Monday, March 29, 2010

A Song Began A Plan ~ A Song Begat A Plan

Wherever life began....
we're on the same plan....
Wherenever Life began....
we're on on on on ....
the same...
p--l--a---n (diminished second)

Looking through windows...
finding the time to see you....
Looking past winters
when I didnt know you....
Finding your right there...
much where we left off...
picking up pieces.....
the wind held for so long....

Would you like to go for a coffee?

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ethered Prairie Dogs: Before Their Untimely Collapse

At least I know you are
somewhere in the ether
sniffing ether?
Somewhere where
I know you're ok
you're ok?
Believing things
are good for you
half the battle won
the other half
you left abandoned
at the altar
of plain
too painful

The Altered Plan
at The Altar of Pain
(discussed earlier)
Far from plains
this Jane's
flat face takes up
the entire prairies
were many gopher's
and prairie dogs
(they are the same thing?)
get shot out of holes
like rockets to the moon
oh how sad
being so cute
nasty holes they make
they never know
it'd be better
on the other side

they must know that
it would be far better
at least then the hunters
could stuff them and sell them as
curiosities or minted snuff
that often than not
make big bucks
daddy war bucks
in the war room
next to the purple star

maybe it's time
to spread around
the cashcow
instead of tipping 'er
we all need a piece
of pie in the sky

the manure
so thick lately
wet and warm
spreaded around
like an body-electric

for years throughout
the land
held its ground
keeping our boots filled
making us taller
in the saddle
who knew the elixir
of decay
had that much magic

the bs you mean?
what pleasure do you get
to see me
in such estactic
as a joke
that's the only thing
u mean?

before empathy
there was a wall
and on that wall
was a word
and that
"i'm pity"
feelings meaning
translates to
there where there
were feelings
there where there
were connections
now lost
once not so amiss
of communication
of deep understanding
of fellow human beings
of our colleagues
of our many leagues
there where there were
one there was all
like a humanity
of a billion muskateers
"all for one and one for all"
what happened to that?
that was akin to
collective sanity
when the world made sense
before the collapse

odd man out
left behind
to rot
put in the grave
too soon
for life
and seemingly for
eternity too
unless there's no saviour
to raise up dead men
and underdogs

ship sails away today
leaving behind
every unwanted
memory shelved
stored in Twilight Zone
containers of same
maybe never to open again
unless a triggerword
should evoke
a taste of yesterday's
dandelion wine
(inspired by Ray Bradbury)

what did I do
to make so many
memories bademories
goodemories there should be a word
this is so important
to us as a collective whole
trying to bury the hole
that surrounds us
and drags us down
way past the ground
way past any part
that would no longer exist
since I am not here
typing this

if I could make me a ship
like the Nancy
and be her boysun
to sail away
much longer than a day
to never remember land
then I could start
all over again
to make memories
like shells gathered
on this voyage
beginning now

jj 28 03 10

Friday, March 26, 2010

Magpie #7: The Promise of Spring

"And so doctor, what do you propose we do?" the elderly doctor looked down over his squarish bifocals at the young doctor sitting directly in front him. "Well Dr. Fielding, I have an idea..." said the eager intern nervously. "We must try to stop the progression of the cell's aberrant and hurried life cycle. The body is producing a poison in the adrenal glands which inhibits the cells ability to create homeostasis, thereby disallowing the telemerase to control the cell's normal aging process."

Dr. Fielding stood up nodding his head in a continual up and down motion like a bobble doll. He then proceeded to take off his bifocals. The gray haired scientist then reached his large and empathetic hand over the expanse of desk to congratulated Dr. Bella. He didn't stop shaking her hand for a very long time, and the twinkle in his old brown eyes was a pleasant surprise to Dr. Bella.

Her recent laboratory research had produced the results intended. "Dr. Bella you have indeed solved the riddle plaguing humankind for generations, well done". Dr. Bella blushed, and said "Thank-you."

The early morning rounds were the usual fair for Dr. Bella, her test subjects. Persons once deemed hopeless cases were now showing marked improvement in their conditions. As Dr. Bella stood at the end of each patients' bed she noticed the charts were looking exactly like the charts of normal persons. Suddenly this wide uncontrollable smile beamed from the young doctor's face; this was it, the moment Dr. Bella realized the battle was won.

"Congratulations, Dr. Bella!" said Dr. Bella's colleagues, all instrumental in the new drug trials. Dr. Bella caught up with the other doctors, almost skipping. As the young doctors continued to walked through the entire hospital checking on amazed at the miraculous phenomena.

The lively patients at St. Joseph's Hospital in London, Ontario were eager to return home to their loved ones as each case after another was proving to be entirely resolved. Dr. Bella had asked the nurses to stop singing so loudly as they were literally floating on air this Spring day.

Outside the sunny celestory windows Dr. Bella could see the miles of yellow daffodils covering virtually every inch of the rolling hills of the hospital's acerage. These were planted each year by patients and their families with the hope that the money collected with the daffodil sales throughout the country would eventually find the cure for the most dreaded of diseases.

With the sun rising this morning, all the earth was illuminated with a miraculous golden light. Dr. Bella stood on top of the hill and looked in amazement and sighed most profoundly. She could not believe the picture in front of her, the sea of daffodils bobbing up and down with the gentle spring breezes. Suddenly, Dr. Bella recalled the song her mother had taught her as a young girl and sang the song over the daffodil valley; "The promise of Spring...brings hope with the daffodils...".

Today the earth and all humankind had opened a new chapter in a new book titled "Cancer IS beaten". And today all the world smiled the biggest smile that continued nonstop for miles and miles embracing the world with warm loving sunshine. Dr. Bella nodded her head and looked up. Indeed, all was right with the world!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Willow Manor's Theme Thursday: Star Dust on my Shoulders

The lovely Willow at Willow Manor has got plenty to blog about with the topic of "Dust". Let's see where my epoplectic* (sp?)mind will wander. (*epoplectic is a med term bandied about on recent talk shows; I think it refers to a condition which may mean 'dead brain'. I will look up the term for all students of medical science.

For now I guess at the word epoplectic, which may or may not be the best idea, not adding to my vast degrees hanging over my vortex machine which I reinvented for all intents and purposes to be more "bum" friendly. I am talking bum of the bumbum variety of which I believe Al Jolson sang. No insults to others who take offence to this word. Lighten up. "Flush your worries in the ol' tin can" WWI soldier's song!

It does sound like I know a thing or two about dust. Actually at my age I am an espouser of all things dust and dust related. A professional dust magnified magnate.

As for myself, I am a clingon when it comes to dust. As I write this blog entry I am not entirely slow enough to let dust actually accumulate on my person. Although, I must be honest, I am afraid to look! I try to move every half-hour. Bloggy thought or not!

And just like everyone in Bloggland, knowledge being Universal lately with the invention of the personal computer. "As it is written so it shall be" The Bible certainly tells us to "go forth and multiply". This I know how to do quite well, thank-you very much.

Dust being everywhere and in da crib, it is not appreciated by me as dust is not nice. My plan is to get a dustblower like one of those industrial-strength dustblowers you can get for the computer for ten bucks. This HD dustblower will for the entire house house as in "blow me house down". That should work. This lil piggy likes simple house cleaning solutions; nothing that takes a degree to accomplish the same results. What's the point? Clean. Spring clean. Ah yes...and a weekly maid. One day! Good to think motivationally, isn't it?

Brief aside from the dust mites in my mind; 'yes, knowledge should be, and without prejudice, for everyone". We need the information at our fingertips says the dust mite, better yet, a computerized silicone chip for the brain.

Then I would get it right the first time, instead of my usual one hundred and one takes later. Unless, of course, the chip malfunctions for someinnane reason to make me dumbdown and frozen out like a computer in need of a reboot. Abit player in this massive industry.

Is going at computer lightspeed really the best policy? I really think so, as humanity has a lot of catching up to do, we are so far behind the eight ball. In fact, the faster, the smarter, the better. Why was I too slow to be upgraded to professional on Linkedin? Did no one believe that ChipNlogs would take off as I am the CEO. Just not recognized I suppose. A professional charlatan. But really since no brakes were given to me, and no one has ever opened up this "ideas" avenue, I should be knighted or damed or something. Oh well.

All of us are officially allowed to don the genius cap for awhile anyway. All of us are due the glory of being smarty pants with all the accolades that entails. Our public education system gives the common Joe or Jane the access to being the smartest person in the world. Although not all "smarts" are from accumulated knowledge category, some genius is creative, certainly.

The fact is this; we should all have easy access to education. It is the equality and quality of education which makes the difference between a genius and/or an unsmart or uneducated person. And with he right access to information, and with the speed of thought, we can all, and should be all allowed the freedom to be one of the smartest persons in the world, or at least that honoured three percent of the population. What do you think? Do you think? Are you allowed to think? Who stops you from thinking? "Hmmm..."

This I can honestly say is a good thing; the power of the educated mind and the mind that pursues truth with passion. Seems no one today finds the truth relevant. We can all be doctors unofficially today if we are chipped and categorized in some high-tech method of which I am sure would be fraught with "big brother is watching" 1984 by Aldous Huxley New World Order scenario. My scenario is idealized version of course, probably this cannot happen due to too many negative thinkers with "agendas". So be it. Oh well.

Today we can treat our oen conditions and that of our family members. Mind you treatment would be for little aches and sprains ect. The biggy medical stuff still religated to the medical professionals.

At least today we have more access to find out more about our various illnesses, concerns, etc. As patients who hold the same keys to knowledge as most doctors we are allowed to make educated choices about our medical treatment. We do not have to take one doctor's opinion anymore. One doctor may or may not have our collective best interests in heart. Why not? The Hippocratic Oath, taken by all doctors "do no harm" does not always work out that way. We see this in lawsuits, class actions etc.

