Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Miracle of Today: The Supreme Designer From Heaven Only Makes My Clothes

On accounting day
the past score; added up
the battles waged; won
the scales weighed: judiciously

In perpetuity
perrenial green fields
where no residual pain resides
from sunken hearts like battleships
sinking deep beneath the waves
holding life's breath
today all can breathe
and let out a sigh
of relief

as each bittersweet memory
remembrance of which undone
years regretting experience
hidden in storehouses time forgot
wiping out time and again
tripping over wires
left in the wake
of one disaster after another
the crew had no time nor placed
much importance cleaning that horrid place

with The addition of consciousness
to the heavy mix of tricks
that seem so untowards the only
game in town
that makes so ill-meaning
the last spike
that gives only regret
power of attorney over
unfinished business
best left incomplete
the circle never returning
to the meeting place

and as suddenly as doubt
was put there
clouding latent memories
fogging unseen dreams
washing away souls
Today declare
the power is turned off
time to reclaim the abandoned
prize child
underneath layers
self-imposed recrimination
affixed to labelling stamps

and just as suddenly
gone in a flash all that cruddy cash
all those witholding fees
cash in chips day
you are finally free!!!

with power of intent
(we can make this happen)
the world as we want it
appears front and centre
no sling or arrow
can ever make again
the sorrow of those countless thousands
wallow at the wall
wailing for redemption
wait no longer
the time draweth nearer

Reclaim baggage
from the department
of Lost and Found Souls
Hold onto that for a moment
before it slips through the hands
of time stealing no more
crushing down into the ground
the sooty ashes
and itchy sackclothe
from perceptions
we're not only sin
we're so much more
than the H.A.T.E. label
when we close the door
on all the illfitting clothes
our souls can never wear out
our designs ours from
the Designer
from Heaven only
made my soul
and makes my now
the soul
as now
Miracles are real!
more real than real thing
I had bottled up
kept deep in a cubby
oozing slowly through
pores in the concrete
i forgot to patch up
let loose
free on this accounting day
to become me again
minus the regret
minus the self-doubt
minus the self-persecution
and years of plastered
labels on my baggage
it's all behind me now
the future?
Mine for the making
The Designer said.

jj 11 03 10

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