Friday, January 27, 2012


last night's dream
about roots
inexplicable as
a root dr of knowledge being there
i had no doubt knew that I was dreaming
being a man of know and all
so why he was there?
it was my dream
why did I go to him to find the root cause of my pain?
but he was there
always has been
as these roots are active
growing all the time deeper and deeper
unfurled in this way in the spiral
I have to gather together
bandwidth solid
a state of grace
to become the dream
and be the latent energy stored
CTR actually, really~!
rootworking my mind's gone subtle subdued lighting
enlightenment's embodiment of this boddhi tree
in my mind
these roots do appear as neural pathways
as natural a thing
as organic a thing
as rooted a thing I am
and it is this tree
rooted in me, rooted to life energy
this life roots us altogether rooting for US
AND I hug each day as if it were my last
I want to make last
this moment of deepest rootedness
bearing down deeper into the soulful soil
i give birth to myself and all my umbilicus
roots run deep
and deeper still
these waters surrounding us in this bubble we live in
and still attuned to the sound
attached at the hip
from the deep woods
sprung the words of LOVE
entwined in my hearted root system
his voice in mine
i sense his coaching methods
makes me speak another language
I've never heard fluently
and as i slept soundly
and dreamt of days before days
and felt this need within
going way down
past the point of no return; no exit
bringing up from the depths
bringing up from the entanglement
bringing up the yarns of yards of
dangling root systems
with a life so tenacious as to be fragile
sensitive to touch by minutiae
these fonacci'd calibrated hairs
these i hold in my hands
let their earth seep into my sweat
carried up into my root system
i am learning the source of we are
this very tall tree of life
Ephraim's Moravian star
so sacred a thing
so subtle an energy
so want to stay wrapped in all these tentacled arms
that would have loved me
had they stayed alive
but rooted they were growing away from me
finding new life in the underground caves of the unconscious
what is this?
(source for above; Google Free Images Thank-you for the usage of above image!

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  1. amazing...all about a tree as it has so much knowledge and wisdom about it....I wrote the book The Tree Becomes A Soul* underneath a pine tree with a squirrel friend sitting next to me meditating.....buddha seems he became enlightened under a bodhi tree as well....I asked buddha to give me a blessing in the form of a gift and he gave me a black mockingbird a very rare bird as the next few months I went to make the book after my retirement at the VA in December 2009.....trees are awesome....;)