Another thing I'd like to briefly touch upon; the Hippocratic Oath; "do no harm". This can also relate to the fact that doctors today should have this idiom in their doctor bag; "Make the patient well". Today the doctors do not have to make you well. There is nothing motivating the doctors to make you well. In fact, doctors do quite well financially if you do not get well. Of course this does not go for the well meaning and philanthropic doctors I have met, and I know. These doctors are truly angels in disguise and I give these fine doctors ever form of accolade. They are great! What I am talking about are the unscrupulous doctors. For those, and for all doctors, what would be the problem with stating "to make the patient well by all means possible"? This would mean that doctors fees would be commeasurate with the actually healing process. Doctors are meant to "heal" after all!

Rather long aside...sorry!

Dust. The first that comes to mind is dust mites. I do not share Willow's same insight that dust is actually good for the planet or antique furniture anyway. This may be true, depending on the kind of dust. The dust could add that much need antique "patina". Lovely.

Although according to the Bible dust is what we are to become one day. "Ashes to ashes dust to dust. To dust you shall return". I'll always remember this as the sooty ash placed on my forehead. It is a visual reminder, this is not all there is, this carbon form of life. All life has carbon in it, and I suppose, like it or not, the sooty remains of cinders from fire places has a roll in all these elements. So we are caught between a very hot and a very cold universe. This I will have to discuss one day on my ChipnLogs Astronomy blog entry. See how one idea springs forth from another like molecules bouncing around? Interesting, huh!

This Theme Thursday is also appropro because of the recent Ash Wednesday leading up to this lenten season of Easter and the return of the resurrected Christ and the chocolate Easter bunny and egg hunt. Inspiring for sure, and thought-provoking. So many Easter stories worldwide, all about rebirth, going back to pre-history this theme.

Dust is really not something I relish, although like relish spread on a hotdog, dust does seem to premiate every square inch and millimeter of my abode. The chalet is very dusty and is awaiting my sudden urge to spring clean.

This year I am going to purchase a pressure washer. I just hope that the pressure washer is not too overly pressurized to cause the large triangular celestory windows of the chalet to suddenly burst. This would not be a good day for me, or the landlord.

Maybe I should check the psi of the pressure washer before I attempt to wash windows. This would be smart if not a genius thing, plrethought being the best quality of a genius as well as levels of thought like Star Treks three-dimensional chess. One day I will learn more than the first pawn move, I swear I will!

Please; I don't want to be referred to as the "window washer"! This position reminds me of an old story we use to tell as kids about "The Window Washer". Ask me to tell you this story. It is scary and funny at the same time!

Realize this; "I don't "do" windows. Ok? Well I probably have to wash them, eventually. When I cannot see outside anymore from grit and grease. Honestly I don't like window washing. Thus the pressure washer. Besides my windows soar up to thirty feet at the apex I believe. This is a daunting task even for me who is rather tall. It is really difficult to get the spider webs blown away with just the garden hose. It does not work. Any suggestions about how I can get my garden hose to work like a pressure washer would be appreciated. Anyone want to sell "real" cheap their pressure washer? Probably no takers. Ok, forget it! I'll just wait. Hopefully not too long, as I am getting that urge as I type. (not what you think)

Yes, indeed, it is a job and a half to wash these dang windows at the chalet. This job takes a lot more than just daily chores type of thinking. I really have to get up the "spring fling cleaning urge" to do the nasty job. It takes every ounce and latent seated power of Kundalini to get the "urge" to wash windows. A focus like an ancient yogi mystic to get up the verve to do the urge detail. It takes all winter of my boring blogging to bring up the reserves in this "seat of power". At my age, these things take time and work! However, once fully engaged; "watch out dust; you're dirt!". Bye-Bye dust and dirt, hello, Sunshine!

One other topic of related interest: Dust mites. I think I have allergies to these nasty bugs. The evil mites make me sound have a chronic nasal voice. This ruined my radio career. Plus the fact that I sound like Fran Drescher. And I never once lived in New Jersey! Go figure!

Yes, the "urge' is soon to come to overtake me. The need to clean, clean, clean the dust, dirt and dreaded dust mites from the chalet and "outta my hair".

I just hope that I don't go to super-power fanatical mode like I usually do this time of year. No doubt about it, my eyes turn burning-bright laser red with vapourizing powers. Or that just maybe the end result of the pantry chanti needed as liquid motivation for the inglorious task.

Undoubtedly I will transform. Believe me it is not a pretty sight. When it comes to dust, I take "no prisoners".

Enjoy your spring cleaning "fling". Tata y'all!

Ann Coulter Debate, Dilema or Debacle?

For all of you in bloggyland not aware of the Ann Coulter contraversy of late I will include the SNC's links below my Ann Coulter diatribe.

Here's a brief synopsis: Ann Coulter the extremely sexy for a pundit 48 year old Michiga-trained lawyer cum political debater. Coulter is a mouthpiece for the Republican party a female version of Rush Limbaugh, O'Reilly or Falwell.

Although Coulter said some "not so nice" things about Muslims at recent Canadian universities, she is more of a latter day Archie Bunker. Coulter's speech is not hate speech but definitely racist. Hate speech is a crime in Canada, however, off-handed remarks can only label the speechster a racist.

With the label of racist, comes the view that the person is 'pig-headed" and/or "ignorant". Racist views disclose a prejudiced way of seeing a group of people or minority or majority for that matter, although this is not usually the case.

In a way, I feel sorry for Ann Coulter. She must have limited intelligence in some way. If she wanted to diffuse the problem with a certain sect this is definitely not the way to do it. Ann Coulter should have used less heated words and phrases to bring her point to the table.

Poor lil' rich girl Coulter has obviously had it too good in the States where free speech is akin to a demi-god. In Canada we must watch our "p's and q's", we must try to appear fair, or receive the wrath and the rap from various departments of Human Rights. Ann Coulter was walking that dangerous fine line. If she is a lawyer she should study the various foreign laws before departing on her tour of punditisms.

To play the devil's advocate today, I will defend Ann Coulter in this way. She should, as a person, be allowed to say what is on her mind to some extent. If she is Irish, for example (I don't think she is?) she could say an Irish joke or two without fear of reprisal from or insult from anyone because she is Irish (if she is Irish, this is just an example). However, I do not believe that Ann Coulter is a muslim so she should be respectful of their history. Ann should have clearly stated her problem is with the Al Quaeda branch of radical Islamic fundamentalism. Period. Unfortunately Ann did not make this fine distinction.

In my opinion, Ann Coulter should formally apologize for any insult to the muslim population. This would be the right thing to do. And for a right-winger, long overdue. Sorry Ann, even though you are one sexy b*tch pundit, you do need a proverbial "slap on the wrist". However you do not deserve to be labelled a Hate criminal. Not yet anyway.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

BLAH BLAH Method of Writing Poetry

Blah Blahblah

Blah blahblah blahblah blahblah (AAA)
Blahblah blah blah blah blah blah blah (AA)
Blah blah blahblah blah (BB)
Blah blah blah blahblah (BBB)
Blah blah blah blahblah blah blah blahblah (AAA)

NOt sure if any "others" out there in Bloggyland have had any fear of writing poetry or not. I am talking poetry here not prose. Above is my attempt to find the cadence in the Limerick (I believe it is the Limerick, I may be wrong, please comment and correct me if you'd like, I'd really appreciate that (NOT!). ps I think I will try this method or a method like this for writing music, and colour coded. I find it difficult to see notes on a music sheet. Colour would be a lot easier to see for me, I think?

Here is something I am working on; the music of spring birds outside my slightly opened window (it is still a bit chilly yet).

First I hear the sounds of the Curl-lews (that's what I call them, not sure if that is what they are) They arrive right in the early a.m. right at dawn around 6:30 am.

Hummmmm-hummmm (the first Hum is higher in pitch) So one note above the second hum). In my musical notation it would look like this;


Next: the second hum would look like this


Please note; the dotted line in the second stanza relates to note pitch or different note, not in the quality of the sound. It is the same sound just a different note. Does this make sense? Trying to make a recording of this; maybe try to make a Youtube video of this. Maybe. Dream on.

Next we hear the chickadees. They make warbly sounds. This may be more difficult to illustrate. I will try!

the "chi" sound is consistent as there are not variations in the pitch or notes up or down.


the "rch" sound goes up slightly


so the chicadees sound would look like this:

@@@@^^^^@@@@^^^^@@@@^^^^^@@@@^^^^ etc.,stop

Next the ravens appear and they make a loud sound monosyllable:


the crow or ravens kaws are easily written down but not the curl-lews odd sound which have no direct translation in English vocabulary.

The curl-lews sound I had a difficult time imitating. When the three birds arrived the first was the curl lews. I remember these birds sounds from up north but I do not know what these birds look like. It reminds me of the whipporwills that I loved listening to at the cottage in Georgian Bay. They were a comforting, yet haunting sound. Whippoorwills have a very camoflage look to them so I have never viewed one in nature. It must be the same thing with the curl lews. I will try to get a pic of them and try to post (I am having difficulty with this on blogspot why I am not sure; think my C++ visual memory (RAM) is running out?).
The orchestration of the curl-lews and the chiccadees in the morning is quite beautiful. Especially with the subtle pauses between the sounds. I often felt the birds are greeting their Creator by singing the song of the Creator. They are honoring the snrise and sunset in this way. The birds are not as loud during the day. Why?
My hub says cause they are sleeping. He is bored! NO I think that they are not sleeping so much. They are more or less singing to the sun. Yes, that's what I want to believe! Ok that's my truth! Anyway, I like the comfort of bird songs in spring in the early am. Check it out. And go into the bathroom pour a warm bath and listen to the birds. It is so comforting and relaxing and MIRACULOUS. These simple miracles are the best! 24 03 10

CHIPNLOGS tm IDEA SEEDBANK: Steve McQueen in The Blob/Astrophysics and Astronomy

Good day. I've been slow lately due to sit-itis...sitting to long at the computer and drinking too much coffee (only 4 cups) but it may not be the healthiest lifestyle. I am going to be upping the ante on my elliptical and eating better, although I dont eat much, but where has the blob to go when I don't do anything all day but sit and type?

