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Some Spiritually Uplifting Conversations from FACEBOOK FRIENDS TODAY

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Today at 12:59am
Just received this from Inner Journey newsletter... Thought

I may not be the only one who relates to it! :-)


"Life does not happen to us, it happens from us."

-- Mike Wickett

Are you easily overwhelmed? If so, answer this question in

your journal:

While growing up, what did you experience too much of?

Experiencing too much of something leads to feelings of

overwhelm. When we’re young, overwhelm can lead us to

believe that we are not capable or that we are not good

enough. These are power issues.

Awareness of when we are feeling overwhelmed can help us go

inside, claim our power and change our experience of any


"When we know that the cause of something is in ourselves,

and that we (ourselves) are one of the few things in the

universe that we have the right and ability to change, we

begin to get a sense of the choices we really do have, an

inkling of the power we have, a feeling of being in

charge... of our lives, of our future, of our dreams."

-- John-Roger and Peter McWilliams

"Be thine own palace, or the world’s thy jail."

-- John Donne

jalen says How did you know I needed this today? What

possible joy do people get from totally ruining another's

life? What peace is found in hate? I totally agree; Love

thyself, to thine own self be true, I understand that, but

what happens when "the slings and arrows of rageous

outfortune" sting? Something has to save the human at that

point that is far beyond the human's normal range of

happenings...and it is Divine Love. Life is not perfect, or

ideal; we need a big LOVE overdose from above to see us

through those inevitable potholes on life's highway. ps

love the John Donne quote...mucho gratis!

Thanks Nina - open mind open hand open heart; fill the

human vessel with love divine

jalen saysChange the negative magnetic thoughts, feelings,

reactions, ect., to positive magnetic thoughts, etc., by

thinking positive thoughts..When and if a negative thought

or feeling should or would pop into our mind and/or soul,


POSITIVE THOUGHTS through the garden gate THE PARADISE of

my soul, I am, after all, the gatekeeper and I have the

keys. I choose what gets in to my mind and soul and what

does not. In this way we control the input. Remember GIGO?

Garbage In, Garbage Out...we have the POWER to CHANGE what

the Universe dishes out...in that way we have sovreignty

and divinity as human beings, WE ARE NO LONGER SLAVES TO


ja len says Breaking Down Barriers; physically and mentally

challenged families need support which is always

appreciated. Not enough money to survive with so many

burdens; these people need extra help and special care for

their special needs families. God bless you Lauren!paradise

is the state of acheiving oneness with the universe...way


====================== IT'S NO COINCIDENCE you're here,

everything you attract into your life is a vibrational

match. The Law of Attraction has been popularised in rec

jalen saysThere are no coincidence or accidents...only

synchronistic churnings from the heart of the universe...we

are meant to be, baby!focus...beyond the physical frees up

the impossible way to go Olympia!

Manifesting & Law of Attraction Abundance finds itself to

you via the path of least resistance. Be open in your

expectations & let the Universe deal with the ‘how’Posted 2

hours ago · Comment

jalen Overflowing Abundance...I intend for this, I claim it

I own it, I send to you with Unconditional Love...the good

vibes from the Universe of Love...to you today...you

attract good and I like that...yes indeed!

Simple Unconditionall Love..what's so difficult about that?

.One of the things I've learned from witnessing

civilization after civilization after civilization,is that

one should never underestimate the profound resiliency of

the human spirit, nor how swiftly things can change for the

better - often overnight. Swoosh - The Universe www.tut.com
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jalen all that mankind (humankind) has accomplished is

nothing without Love.

