Friday, September 10, 2010

Magpie #30 The Tale of the Wormy Apple

Pomme de terre avec worm

Strap on the books, pull up the socks
I'm late finishing the first assignment
When rushed High school just doesnt rock
the first fruit ever to cause delay

the worm waited patiently as I stooped
picked up this apple and laid it on my book
will the overt lure be offensive?
hoping the Prof would take the hook

As rounding the corner by the bus
near my 100 acre farm
I noticed that small windfall apple
Couldn't Wait to be eaten by the Prof

What if I took up this cause
along with the fleshy offering
made peace with Professor Makepeace
call it a truce what's all the fuss?

The Prof would look dazed
Make a reprimand or two and then smile
and ponder the apple set before her
then over spectacles eyes somewhat glazed

were it enough of a haze to seduce
this student-teacher ritual
Would the Prof think I awkward
or just too anxious to produce

a quality piece of fiction
would I make a good first impression
to stand me in good stead the year
what would be the outcome; the prediction?

What if the sliphod words so rank, I'd tank
and all thought what a fool, what a dope
I'd have to go back to the store and find better
a perfect apple without the taint of worm and D letter


1 comment:

  1. oh the sting of the D letter....this was a fast paced rather fun romp...nicely played.