Speaking about The Blob today is Steve McQueen's Birthday on TCM. I watched The Blob early this morning (isnt my life deep). It seemed that I had one of those "moments" besides the almost senior moment. It was a paradigm moment. I was watching the big fat Jell-o Blob (I wonder how product placement worked back in 58)when I realized something about The Blob. The Blob did not like cold!

Realizing this I thought that maybe all matter is struggling to maintain a balance between hot and cold, dark and light, the hole gamut of yin-yang balance.

This also got me to thinking about something else rather deep for The Blob movie. The magnetic process of the universe. In the largest part of space where The Blob came from, maybe, just maybe, there is a different kind of magnets that only relate to large magnetic reactions. Seeing as The Blob is so large and wants to become larger. Were there any remake of The Blob? The Blob was just left so forlornly at the North Pole I felt abit sorry for The Thing (no that's another B-grade movie.)

So thinking about the magnetic principles of the universe got me to thinking that the magnetic attractions of the very miniscule are much more varient thatn the very large and this is where my idea stops because I am not very well versed in this are of Chemistry, Astro-physics and the like ilk. Someone else with some further rebuttal should and could rebut here, please, just close the barn door when you're done! Thanks!

Expounding on the expanse of the Universe is like this. It takes sometimes a different way of seeing things. Like Frank Sinatra did in the Steve McQueen movie after The Blob (I will look this up). Between housework it is diffucult to sound professional to any degree. This is the dilema. However, I will try to tidy up the loose ends later if my end should behanve after mistreating it with too long at the console.

Anyway, or Anyhoo...yes, well, hummm. I am needing peppermint tea. I think I have heard that if coffee isnt cured correctly there is a very strong acidic effect. Has anyone heard of this before because I think my body is acidic. Again needing to yinyang the acidic/akaline balance so important for health. I am not well. I realize now I was or am too acidic. So I will try to stay away from acidic foods like everything! What will I eat? Dang!

I really enjoyed Steve McQueen today. He is like Clint Eastwood in that he has a real personae What you see is what you get. No pretensions. No obtuse characterization. I find that the actor Brian Cranston who plays Walter White is like this too...SMOOTH as silk, they really appear to be these people, no melodrama about it.

So happy birthday Steve McQueen. We miss you. I bet you are in heaven shootin' the sh*t with John Wayne. (that was a super interesting documentary on the director John Ford) a must see, someday. When The Blob gets me!

ps whoever sent me the flyer to get "educated" thanks. You could also send me the money to get me "educated". Yup, thanks! (no seriously, thanks!):)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Breaking Bad ~ Season Three Premier ~ Fake Spoiler "It Dropped From The Sky"

If any bloggers have been watching Breaking Bad, well tonight is the start of Season Three. It has been guaranteed to be action-packed. Here are some best possible "bad" outcomes which I thought I would predict. I have no idea as to the script for tonight.

We left off season two with the cliff-hanger or should I say plane hanger, er, ah, plane crash to be precise. Right over Walter and Skylar White's house. (is that coincidence or what?) More bad luck. (figures he just has hope of cure from his cancerous lung removal).

Nonetheless we get a close up at the end of the thing that fell from the sky (did you guess this?) I was kind of shocked over the "skank" ATM that I did not remember so much detail (I will need to watch more than once hopefully three times like in Film School).

Season Two and Season One's pink and white panda bear at the opening scene (new style; looks; Gund? As in Gotta-Get-A-Gund?). My kid had a Gund called Mutzi, so I can relate, wonders what is the significant of the teddy? Stayed tuned, we are bound to find out sooner or later! (future episode Skyler's teddy?)

Yes, babyboomer parents can certainly relate to this show, or those who are meth user, crackheads, any dope users, lawyers, EMT's, cops, prisoners, ok pretty much everybody will find something to love about this show. The acting is amazingly fantastic; the subject matter always shocking.

Walter White a proto-typical chemical teacher everyman is perfect, his expressions amazing! White is played to perfection as are all the actors. Best acting I have seen in a very long time. Amazing range. The characters are a virtual alter-ego reality of real-life people. Very third-wallish, maybe method acting? Amazing stuff.

Here goes: Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the Chipnlogs screen adaptation of tonights Breaking Bad Episode:

"It dropped From The Sky" by Virginia Whitley

Walter's wife Skyler leaves. As Walt is going back into his house he hears a huge supersonic crash from the sky. He looks up at the sky. Mouth ajar.

He sees two huge jumbo 747's (what are they called now) collide and crash in the sky. The jetsam (what is debris from a plane called?) defrags in every direction like a many-leafed palm tree. As Walt is near his pool he watches as a piece of the plane land in his pool. We get a close up of the item; a high-priced pink and white panda bear.

This is where Season Three Begins:

At this point Walter looks dumbfounded and runs for the phone inside the house, he is about to lift the receiver. Suddenly he hears another two thuds, and turns around running outside, he pants, is out of breath. He sees what the horrible thuds were that crash-landed in his yard; two partially truncated bodies ripped to pieces by the plane crash. Both have landed withing 6 feet of each other.

Walter turns and runs back into the house to call 911. The phone line is busy. Walter "Damn!". He calls his brother-in-law, the police officer.

Hank. Hello
Walter: Did you hear the crash?
Hank: What crash?
Walter: The one right over the city.Right over the f house.(notice Walter is swearing lately...ever since the "change" since he blew up the head-office of the drug dealer Tuko). Must have been two jumbos crashing overhead. Some dead bodies have landed in my yard.
Hank: Shit! Holy crap I'm coming over!
Walter: Hurry, I am not sure if there's more shit falling from the sky right now. What the hell it could be some kind of chemical.
Hank: Relax Walter, I'm be right over, I'm leavng now.

Walter hangs up immediately and goes outside looking carefully at the sky. The debris field in the sky has dissipated. It appears safe for Walter to go outside.

Walter: Shit!
Walter walks slowly over to one of the bodies.
He notices something shining from the legless body's neck. Almost all of the clothing is removed by the sheer impact of the explosion. The thing that is shining in the sun is a Native America Amulet/locket made of silver, turquoise and black onyx with a very strange Navaho symbol of death on it. Walter has seen this locket before, and knows what the symbolism means. Gretchen was wearing it during their last meeting at the restaurant. Walter is amazed, totally mezmerized by the amulet's glint.

Walter takes a long careful look and picks it up and notices it has a latch and then proceeds to slowly open the locket. closeup, stunned look mouth drops open (lots of those lately)

Inside the locket comes out some of his famous blue meth onto Walter's fingers. Walter cooly snorts some to test it. He shakes his head in disbelief. He pounds the cushion of the lawn chair. Walter lets out a very loud "Shit" that echoes from the redrocks and southwestern adobe homes in his neighbourhood.

Walter looks aghast and shocked. Quickly, Walter looks around and quickly snatches the necklace/amulet from around the dead victim's neck.

Walter quickly retreats to his car and hides the amulet with the meth in his glove compartment and locks the compartment.
Walter's Bro in law Hank the cop shows up. He is more freaked out than Walter.

Hank: The authorities will be here soon Walt, don't worry I've got this under control (Hank is seriously shaking). Walter offers him a lawn chair to sit down.
Hank: Thanks. Do you have any strong coffee I just worked the night shift. It was a bugger. I was sleeping when you called. It's going all to hell. (suddenly Walter looks pale and weak) Walter, I need to get some air...

Walter: You dont look so good Hank. Do you need...

Just then Hank falls flat on his face and his nose is bleeding, a pool of blood on the cement by the pool.

Walter Oh shit, no! Hank...Hank...

Hank is still breathing, but laboured. Walter cradles his head in his lap.

Suddenly the Hazmet team (?) Emergency crew arrive with sirens blazing. A EMT worker takes over from Walter, and starts CPR on Hank.

Hazmet: Ok Sir if you could please go to the truck. We'll take care of this. The hazmet team takes over the scene.

Walter is lead away stunned and lead away by another EMT worker.


Air traffic control Santa Fe (or where?) airport. "Q" is still sitting at his post completely insane looking, mumbling incoherently the repeating patterned names "Jane" "Tango" "Nine" "Sierra" "Seven" "Walter"...over and over again, monotoned, robotic-like.

A white-coated crew arrive at the ATC department. The boss says
ATC boss: He is sitting at station three
Q: mumbling incoherent and then the same precoded words forementioned.
WCC: Sir, could you please come with us?

Q is confused and is still rambling as they lead him out of the building once hand-cuffed and frisked.


Skyler sitting in a fifties style bungalow. Walt's mom's place in a poor section of town. Skyler is looking down, sad. (maybe post partum depression and seperation from Walter, etc).

Walt's mom: Can I get you anything dear, a drink? Would you like some tea and bisquits?

Skyler: No thanks. I think I'll take a nap.

Suddenly squealing tires can be heard. Walter's car arrives as Walter appears at the screened door.

Walter's Mom: (happily excited) Walter!
She runs over to Walter but he refuses to acknowledge her.
Walter's mom frowns and drops the biscuits she was carrying.
Walter's son is working on a computer in the kitchen
Walter's son: Hi Dad! I've got more hits! We got 2 grand now!
Walter grunts.
He sees Skylar taking off hurriedly for the back bedroom and grabs her wrist.
Skyler: F>O. Walter! Leave me alone!
Walter: Skyler. This is an emergency. Dont ask questions, I'll explain later.
Skyler yells: Mom, take care of baby for a minute thanks.
She rushes out with Walter.

Walter yells I'll call in 40 mins Mom, stay off the phone!
The door slams behind them.
Walter's mom looks concerned.
The car squeals off.