Nina Ferrell ~ Live mindfully, consciously, with an open

heartPosted 3 hours ago · Comment

Ja-Len Jones at 8:52am March 17
Thanks Nina - open mind open hand open heart; fill the

human vessel with love divine

It's another amazing late summer's day in my little corner

of paradise – and I am so grateful to be here...

paradise is the state of acheiving oneness with the

universe...way to go Nina!!!Colleen Zaruba Don’t ask

yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you

come alive, and then go and do that. #quote ~Harold

WhitmanPosted 10 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike You and 4

others like this. 4 people like this.Andrea Pierce at

12:20am March 17

Jones at 9:21am March 17
What the world needs is Love sweet Love (Diana Warwick),

all else is extraneous! All you (and me) need is Love (John

Lennon, Paul McCartney THE BEATLESLauren Brenner wants to

donate funds from an art show to help single mothers with

hospitalized or physically/emotionally-challenged kids. Any

ideas of a charity?Posted 13 hours ago · Comment ·

LikeUnlike You like this. Alice March at 8:48pm March 16
Venice Family Clinic does really wonderful work with all

their clients - and it's supported mostly by the giant June

Art Walk...Show 3 more comments...

Ja-Len Jones at 8:44am

March 17
Breaking Down Barriers; physically and mentally challenged

families need support which is always appreciated. Not

enough money to survive with so many burdens; these people

need extra help and special care for their special needs

families. God bless you Lauren!

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  1. Morning Friends! The world is our oyster to love.

    What attracts you? Why? HOw?What turns your crank?

    The written word cannot be retracted - it is our most

    powerful weapon, our tenderest touch - use it

    carefully....16 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike You and

    4 others like this. 4 people like this. Ja-Len Jones at

    8:57am March 20
    Nina: are you speaking about the Bible? Written word may

    have something to do with sacred geometry. Is this


    Hemal Radia I'll be appearing on a chatroom event on Sat

    (tomorrow) answering q's on Manifesting & LOA, see the News

    of the ULOA group for more info, http://twurl.nl/ejxq0722

    minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike You like this.
    Ja-Len Jones at 8:59am March 20
    thanks Hemal...I'm going to tune in turn on drop out of my

    cheesy reality...need to reboot the soul time!

    Hide Lama ShenpenLama Shenpen Rinpoche : teaching this

    evening with "Taming death, a way of life".41 minutes ago ·

    Comment · LikeUnlike You and 2 others like this.
    2 people like this. Ja-Len Jones at 9:06am March 20
    Dear Master Lama Shenpen Rinpoche: Death and Fear seem to

    be linked...but they are not. Death is a transition to

    spirit, and is all Love. At least this is my belief. I had

    a NDE. There was divine intervention. What does this mean?

    Master Lama Shenpen Rinpoche I will go to the Youtube to

    understand this "taming of death". Thank-you!Tom Murasso

    "Life is like a grinding stone - it can polish you or

    pulverize you - depending on how you position yourself" --

    Larry De Angelo55 minutes ago · Comment · LikeUnlike You

    and 11 others like this. 11 people like this.Shari Dean at

    8:28am March 20
    Beautifully said. :) Ja-Len Jones at 9:09am March 20
    Yes, my body is going thorugh a "grinding process" like it

    isn't in sync with the universe, and my soul? That needs

    realigning too. Center; center...must find the

    centre...hope it's the correct centre however...:)Willie A

    Hill Hi Catherine,
    just something small to say thank you for being a Great

    be well
    WillWillie sent a Green orchid to Catherine Kosterin using

    Hawaiian Flowers
    Hi Catherine, just something small to say thank you for

    being a Great friend be well Will Send one back or add it

    to your profile!
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    Ja-Len Jones at 9:12am March 20
    In Canada we have the need to plant trees along highways

    because the wind blows snow onto the highway which causes

    accidents. The tree planting would also help green the

    earth (oxygen...hey that may be why we are sick...not

    enough oxygen...what we aren't told...melamine..may be a

    fungus caused from lack of oxygen which cleans the blood,

    etc). Trees should be worshipped all over again...or at

    least highly admired! Ja-Len Jones at 9:15am March 20
    no i am saying that maybe the trees and plants are getting

    fungus look at the California/Florida Orange

    fungus...caused by a poor environment. Were we told as a

    people about the wheat? Which may have a fungus because the

    environment is lack of oxygen balance because of pollution,

    pesticides, tree cutting, etc. All this has cause and

    effect (hard to expound here in this space...)lol! Ja-Len

    Jones at 9:15am March 20
    plant more trees we live, no trees; we die.
    Write another comment...Note to a friend
    from a note to a friend.... who I am sure would not mind me

