Sunday, March 21, 2010


CNL: Riddle of the Earthquake

As to date no one (except me by my blog called "A Cold Day In Hades" predicted in one day earthquakes. There will come a day when we will understand the process of the earthquake as well. If you read my poem from yesterday "Eat Blueberries From Chile.." it really was an attempt to understand the ferocious nature of the earthquake.

It is my thought and conjecture at this time that earthquakes one day will be understood to be a question of molecular matter instability; in other words the nanoparticle or thereabouts the "z particle" or something smaller, the smallest known piece of matter which is a separated (non-amoebian) form of nature.

Unlike Dark Matter which is amoebian (is it?) force, without separation that which we come through coming out the other end of the black hole may be compressed matter called "Dark Matter" or my naive version of it anyway.

Ok drifting away from the point I was after; earthquakes. Earthquakes are or maybe an Isaac Newtonian "cause and effect", you remember, "for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction". So it is with the earthquake.

In the centre of the earth at the very epi-centre there is but one particle of matter so small it is the beginning and end of the universe. In each known planet, star, that is perfectly spheriod there is this; the Alpha-Omega particle I like to call it.

Earthquakes today are not the usual kind of shake rattle and roll. Today, the earthquake is unusual, no doubt! People are worried as these A-O particle earthquakes are difficult to discern. Hold on I have a theory that may help you planetoids.

The A-O earthquake starts in the core of the planet, sun other planets because...they all start at that moment in time A-O particle in the core of each spheroid mass. The spheriod mass, be it earth, venus, mars, all the planets in the universe, all the stars, etc., start off as....a separated A-O particle from the Big Bang (how many times?).

Yes it is that energy cycle of the A-O particle in the centre of all speriod masses in our universe where we can learn exactly what the universe has in store for us next. And believe it our not, it is our divine destiny to control the A-O particle. Why?
The Creator has given us the creative force to use intelligently, with the Creator's guidance. In other words, inspired scientific discovery and inspired creative discovery is a God-given decree from the Creator "Go forth and multiple" Genesis (The Bible).

Therefore, we have the abilities, or should by now have the ability (why are humans so slow to get this) our destiny. Our planets and Universe's golden key...The A-O particle. Why havent we found it yet?

It is my contention that there is continguous matter like crystal that is in the centre of all spheroid cores. We need to replace our give a feed to the core to give it back it's homeostatic return. In other words, we have to think beyond "atrophy of particles decay". The next thing would be another Big Bang!

In order to halt the Universe collapsing on itself again due to A-O particle atrophy of Universal and microscopic proportions (micro/macro connection) will be discovered.

The earthquake is a sign of this A-O particle collapse. Especially this kind of shake up and the solar activity and maybe found in other areas of the universe. The Collapse has begun but can be stopped with the A-O particle feed. Remember: the interconnectedness between all the A-O particles. They are very close to their primary A-O mother cell amoebian Dark Matter. So we must feed one we feed the rest. We feed the world and universe to continue into a homeostatic crystaline form of continuituity (sp?).

Earthquakes can be stopped controlled, as can the Universal Collapse. Are you with me on this one?

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  1. We may have to travel to a spot in the universe that contains this rarified material, maybe to ORION or something? The most Stable part of the bloody universe. (damn do i have to go to Orion AGAIN!)

  2. This rarified material would be...i would think...really rarified or maybe found on the moon that blue stuff, yah know, we were suppose to make fuel from it? well we can certainly try to combine it with our atrophizing centre. I am not saying this to be cute. I really mean this. Stop laughing. I hear a remote laugh somewheres...probably from Texas. "Houston, we have a problem" (and it is not me damn it, dont through the baby out with the bathwater...please..listen...don'

  3. this is where i really need NASA scienctist to figure out the easiest method to get this A-O rarified material into the core A-O particle in the absolute centre of the earth. Well...hummm. they were drilling in antartica last week, i wonder if they are busy this week? Anyway, it would be great if there was an "easy access portal to the centre of the earth, like there is in the DAMN HOLLOW MOON. but unlikely, unless NASA isnt telling us something, (why the heck are theydrilling in antartica? An iceshelf melting?non no my furry friends, it is something else..but what? hmmmm. Call NASA for me, would ya? Where's M-tie when I need to get an answer from a scientific perspective...and thus blown away to hades. Any freakin' wierd NASA scientists that really like and believe in SCI-Fi like Isaac Asimov? What is it with genius' called Isaac? Anyway...I really need to see if my theory holds water (it doesn't) it holds the key to the Universe (which may be some form of water) the A-O particle...omg. Do I get a grant or something?