Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ethered Prairie Dogs: Before Their Untimely Collapse

At least I know you are
somewhere in the ether
sniffing ether?
Somewhere where
I know you're ok
you're ok?
Believing things
are good for you
half the battle won
the other half
you left abandoned
at the altar
of plain
too painful

The Altered Plan
at The Altar of Pain
(discussed earlier)
Far from plains
this Jane's
flat face takes up
the entire prairies
were many gopher's
and prairie dogs
(they are the same thing?)
get shot out of holes
like rockets to the moon
oh how sad
being so cute
nasty holes they make
they never know
it'd be better
on the other side

they must know that
it would be far better
at least then the hunters
could stuff them and sell them as
curiosities or minted snuff
that often than not
make big bucks
daddy war bucks
in the war room
next to the purple star

maybe it's time
to spread around
the cashcow
instead of tipping 'er
we all need a piece
of pie in the sky

the manure
so thick lately
wet and warm
spreaded around
like an body-electric

for years throughout
the land
held its ground
keeping our boots filled
making us taller
in the saddle
who knew the elixir
of decay
had that much magic

the bs you mean?
what pleasure do you get
to see me
in such estactic
as a joke
that's the only thing
u mean?

before empathy
there was a wall
and on that wall
was a word
and that
"i'm pity"
feelings meaning
translates to
there where there
were feelings
there where there
were connections
now lost
once not so amiss
of communication
of deep understanding
of fellow human beings
of our colleagues
of our many leagues
there where there were
one there was all
like a humanity
of a billion muskateers
"all for one and one for all"
what happened to that?
that was akin to
collective sanity
when the world made sense
before the collapse

odd man out
left behind
to rot
put in the grave
too soon
for life
and seemingly for
eternity too
unless there's no saviour
to raise up dead men
and underdogs

ship sails away today
leaving behind
every unwanted
memory shelved
stored in Twilight Zone
containers of same
maybe never to open again
unless a triggerword
should evoke
a taste of yesterday's
dandelion wine
(inspired by Ray Bradbury)

what did I do
to make so many
memories bademories
goodemories there should be a word
this is so important
to us as a collective whole
trying to bury the hole
that surrounds us
and drags us down
way past the ground
way past any part
that would no longer exist
since I am not here
typing this

if I could make me a ship
like the Nancy
and be her boysun
to sail away
much longer than a day
to never remember land
then I could start
all over again
to make memories
like shells gathered
on this voyage
beginning now

jj 28 03 10


  1. My neck of the woods is full of the cousin of the prairie dog, the ground hog. We fondly call them woollie boogers.

    word verification: unsiblye

    (not siblings, just cousins)

  2. The lexiconographic or linguistic meaning of words has always intrigued me. We often say words with little real knowledge as to their actual meaning. If we feel on some level than these words either enforce or denounce our feeling, empathetic self. Today the world's inhabitants or people seem to be less worried about feelings and more worried about self agrandizement, or personal wealth. It is funny to watch those with the wads of cash sinking on the Titantic. The only thing they are thinking about, the last thing is, I hope my jewels are safe. What will be my last thoughts? "Get me outta here".

  3. So in that way the thinker would be able to think quickly of limited physical resources and may safe him/herself, however the doer, or hands-on kind of person (the non-thinker, empathetic type) would use the moment to make something work. Depending on that one thing, that need to survive. Some are resigned to give up at a moments whim should the need arise, others are more or less not as resigned and maybe some keener force kicks in the survival instinct force which may be much stronger than any known force, as it may call upon those latent survivor forces that may make magic happen. Maybe adrenal mixed with something beyond the human consciousness or from the epicentre of the human consciousness, some Divine force the A-O force? A actual force? The fifth FORCE. Shouldn't a divine force be the first force. We'll have to ask NASA who is close to the First Force. Hmmmm.

  4. An actual force..the A-O is the unknown as yet, hypothesized by Jane Jones called the Alpha-Omega force. It is the first force besides, Gravity, Electromagnetics, The Strong and The Weak Force. It is a balancer of all forces, the Mr/Ms Ying/Yang Divine force which is and isnt everything. Does this make sense?

  5. In the Bible, the prophets were close to G*d or the Divine. To the prophets of the Bible the Divine force was a personification of that Divine force or a person. The person of Bible who is G*d may make him/herself known by taking on a human form, much like the bearded and robed old man of the Bible and painted on the Sistine Chapel by Leonard DaVinci.
    Sundays always focus my mind on the spiritual teachings from my youth. It is relative because I have thought for many years about G*d and I always thought G*d not a mean of man who makes sinners "pay back" but rather, I see G*d as a powerful force which only brings good. It seems a lot of people blame G*d when things do not go correctly in their lives. This is just the opposite of what happens. G*d is actually removed from that which happens to be not good because G*d cannot be present where there has been no good. I believe the name G*d is a shortform of G**d and I believe that humans have messed up when they blame G*d for all the world's evil ills. Undoubtedly G*d cannot exist in the same place where evil resides. It might be similar to Superman's allergy to kryptonite. The fact that G*d can and does help in these verified and proven times when the only force to save us has been the Divine force the A-O force (Alpha-Omega another description of the Divine Force of Being One Good G*d. Thank-you G*d. Go in peace.

  6. I too see God as a powerful source of goodness. Powerful post.

  7. Thank-you dear Willow re the official "wooly boogers". Has anyone ever stuffed and sold them? Referring to your poem about the stuffed raggedy doll. Recently saw a hunting show about how much fun "pot shots" on the prairies (I believe Manitoba or Saskatchewan)of the woolie boogers. I wonder how people from the Midwest really feel about them thar woolie boogers!

  8. Willow: Pretty freaky about those wprd verifications. I was receiving more like "imdunce" sort of semi-insulting, questioning my marbles type of verifications. Maybe the Sepia Saturday (how I do love your poems and posts on the past)could have played a intregal part in this. Who really could think these up? Making our minds play funny games! Funny stuff!

  9. Rhonda: Thank-you very much for your kind words. I try to stay focused on what is truly important, seemingly "missed" by the masses of late. Someone must be delving into the G*d force, which is Divine Love. Somewhere there is a world we are suppose to to get there...:)