Mayhem in town. People running around, cops shooting at looters, bikers around town on bikes.
Walter: We got to get the f outa here, ya hear me, something crazy is going down, There's been another airplane crash, two of them, it looks like another friggin' terrorist attack.
I think it may be a dirty bomb.Do you get it? Do you understand me? Are you understanding me?(Walter treats his wife like a child or student of chemistry)
Skyler: Walter, what the hell have you been smoking you're acting nuts much more nuts than when I left you an hour or so ago! What the f is going on Walter, another damn lie of yours? I'm so f'n sick of your gd lies. When are you going start telling me the truth. G*d you're a liar!
Walter: It's been a hell of an hour Sky.Please trust me. Listen. There's been... I cant talk now, we are getting the hell out a here.

Walter is seen taken the back highway out of the town. He is headed for the Californian highway.
There are cruisers on the roadblock police waiting to stop cars for a roadcheck.

Walter: Oh shit...
Walter does a 180 and squeals out of the way of the police road block. Dust everywhere; a police car starts to follow.
There is another block the other way, and he goes down a back mall parking lot, down an old unused road. Police car sirens can be heard, and Walter sees a black and white police car thinking it is after him. It zooms past him.

Walter: OMG Phew. What next? We got to get the h out of here
Skyler! Hold on!
Skyler: Walter what the hell is going on? Where are you taking me? Tell me now?
Walter: There's been a huge plane collison over our house and there are bodies everywhere. Two landed on our lawn.
Skyler: OMG!
Walter: There is something wrong with the air, and you can smell it. It acrid right? Acidic?
Skylar: Yah, sort of. What's that black soot on your skin? Oh no, what about...(Skyler remembers her son, baby daughter and mother-in-law stuck in town.
Walter: I think Hank is dead from it. I'm not sure. I couldnt stay. The hazmet team said to leave. I dont know why I am still alive. I wish now the lung cancer got me. Living like this, how the hell can I break this shit bad luck. Now I live through this...Everything I do..(starts to cry)
I don't know why I'm not dead. Seriously. It started to bug me, my nose was starting to burn, I remember, but I had accidently sniffed this (he unlocked the glove compartment and shows Skylar the amulet) and sniffed this and...well I guess I'm immune or something. This blue meth. It was a fluke. Too many damn flukes lately. It's all upside down and backwards, what the hell? I think Gretchen was one of the dead bodies, I can't be sure of this. I found this was around her bloody body that was blown to fricken bits.
I thought Hank had a heart attack at first, nope it must be (name odd chemical name here)some kind of chemical attack.
Skyler: Shit! OMG Poor Hank.
Walter: Dont worry a hazmet team is on the scene to help him... there's a possibility he might still be alive. I was worried about you. I rushed right over to get you. The hazmet team said they would look after it. I hope they realize he is not an airplane crash victim!
Skylar What about your son and baby? And mother?
Walter: Dont worry I'll call them and tell them what to do. They live far enough out of the targetted area. I got to pick up Jesse now. He's out in the desert alone, shit I forgot! Damn! I am sure Hank is ok too. Hang in there. I get that feeling Hank is ok... (Walter wipes his sweaty forehead and a black streak of soot is left in a long line in the middle of his forehead most likely from the sooty airplane effluent left like dust on everything in town.)
Walter floors it leaving a swath of smokey dust behind. In the background can be seen two lines of smoke rising up into the air like spires.


Another road block on the country desert road.
Walter CRap, f
Skylar Shit
Walter: Spins another 180 and heads towards an easterly direction. From his back mirror he can see men with guns shooting at his tires. It isnt the police it is a bunch of bikers. Walter hears the roar of motorcycles.
Walter; f no...
Finally the big bikers catch up with Walter. One of them knows Walter.
Biker ! Hey hows it going Hildenberg!
Walter: says to secretly to Skylar "dont talk"
Skylar mimes zipping her lips shut
Walter: What's goin' on Boomer? Skyler acts no chalant.
Boomer: Well not a heck of a lot, just trying to control our bit of heaven here on 6th Line Extension!
The bikers own this part of Santa Fe. Everyone knew this is where the "deals" go down. Walter did business with the bikers in Season I.
Walter: I can't believe what's happening in the city, it's crazy.
Boomer: Yah, an, looks like Terrorism. I guess the emergency plan didnt go as planned.
Walter: (sarcastically) what plan?
Boomer: Exactly
Walter: Can we get thru?
Boomer: Oh, sure, man you can get through. Where you going?
Walter: To California
Boomer: Not from here. All shit is loose there from what I heard
Walter: What did you hear?
Boomer: You mean you didnt hear?
Walter: NO I guess I missed the news.
Boomer: Well it looks like a full-blown terror attack. Things are friggin' crazy man!
That plane was just the beginning. I hear California's airport has been totally f-bombed.
Walter: You got to be kidding.
Boomer: Yah, man looks like Armageddon. Better dig yourself your hole now before it's too late.
Walter: Crap, I guess I'm going head due south, Mexico. There wont be craziness there. How's Washington?
Boomer: DC? No news yet. Maybe in awhile. Most of the communications are sketchy, plus I'm kinda patrolling right now. I better get going. (Boomer watches his back for his boss)
Walter: I get your point. If you could get your boss to let us through...
Boomer: Ya, no problem man, go ahead. Ya better take that road to your first right.
Walter and Skyler continue to proceed into the setting sun of the Santa Fe outer limits. Everything is sublime and so opposite of the mayhem they left behind.

FLASH: WINNEBAGO lab in the Sonoran desert

Jesse is busy cooking in the desert. Walter pulls ups with Skyler.

Walter: Here it is. HOme away from home!
Skyler: OMG! Is this IT?
Jesse: (Running to the car). What the hell are you thinking? (for bringing Skylar to the lab)
Walter: Dont worry Jesse our cover isn't blown. Jesse, Skyler is here for a reason. You need to come with us NOW. We have had a lot of problems in town. There was a plane crash.
Jesse: Yes I heard
Walter doesnt tell Jesse any details because he is not wanting to confuse Jesse who is suffering from a bout of depression after his gf Jane died.
Jesse: Yah I cooked the pound. We can sell it in Mexico. Lots goes down there without cops up our butts.
Walter: Jesse, I need to tell you...
Jesse: Walter we really need to get out of here.
In the distance police cars can be seen in the distance.
Walter guns it as Jesse and Skylar sit in the backseat.
Walter: It will just be this one sale, ok Jesse.
Jesse: Yes Walter.
Skyler: OMG I hope you guys know what you are doing
Jesse and Walter in unison.
We don't. We're going to Juarez.
Walter: All I know is the world's Breaking Bad man.
Skyler: You mean "you're" breaking bad" You sure as hell did!
As they head into the black Sonoran sky and explosion can be seen in the rear view mirror. They keep going and don't look back.

21 03 10

IDEAS: CNL Seedbank ~~~Emergency Prep Chef

Of all things you are thinking about you probably don't want to think about disaster planning. It is unpleasant. I don't blame you. However, no matter if it is a bright and beautiful sunny day, disaster can strike in an instant. We really need to be prepared, but how?

We have all gone (on a less sunny day) to the Emergency Preparedness websites like: (name them please, more of them here, thanks!)Homeland Security which is great. And I will list more as I find and remember them. I was really into this a few years ago when I feared a lot more than now because I feel that there hasn't been that big of a disaster lately. Which is foolish because we should never let down our guard as planetoids, no NO EVEN FOR A MINUTE. Which usually gives me a bad case of hyper-sweaty pits etc.

Today, we need to C-O-N-C-E-N-T-R-A-T-E on putting our "kit" together. Now is the time. Right now. As in yesterday.
Ok, what do we do? First, what is the most important thing in the world? Potable Water. Right, drinkable water.

I have in my kit, downstairs (but what if I can't get downstairs) a lot of 2L old pop plastic bottles full of H20 (water). However, now I hear that drinking from plastic is not good for the body. There is that dang plastic poison called PCB's or whatever it is called (add the name here).
So what to do? Use what? Glass? Unbreakable hopefully. But we havent really invented unbreakable glass containers. Have we?

Recently I remember a recall of a Starbuck's glass drinking container. This trendy glass container would have been PERFECT if it were unbreakable. Why can we not get UNBREAKABLE GLASS CONTAINERS that dont give off any toxic effect? Is that so dang difficult? Scientists, really!

Ok so once I find the perfect floating unbreakable glass 2L container for potable water that is non-toxic and not too heavy (that's a biggy), well, I will be happy. Until then I sit in my remote (I love this word) and sit, and gloat. What the heck, do I look like Pittsburg Glass Company? Hey there's a great idea, ask the scientists (nicely) at Pittsburg Glass to make what I just asked for in the first sentence of this paragraph. Not a biggy. Is it? It would be an assured money maker which always makes eyes shine when that bottom line is polished like the proverbial apple.

Hmmmm...Pittsburg Glass. I once emailed them in regards to making a home (actually an igloo I do live in Canada) completely of Pittsburg Glass (you know the glass blocks?). I thought, how cool, like those igloo hotels they have in Siberia that serve cooled Russian Vodka to the swanky Russian mobsters. I'd like that. Although I don't drink. Much.

So today, is a day of discovery at ChipNlogs tm (or Inc..?what should it be...note; contact trademark lawyers, ty)...So, today, being a lazy Sunday am when all the family members are still sleeping (thank god) and I can get down to some serious brass tacks here. Business. "It's just business". I do so like business. I should have been a MBA. Wasn't in the cards so to speak (thanks Mr. Big).

So today, is a lazy day for my lazy eye "aye". I wear a patch. You'll find old patch waiting for the next disaster. Not really. I am not into doom and gloom. And no I am not like actor Hannah (first name) in Kill Bill. No I am nice and gentile and never get frayed unless my dna is unravelling that day at GINORMOUS speeds. In that case I should refer to my other subject on Ideas: CNL: HELA CELL IMMORTALITY. Back to the subject at hand: Emergency Preparedness.

