Sunday, March 21, 2010

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Of all things you are thinking about you probably don't want to think about disaster planning. It is unpleasant. I don't blame you. However, no matter if it is a bright and beautiful sunny day, disaster can strike in an instant. We really need to be prepared, but how?

We have all gone (on a less sunny day) to the Emergency Preparedness websites like: (name them please, more of them here, thanks!)Homeland Security which is great. And I will list more as I find and remember them. I was really into this a few years ago when I feared a lot more than now because I feel that there hasn't been that big of a disaster lately. Which is foolish because we should never let down our guard as planetoids, no NO EVEN FOR A MINUTE. Which usually gives me a bad case of hyper-sweaty pits etc.

Today, we need to C-O-N-C-E-N-T-R-A-T-E on putting our "kit" together. Now is the time. Right now. As in yesterday.
Ok, what do we do? First, what is the most important thing in the world? Potable Water. Right, drinkable water.

I have in my kit, downstairs (but what if I can't get downstairs) a lot of 2L old pop plastic bottles full of H20 (water). However, now I hear that drinking from plastic is not good for the body. There is that dang plastic poison called PCB's or whatever it is called (add the name here).
So what to do? Use what? Glass? Unbreakable hopefully. But we havent really invented unbreakable glass containers. Have we?

Recently I remember a recall of a Starbuck's glass drinking container. This trendy glass container would have been PERFECT if it were unbreakable. Why can we not get UNBREAKABLE GLASS CONTAINERS that dont give off any toxic effect? Is that so dang difficult? Scientists, really!

Ok so once I find the perfect floating unbreakable glass 2L container for potable water that is non-toxic and not too heavy (that's a biggy), well, I will be happy. Until then I sit in my remote (I love this word) and sit, and gloat. What the heck, do I look like Pittsburg Glass Company? Hey there's a great idea, ask the scientists (nicely) at Pittsburg Glass to make what I just asked for in the first sentence of this paragraph. Not a biggy. Is it? It would be an assured money maker which always makes eyes shine when that bottom line is polished like the proverbial apple.

Hmmmm...Pittsburg Glass. I once emailed them in regards to making a home (actually an igloo I do live in Canada) completely of Pittsburg Glass (you know the glass blocks?). I thought, how cool, like those igloo hotels they have in Siberia that serve cooled Russian Vodka to the swanky Russian mobsters. I'd like that. Although I don't drink. Much.

So today, is a day of discovery at ChipNlogs tm (or Inc..?what should it be...note; contact trademark lawyers, ty)...So, today, being a lazy Sunday am when all the family members are still sleeping (thank god) and I can get down to some serious brass tacks here. Business. "It's just business". I do so like business. I should have been a MBA. Wasn't in the cards so to speak (thanks Mr. Big).

So today, is a lazy day for my lazy eye "aye". I wear a patch. You'll find old patch waiting for the next disaster. Not really. I am not into doom and gloom. And no I am not like actor Hannah (first name) in Kill Bill. No I am nice and gentile and never get frayed unless my dna is unravelling that day at GINORMOUS speeds. In that case I should refer to my other subject on Ideas: CNL: HELA CELL IMMORTALITY. Back to the subject at hand: Emergency Preparedness.

So whenever the time comes that my contract with the glass block company pans and I become the zillionaire you have all come to love and oh so appreciate, well then, I will have to leave the potable water issue alone. Flush it down the toilet so to speak. Which brings me to the next topic: Food.

Yes, food is a biggy. It the energy need to sustain. I would think it has about as much importance as clothing to keep warm. Technically you can go without food for 30 Jesus did in the desert, 40 days before the Mad Dogs and Englishman hallucinations kick in. So what kind of food keeps in all kind of conditions. (remember you may be soaking wet, and you would really like a dry granola bar to give you some swim energy). So let's list the food required here:

l. granola bars. pack a wollop. They are packed with vitamins and minerals you will need to sustain the days, weeks or months before you may be rescued. (Every man for himself mentality you must remember this). Food will be like gold, So will clean drinking water. You need to keep that in mind. So if you can possibly make a disaster plan for a community, that would be great. Right now I am concentrating on Personal Emergency Preparedness or Family Emergency Preparedness. A discussion actually. Do not refer to this for an actual Emergency Preparedness Manual. Those are found at your local City Halls. This here is just this, here. It is for entertainment (for now) purposes only. Wait til I get my degree and then check back with me! (yah, right..)

So anyhow...where was I, oh yes, Personal Emergency Preparedness or PEP.(hey I like this anarchonism, cute!). We will say that the next thing to think about besides water and food is clothing and shelter and heat.