    reproducing it here - "We pay far too much attention to

    those around us and far too little to what is inside us,

    constantly trying to buy love when we have more than enough

    inside us, for ourselves.....
    Posted 4 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Share You and 4

    others like this. 4 people like this.Will Shannon at 4:49am

    March 20
    She's broken out the new photo! Glasses make one look wise

    my lovie.Show 9 more comments...Maxine Kleynhans at 8:13am

    March 20
    Great pic Nina Ja-Len Jones at 9:16am March 20
    Nina: your friend is wise beyond years; love is not

    bought..it is free! Free Love..(no not THAT way) but you

    know what I mean...FREE UP THE LOVE...THERE THAT'S BETTER

    Ja-Len Jones at 9:17am March 20
    Thanks Nina! I really got down to David Bowie

    yesterday...sure helped the cramps!Excerpt from "There's no

    such place as far away" (Richard Bach)Share
    Today at 3:05am
    Rae! Thank you for inviting me to your birthday party! Your

    house is a thousand miles from mine and I travel only for

    the best of reasons. A party for Rae is the best and I am

    eager to be with you.
    I began my journey in the heart of the hummingbird you and

    I met long ago. He was friendly as ever, yet when I told

    him that little Rae was growing up and that I was going to

    her birthday party with a present, he was puzzled.
    We flew for a long while in silence and at last he said, "I

    understand very little of what you say, but least of all do

    I understand that you are going to the party."
    "Of course I am going to the party," I said. "What is so

    hard to understand about that?"
    He was quiet, and when we arrived at the owl's home, he

    said, "Can miles truly separate us from friends? If you

    want to be with Rae, aren't you already there?"


    "Little Rae is growing up and I'm going to her birthday

    party with a present," I said to the owl. It felt strange

    to say going like that, after talking to Hummingbird, but I

    said it that way so Owl would understand.
    He, too, flew in silence for a long time. It was a friendly

    silence, but as he delivered me safely to the home of the

    eagle, he said, "I understand very little of what you say,

    but least of all do I understand that you call your friend

    "Of course she is little," I said, "because she is not

    grown up. What is so hard to understand about that?"
    Owl looked at me with his deep amber eyes, smiled and said,

    "Think about that."


    "Little Rae is growing up and I am going to her birthday

    party with a present," I said to Eagle. It felt strange now

    to say going and little after talking with Hummingbird and

    Owl, but I said it that way so Eagle would understand. We

    flew together over the mountains, and soared the mountain

    At last she said, "I understand very little of what you

    say, but least of all do I understand this word birthday."
    "Of course birthday," I said. "We are going to celebrate

    the hour that Rae began, and before which she was not. What

    is so hard to understand about that?"
    Eagle curved her wings into steep dive-flaps and stepped to

    a smooth landing on the desert sand. "A time before Rae's

    life began? Don't you think rather that it is Rae's life

    that began before time ever was?"


    "Little Rae is growing up and I am going to her birthday

    party with a present," I said to Hawk. It felt strange to

    say going and little and birthday after talking with

    Hummingbird and Owl and Eagle, but I said it that way so

    Hawk would understand.
    The desert poured by far below us and at last she said,

    "You know, I understand very little of what you say, but

    least of all do I understand growing up."
    "Of course growing up," I said. "Rae is closer to being an

    adult, one more year away from being a child. What is so

    hard to understand about that?"
    Hawk landed at last upon a lonely beach. "One more year

    from being a child? That does not sound like growing!" And

    she lifted into the air and was gone.