So whenever the time comes that my contract with the glass block company pans and I become the zillionaire you have all come to love and oh so appreciate, well then, I will have to leave the potable water issue alone. Flush it down the toilet so to speak. Which brings me to the next topic: Food.

Yes, food is a biggy. It the energy need to sustain. I would think it has about as much importance as clothing to keep warm. Technically you can go without food for 30 Jesus did in the desert, 40 days before the Mad Dogs and Englishman hallucinations kick in. So what kind of food keeps in all kind of conditions. (remember you may be soaking wet, and you would really like a dry granola bar to give you some swim energy). So let's list the food required here:

l. granola bars. pack a wollop. They are packed with vitamins and minerals you will need to sustain the days, weeks or months before you may be rescued. (Every man for himself mentality you must remember this). Food will be like gold, So will clean drinking water. You need to keep that in mind. So if you can possibly make a disaster plan for a community, that would be great. Right now I am concentrating on Personal Emergency Preparedness or Family Emergency Preparedness. A discussion actually. Do not refer to this for an actual Emergency Preparedness Manual. Those are found at your local City Halls. This here is just this, here. It is for entertainment (for now) purposes only. Wait til I get my degree and then check back with me! (yah, right..)

So anyhow...where was I, oh yes, Personal Emergency Preparedness or PEP.(hey I like this anarchonism, cute!). We will say that the next thing to think about besides water and food is clothing and shelter and heat.

You really need:

Dry clothes, warm wool, cotton, layers. wools socks, leather (never plastic) boots. I lived up northern Canada where the winter weather was -70C. Believe me I know how to survive. You need wool you need leather. you need layers you need to cover face hands head. You need shelter, with a reliable heat source (dry wood, workable woodstove.) Is the gas fireplace going to work in an emergency? For a while, maybe. The gas companies turn off the water and gas in emergency. So if you are relying on this, you may have a few days to a week of this comfort. Buy a house with a wood stove. Or get one. DO NOT EVER USE A BBQ PROPANE INDOORS. IT IS DEADLY. unless used for the indoors. I am skeptical of propane being so volatile. I would rather have a HIBATCHI, portable.NEVER USE AN UNFLUTED BBQ LIKE A HITBATCHI INDOORS, CARBON MONOXIDE FROM FIREPLACES A DANGER. DO NOT MAKE A BIG FIRE WITH A HUGE WIND STORM, THE DOWNDRAFT COULD CASE A FIRE AND CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING. MAKE SURE THE FIREPLACE IS CLEANED BY A CERTIFIED WETT CHIMNEY SWEEP. MAKE SURE THE FIREPLACE CHIMNEY IN GOOD WORKING ORDER. TY. You can often find sources to burn, unless it is a flood. Then propane would make sense. For awhile. Unless you have gazillions of propane tanks it is not practical in the long run.

Next thing of importance is medicine. You need this and should store away some of your need meds to last up to a month. Remember meds are no good after 6 m's usually and should be tossed (evironmentally, talk to your local pharmacist). Do not throw meds down the toilet, or anything chemical, they end up IN OUR DRINKING WATER!!! which is a sin, poop should not be recycled to drinking water in my humble opinion. Don't forget your pets medicine and food and water too.

Contact. Remember all cell phones, satelitte's dont work. Remember the power outage from 2001? Anyway, we need really need to preplan communication. There should be a contact person, or persons. If you are locked down in your home because of (let's say) a gas spill etc. You need to use a cell yes, it is good, to have on your person AT ALL TIMES. A cell phone with a camera is excellent to show authorities what it is that you see and your condition so they (the authorities) know with is the danger, etc.

Having a CB would be a great idea in case the telephone lines are down, cell and landline. Always have a landline phone. Even in emergencies the phonelines are cable (underground) and they work for awhile unless flood or earthquake. Remember the recent Chilean Earthquake? No phone (landline as well) for days. A CB would help. Computers work on satelitte or cable and may be out. There may be other methods of communication like the old Morse code telegraph (which unfortunately is outmoded) They should bring back this method.

Today, we have to be prepared for so many Emergencies. Let's list some of them (add more if you can please)

1. Spill of Gas or other noxious substance from train, truck, plane, etc.

This needs a big preparedness in thinking and acquiring. Plastic sheeting needs to be purchased. Follow the HOmeland Security methods. Wrapping a room in plastic is fraught with hazard on its own. One can suffocate if not done right. Do not use fans. What you want to do is barricade yourself in a room and stop all outside air from coming into your home unless filtered with extreme filtration (which is almost like a gas mask) At this point I would think a gas mask and a hazmet suit would be best. Remember that huge fireball gas explosion in TO a few summers ago? That was scary. It could be dangerous gas to the lungs and this is the problem. Sometimes no matter how prepared this one is hard to survive. We're working on the transportation of these dangerous materials and the guarantee that NO ACCIDENT is possible in their transportation. This is where the remedy should begin at the transportation of these hazardous materials. Any ideas here in safe transportation would be great. Certainly not address satisfactory as to date.

So then what other emergencies are there? Terrorism. Just last evening I heard a news report on Global that some crazies want to do damage to a major town. They are intent on this. What can be done when this is so inevitable sounding. Really I feel sorry for Homeland, etc. They have too much on their plate. How they do halt all the dangers coming from terrorism is a feat in itself. They are geniuses! Many comendations to these superheroes!

Terrorism: Avoid major places like trains, planes and major centres to be safe. The terrorists want to do the most damage to the most ppl. If you want to avoid the usual public places where many congregate this may work. No major big office buildings, etc. So it has made our ability to congregate less and less. Terrorism has changed our methods and means of travel. There are many ways to avoid but in case you absolutely can not avoid being in large crowded areas like major cities, etc. Then do this:

Know your emergency exits. Have a wet clothe available to use should fire or smoke fill the place where you are working, travelling, etc. cover the face. Get down low to the ground where smoke is less likely to be (smoke rises, remember?). Try to stay calm. Having a gps would help to find your direction out of the building. Use gps when plannning your escape and encode this into the gps. Usually explosions are the main methods employed by terrorists, so use some kind of block, like a metal desk for safety from shrapnel, etc. Find or employ your employer to give window access with such bungee like devices or rapeller-type devices. Many more safety devices here should be employed by employers. Have a safe meeting site outside of the building. Watch for the tricky terrorists luring the authorities to another site where another bomb is employed. Keep constant security vigile on all sites with cams etc. Note and discuss with Security officers who are not only employed hired but also union hired. Personal should never be thought expendible.

Please stayed tuned for further PEP (Personal Emergency Preparedness) from the civilian perspective!


CNL: Riddle of the Earthquake

As to date no one (except me by my blog called "A Cold Day In Hades" predicted in one day earthquakes. There will come a day when we will understand the process of the earthquake as well. If you read my poem from yesterday "Eat Blueberries From Chile.." it really was an attempt to understand the ferocious nature of the earthquake.

It is my thought and conjecture at this time that earthquakes one day will be understood to be a question of molecular matter instability; in other words the nanoparticle or thereabouts the "z particle" or something smaller, the smallest known piece of matter which is a separated (non-amoebian) form of nature.

Unlike Dark Matter which is amoebian (is it?) force, without separation that which we come through coming out the other end of the black hole may be compressed matter called "Dark Matter" or my naive version of it anyway.

Ok drifting away from the point I was after; earthquakes. Earthquakes are or maybe an Isaac Newtonian "cause and effect", you remember, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". So it is with the earthquake.

In the centre of the earth at the very epi-centre there is but one particle of matter so small it is the beginning and end of the universe. In each known planet, star, that is perfectly spheriod there is this; the Alpha-Omega particle I like to call it.

Earthquakes today are not the usual kind of shake rattle and roll. Today, the earthquake is unusual, no doubt! People are worried as these A-O particle earthquakes are difficult to discern. Hold on I have a theory that may help you planetoids.

The A-O earthquake starts in the core of the planet, sun other planets because...they all start at that moment in time A-O particle in the core of each spheroid mass. The spheriod mass, be it earth, venus, mars, all the planets in the universe, all the stars, etc., start off as....a separated A-O particle from the Big Bang (how many times?).

Yes it is that energy cycle of the A-O particle in the centre of all speriod masses in our universe where we can learn exactly what the universe has in store for us next. And believe it our not, it is our divine destiny to control the A-O particle. Why?
The Creator has given us the creative force to use intelligently, with the Creator's guidance. In other words, inspired scientific discovery and inspired creative discovery is a God-given decree from the Creator "Go forth and multiple" Genesis (The Bible).

Therefore, we have the abilities, or should by now have the ability (why are humans so slow to get this) our destiny. Our planets and Universe's golden key...The A-O particle. Why havent we found it yet?

It is my contention that there is continguous matter like crystal that is in the centre of all spheroid cores. We need to replace our give a feed to the core to give it back it's homeostatic return. In other words, we have to think beyond "atrophy of particles decay". The next thing would be another Big Bang!

In order to halt the Universe collapsing on itself again due to A-O particle atrophy of Universal and microscopic proportions (micro/macro connection) will be discovered.

The earthquake is a sign of this A-O particle collapse. Especially this kind of shake up and the solar activity and maybe found in other areas of the universe. The Collapse has begun but can be stopped with the A-O particle feed. Remember: the interconnectedness between all the A-O particles. They are very close to their primary A-O mother cell amoebian Dark Matter. So we must feed one we feed the rest. We feed the world and universe to continue into a homeostatic crystaline form of continuituity (sp?).

Earthquakes can be stopped controlled, as can the Universal Collapse. Are you with me on this one?

jj 21 03 10

Saturday, March 20, 2010

SPRING Equinox - "Feelings of Love"

Spring Tonight Officially...Mar 20 10 when we were young.



