Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face was Today For my Grandpa Meddie King

A Sepia Saturday on Tuesday! BREAKING NEWS!
Today Was The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face; For my Grandpa Meddie King whom I got to see today for the first time! Ever!

Today was the first time, the first day
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Beautiful Face
Your Beautiful Lovely Face Shining Bright
Sparkling Like Diamonds this Lightness of heart

Our eyes met across the electronic blink of an eye
so Kodachrome today the mood of digging deep
for the first time ever since I was won

someone who could have been much larger in my life
than just a silver nitrate charm on a yellow'd paper back

Your beautiful face shining so bright
My eyes lit up this night as the day shone on and on
like a little star in your right eye
I was that gleam! Did you know what I've become? You!

All those long times ago when I wanted to know
Just how could I really know you, I could not breech
that love you had was so great being without you
made everything that was anything fall from the sky

you look so familiar as I see your physical characteristics
yet your character I have heard was more than just kind
you were the give em the shirt off your back kind of guy
as family what does that means, that I too, could touch the sky?

could you ever know what it meant in your absence?
I could hear your voice though I never heard it
Lost in the distance on a far off breeze
coming to me today louder than the rustle of the trees

to say I'd never have a chance
to see you,
to met you,
to hold you as I hug you so tight

never will I let this moment go
never will i hold back the tears from their flow
down my high cheeks that are so like yours
how many times told how wonderful you truly are

now I walk down the lane of remembrance
your love a legacy far more lasting
primerose garden and satin and lace
we take a this walk together forever
My Grandma Loretta I've always known and loved is with you now

Gramdpa King I just want to hear your voice and
thank-yo for you
will you and are you
willing to talk with me again?

now I see more of you as you wer
; I know who you are and that you're ok
Grandpa, you're not alone you know
you are in my heart, have been all along

As watching these old photographs; shadows on the wall
Sensing the Ascending Vibration Descending Bands of Snow
which made you so Canadian in Spirit Made Whole
Like a tiny snowflake fractal you flew away but never left

Interupted this lifelong test patterns
as pronto photo album finally reveal
you were somehow hidden to allay the heartfelt pain and grief
did I ever think you would ever be a part of my system of belief?
That I would find you one day, my dear Meddie?

no matter dead or alive
Grandpa King your a Spirit-filled soul
That never grows old
never ever dies or fades away; You Live Always!

recovered like old bones and Grandma's midday stew
long ago worlds;
I can smell the musty places you walked, the laughter your brought
I can taste the brew the tortierre the beets in the garden grown
way back back when

I can feel these things now as I walk in your dusty shoes
working hard for a living took a toll
you've finally found your peace in heaven
but you must have known we all feel so lost without you

As those memories made empty with there suspicious absence
To have felt you nearer to the heart as even though so long gone
poured tears today like a bubbling teapot, sputtering out of control
the more I cried the more I felt so much more than your memory

as I linger on the sentiment of knowing you today
feeling your ever emotion, action and intent
feeling the spirit within your heart of gold
We all know The Spirit of the Warrior Lives on and on

how could I have known all these years past
when you up and lefted everyone singing dirges
fee;omg the bottom fall out
only a huge gapping hole remains scattered pictures
tattered heart

never to land like the leaves today
the fall brought me the first glimpse of you
and as I sit and ponder your every thought
I see a man who died far too young; oh what you could have done!

closed like a sad chapter; only the tears and pain remained
once and for all life changed and rearranged the furniture in the hall
the place where we sit and wait on the Lord
hoping someday soon to gather us together; mend those walls

light like love surrounds you beautiful Grandpa
as my heart leaps through the screen to hug you
it wouldnt be a far!stretch down south
to say today I will never be the same

As Bright light Beams across the sky ignite my eyes
your image glares and imprints on my photographic brain
Sunshine and Starlight has come again
My Grandpa returns alive and well so good to to see you at long last!

what could I co to make you return for a day? Today is the Day
my Grandpa gave me away, gave me a new lease on life without the leash
Give me the feeling I could do all through HIm that strengthens me
Give me the inheritance of your Will, my son, my daughter, my grandchildren

The ancestors know and are knowing
gifted one my Grandpa
leaving small shells as presents
in return for your magnificent presence

For as the Tide quickly takes leave to return to the sea
She pauses but for a moment in Circadian rhythm and beat
Yet The Silent Shore is what I hear and slowly laps at my feet

Where were you when I needed you
did you know I needed you
you heard my silent tears
would you ever know how much I needed you
as you left before I was born
you were only 42?

you could have stayed longer, just a little bit?
your heart couldnt hold out was it too much pain?
as it burst forth through it's cage like a tiger
the joy of knowing love will always find its way back home!

Yes, Grandpa King, can I call you Meddie?
we were like peas in a pod
Two of a kind, hearts on fire
Making light when the going gets tough?

Thank-you Grandpa King for being my Spirit Grandfather that I know in my soul!
Grandma King hold on, I'm going to make a poem for you too very soon, and Unga Bunga too!



  1. so cool that you got to meet him...and begin to learn more about him as well...unga bunga, ha.

  2. I loved that logb, so intense and personal and yet a big meditation for us all in there. Thanks.

  3. Thank-you for your dear comments