Thursday, March 25, 2010

Willow Manor's Theme Thursday: Star Dust on my Shoulders

The lovely Willow at Willow Manor has got plenty to blog about with the topic of "Dust". Let's see where my epoplectic* (sp?)mind will wander. (*epoplectic is a med term bandied about on recent talk shows; I think it refers to a condition which may mean 'dead brain'. I will look up the term for all students of medical science.

For now I guess at the word epoplectic, which may or may not be the best idea, not adding to my vast degrees hanging over my vortex machine which I reinvented for all intents and purposes to be more "bum" friendly. I am talking bum of the bumbum variety of which I believe Al Jolson sang. No insults to others who take offence to this word. Lighten up. "Flush your worries in the ol' tin can" WWI soldier's song!

It does sound like I know a thing or two about dust. Actually at my age I am an espouser of all things dust and dust related. A professional dust magnified magnate.

As for myself, I am a clingon when it comes to dust. As I write this blog entry I am not entirely slow enough to let dust actually accumulate on my person. Although, I must be honest, I am afraid to look! I try to move every half-hour. Bloggy thought or not!

And just like everyone in Bloggland, knowledge being Universal lately with the invention of the personal computer. "As it is written so it shall be" The Bible certainly tells us to "go forth and multiply". This I know how to do quite well, thank-you very much.

Dust being everywhere and in da crib, it is not appreciated by me as dust is not nice. My plan is to get a dustblower like one of those industrial-strength dustblowers you can get for the computer for ten bucks. This HD dustblower will for the entire house house as in "blow me house down". That should work. This lil piggy likes simple house cleaning solutions; nothing that takes a degree to accomplish the same results. What's the point? Clean. Spring clean. Ah yes...and a weekly maid. One day! Good to think motivationally, isn't it?

Brief aside from the dust mites in my mind; 'yes, knowledge should be, and without prejudice, for everyone". We need the information at our fingertips says the dust mite, better yet, a computerized silicone chip for the brain.

Then I would get it right the first time, instead of my usual one hundred and one takes later. Unless, of course, the chip malfunctions for someinnane reason to make me dumbdown and frozen out like a computer in need of a reboot. Abit player in this massive industry.

Is going at computer lightspeed really the best policy? I really think so, as humanity has a lot of catching up to do, we are so far behind the eight ball. In fact, the faster, the smarter, the better. Why was I too slow to be upgraded to professional on Linkedin? Did no one believe that ChipNlogs would take off as I am the CEO. Just not recognized I suppose. A professional charlatan. But really since no brakes were given to me, and no one has ever opened up this "ideas" avenue, I should be knighted or damed or something. Oh well.

All of us are officially allowed to don the genius cap for awhile anyway. All of us are due the glory of being smarty pants with all the accolades that entails. Our public education system gives the common Joe or Jane the access to being the smartest person in the world. Although not all "smarts" are from accumulated knowledge category, some genius is creative, certainly.

The fact is this; we should all have easy access to education. It is the equality and quality of education which makes the difference between a genius and/or an unsmart or uneducated person. And with he right access to information, and with the speed of thought, we can all, and should be all allowed the freedom to be one of the smartest persons in the world, or at least that honoured three percent of the population. What do you think? Do you think? Are you allowed to think? Who stops you from thinking? "Hmmm..."

This I can honestly say is a good thing; the power of the educated mind and the mind that pursues truth with passion. Seems no one today finds the truth relevant. We can all be doctors unofficially today if we are chipped and categorized in some high-tech method of which I am sure would be fraught with "big brother is watching" 1984 by Aldous Huxley New World Order scenario. My scenario is idealized version of course, probably this cannot happen due to too many negative thinkers with "agendas". So be it. Oh well.

Today we can treat our oen conditions and that of our family members. Mind you treatment would be for little aches and sprains ect. The biggy medical stuff still religated to the medical professionals.

At least today we have more access to find out more about our various illnesses, concerns, etc. As patients who hold the same keys to knowledge as most doctors we are allowed to make educated choices about our medical treatment. We do not have to take one doctor's opinion anymore. One doctor may or may not have our collective best interests in heart. Why not? The Hippocratic Oath, taken by all doctors "do no harm" does not always work out that way. We see this in lawsuits, class actions etc.