You really need:

Dry clothes, warm wool, cotton, layers. wools socks, leather (never plastic) boots. I lived up northern Canada where the winter weather was -70C. Believe me I know how to survive. You need wool you need leather. you need layers you need to cover face hands head. You need shelter, with a reliable heat source (dry wood, workable woodstove.) Is the gas fireplace going to work in an emergency? For a while, maybe. The gas companies turn off the water and gas in emergency. So if you are relying on this, you may have a few days to a week of this comfort. Buy a house with a wood stove. Or get one. DO NOT EVER USE A BBQ PROPANE INDOORS. IT IS DEADLY. unless used for the indoors. I am skeptical of propane being so volatile. I would rather have a HIBATCHI, portable.NEVER USE AN UNFLUTED BBQ LIKE A HITBATCHI INDOORS, CARBON MONOXIDE FROM FIREPLACES A DANGER. DO NOT MAKE A BIG FIRE WITH A HUGE WIND STORM, THE DOWNDRAFT COULD CASE A FIRE AND CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING. MAKE SURE THE FIREPLACE IS CLEANED BY A CERTIFIED WETT CHIMNEY SWEEP. MAKE SURE THE FIREPLACE CHIMNEY IN GOOD WORKING ORDER. TY. You can often find sources to burn, unless it is a flood. Then propane would make sense. For awhile. Unless you have gazillions of propane tanks it is not practical in the long run.

Next thing of importance is medicine. You need this and should store away some of your need meds to last up to a month. Remember meds are no good after 6 m's usually and should be tossed (evironmentally, talk to your local pharmacist). Do not throw meds down the toilet, or anything chemical, they end up IN OUR DRINKING WATER!!! which is a sin, poop should not be recycled to drinking water in my humble opinion. Don't forget your pets medicine and food and water too.

Contact. Remember all cell phones, satelitte's dont work. Remember the power outage from 2001? Anyway, we need really need to preplan communication. There should be a contact person, or persons. If you are locked down in your home because of (let's say) a gas spill etc. You need to use a cell yes, it is good, to have on your person AT ALL TIMES. A cell phone with a camera is excellent to show authorities what it is that you see and your condition so they (the authorities) know with is the danger, etc.

Having a CB would be a great idea in case the telephone lines are down, cell and landline. Always have a landline phone. Even in emergencies the phonelines are cable (underground) and they work for awhile unless flood or earthquake. Remember the recent Chilean Earthquake? No phone (landline as well) for days. A CB would help. Computers work on satelitte or cable and may be out. There may be other methods of communication like the old Morse code telegraph (which unfortunately is outmoded) They should bring back this method.

Today, we have to be prepared for so many Emergencies. Let's list some of them (add more if you can please)

1. Spill of Gas or other noxious substance from train, truck, plane, etc.

This needs a big preparedness in thinking and acquiring. Plastic sheeting needs to be purchased. Follow the HOmeland Security methods. Wrapping a room in plastic is fraught with hazard on its own. One can suffocate if not done right. Do not use fans. What you want to do is barricade yourself in a room and stop all outside air from coming into your home unless filtered with extreme filtration (which is almost like a gas mask) At this point I would think a gas mask and a hazmet suit would be best. Remember that huge fireball gas explosion in TO a few summers ago? That was scary. It could be dangerous gas to the lungs and this is the problem. Sometimes no matter how prepared this one is hard to survive. We're working on the transportation of these dangerous materials and the guarantee that NO ACCIDENT is possible in their transportation. This is where the remedy should begin at the transportation of these hazardous materials. Any ideas here in safe transportation would be great. Certainly not address satisfactory as to date.

So then what other emergencies are there? Terrorism. Just last evening I heard a news report on Global that some crazies want to do damage to a major town. They are intent on this. What can be done when this is so inevitable sounding. Really I feel sorry for Homeland, etc. They have too much on their plate. How they do halt all the dangers coming from terrorism is a feat in itself. They are geniuses! Many comendations to these superheroes!

Terrorism: Avoid major places like trains, planes and major centres to be safe. The terrorists want to do the most damage to the most ppl. If you want to avoid the usual public places where many congregate this may work. No major big office buildings, etc. So it has made our ability to congregate less and less. Terrorism has changed our methods and means of travel. There are many ways to avoid but in case you absolutely can not avoid being in large crowded areas like major cities, etc. Then do this:

Know your emergency exits. Have a wet clothe available to use should fire or smoke fill the place where you are working, travelling, etc. cover the face. Get down low to the ground where smoke is less likely to be (smoke rises, remember?). Try to stay calm. Having a gps would help to find your direction out of the building. Use gps when plannning your escape and encode this into the gps. Usually explosions are the main methods employed by terrorists, so use some kind of block, like a metal desk for safety from shrapnel, etc. Find or employ your employer to give window access with such bungee like devices or rapeller-type devices. Many more safety devices here should be employed by employers. Have a safe meeting site outside of the building. Watch for the tricky terrorists luring the authorities to another site where another bomb is employed. Keep constant security vigile on all sites with cams etc. Note and discuss with Security officers who are not only employed hired but also union hired. Personal should never be thought expendible.

Please stayed tuned for further PEP (Personal Emergency Preparedness) from the civilian perspective!


  1. Further thoughts The Gps...make sure that other apps (applications) are available to turn off home stove, or on furnace should you not be able to get back to your home. Have babysitters ready or contact persons able to take care of children and pets in an emergency. Notify police of your condition if possible as soon as possible. In emergency timing is everything. Sometimes, it is sheer luck as well. But some planning can help bridge the gap between luck and survival!

  2. And ALWAYS remember: "A stitch in time saves nine!"...please keep those stitches coming, and remember; we don't want to miss a stitch! "stitch being an idea which could save lives; we really do need more and more ideas to save more and more lives - we should not accept the status quo, we need to do more to make LIFE BETTER FOR ALL PERSONS ON EARTH OR OTHER PLANETS.