Tuesday, March 10, 2009

HD (HIGH DEF) Shadow People - When Reality Blurs

It seems that with the new HD (High Definition) we have achieved in technology what we could not obtained in spiritual reality. If there is only one reality, or a truthful reality and it is based in science, what does this do to the "blurred" realities our minds can conjure?
If we find this "base" reality baised, and base and just plain not exactly what we expect from heaven on earth, what must we do to blur the edges of a "too in your face" reality?
Reality does have a name and it is Science.
So other than that, we must come to terms with all other realities that are not scienfitically based.
How can we?
I do not like the idea of HD coming out now. I mean, let's face it, reality says I am aging. The scientific reality of aging means I will obvious have wrinkles and menopausal zits (reality is a cruel fate more often than not).
So what exactly is a goil to do?
How am I to approach this "scientific reality" knowing full well it is not shining on my best side, and often on the "other side of the street". I prefer, after all, to walk on "the sunny side of the street". How can I do this when the street is not sunny on either side? What kind of positive reinforcement can I get to realize this new HD could actually work in my favour.
After all, I always did like looking through electron microscopes and I did own a few test tubes, being a scientist wannabe.
Now that I look back at my often sketchy artist's view of the world aka reality, I am now aware that I did paint life's canvas with a tad too much yellow.
Maybe this is due to the fact I wanted what I had inside me. So what is this reality inside me then?
Spiritual Reality must compete with Scientific Reality (unless you are a Christian Scientists). It seems so monotonously boring to have to define everything in black and white. Either it works or it doesn't. There is no middle ground.
Except for me; middle ground, in the golden years of my life.
Golden years? Or golden sunlight I want streaming through every aspect of my life. To make all dull days which are all too real and in HD, go away.
If there is a balance to all things, a definitive ying and yang force which controls scientific reality, than it seems to me, at least through my experience, that there have been more gray days than sunshine bright days of glory.
But maybe this is just me, coming from a subjective view-point.
It would be nice to think that we could control these gray versus sunny day ratio. That we could even the score of our reality, that we could make the good and bad even out. But it just doesnt seem that way, at least for some.
Sometimes I think that if life is really all about balance, ying, yang, etc., etc., than we shoud really find out where that other 80 percent of good times is going.
Let's take this a step further. If some of us are experience a lot of gloomy times instead of sunshine bright days than I would think someone or something is soul-sucking away our right to our sunshine day. Whom or what is the Soul-Sucker, and how do they operate? I think this could be, as it does make 100 percent sense.
Find out the soul suckers, the ones or things that take away your sunshine days and reclaim them for your own. You do not have to feel that your right to happiness is ever being usurped. You have the right to be happy, even in a gloomy gray HD world of usurpership. Good luck, tell me how you got your sunshine back, ok? Thanks!.


  1. Sunday, March 08, 2009
    Personal Experiences With 'Shadow People'

    I received the following email about one person's personal experiences with 'Shadow People'...very interesting account:

    Shadow people are some of the most menacing and frightening entities around. I believe they are of a demonic nature. Not only do these dark shadowy figures cause anxiety and terror but often enjoy terrorizing people in their beds. Most shadow people are not alone but have partners in crime. The shadows that terrorized me were never alone. Sometimes my bedroom would be filled with dozens, big and small. Some could touch me. These shadows would pinch me. It wasn't till I was maybe about age 9 that I finally told my parents about these entities and it caused quite a stir in my family. As usual my parents thought I was suffering from nightmares and suggested I eat less before bed time.

    Without fail these Shadows returned every night. It wasn't until one night I couldn't stand hearing their laughter that I resisted their powers to make people catatonic or in a paralyzed state that the reality of the situation was no longer a joke to my Mother as my bed began to shake violently as if a giant hand was shaking it. I jumped out of bed and ran so fast that I don't even remember running to my Mom's room. I jumped on her bed in the dark and her bed started shaking too. She held me in her arms as she prayed out loud to God and slowly the shaking resided. By the end of the month we moved out of that home.

    Now this is what I gathered from that experience. One; That house was extremely old. I don't know if that had anything to do with it. But there was a bad vibe there from day one. A lot of crazy things happened there with my family fighting all the time. Never in the history of my family had there been soo many arguments and cases of domestic violence and abuse. Two; besides fights and arguments there was a vibe of mischievousness. When I played in that house it was almost as if all of us were in some kind of altered state, like some kind of dimensional trance. A good example of this was the movie ET where the kid gets aroused in the class room and he starts releasing the frogs. Yeah! I can't remember the whole thing. Let's just put it this way, I guess I went through intense puberty there. I remember having bad thoughts all the time. I remember my best friend Diana flirting with me and acting mature, but only in the house. When we played outside she was a normal kid. I swear this house had some effect on people's feelings and whatnot. The strange thing is that I don't remember much of my childhood in the house as I remembered most of my childhood in school or playing outside. I remember being cruel to my pets. I was never like that but I became a bad kid in the house. Outside I was quite normal.

    The strange thing is that we moved about 5 blocks away from that house into a new apartment and I thought things were back to being normal for almost half a year with no incidents. No fights between Mom and Dad, when we all got together it was fun again. I noticed it right away the vibe change. I noticed that the old house was really dark inside. Half a year passed when I had my last incident one night.

    It was early, maybe 2:30am I had woke up to use the restroom and I was maybe about 10 years old. I remember laying down in the bed and getting comfortable when I felt my bed got shoved from one side. At first I stood still as I thought maybe it was an earthquake. It passed and I played it off as just my imagination. As I began to fall asleep I had the sensation of being cold and clammy so I covered up. I felt feverish and I felt a small pinch on one of my toes. I became frightened as I looked around in the dark and saw 3 black outlines around my bed. The Shadows were back!

    I became paralyzed as I screamed for help, I'm still not sure if I did try but nothing came out or if I imagined screaming out. The point is, I was freaking screaming! I felt some cold weight on my chest as I became face to face with one of these entities. Still paralyzed it looked me right in the eye and this is what I saw. It's eyes were black as black velvet and evil looking, but the outside rim of it's eyes was black line yellow line, black line yellow line all around the outside perimeter of it's eye in a pattern and it moved counter clockwise motion. It's two other Shadow friends had red and the other full yellow eyes. It was unreal as they all burst out in this wicked laughter and vanished and never bothered me like that again.

    Shadow people can move objects and touch people. I believe they can physically hurt people. There are theories that Shadow people are alien beings. Some claim they are travelers from a different dimensional plane. Professor Stephen W. Hawkings has talked about shadow people being a real possible phenomena. Millions of people have had similar experiences and even video footage, photos of this phenomena. You are not alone, but the best we can do is share our experience and hope to learn as much as we can about this. I'm sorry about the sloppiness of my writing and spelling but hope that you can have a heads up to this strange phenomena. Good luck..Carlos

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    Personal Experiences With 'Shadow People'
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