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Understanding Emotions: Dialectic Argument Pro/Con

Jan-Len wrote: The dialectic argument: if we look at emotions as a spectrum,

or a rainbow, realizing that, we go or grow through

emotions, they are necessary to become wise and achieve a

richer wholeness found in the collection of all spectral

emotional colours or white light. White light represents

spiritual attainment; higher spirit-vibe energy;

We cannot dispense so easily with emotion; it is what makes

us human, sometimes emotions seem to not help matters.

But would you rather be a robot without emotions or

plastic; denying a key to the road to fullness in mind,

body and spirit?The divine must have given us emotions for

something goodWhy Do We Have Emotions?
a message from Sarah Biermann

Friday, 20 March, 2009

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Emotions are a major part of the Earth Game. We wanted to

experience duality, to see what it was like to be separate,

limited, and have physical bodies. We wanted to experience

all the juicy, human possibilities; to feel emotions, taste

food, sing a song, ride a horse, pet a cat, and make love.

The problem is that we identify ourselves as being that

emotion. We say, “I am sad” or “I am frustrated”. NOT TRUE!

You are an Infinite Being who is feeling an emotion. There

is a belief that if you have an emotion you become that

emotion. If you feel shame it means that there really is

something wrong with you at a core level. It’s like if we

feel it then it makes it real, and it will never go away.

Actually, the opposite is true, but we aren’t taught that.

We’re at the end of the Earth Game of duality now. It is

time to release our judgments of what is good or bad and

embrace the whole. It isn’t about only having the positive

emotions and positive thoughts in order to create a

positive reality. It’s not set up that way. In order to

fully experience joy, love and excitement, you must be

willing to equally fully experience sadness, anger and

hopelessness. That’s how the Game was created.

The transition we are going through now is to be willing to

feel all the emotions fully while at the same time

maintaining your awareness of self as the Infinite Being.

We’re remembering our multi-dimensionality.

In her book Initiation, Elisabeth Haich wrote about her

experiences as a Priestess in Ancient Egypt and her

initiation process. They deliberately brought up strong

emotions (positive and negative). Ptahhotep is the Priest

who taught her. He explained emotions to her.

"My dear child," he begins, "initiation, as I have already

explained to you, means to become conscious on the highest

level, the divine plane. To be able to do this requires

long physical training and spiritual preparation. One first

must strengthen the nerves to enable them to bear these

high vibrations without harm, without death.

To become conscious on a given plane means to conduct the

vibrations characteristic of this plane into the nerves and

through the nerves into the body. From the time a body is

born, that is, from the time a 'self' dwells in it, the

body develops a power of resistance corresponding to the

average degree of consciousness of the spirit dwelling in


The degree of consciousness of a living creature fluctuates

up and down, depending on its emotional condition, within

the limits of a octave of vibrations. These fluctuations,

however, must not exceed the limits of elasticity of the

nerves; for if they do, injuries and sicknesses of a more

or less serious nature occur, even death. The vibration

belonging to a creative vital energy is absolutely lethal

for creatures whose consciousness has not yet reached this


The great initiation means consciously experiencing the

vital energy and creative vibrations of eternal being,

experiencing these vibrations on every plane of development

and in their original frequency, without transformation,

and simultaneously conducting these vibrations into the

nerves and the body."

They began by intentionally producing emotional states by

using dream pictures.

Once that was mastered they had to experience different

emotional states on command, without dream pictures, going

from the lowest to the highest.

Then they practiced fast changeovers from one emotional

state to another.

The next step was to experience opposite emotional states,

one after the other, with no time lost for transition,

shifting from deep sadness to the highest hilarity, or from

fear to self-assured courage.

"People believe that there always has to be a reason for

their being joyous or happy. Through the exercises with

dream pictures we first imagine we have a reason for being

in one mood or another. Thus we learn to control the

reasons themselves! As we do not actually have a reason,

however, we have to imagine one.

Then comes the next step of experiencing an emotional state

by itself, without a reason. After long practice, we

discover we have always imagined we had a reason form being

'sad' or 'joyous', 'depressed' or 'exuberant' etc. Through

these exercises we thus become convinced that events and

occurrences in our lives must not have any effect on us. We

discover that every state of consciousness arises - and can

only arise - within ourselves. The same event can provoke

one person to laughter and another to tears, while a third

remains completely indifferent; all because each is merely

projecting outwardly his own inward attitude, and it is

only the inner attitude which provokes our response, not

the external events themselves."

The end result of all this emotional training is that we

are able to experience all levels of emotion and at the

same time hold an expanded view, knowing that our True Self

is untouched (being multi-dimensional). We have gained

unshakable emotional composure, knowing that "...whatever

happens on earth is only a transitory dream projected in

time and space by ourselves. We only need to take it

seriously in so far as it adds to our experience."

That's emotional freedom!

Sarah Biermann - Teacher, Intuitive Counselor, Energy

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