Wednesday, September 1, 2010

~~~MAGPIE #29~~~The Forever Cottage

The Forever Cottage

The Cottage unleashes my sunstunned summer daze
The Whipoorwill's calls back to the wood's heady sage

screen door slams in time; come and go
with the do what you will; row row row

soft windchimes tingle tantalizing
captured balmy breezes BBQ's sizzling

lapping waves reach the beach's shore
sounding their eternal song soar

screech of seagulls loom above tropic
lucky to have a poop plop on topic

hot sand run fast and loose
as toes dig deeper feed the moose

into the rippled Lake bottom the kid likes
The Big cool down, for many little tikes

the sweltering blast on the barn door
of Sweet Summer Sweat can I have more?

recovered memories linger longer and longer
forever past today awaits all those tomorrows

smell of coconut bronze everywhere
on bikini-clad barely-there

glare of midday sun
time to take five fun

sticky gooey icy treats eats
or a splash on hot flesh refresh

a great pick me up for
Never go away Summer!

jj GO HERE; the cottage is OPEN...if you're ever by the Lake...please drop in!!!

Wasaga Beach (near Allenwood!)


  1. ah, but summer is giving way to my favorite time of year...but it does have its treats...nice write!

  2. Love the rhythm and fun in this piece and especially fond of the 'Never go away Summer!' Humming along!

  3. Love "sunstunned"!! Charming Magpie, Chicco!

  4. 'smell of coconut bronze everywhere
    on bikini-clad barely-there'.
    That's my kinda place. Where is Allenwood? Walking distance from home, I hope!