TONIGHT I FEEL LIKE STAYING UP ALL NIGHT. WAIT UP TIL SUNRISES AND LONGER TIL SHE SETS THE SUMMER SUN SOON TO COME. spring springs early this year. an early easter because snow started early Nov 1 10 and we had light snow yet still we have flood warning issued for the rivers around here. Where you are too? do you not sense that it can only get worse with the floods when the melting icecaps eat up the coastal shores and rivers shorelines? What is to be done? any plans?

Eat Blueberries from Chile Shaken by the Earth

Today I eat the blueberries from Chile
That were shaken by the earth
Feeling the Blueberries fear
as they quake back and forth
in my belly

All that power built up in this way
contained in the rattle Blueberries sway
As the earth's energy of some form or other
released deep in the earth
comes out to may hay

Eating the Earthquaked Blueberries
makes one grow strong
as they have retained the pow'r
The Earth's story long
As mankind builds aspiring tow'rs

Strength becomes the Blueberries shaken
From the toppled spires renewed desires
rebuild from the ground artifacts taken
Tear down to build up by lowly hires

As I sit and think how horrible
Earthquakes seems to be
When Blueberries can give tolerable
Honour to the Miserable
seems to me

Earthquaked Blueberries may one day be
reversed engineered
to start at the end
and continue unfeared
through the Blueberry and to the centre
of the earth's mantled core
to end at the send

How to stop an earthquake
from the Blueberries on top
Makes one a genius no need to pretend

Find how to end once and for all
the earthquakes deadly life's toll
Obvious or not
Look everywhere you can
even the Blueberries' earthen plot

There truth to be found when not looking
The mind often playing hide and seek
Look around the answer is there
Yours for the taking
Truth is not for the meek
(well the Earth will be for the meek
is meek good, yes, it is when it reek of weakness
for power comes from above and the ground...who knew?)

jj 20 03 10

Spring Brings (of all things) LOVE

Yellow Green
yearn For
the Voice
Of Forebearers
Bearing All pain
for us
struggle thru
the darkening woods

Oh to hear Ode
that Voice
To lead the way

Bring Spring
this time
of year
talk Direct
to the Universe

As I write to remember
those things that meant
that matter
so heavy and weighty
so much toil
the soul breeches its

to the intrinsic self
i claim my lost child
but not irrepairable
always irreplaceable
always valued
always loved

the one who
like clockwork
awakens each day
at the break of dawn
hoping for another
to be friends
with the Universe

As carefree as gazelle's
grazing in the field
ready and willing to let all go
to the wind
all deer's here
listen to now

unleashing their winter worries
finally free to be
to feel the spring wind in their
hair in their winter-weight fur

whatever makes them fly so high
maybe to flee from gunshot or
fly free once they make all alight
make all alright
flying having so much air underneath
the feeling
of freedom

maybe too much too soon
gazelles quick to learn
soon to settle down
and for this time of free flight
they gave way
a hefty pay out
a wounded bleed out
you saw Bambi too?

the hunter such a mean man
killing the soul of freedom
culling spirit's flight
like how could they?
they have to eat to survive
not if they used their brain
for more than a coat rack!
(like to see that, them racked!)

back to the ground
come back to earth
dear deer
who knew only freedom's flight
and then shotdown
like yesterday's trash
who thought of you like this
this wasnt the way you were to be
flying high
only to eat dirt
(like joe dirt also ate it)
as the hunter rejoices
(like Ted Nagant on steroids)
at your demise?
(maybe some honourous could be given
like on the altar of old the life for a life
one day certainly will unfold - thank gosh)
Is there a time we can, should we?
sit down and take this
or stand up and be counted
to reclaim our place
the Lord commands?
which way
deer only ever wanted to fly
and then in an instance,
how unfair!
are we only ever
so free?
(outer limits of freedom
could be
should be

feeling grounded today
must be the weightiness of
as in
"All You Need Is Love"
John Lennon/Paul McCartney, The Beatles circa 1968

20 03 10 jj

Angst Poem #1: "They" Power Freudsters Go Nuts!

Residual bad dreams from the nagging past
haunt today with hopeless doubt
feelings unresolved
lingering longer
on the stairs
waiting to topple
head over heels
why don't heels learn how-to-love?
(they ARE heels after all)
easy to strike the achilles-in-action
that way
two bob on one strike
(two on a match oh-oh!)
a triple threat
when the new babe arrives

you were never meant to meet the grade
you were never born to seize the day
you were never allowed the privledged
sheltered and secured
only for the chosen
you're not it
(an adult game of tag?)

how can you possibly
have any expectations today
knowing what you know
you may
you may think
"they're out to get you"
sound so paranoid
likely a great diagnosis
so you cant be free to be
as you work for "them" remember?
"they" probably are
think of the hierarchy
and wonder no longer
the claim of the chain
around your neck

that corrupt old lineage
so bitter and yet
so unwelcoming of you
you who present
a new form of power
unmeted, unfettered
and so unkind
there world is there's
you know the score
Powerlords 110
You -10 %

from what?

of unravelled power
coming down from overhead
(overheard on the street: who's next?")

Crossed or Uncrossed
lovers or players
they know not the difference
love does not play a part
in the equation
codex like Vale-de-ree song
when all you are is a whipping post
as a whipping boy did you hear?
you need to tear down
(tear these walls down!)
overbearing at times
listen to the man
or else succumb
to the triple threat imposed
not in words
nor by actions of example
who knew so many eyes were
so closed shut
to not let in
the power of love?

meant to be the burden of all
the young virgin enters the
willing to give up
that special something
which held so dear
as life-blood so fresh
could be so much more
until destroyed
in ways and means committee
we'll never understand how
all these hidden drawers
left in ebayance
left in XXX-files
never to see the light of day

for your new role now is
the sin-eater hermit
feeling nothing but bitterness
the sin taste likes *&(^
You don't give up
you eat and eat and eat
others sin up
and spew
where do I go
no wonder there is so much
collorectal cancer!
it is either that or
other's sin in your soul!

Self-Healing Group

There is healing in the realization
that you were nothing more than a poor p pot
nothing more than a label, a joke, a remake
of something that never could or should be
the condemnation
you were free to be
experiencing all the "good"
life has to offer
at least for the capital Greedy's
realize how you were damned by man
in secret hidden cloistered rooms
where you fate was sealed
the day you were born

you made up a new world for you
a world full of sunshine and goodness
abound you had that ability that
really messed with their designs on you
so believe in you no matter who
put you down to the ground and stompled on you
you rise above
this is the human soul
this is heaven touching earth
this is your life no one else's
now you are a healed you can give
until that emotional hollow is filled in
you wallow
you swallow your pride
but it keeps coming back up
until you deal with it
and build a bridge and get over it
release the garbage from your
heart mind and body
the soul will rejoice one day
that you came through the war
and came out the other side

Looking back i can realize now
that not all is golden but
really how could it be
I was never loved in the way
I really needed to be love
there were always "conditions"
where you never stop loving
unless all hope is lost
but this was never my problem
people gave up on me to easily
but why
was it me, them or memorex?
maybe a bit of all three
maybe another realization
coming from a new aging perspective

in the way i needed to be love
where was the love?
it was never really meant for me
but for you who could profit from
the arrangement of the patriarchy
as a woman
as a girl becoming a woman
the door certainly was shut
with labels to keep me out
no forgiveness of sin
only to wallow in never-ending
sinking sand sinners
no one to pull me up out of the mire
but to spit down upon me
with my uplifted hand
withering heights
I fell so far back
no one gets it
the sainthood award for saving my soul
that day
spoken out loud
this isn't love this is hell!

How could life be only this
no one to feed my needy soul
wanting to climb onboard
the love train
and hopefully find
the soul train
where non-stop love reigns
why not for me
what else is life if not for love
no one got this point
so it seems we only find comfort
in the perimeters we make for our hearts
and then
all else is game
and like a deer
stalked through the thick thicket
waiting to end up on somebody's
probably the half-price sales rack!
I lost the prize that prix I never
wanted that &*(% in the first place
maybe that was it
subterfuged to make me flower
and cut me down along with the gower
to glower and glout
and become quite insane
labelled thus my life was their gain
who knew you had power once
until the rug
was pulled
from under you
(by whom? or who?)
and you
so unfortunately
fell to hell
where they wanted you to belong
because that's where they're going
they're never willing to die
to pay the price?
gives me endless sighs!
did that thar they person not know that
the pain it would cause
to manipulate so magificiently
to appear as "god"?

I was about or only thought
how i could do something for them
of course how could I be all that
when really not much success
was waiting for me
when the dumpster was standing by
who threw me out
the baby with the bathwater
did I appear to be unfinished from the maker
and was I being
part of the return to sender
exchange program
whereby all get rich with my demise?

How could I say this, but the hurt was so real
so deliberate
so dagger-like
so nagging now
but still felt
each morning like the morning waft
a feeling of numb
as I slug down more brew
to lessen the feelings
of being of meaning nothing
no how
"you're ugly, you're stupid"
'you're not good enough"
over and over again
turn of the spigot
when is enough
(cry out defy the odds)

beaten down psychologically in this way
makes one change into something other than
that good old plain old dumb old
Zane Grey
Waiting to reclaim the prize
waiting at the door
after detaching my foot
from my detached house
all i could yell then
then the door slammed on my foot
and all laughed out loud
you fool
you are where we want you
make way for the true great!

who were the power lords
whose sway in the wings
never knows the light of day
that secret club of yes men
to this day
never identified
only in effigy
as the sins weighed
how much does a hen weigh
heavy duty sinners
one day...

this sway
only ever knew how
to take away
take a life once thought bright
to destroy a flower
with a gangland stomp
in this way
Unless a hardshell for skin
who would ever mend
of such evil and despicable ways
you all are only foolin' yourselves
when you gonna see the light
(I can pray for this one day)

The greed calling card
came to call at the door
to take away all good
that was yours
hopefully greed will fold
and topple
like you did
when you had reached
the pediment
the predicament
was predictable
and oh so beneficial for
the lovers of greed
the kings of evil

So your world became
a place on permanent downer
depression is like this
pills to pop now
you should have dealt with then
but it was way to big
a feeling to overcome
the hammer coming down
from all points at once
couldn't be possible
shouldn't be possible
but it was
(deal with it)

or stun
or never begun
the way life should be had I not been
would have been better for them
them those them
them I will never know
the motive of them
them, they, those
whose motive unknown
strike fear into hearts
in early years
continuing the blame game
the needed scapegoat
with the gimpy eye
ready to burn er up in the pyre

them thar them that them those
them them them them them
who are them, they, really?