    Seagull, I knew, was very wise. As I flew with him I

    thought very carefully and chose words so that when I spoke

    he would know I had been learning.
    "Seagull," I said at last, "why do you fly me to see Rae

    when you know in truth I am already with her?"
    Seagull turned down over the sea, over the hills, over the

    streets, and landed gently upon your rooftop.
    "Because the important thing," he said, "is for you to know

    the truth. Until you know it, until you truly understand

    it, you can show it only in smaller ways, and with outside

    help, from machines and people and birds. But remember," he

    said, "that not being known doesn't stop the truth from

    being true." And he was gone.


    Now it's time to open your present. Gifts of tin and glass

    wear out in a day and are gone. But I have a better gift

    for you. It is a ring for you to wear. It sparkles with a

    special light and cannot be taken away by anyone, it cannot

    be destroyed. You are the only one in all the world who can

    see the ring that I give you today, as I was the only one

    who could see it when it was mine.
    Your ring gives you new power. Wearing it, you can lift

    yourself into the wings of all the birds that fly.
    You can see through their golden eyes, you can touch the

    wind that sweeps through their velvet feathers, you can

    know the joy of going way up high above the world and all

    its cares. You can stay as long as you want in the sky,

    past the night, through sunrise, and when you feel like

    coming down again, your questions will have answers and

    your worries will have gone.
    As anything that cannot be touched with the hand or seen

    with the eyes, your gift grows more powerful as you use it.
    At first you might use it only when you are outdoors,

    watching the birds with whom you fly.
    But later on, if you use it well, it will work with birds

    you cannot see, and last of all you will find that you'll

    need neither ring nor bird to fly alone above the quiet of

    the clouds.
    And when that day comes, you must give your gift to someone

    you know who will use it well, who can learn that the only

    things that matter are those made of truth and joy, and not

    of tin and glass.
    Rae, this is the last day-a-year, special-time celebration

    that I shall be with you, learning what I have learned from

    our friends the birds.
    I cannot go to be with you because I am already there.
    You are not little because you are already grown, playing

    among your lifetimes as do we all, for the fun of living.
    You have no birthday because you have always lived, you

    were never born, and never will you die. You are not the

    child of the people you call mother and father, but their

    fellow- adventurer on a bright journey to understand the

    things that are.
    Every gift from a friend is a wish for your happiness, and

    so it is with this ring httpL//www.vanpraagh.com/.

    The most me I can be? It might be too much! Wheni is too

    much me too much? Then I can send some of me to you and

    spread the love..our vessels may be not be able to contain

    the Love. Then we move on the spirit which is pure

    Love...What does my spirit body look like? The Universe?

    Thats a huge...well..hard to believe but true; we are the

    Universe..that's cosmic..thanks Hemal! Love the Tulips..I'm

    going to cry..I'm overwhelmed...Love is like that

    communication is tricky...it is always in the ear of the

    beholder..interpretation is subjective..must be careful to

    explain...we should be strong enough to say "hey, that

    comment hurt me in this way" then we say "sorry", but I do

    want to communicate..sometimes those unconsious mistakes

    are necessary however. Being plastic is never necessary..as

    long as said in truth...and love...?

    dialectic argument: if we look at emotions as a spectrum,

    or a rainbow, realizing that, we go or grow through

    emotions, they are necessary to become wise and achieve a

    richer wholeness found in the collection of all spectral

    emotional colours or white light. White light represents

    spiritual attainment; higher spirit-vibe energy;

    We cannot dispense so easily with emotion; it is what makes

    us human, sometimes emotions seem to not help matters.

    But would you rather be a robot without emotions or

    plastic; denying a key to the road to fullness in mind,

    body and spirit?The divine must have given us emotions for

    something goodWhy Do We Have Emotions?
    a message from Sarah Biermann

    Friday, 20 March, 2009


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    Emotions are a major part of the Earth Game. We wanted to

    experience duality, to see what it was like to be separate,

    limited, and have physical bodies. We wanted to experience

    all the juicy, human possibilities; to feel emotions, taste

    food, sing a song, ride a horse, pet a cat, and make love.

    The problem is that we identify ourselves as being that

    emotion. We say, “I am sad” or “I am frustrated”. NOT TRUE!

