Thursday, September 30, 2010

Willow Manor Ball 2010 "I could have danced all night...and I DID with Zorro!"

psssssst: This little number is a circa late 50's Christian Dior. There were so many party-goers I felt like a wall-flower! Ha! NEVER! I really loved the mingle tingle with the regulars and the newbies! It was so nice to be partying through the night with the Willow band of merry-makers!
What a grand setting for the Willow Manor Ball! At the palatial Willow Manor!
Do you like this little samba number? Of course I had a change of clothes, doesnt everybody? Well, I had to impress Zorro, his attention span being rather limiting at times; nonetheless I had a most splendid time...Thank-you kind Hostess with the Mostest ~ Willow dahling...

I left my shoe at the ball. Wonder if Zorro would have found it by now? Probably asking Zsa Zsa if it fits. That's the problem with good-looking guys, their always everybody else's dance partner! Oh quiet my tempest heart! If you find my shoe please ring me; Willow, please look around the gazebo for me? You'll be a doll and do this for me dear; thanks!

"I could have danced all night"

Absolutely the most magnificent Ball of 2010. Everyone was extraordinary good looking and dressed to the nines. All in their finery, in tuxes and tails, ladies in luscious ballgowns. As the dancers swept a mean streak across the ballroom floor with the likes of Betty Davis, Humphrey Bogart to name drop just a few on this most exclusive evening of fun, frivolity and spirited song.

The ambiance of the evening with the gypsy melody Dance Me to The End of Time as all were entranced with the wonderful eternality of the evening. Leonard is such A Beautiful Loser, I couldn't take my eyes from his poetry in motion. Susan I heard took him down, to a place near the river. I wonder if that was the Scioto? I probably didn't spell that correctly! Oh well, another time, another ball, another try at spelling Rivers correctly. Give me a break!

And weren't those golden oldies reruns just much more fun than a run in the panty-hose? And werent they, no they couldnt be, those aren't really dead, those dead stars we were all you dancing with? Well, imagination is the better part of valor for the most part, and since I always wanted to be the valdictorian, in my dreams anyway, real-time means piddle. Let go, let live and let the dead live too I always say!

And that did not keep the young lady of the stairwell from imbibing in her favourite hobby making Mr. Simis do silly things. What a drag some stuffy ghosts get so jealous of other party-goers having a good time. You think she wanted in on it; Oh that card!

Lennie Lebowitz was in fine form with her new look and new fandagle camera. Certainly not a camera obscura as things were clearly focused by Ms L. I think we all were to be featured in Look magazine with the vogue pose; you know the pouty look, SASHAY?. (Remember no time barriers?). So as we all made a Dashiel Hammett Vogue-ish sultry air we moved into the dining room to chat it up with the recently departed partiers who returned as if by magic conjuring by the light of the silvery moon.

And there were even some with living flesh amongs the bodied. Oh boy and what a body the body Ms Marilyn! Nonstop, and non giggle. Oh I can understand that, Willow, very much too much at times, but I guess we cant have it all, Somethings Got to Give! Definitely! Hahahha!

I did think, yes, I thought Johnny did look a lot like Willow's profile and those gorgeous deep chocolate eyes, who needed desert? Hahaha!

Well the evening would have not been complete without the twins and their madcap mania! We certainly did appreciate the frivolity and the rocking good time. Who are the twins you ask? Need I say! I'm sure you've heard the gossip by now!

Zorro behaved himself rather poorly, which I thought "more's the pity" as I really hoped he would have let loose a little more with the Z pattern. Being a recent designer Zorro does cut a mean swathe across the dance floor. Oh that reminds me; Willow I hope you aren't too upset about the curtains? Call my people in the morning! Nonetheless Guy did imbibe a tad too much thinking The Last Word were Shirley Temples. Hahahah!

All in all the evening was magnificent and quite spectacular. Please enjoy my snaps I took whilst leaning heavily on the capped and masked Don Juan. I think he and Mr. Simic did discuss world affairs for a few moments as I could not find him for about half an hour. You know guys! Always playing hide and go seek! I really find the party-games were over the top! Hahah! Roaring good time!

As always Willow you looked MARVELOUS, absoultely heavenly, and so HAUTE couture. I wonder how you do it darhling, really. Those mousey blondes have nothin' on you! Of course I am talking about Marilyn and Zsa Zsa, or was it Eva. How can you tell the Gabor sisters apart? Oh yes, one beat up a policeman. Hahaha!

Well until next year I will be polishing my Tommy Cho Shoes and will be dancing the light fantastic. Bring back the silver screen magic for one more night? I can never get enough of the Willow Manor Ball. Thanks fellow party-goers for your unabashed mannerly way of being totally chaotic! Hahahah!

BTW the Scobie eggs were to die for! and the dessert?! Delightful just the right panache with a twist of magic! I'll remember this forever! Tata and Tootles!

I'm off... to get a pedicure, although Guy looks light on his feet, he crtainly is NOT. Ouch the poor tootsies!



  1. Oooooo! Zorro....I hope you will tell us want he looks like without his mask darling.....envy is the word here....bkm

  2. You and I may have visited the same spa this morning, feet needed it for sure ... rest of my body too. I needed a good massage and water to hydrate me.

    Enchanting seeing you last evening my dear!

  3. I was in the champagne cellar and must have missed you...

  4. You are all cards! Dear bkm: Zorro always the gentleman, never takes off his mask until the second date!The Spa, Ahhhh...Helen, heaven-scent after a night like this, oh definitely! And yes Titus, Yes, I did! I saw you in the cellar with...You dont kiss and tell...neither shall I! Did you try that 1947 Chateau Rothchild Definitely should have check that out! Can't do everything in a few short hours! Next time, now that I'm wiser...I be headed off to the cellar toute suite! Or is that Too Too Sweet! How Sweet it is! and was! Ciaio!

  5. Lovely to have seen you at the ball last night...What a wonderful dress! How did you achieve that graceful swish?
    The curtains were an annoyance, nothing more. With them gone the moonlight was let in and the candles reflected in the window, much more enchanting! Tell Zorro well done. :)

  6. Oh-oh-oh, your vintage dress was to die for, daaaling!! I didn't get a chance to dance with your Z-man, but I'm happy to report there are no slashy initials to be found anywhere at the manor. it was a grand time. I'm glad you were there! Pop over for breakfast~!

  7. stroke of genius leaving your shoe at the ball...anything come of that? Or did you turn into a pumpkin?

  8. Very inspired. Lovely. Love and Light, Sender