"Live life free or let me die"

jj 20 03 10

Friday, March 19, 2010


keep those idea juices flowing....let's go! Write them here on the comment have only to save your soul! plus residuals if you should happen to include your name and blogspot site, etc! Good luck heros!

CHIPNLOGS tm login Day for Inventors

Ideas are coming fast and furious ladies and gentlemen over the cranial cross wires. In my mind's "aye" anyway! This must be spring says my mind, trying to find time between the heady giddiness to do some serious SPRING CLEANING. A penny for your thoughts pretty lads and lassies?? I am longing for the return of the Americana Inventor! Arcane or Inspired? Ideas please be the fountain of bliss we all miss!

Ideas are Real. Ideas "ARE". They are formed before we were made, maybe? Like life, ideas exist on some level or other, where do they come from? It is more important to have ideas, any ideas and right now. Our collective "we" needs to get many, many, many more ideas to fuel the many, many, many problems this enormous world faces today and in the future.

And ideas can come from anyone, anytime, anyplace. That is the beauty of ideas. You do not necessarily have to be an Edison or and Einstein, although that would certainly help. New ideas have always been the backbone of Americana so why not have more ideas, better ideas to strengthen that backbone. But how? How?

Washing my dirty dishes this morning from the night before as I was too exhausted and hate washing dishes at night (I can wash dishes at night however, I prefer not to do this. Ask me to tell you later why I prefer not to wash dishes at night; it is a very "cringe-worthy" and oh-so-creepy story.) Anyhow...on to the ideas lightbulb moments commonly referred to as "Eureka" moments or "the money shot".

As I was washing my dishes this morning in the zink, using a freshly bought bottle of dishwash soap (I did at one time have a dishwasher; unfortunately left at the last house I lived in, and I have not as yet, due to massive water surcharges managed to get up the kahunas to purchase another. Not that I do not want another, I do! I still dream of the day in technicolor of my triumphant dishwasher's return,walking up the deck steps, knocking on my door and saying; "I'm here to make your life easier". I would say, "oh really? Not if I have to pay hundreds of dollars in extra water. I remember when water was free! And to think it should be, it is a necessary means of survival. Well not really a dishwasher which I suppose I can live without. It is not only complaints about dishwasher efficiency. I am having whooper headaches over cleaning all those "nooks and crannies" when cleaning my oven or fridge. Gosh they are so poorly designed from the consumer who must maintain them. This could have been so easy. They should have hired women designers for appliances. Then they would function and maitain like a dream. Right now; a nightmare to clean, etc.

Back to the story. As I was washing the dishes in the sink (zink is so what my grandma would say) I noticed the word "Oxi Action"tm. It gave me some another idea today. (these I call Idea-From-Kitch-Form Mind Triggers).

As I gave way to my fluffy spring mind which is really a spring-form pan waiting to expand I decided, "Hey, wouldn't it be great to "OXI-cute" (MY tm word) oxygen bubbles, put them in food to increase in the hemoglobin (red blood cells) oxygen levels? I know there is Ox3 in water now, this I don't think is what I am talking about, although it could be...)

Brilliant as a brillo pad! It had come to my attention that many many illnesses and diseases are a direct cause of the blood not giving the body enough oxygen. Well this new food-grade OXI of whatever safe chemical emtymology (is that the word?) would be GREAT in food or some new fangled health food. (Please tell me if this has already been done than I can willingly give up on this project from the get-go and say hats-off to the stellar inventors). would be wonderful to oxygenize food and get the full benefits of oxygen-rich food to make the blood oxygen-rich again. It is spring after all, and I do want to reoxygenate, cleanse, and do the rest of the mad spring cleaning frenzy I am prone to do. However remember this is just a "sample" idea, maybe good, maybe bad, but it is an idea ready to be tested and not so easily dismissed. There is that golden idea that the more you "put out there" you should "get back". I don't know if this is a cause and effect type of motivational streams-of-income type of idea or not. However, if it is, and it makes money, you know the tm score here. The residuals will certainly be nice. So there ARE benefits with thinking up ideas, not just goodwill only, although I am certain the proverbial 10 percent tithe will certainly trickle-down eventually. So it is "all good" Ideas are good and should be encouraged, most definitely! (not too much OXI tm now or we'll all like Uncle Albert floating on the ceiling from "Mary Poppins"!) Everything in moderation seeming to be the key. Thank-you Benjamin Franklin another great and inspired American inventor.

So ideas, like this, good or bad, or born every day. Often however, these brilliant life-saving, even planet-saving ideas, maybe even universe-saving ideas are often dismissed and let to fizzle and die like a dying star. But what if...

There were some kind of repository, depository or bookstore that would gather up "Joe Schmoe's Brilliant Ideas"? What if we bottled or shelved these ideas for a time until, like the proverbial genie-in-a-bottle, we could go to the cupboard when our ideas are thread-worn and bare and gather fresh insights into problem solving.

There could be some poor mid-east farmer or whomever, having been struck with the idea bug, has no where to go, no one to discuss his/her idea. And since he/she is "just a poor farmer" he/she figures his/her ideas are "no good" or "not good enough". This farmer, for example, lacks the strength in his/her conviction, not in the idea. The idea is good, golden, a "stitch in time saves nine" type of idea. For many years the dear has been told he/she is "just a dumb farmer". So much prejudice and negative thinking in the world we must change (there's an idea for you!).

After years of this mental abuse, the dear sweet sweaty farmer believes what he/she is told over and over again repeats it in his/her head. But it is a lie!. The farmer's brain thinks differently, the ID always knows it is smart. Not only is the human soul immortal, it is laughing at us thinking we are immortal poops that can not do anything. That is the beauty of the human soul. It is truly invinsible and more than willing and able to save the planet should the need arise. You'd be amazed of what we are truly capable of doing. Super hero strength needs super hero strength of resolve. We can do it if we believe we can do it. So let's all believe we can do it! We will! (do what?) Oh yes, make new ideas the norm rather than the exception.

The world is full of everyday, common heros. We watch the shows on tv shows about heros. Everyman/woman hero saves a dog from drowning, for example. We all have this in us, why do we not use it as readily as the neighbour who just helped a little granny cross the street, etc.?

It is always this way, regular people are the heros of the day. The Bible states that God chooses someone from a common background to help make miracles happen. Depending on what you believe, of course. It could be any other belief. This is the believe that I have been taught and the one I know. For you who do not believe in miracles, "I pity the fool!".

Yes, it is often these persons of certain mind-persuasions, these "died-in-the-wool non-believers in miracles, wonders and magic that never want to think outside-the-box. There would be that nagging fear of losing-their-lunch or they fear they cannot, they just "fear". Fear is the idea mode's worse enemy. Get rid of negative thinking now. You are a genius. You read Dale Carnegie "How to Win Friends and Influence People" because you are a winner and have no reserve when it comes to capability.

If some nay-sayer should ever see-the-light and unshackle life's obnoxious shackles of thought that stands in the way of our collective successes (we are only going to win when we all pull together; remember the drowning man, pulling the other person under loosing both their lives because of unnecessary and unwarranted fear. The need to make our lives positive rather than negative should be a survival method taught in schools. We need to see the light of the positive to get to the far shore. We need encouragement from others to, and this is exactly the Chipnlogs philosophy.

Where are these thoughts today to save us from the coming floods, etc? Are the scientists and others certified geniuses going to let us all drown because they do not have in place any ideas that work? Do they have no action-plan for our survival? It unfortunately seems this way. We need a clearinghouse or repository of ideas to help save our souls. Chipnlogs is this clearinghouse. And it is free.

Are there no new ideas coming to the table, to the powers that be table to truly help us in our day of disaster whatever that disaster may be? Even if I am not here tomorrow, remember, write down your ideas on the web, get them out to people who can use them, who truly need your ideas to survive and flourish. You will be rewarded in your survival too. It isn't only monetary gain which often keeps
good and useful ideas prisioner to the mighty dollar which really isn't so mighty if you have noticed lately. Do not get me wrong, money is a like a sixth sense, of which you cannot fully develop the other five. I am not against the monetary freemarket system, it is wonderful. I am against a system which devalues ideas because they are not coming from a source which is deemed "relevant". It is the out-of-the-box thinkers who have saved this world on more than one occasion. Let's emphasize the positive in everyone to achieve. Not just some. NOt just the token few. I am talking EVERYONE!!!

Not only are these new ideas from everyone necessary to help us in times of disaster or emergencies but to help us in the everyday, mundane world. Hopefully these brilliant ideas from the common man can help free up more time in the kitchen, or wherever to help solve once and for all, the very real problems facing humanity today and in the near future.

It is a mind-set. We can think negatively or we can think positively. It is truly our choice. That is something the human does have in spades, "free will". Yet it is our "free will" that has chosen not to be free thinkers, not to solve world problems successfully.

We need to employ the help from ALL WORLD CITIZENS in this very real need of solving world problems now. Remember; do not wait for spring in a few days. We need to solve problems now, to invent devices that will help people now.

We as a citizenry should have solved these problems years ago yet the oil crisis, cancer and other diseases, poverty, earth disasters are still haunting our waking lives. Something is truly wrong with this pictures.

