONDER...:)JAJO AS PER CHICCOREAL (real girlfriend who is real)

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  1. Sunlight stimulates the brain through the eyes as it allows the endocrine system to function. Vit D is also produced through sunlights mind/body metabolic processes. Vit D is necessary for the body to absorb calcium. 10 mins in the sunlight is enough Vit D for a day. There are supplements as well. Vit D has been cited as being vital for health in many areas and has been known to halt cancer.
    I have also heard mushrooms (plain) and green tea stops (repeat stops)breast cancer. 95% of women will not get bc if taking green tea and mushrooms daily. Wow...why are not being told these things through medical doctors, and only learn these "secrets" from late night tv or doctors tv show? Shouldnt this information be SHOUTED FROM THE ROOFTOPS?