Wednesday, September 8, 2010

~~~Emily Dickinson~~~Poem A Day! "When Roses cease to bloom, Sir," 32/1775

When Roses cease to bloom, Sir,
And Violets are done —
When Bumblebees in solemn flight
Have passed beyond the Sun —
The hand that paused to gather
Upon this Summer's day
Will idle lie — in Auburn —
Then take my flowers — pray!

by Emily Dickinson

This short and sweet poem reminds me of a very dramatic, in the style of Sarah Bernhardt (a contempoarary of Ms Emily's) the actress in full dramatic repose. Much like the swooning girl on the Masterpiece Theatre. I can almost envision Ms Emily feigning death with flowers upon her tomb!

It is that time of year, Autumn, Ms Emily calls it "Auburn" the colour of the season (I hear everyone is wearing Auburn in Autumn this year!). Emily's famous red roses and Bumblebess are on a "solemn flight" (don't they die at the end of season?) and the they have indeed "passed beyond the Sun" (where's that? the gamma-reversed world or is it the spirit world of spirit bumblebees? remembering now that matter never dies it just CHANGES FORM.) "Violets are done" indeed Ms Emily; like yesteday's dinner! Oh I will so miss summer. You too, I can tell, Ms Emily (ok this is sick I am talking to a dead poet...but maybe alive since we all know that matter never dies it just changes form...right?)...:)

So we are still in summer but we see all the lovely summer plants dying and bumblebees buzzing their last buzz and they leave and go to live in Florida (if they are lucky) if not they go behind the sun to the gamma reversed world and set up shop until the rebound spring or resprung spring sends them to us again come next Spring! I cant wait either! Ms Emily is hoping that we take the flowers away now before they turn to reddish brown the colour of dear Ms Emily's reddish brown hair! How wonderful life is with Ms Emily; and so dramatic the flair!

Ewwww...even "hands will lie idle" do not sound too happy either as I envision "corpse hands"! Scary and creepy. Are we getting creeper Ms Emily? Where you the Stephen King of your day Ms Emily? Sure sounds it! Love you anyway Ms Emily! We all enjoy a good scare now and then! As long as we are still alive after the scare, right? Please somebody take Ms Em's dead flowers from her grave. She's haunting me today! (especially after I looked up "dead hands" and "Auburn" kinda creepy!) What will be the picture today that wont creep everybody out? What? You want to be creeped out? Sorry I don't do "creep out"!

Chiccoreal's take on "When Roses Cease To Bloom, Sir"

Roses and Violet
and Bumblebees and Hands
all become done like last Summer Sun
And fun and games and frolick alike
cannot stop the hand of time from
acting Idle come end of summer fun
Because we all know
that the Autumn
In her Auburn colours
Smell of old banana lunches
and hickory sticks
like body odour from yesterday's
gym socks!



  1. Old banana lunches - yum! Interesting take on the whole autumn thing :)

  2. Loved it! Great dissection (creepy) and take.
    I'm going to use Auburn a lot more now. And consider a dye job.