Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where All Life Began: Minimal Animalism

Hide from me
the horses
ride my high
my effigy
go to places
like houses
on stilts
or shepherd casters
lost dark field
cast dispersions
of self-doubt
sprinke with kindness
regret-me-not you
time i lost
well-spent fuel
heard in my heart
the other day
sink or swim
or how ya doin'?
crops up
questions of why
was it me
or memorex
sure you
could hide
or seek fame or fortune
the latter
more common
to saints
did you find me once hidden
in caves revisited
collapsed buildings
from earthquakes
time stood still
whilst the earth moved
playing with fire
adolescent desire
eyes trying to find
world behind the eyes
that cried and cried
when abandoned ship
in what was thought
only to find
i meant nothing
i want nothing more
i thought different
that's all
if only my mind didnt dream in fairies and pixy dust
all would not have been emotional lost
by immature childish ways put away
hidden in a trunk
opened again never
these things are best kept this way
soul imprints on these things
stay forever repeating patterns in the
love groove music

surface to air
dissolved like melted butter
a canadian in paris
once greeted by the sun
Louis knew me
viewed these new worlds now
sweeping vistas swept under the rug
golden fleeced I was
refreshed in this way
souls stay awhile
linger longer
never changing
move along now
bend and stretch
too tall sally
aint got the moxy
to go all the way to the end
however roxy did
that just wasnt my thing
hung up in the closet
like a bat without wings

so go the other way
circle returns favours
sender receives gifts
returns o' the day
top o' the morning to ya
the rest of the morning
I guess I'll reclaim
the long lost baggage
again and again
played out in perpetuity
how do i get this damn music
to stop
(played to "My Lady Love")

electronic waves
through the bleepin'
electronic media
the spark kaput
often does the katapult (sp?)
like some bozon bozo
magnetically drawn to sound
the sound of love
like the seasons
gives no reason
when suddenly flip-flops
and outta here
unstable mass
inertia bound to be
a trapped molecule trying to find
it's path to continue on
or sadly die

as certainly as certainy changes
dramatic at times
intrinsic followers
of some reliant design
cut-in stone
carved out wood
melted down gold
gouge out my eyes!
these damn infernal
apriori designs!
as set out in uncompromising
dna denied
chronic as constance ever could

which never changes
nor stays the same
the rot of it all
the same soul
the same yin/yang
the same 50/50
you've come to know
this knowing
nakes the
much more understood
but more or less
a mess of haploids
who could I compete with that
a mocking tone
my existence
but what if

who's to say
sparks don't want or
won't meet again
zero returns
physically not there
but who's to say
one day...
all this will come out in the wash
Karma being
the biggest benefactor of perceived wrongs
gone right

the pattern of witch field
probably intrinsic to my design
brews up special tea
scrys the tomorrow see
in leaves flown away
to return in fall
as down the drain
as I'll be
there's always the hope
of resurrection
to encourage me

designed by who or whom
knows whom
your personal saviour
your personal best
knows you quite well
in the Bible says
know means "you know, you know?"
a little too personal for me
it was back then
now who cares?
only tying up ends

means you didnt mean or did you mean
to be mean to me
sorry so in your face
but really
i waited nigh 30 years
for the truth to out
why I felt abandoned like hell
was I that bad or were you
just that good
too good to be

to change something stuck
in the rut
a ditch in time
would have saved nine
or one of me
if you had just told me
the truth as to why
breaking with my intregrity
life became all to gritty
and the waxen wings and
icing cream did run away
with my spoon
that I thought
would save my feelings of inadequacy
enough for me to run out to the store
and make another copy of another patterned

ah, it must be spring again
coming back to the very spot
where all life began
(where's that?)
the same place where Elephants go
When they decide to die
in a boneheap laid waste
on the ground?
or here at Hiawatha Grove
where beginnings have new meanings
from the end's last installment
(Howard's End)
say not!
(best not to cojoin the two ends)
the mesh not a good net
for this fisherwoman of men
whats the daily catch
whats the final score
did you tally with miss tiddlywinks
a little to long in the sack?
to take in all in stride
watch the fish
seeming incoherent
the fish pattern on plates
making total sense to the fish
and yet...
still misses being in the pool
with all the concentric waves
my tear did evoke
sorry I awoke
the long lost heart you stole
from me

as far as life goes
life feeds on the frenzy
of compressed nothingness
heavy even for elephants
which makes them cry
when gaps of understand
disconnect the snapses
tears flow
on the ground below
technicians trying to fix
the problem now

jj 11 03 10


  1. "...go to places untowards"

    I like that.

  2. Yes, sadness follows when the heart awakens. Very interesting.