Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Yo Train Poeme ~ Totalfeckineejit "Train Train It's The Poetry Bus"

Thanks Totalfeckin! (tell me what's 'jit'?) Can I do it here? The train poem? Ok, thanks!

Train train down the drain
wrecking havoc with my brain
Train train on the track
When you gonna bring ma baby back?

Train Train goin' no where
When you gonna leave me
Train train come back home
Yo girl wants to get some

Train train never crash
Coming down ripped off
train train blow my mind
when you carry that crap

Train train I love your whistling
Making me feel
I got some junk in my trunk like caboose!

jj 4 3 10


  1. redo

    train train your high pitch whistlin'
    making my junk in da trunk sway
    with each swing that jinga-ling
    rocky ridin' high caboose!

  2. I could see the Clash doing this up ;)

    Kinda reminds me of the ol' Vapours tune "Trains"...nice!

  3. You could whistle this into work!
    Reminds me of that old Mule Train song when the old man hits his head with a tray in time to the music!

  4. DEfinitely has the makings of a great song.Yahoo!