Monday, March 2, 2009

On Relationships (Man/Woman (Man being Sociopath)

May I chime in? Gina and Maya; your research and

description as to methodology of the socio-path is

exemplary and well-written.
May I add a further aside to this discussion? When women

choose mates (boyfriends/husbands) they are really trying

to find a "father-figure" to fill the void leftover when

"little girls grow up". Depending on the relationship (or

no relationship) which the girl has had with her father

will determine the kind of mate she chooses.
If a woman seeks a socio-path it is not by accident. There

is something the woman wants to correct, and may be due to

the overt nuturing nature of the woman.
Let's face it, we don't jump into a relationship or

marriage without knowing a person inside and out. The fact

that these "sociopathic" issues on the part of the

boyfriend/husband should just "show up" is not believeable.

It is similar to the story; "I didnt know she had spent

time in a psych ward". There are blatantly obvious signs

and signals prior to settling into a relationship that

should have issued red flags long before someone "put a

ring on it" to quote Beyonce.
In other words, women choose to stay with a "less than

perfect" person because of the nuturing instinct. The woman

feels she can "change the person", but this never happens.
A person's personality is set in stone by the age of 4

(maybe earlier). There is no going back, even with modern

behavioural modification and other psychological

modalities, such as drug therapy, psychoanalysis, even

Primal Therapy.
The best bet in the future is to examine why the woman

chooses a mate with less than stellar characteristics.

Often it is a weakness in the woman's personality that

needs readapting, perhaps counselling and maybe

hypnotherapy or other psychological methods. The woman

needs to identify and clarify why she has been made to feel

inadequate to the point of choosing men who are unhealthy

for her.
It is much easier to help a neurotic than it is to help a

socio or worse yet psychopath.
Women need to empower themselves enough to understand the

old patterns of poor choice in mate material. Also women

must demand what men would demand if they were in our

shoes, that being fair play between the sexes.
Wake up and smell the coffee; something is rotten in


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