Sunday, March 22, 2009

On Psychology: Personal Insights, etc

Recent Marketing Trend Psychology - Resultant Market Psychology:

Have you noticed the Rising Retail trend? Recent through the roof sales in USA? Why? When you Tell people they cant do something, like shop, for example, or there are no jobs and no money..people go hog wild spending on garbage, buying things they cannot because they figure; better use up what wont be there soon. It is a defensive reaction. And so of course, when people are coming from a negative, they react negatively or not very smart because...negative plus negative equals more negative. Unless we can spend our way out of a bottomed out economy or a "tanked" economy? We just dont have money and so why would sales go through the roof? Of course sales go up and up...Our nature? "Dont tell me I cant"..(sort of predictable...we knew this would happen..and it does (Self-fufilling Prophesy) we can manipulate eh? hmmph!It is a last ditched effort to gain control of the lack of control we see in our economy. People don't have a clue what to do so they spend like all hell has broke loose, like there is no tomorrow (which may in fact be the truth as the govts are not doing enough to say "everything is going to be ok" just looks hopeless unless we make A GOOD PLAN THAT WORKS..WILL WE BELIEVE IT???.

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