Another thing I'd like to briefly touch upon; the Hippocratic Oath; "do no harm". This can also relate to the fact that doctors today should have this idiom in their doctor bag; "Make the patient well". Today the doctors do not have to make you well. There is nothing motivating the doctors to make you well. In fact, doctors do quite well financially if you do not get well. Of course this does not go for the well meaning and philanthropic doctors I have met, and I know. These doctors are truly angels in disguise and I give these fine doctors ever form of accolade. They are great! What I am talking about are the unscrupulous doctors. For those, and for all doctors, what would be the problem with stating "to make the patient well by all means possible"? This would mean that doctors fees would be commeasurate with the actually healing process. Doctors are meant to "heal" after all!

Rather long aside...sorry!

Dust. The first that comes to mind is dust mites. I do not share Willow's same insight that dust is actually good for the planet or antique furniture anyway. This may be true, depending on the kind of dust. The dust could add that much need antique "patina". Lovely.

Although according to the Bible dust is what we are to become one day. "Ashes to ashes dust to dust. To dust you shall return". I'll always remember this as the sooty ash placed on my forehead. It is a visual reminder, this is not all there is, this carbon form of life. All life has carbon in it, and I suppose, like it or not, the sooty remains of cinders from fire places has a roll in all these elements. So we are caught between a very hot and a very cold universe. This I will have to discuss one day on my ChipnLogs Astronomy blog entry. See how one idea springs forth from another like molecules bouncing around? Interesting, huh!

This Theme Thursday is also appropro because of the recent Ash Wednesday leading up to this lenten season of Easter and the return of the resurrected Christ and the chocolate Easter bunny and egg hunt. Inspiring for sure, and thought-provoking. So many Easter stories worldwide, all about rebirth, going back to pre-history this theme.

Dust is really not something I relish, although like relish spread on a hotdog, dust does seem to premiate every square inch and millimeter of my abode. The chalet is very dusty and is awaiting my sudden urge to spring clean.

This year I am going to purchase a pressure washer. I just hope that the pressure washer is not too overly pressurized to cause the large triangular celestory windows of the chalet to suddenly burst. This would not be a good day for me, or the landlord.

Maybe I should check the psi of the pressure washer before I attempt to wash windows. This would be smart if not a genius thing, plrethought being the best quality of a genius as well as levels of thought like Star Treks three-dimensional chess. One day I will learn more than the first pawn move, I swear I will!

Please; I don't want to be referred to as the "window washer"! This position reminds me of an old story we use to tell as kids about "The Window Washer". Ask me to tell you this story. It is scary and funny at the same time!

Realize this; "I don't "do" windows. Ok? Well I probably have to wash them, eventually. When I cannot see outside anymore from grit and grease. Honestly I don't like window washing. Thus the pressure washer. Besides my windows soar up to thirty feet at the apex I believe. This is a daunting task even for me who is rather tall. It is really difficult to get the spider webs blown away with just the garden hose. It does not work. Any suggestions about how I can get my garden hose to work like a pressure washer would be appreciated. Anyone want to sell "real" cheap their pressure washer? Probably no takers. Ok, forget it! I'll just wait. Hopefully not too long, as I am getting that urge as I type. (not what you think)

Yes, indeed, it is a job and a half to wash these dang windows at the chalet. This job takes a lot more than just daily chores type of thinking. I really have to get up the "spring fling cleaning urge" to do the nasty job. It takes every ounce and latent seated power of Kundalini to get the "urge" to wash windows. A focus like an ancient yogi mystic to get up the verve to do the urge detail. It takes all winter of my boring blogging to bring up the reserves in this "seat of power". At my age, these things take time and work! However, once fully engaged; "watch out dust; you're dirt!". Bye-Bye dust and dirt, hello, Sunshine!

One other topic of related interest: Dust mites. I think I have allergies to these nasty bugs. The evil mites make me sound have a chronic nasal voice. This ruined my radio career. Plus the fact that I sound like Fran Drescher. And I never once lived in New Jersey! Go figure!

Yes, the "urge' is soon to come to overtake me. The need to clean, clean, clean the dust, dirt and dreaded dust mites from the chalet and "outta my hair".

I just hope that I don't go to super-power fanatical mode like I usually do this time of year. No doubt about it, my eyes turn burning-bright laser red with vapourizing powers. Or that just maybe the end result of the pantry chanti needed as liquid motivation for the inglorious task.

Undoubtedly I will transform. Believe me it is not a pretty sight. When it comes to dust, I take "no prisoners".

Enjoy your spring cleaning "fling". Tata y'all!

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