Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Zoey Gets Panned and Remembering The Iditarod and Robert W. Service

in memory of
The Shooting of Dan McGrew
by Robert W. Service
zOeY gEtS pAnnEd
the dog Zoey was moving
so quickly
I was panning
so slowly
the dog's was panting
and sniffing all the time as usual
a virtual nose on a dog
i was pantomiming the action
pretending to be a great photographer
maybe Karsch?
panicking that I would not get the shot
going with the flow of the dog
being The Art of Zen Photog
because the dog never
stands still
she pulls and pulls
like an old musher
she gave and gave and won me the old 49er
a whole sled-load of quart oil for her
in the Great Northern Iditarod dogsled races
of which I recall Nibbles my old boxer mix
won just such a whole box of 24X24 quarts of oil
long enough ago now
in the 90's
but now I am Zen again
please remember when
but the moment is the focus
if I can get 'er in focus!!!
to get a picture worthy picture
to grace all the covers of Time
see how the background is blurred?
see how the dog should be more in focus?
see how Jane is totally frustrated?
Confusious ask too many questions
Just be Jane
experience your laboured breathing
hold it tight
focus all that energy on the shot!
no don't shoot the turkeys
go beserk in the field
or the deers so swift with
their cottonwhite tails whipping me in the face
and so tauntingly too
telling me
'ha ha'
you missed the shot!
these new-fangled devices
need to get upgraded in my opinion
for the love of my digicam!


  1. please see Confucius for the correct spelling on Wikipedia today...

  2. Having fun reading this... I dont know but it feels like i was the one running after the dog and frustrated to take the snap... Nice one...


  3. dog on the trail...difficult to focus when the one that focuses is the dog...;)