Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Ja-Len Jones Dr. Wayne Dyer, and other incredible speakers, via computer...NOW!! INSPIRATION!Hay House Radio | Radio For The Soul | Listen Live to Hay House Authors | Homepage
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Write a comment...Ja-Len Jones OMG!!! RAM DASS and DR WAYNE W DYER...TOGETHER IN MAUI...OCT 09...dreams do come true..pray this dream for me friends...it is a long shot..but, hey Good happens


  1. Ja-Len Jones at 6:12am March 24
    Dear Judi: Mornin' Sunshine! You brighten up my day! Blessings to all friends! Now that you made me feel wonderfully positive, I can embrace the day, give the world a hug and pass the Love on to the next friend..how cool, huh?

  2. Nina: you have a beautiful illumination of streaming white light (The Healer) surrounding you. I feel it through the computer, it is that strong and formidable! It is an AWESOME power, you are truly gifted. I am so happy you are my bff friend. You can stand in the gap for me. Your touch is magic!Namaste!

  3. Nina Ferrell ~Make sure that your words and actions line up, for all kinds of truth are needed in the world.. (Heaven letter #3042)Posted about an hour ago · Comment · LikeUnlike You and 2 others like this.
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    Dearest Angel Nina: I know where you are coming from: aligning all the inner and outer worlds means centering and focusing on our soul's purpose; Love. Divinity is ours when the attention is placed on the Creator's purpose for our lives; to love and be loved to be love. Yes, it is all about LOVE.

  4. Nina Ferrell Choice Vs Sacrifice
    God said: Heavenletter #: 3042 Published Date: March 24, 2009 It is time for you to know in the depths of your heart how much you mean to Me. You mean everything to Me. You are My very life walking on Earth. You are the essence of Me distributed to the world so that I may be known...
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    Geesh Nina, If You Want Something You Should Just Come Out and Say It, Instead of Tagging Us all With Subliminal Notes About 'Giving'... Ja-Len Jones at 6:34am March 24
    Nina: You are making me cry tears of Joy. The Love you send through these light energy waves is proof you are coming from Love. A Love Divine. Amen!

  5. ~Abaham-Hicks~How YOU can channel ABRAHAM
    Source: www.youtube.com
    ABRAHAM explains how you can interact with them directly.
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    Must be careful the spirit that come through may not be helpful. Like the Ouija board, some nasty spirits, not all that helpful could come out of the ether world. Of course a simple statement of pleading Love's energy around the process would dispell andy resident evil. (met a dr like that once)

  6. Lauren picked Hair - The American Tribal Love Rock Musical (1968 Original Broadway Cast), Europe 72, The Sound of Music (1965 Film Soundtrack), Every Picture Tells a Story and The Beatles (The White Album). What are yours?

    Posted 4 hours ago · Comment · LikeUnlike · Pick your five · Create your own You and 3 others like this. 3 people like this.Annie Flatley Moses at 2:50am March 24
    Great selection. Thanks for the inspiration. Hey, your last montage is the best I've seen of our work. Very cool Lauren. Congratulations.Lauren Brenner at 3:02am March 24
    Thank you!!!! That means a lot coming from an artist like you! Ja-Len Jones at 6:09am March 24
    Lauren: Groovy! I found a BabyBoomerBuddy! Thought I was the last of the Flower Power kids! I love Beatles, Santana, Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Melanie(not to mention Mary Poppins, Monkees, Godspell, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Stones...oh my gosh...i could go on and on..hard to do only 5 eh?
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