Humans were meant for better things, better than the many disasters which are plaguing us and holding us prisoner to this world which could defeat us if we don't get smart and get with the program. The world can and should be ideally, problem free with enough good ideas to go around! That is why the Creator made us creative, full of ideas, thoughts, feelings, in other words fully alive and in the moment. And this moment springs forth ideas which will save us. Are we going to heed them or forget them? Are we goind to live or are we going to die. It is that simple and straight forward a premise. Let's go with the idea; creativity will save us, it is the Creator's desire I believe.

With good thinking and belief that everyone has the potential for greatness and wonderful ideas to help his/her fellow man in time of disaster, or in times of leisure. We must try to come up with better ideas as a collective whole. There must be better ideas out there, in cyberland, in the poor rich fields, in the office workers back-back-of-the-box boxed brain box lunch, the harried houseperson's everyday scratchpads. Tomorrow's launching pads?

Today is the day to write these seemingly crazy ideas down so others may mull over them and maybe, one day solve these GINORMOUS problems we are facing. Your ideas are always appreciated at Chipnlogs tm. We honour your ideas and will use them in the repository, in the event we need them today or tomorrow. And, the world thanks you!

Good luck humanity! May your ideas be the miracles that feed the world! Blessings and Namaste!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Magpie #6 America Wire and Steel Nails: History in the Now

Magpie #6 America Wire and Steel Nails: History in the Now

"Grab me some nails there, would ya William" said Sandy McPherson perched high on a crooked wooden ladder. Near the apex of the sloping gabled roof of his fifties bungalow. For a moment, the incessant hammering of the quiet June morning stopped.

Sandy slowly wiped his sweaty forehead, covered partially by his ever-present balmoral cap, a Blackwatch regiment's gift bestowed to him by his father Sandy McPherson I.

Exhausted old Sandy looked down at the ground. "Come on Willie, I only got a couple more hours before the rain starts up again". Sandy retorted vehemently with his thick Scottish brogue. "What's taking ya so long? Did ya find a girlfriend?" william yelled out "Grandpa, it's lovely weather today, what rain? And no, I haven't found a girlfriend yet".

William was looking high and low through Sandy's ancient toolkit when he found what looked like an old American Steel and Wire Company box of six inch nails. "Wow, you don't see these much anymore, Sandy, where the heck did you find these?" William wide-eyed with amazement, "Shouldn't they be in a museum or something?".

Sandy looked down at the nails William was holding up. "Oh, those..." Sandy broke off the conversation. "Come wee Willy, hand them over to me before I fall off this roof and I can't tell ya the story about the nails anymore".

William quickly grabbed the nails and headed up the ladder. "Here ya go Sandy, are you really going to use these?"
"I see why not." said Sandy matter-of-factly. "Ya see ma dear Willy, there are nails, and then there are "nails". These are "nails"". William raised his eyebrows with a befuddled look. "What d'ya mean Sandy? What's so 'special' about these nails?"

"You mean ya don't know? Ya mother never told you?" Sandy implored William as the old Scot began pounding the six inch American Steel and Wire division nails into the shingles of the roof. Sandy yelled out "Well there only the finest nails you can find on this planet!" Sandy continued; "Without these nails there never would have been a house built, or a skyscraper made. What I am holding right now in my fist is America!"

William gulped as he held his large form on the rickety old and oddly painted wooden ladder. "Really, Sandy?". William seemed to have a certain amount of disbelief in his voice. "What da ya mean, Willy, ya don't believe me?" Sandy's chagrin appeared mocking yet somewhat disappointed in his son's lack of faith in the American Wire and Steel - nail division.

"Why Willy, if we didn't have these nails made originally in 1850, America would not be the strength she is today. It's kind of amazing how something as simple as a nail can make or break a country. And it was the strength of the steel industry in the early years that made the wealth of the States great. We owe a lot to the good ol' US Steel Corporation. Believe it or not". Sandy continued hammering non-stop. "When I am finished here I'll tell you more about these nails. You'll be truly amazed there sonny".

Soon the noon day sun was becoming too overbearing. Sandy did want to continue the half-finished roofing job. With William's insistance and like clockwork Mrs. McPherson's appearance made Sandy decide it was time to go for lunch. Mrs. McPherson's welcomed appearance with a silver tray of neatly stacked sandwiches."Dig in ma boy, ya aren't goin' have the lassies fancy you if you're too skinny. Ya need to get more muscle on yar arms, the girls like that". "Oh here's lemonaide too, boy am I thirsty!" William and Sandy gulped greedily the tall glasses of lemonaide. Sandy quipped "seconds, Ma?". Mrs. McPherson poured another cold lemonaide for Sandy.

Mrs. McPherson gave a smug look at her husband. "Sandy! You should leave the boy alone. When he's ready to date, he'll date. You shouldn't rush the lad!". Sandy sheepishly looked up at his wife "Yes, mother...". Sandy and Will proceeded to the gingham covered picnic table. All sat down at the table. Sandy proceeded to say the prayer before meals "Thank-you Lord for our food. Amen". Sandy did not waste food or his words and continued to devour his lunch.

"Mmmm, that was excellent, Mum, thank-you so much". Sandy got up and went over to his wife and planted a huge wet kiss on her mouth. "Sandy!" Mrs. McPherson appeared to blush. Sandy said before she left with the tray full of dirty dishes "Maggie, before ya get back to ya sink to do the washin' could please get me that binder from my desk?". Maggie replied, "Ok Sandy, I have a feeling you have another history lesson coming on..."

"Be quiet woman and get back to yer tasks!" Mrs. McPherson gave Sandy a penetrating look "Yes, Sandy, if you get back to the roof!". "Deal old lady!" Sandy yelled while his wife was opening the backdoor to enter the kitchen. "Watch it now!" Maggie yelled back.

"Well, what were we talkin' about me son..." Sandy sat back in his outdoor rocker as William grabbed a chair and pulled it towards him. You were talkin' grandpa about the American Steel and Wire Company nails, why they are so great. "Oh, yeah, I forgot...well Willy it's like this, these nails, made by the heart by the hard bluecollar workers of America are the backbone of our economy. Without these nails, we don't have anything. Nothing to show for our hard work everyday, going to the plant, working day and night. With these nails I can say; 'this is America, these are America's nails' like I have a part in all of this. That these nails will be the strength and backbone of our country. It makes me to feel good to know that they are made in America, too. I know the quality is bound to be good." Sandy wiped a tear from his eye.

"My daddy worked all his life in the Steel Mill in Ohio. It was his sweat and blood that made this country possible and I am so very proud of him. The least I can do is to buy the nails he made, even if I can't buy them in the local stores anymore. For me, using these nails means the memory of my daddy and my country will live on. It is kinda sentimental, Willy, but this is the way I truly feel". Sandy had put his hand on his son's shoulder and said "I want you to do this too, the same, Willy, I want you to always use this brand of nails. If you do, the States will stand tall and proud, if you don't I am afraid what might happen to our great land in North America. You promise me Willy, to always use these nails?"

William looked around and shook his grandpa's hand "You bet Sandy, I'll always use America Wire and Steel brand nails, I promise!" Sandy appeared relieved. "Well, it's back to work we go..." Sandy started to whistle the favourite tune as he continued hammering with American Wire and Steel nails into the roof. "Beautiful day today, Willy, it's a beautiful day!" Sandy beamed and everything was alright with the world.

the below article was part of Sandy McPherson's binder and a brief history of the nails that drove the backbone of America.

from this website

"The U.S. STEEL CORP., a large producer of steel and a major manufacturer of wire and wire products, had 9 divisions of its American Steel & Wire subsidiary in Cleveland at one time. The Cleveland-based firms that eventually became part of U.S. Steel dated back to 1857 when founded the Jones & Co. in NEWBURGH, where they erected one of the first rolling mills in the area. When HENRY CHISHOLM† and Andros B. Stone bought into the firm in 1858, it became the Stone, Chisholm & Jones Co. and produced iron rails. The first blast furnace in Cleveland was built by the firm in 1861. In Nov. 1863 the company was reorganized as the Cleveland Rolling Mill Co. and 5 years later steel was produced at the Newburgh mill using the new Bessemer process. Various types of wire products were made in the 1870s, and in 1881 the company expanded its facilities with the erection of the Central Furnace near the CUYAHOGA RIVER. In the 1880s some violent strikes also occurred (see CLEVELAND ROLLING MILL STRIKES).

In 1899 H.P. Nail Co., founded in 1877 by Henry Chisholm, the American Wire Co., incorporated by CHAS. A. OTIS† in 1882, and the Baackes Wire Nail Co., started by Michael Baackes in 1889 all became part of American Steel & Wire Co. of New Jersey. When U.S. Steel was organized in 1901, American Steel & Wire became its subsidiary. The subsidiary's main Cleveland facilities were the American Works, Central Furnaces & Docks, and the Newburgh Works. These plants were joined by the Cuyahoga Works in CUYAHOGA HEIGHTS in 1907 and the Cleveland Coal & Chemical Works in 1916. Under U.S. Steel, the Cleveland plants of American Steel & Wire continued to expand, producing a variety of wire and steel products for numerous customers. In 1924 the division's national headquarters were consolidated in the ROCKEFELLER BUILDING in Cleveland. The Depression highlighted the antiquated state of U.S. Steel's Cleveland plants, and much of the historic Newburgh plant, dating back to Jones & Co., was closed. Although the remaining plants were expanded and modernized in the 1940s and 1950s, U.S. Steel began to withdraw from Cleveland in the 1960s, closing the American Works and the rest of the Newburgh Works. In a reorganization move, the American Steel & Wire Division was dissolved in 1964 and the Cleveland offices were moved to Pittsburgh. When the parent company experienced financial problems, its closed the Central Furnace Docks & Cleveland Coke Works in 1978. Crippled by the 1980s recession, U.S. Steel closed the Cuyahoga Works in May 1984, its last major operation in Cleveland. In July 1986 the company sold the Cuyahoga Works to the American Steel & Wire Corp., and it reopened 2 months later, producing wire and rods from steel billets."

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