Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Blue Moon Shaman

T'is the summer I found the Shaman after all these years;
man o' my dreams; to look deep into those eternal eyes!
as with me own heart's deepest heartfelt desires
the flame in water grew to a most disproportiante size

Mesmerized and enchanted, I didnt get his romantic lingo
as a sneezy kerchoo on my hankerchief and then all bingo
a sudden breeze flew me nearly two feet in the air; no lie!
who knew this intoxicating elixir by a man could make me fly!

A fiasco o' flash o' matic magnetic smile such alchemy
do you want to borrow my dreamy ancient arts and science Guide
he really did things to make me feel like a whole woman again
as the midnight hour rounded the moon's oil I swooned and sighed

Hola and Hoopla a simple incantation so hasty
an evocative magical proof than poof and switcheroo
and Voila the lady aint no lady refined yet not so nasty
now I'm a flyin' pink and purple fluffy downunder dingy kangeroo!

maybe it's just the old hag syndrome
nothing has ever felt like this til now
what magic! what freedom! what joy!
sparklin' and swirlin' like a dirvish; when I roam

Which witch was which so carelessly; now I felt so ill
falling head over heels in love while flying pell mell
Was it the Shaman? I fell madly in love with love for now
everybody said that I looked just like a big blue eyed cow

with those big legs; leapin' lizards with fun fur
Shouldn't I try to look again to see within that dark mystic mirror?
Shouldn't I look again? Shaman? Dare I do? It might be dangerous
To become the Shaman's eyes would be so blessed vainglorious?

Would this mean all those many eons ago
like a waif wafting near barfing from unsteady rafters
like a geodesic dome this gal's gyration out of control
could it be that I really thought he was me all along?

The Shaman said "It's that brimming self confidence of yours;
I'm just a figment of your overly vivid imagination"
Sudden he saw me flapping haphazardly flying obtusely on a Flipped Out Trajectory:
Shaman said to all around; "Watch out everyone! Here she goes... She's going to...oh no! too late! She crashed!" Said with a tantalizing smile!

"Woo Hoo" said me to the many splendoured shaped things just donned as perchance I thought I just dreamed. As a glowing recommendation to my mentor I cawed like a crazy crow, "And...Hey Thanks a lot...Shaman! Love being these newly shapeshifting sands by way of Don Juan!


If you feel you should flip out because you need to get out of yourself for awhile or feel the need for speed to become a car by way of dreammachine or find yourself suddenly flying fearlessly without wings on a prayer (that always helps)and if during the next blue moon you feel like swooning; go here my little shapeshifters!


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