    You are an Infinite Being who is feeling an emotion. There

    is a belief that if you have an emotion you become that

    emotion. If you feel shame it means that there really is

    something wrong with you at a core level. It’s like if we

    feel it then it makes it real, and it will never go away.

    Actually, the opposite is true, but we aren’t taught that.

    We’re at the end of the Earth Game of duality now. It is

    time to release our judgments of what is good or bad and

    embrace the whole. It isn’t about only having the positive

    emotions and positive thoughts in order to create a

    positive reality. It’s not set up that way. In order to

    fully experience joy, love and excitement, you must be

    willing to equally fully experience sadness, anger and

    hopelessness. That’s how the Game was created.

    The transition we are going through now is to be willing to

    feel all the emotions fully while at the same time

    maintaining your awareness of self as the Infinite Being.

    We’re remembering our multi-dimensionality.

    In her book Initiation, Elisabeth Haich wrote about her

    experiences as a Priestess in Ancient Egypt and her

    initiation process. They deliberately brought up strong

    emotions (positive and negative). Ptahhotep is the Priest

    who taught her. He explained emotions to her.

    "My dear child," he begins, "initiation, as I have already

    explained to you, means to become conscious on the highest

    level, the divine plane. To be able to do this requires

    long physical training and spiritual preparation. One first

    must strengthen the nerves to enable them to bear these

    high vibrations without harm, without death.

    To become conscious on a given plane means to conduct the

    vibrations characteristic of this plane into the nerves and

    through the nerves into the body. From the time a body is

    born, that is, from the time a 'self' dwells in it, the

    body develops a power of resistance corresponding to the

    average degree of consciousness of the spirit dwelling in


    The degree of consciousness of a living creature fluctuates

    up and down, depending on its emotional condition, within

    the limits of a octave of vibrations. These fluctuations,

    however, must not exceed the limits of elasticity of the

    nerves; for if they do, injuries and sicknesses of a more

    or less serious nature occur, even death. The vibration

    belonging to a creative vital energy is absolutely lethal

    for creatures whose consciousness has not yet reached this


    The great initiation means consciously experiencing the

    vital energy and creative vibrations of eternal being,

    experiencing these vibrations on every plane of development

    and in their original frequency, without transformation,

    and simultaneously conducting these vibrations into the

    nerves and the body."

    They began by intentionally producing emotional states by

    using dream pictures.

    Once that was mastered they had to experience different

    emotional states on command, without dream pictures, going

    from the lowest to the highest.

    Then they practiced fast changeovers from one emotional

    state to another.

    The next step was to experience opposite emotional states,

    one after the other, with no time lost for transition,

    shifting from deep sadness to the highest hilarity, or from

    fear to self-assured courage.

    "People believe that there always has to be a reason for

    their being joyous or happy. Through the exercises with

    dream pictures we first imagine we have a reason for being

    in one mood or another. Thus we learn to control the

    reasons themselves! As we do not actually have a reason,

    however, we have to imagine one.

    Then comes the next step of experiencing an emotional state

    by itself, without a reason. After long practice, we

    discover we have always imagined we had a reason form being

    'sad' or 'joyous', 'depressed' or 'exuberant' etc. Through

    these exercises we thus become convinced that events and

    occurrences in our lives must not have any effect on us. We

    discover that every state of consciousness arises - and can

    only arise - within ourselves. The same event can provoke

    one person to laughter and another to tears, while a third

    remains completely indifferent; all because each is merely

    projecting outwardly his own inward attitude, and it is

    only the inner attitude which provokes our response, not

    the external events themselves."

    The end result of all this emotional training is that we

    are able to experience all levels of emotion and at the

    same time hold an expanded view, knowing that our True Self

    is untouched (being multi-dimensional). We have gained

    unshakable emotional composure, knowing that "...whatever

    happens on earth is only a transitory dream projected in

    time and space by ourselves. We only need to take it

    seriously in so far as it adds to our experience."

    That's emotional freedom!

    Sarah Biermann - Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Energy

    Healer, Writer and Artist www.limitless-one.com - Email:


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