Friday, December 31, 2010

Magpie #46 ~~~ My Love's 21 Matching Gloves ~~~

Her powers; undaunted
Her soft kid leather gloves
subtle yet strong
left so precariously
dangling on a wire
limp as the credenza
unattached this unbridled
wanton lust
of a Wonderwoman

As they sat, still warmed
by the fires of ancient desires
The Porsche's engine starts to purr
waiting for another go
around the palatial estate

As the gloves held each other tight
enfolding into each other's skin
as I look now at them sitting there
perhaps somewhat deflated now
an anti-climax of sorts
after all celebratory flings flung
years and years of bringing bling
to the tables of desirez
she once young a blushing bride
with cheeks aplumb and plump
all pumped up now in stilettos
and ingrain'd leather
remembering his fragrant essence

She cajoled herself laughingly
"those leather phermones"
she thought
was it him or her
as they knew each other so well
"New English Leather"
or "Sandalwood Musk"
or his favourite on her
Freesia...pure as the driven snow
a gift from her groom
to last a lifetime
Love would never lose

And so each were self-made by a society
that made everything
they had made their bed
now they must sleep-in
as the hangover lurched like
a sprung waterbed
leaking their secrets
all over the floor

Each said such subtle clues
wouldn't give away all
"Hold back" the floodgates wait
Persephone's finely classic looks
chiseled profile of a woman begot
yet not everything is so simple
decomposing attributes caused
a rethink and a remake
a delicate flower once claimed
by all-too generous suitors
now the top layer crack'd
how'd she find her way back?
into a fine patina
which reminded her
of Mother?

For all those times before
when they had made mad love
behind the open door
his firm Adonis figurine hands
took his in hers
confirming their pact
in a thousand different ways
The Act in Two Part Harmony
blended together the yeast and flour
his goat skin so soft and strong
like being him
she knew his ways
as coffee-talk over mocha's
that year-long month of Sundays

He was always given gloves as a Christmas present
which harkened back and uttered a threat to her
his broad attachment to the Broads of Broadway
His attention always seeks her
finds her in places she had never been before
He always said "She is such a fine form of a woman"
"Inside and Out" she is the most I can become
as The Baker" stirred the doughy batter
to prep for the party at midnight
"Something else is rising in the kitchen!"
said Persephone
"What is your desire?"
Adonis added his favourite party favour

like the lighthouse beacon
awaits the sailors of the sea
See me, Hear me,
I am man and I Love to roar!
The Man of The Sea
tonight would see in
The New Year 2011
besides himself
his lust for her
hadn't turned to dust
It was rock-hard solid
and waiting in cue
for the Midnight Hour
and their matrimonial bed
of conjugal bliss
thank goodness for extends!

As the gloves waited to come off
as they always eventually did
and for the constant comments
the blantant reminders
the interactive connections
of their friendly chit-char with
a bevy business contacts
personal conversations on cellphones
and decypher'd emails gave a tint of a hint
yet no matter the others attempts to oust
the roost from the nest
they were eternal lovers
still imbued with the scent of each other
their love linger with unquenchable latent longing
no matter all their friends wanted to be with them
to be them
to hold them
to have them
as their own
a possession of sorts

their remembrance of long-lost passion
afield in bright red and blue went out in glory
the steady guiding power behind the wheel
she steered the course, as she had set the table
as their blood-kin the hounds in the kennel howl'd
like Thurston
He wanted it all
and all of them knew him
some in the Biblical way

She combined and blended with all these
on this new eve
those caught briefly this throne of temporal pow'r
Superwoman as Catwoman
Superman without Clark Kent
silly bash fullness, shy
always longing like the virgin boy
always on
as Superman
always is
one on one
like peanut on butter

Suppine Lois Lane in blackish-brown leather
and 1920's flapper
quite a flap!
never a flop
always a flip flop
as another year turns the page

As all primed and ready
frilled and frocked
to wine and dine
and say goodbye to 2010
unleashed a fury of liquid luxury
demonstrative of finite ownership
cylinders and chatelaine fobs
clink and clank like long-lost chattel
lock, stock and barrel
she owned all of him
or so she thought

he would notice this fine form
this classic silhouettes of a woman
She thought
"Aah, to know him again
in the Biblical sense"
without gloves or fear of unleashing
Pandora's box of who knows what
Jason's golden gloves came off
The Champion of Her Cause

As strong, marble fingertips singed her earthly flesh
making for ooh's and aah's to reign supreme
making her sing like a fiery little red canary
from the Greek Isle of Wanton-Lust
she thought to herself
"Moist dew of desire
I mustn't" she said
"Give it away!"
would she or wouldn't she
tonight would know the score
"Yet..."she pensed
"...he needs me so much more than I kneed him
My Greek dough-boy"
She considered, "I'll hold back..."
"keep some ol' bubbly; that Meade nectar on reserve;
For this night of the Bewitching Hour
The Twelfth House; and His Number is surely
"He is Mine!".

As she giving much to get such subtle assurances
her advantage
Love 21
Love 21
How she could conjure magic
said gleefully; "Gee How I Loved all of his 21 Gloves!"

Never could get enough of them
Never would
as all those who had known her knew
21 Gloves in Various States of Patent Desire
was her latest offering at the studio
where studs came and went leaving behind
something that they normally would not want to give
a parting of the closest thing to touch their closest
thing, a glove of sorts, "no matter where", she thought
Already Owned by various parlez players
She Is A One Woman Man however
He like a flea would jump here and there
she knew
did he ever know that she had known
his addiction to this number?

Clock Strikes One
She Has Won
21 Love Glove
The Golden Gloves Champion
The Campion de Champion!
The Contender Upset
like the Last Temptress
Devoured the Competition
like a jungle panther
she licked her pouty lips

the slap of dominant rawhide
across the dash
"It's him
Lord of Stash!
My Main Man
The Pump House Gang-Banger"
Men mostly came and went
she stored them all
in the Glove compartment
This man was her refined deportment

AS she
The Most Masterful
player of the game
Gently Revved her engine
drawing a fine line
the steely Porsche nearly drove itself
down the winding driveway to the gate
as the gloved man waves
distally from all points
and inbetween
their arched templed porch
left vacant
save for Love
that would return
its' volley one day
maybe this year?


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

~~Magpie 45~~~Madonna and Child

"Madonna and Child"

celestial lights
blessed nights

spirit gifts
hearts lift

drums beat
horns tweet

gentle voices
quiet rejoices

Prince O'Peace
souls release


Monday, December 13, 2010

POEM OR TWO A DAY OR Emily Dickinson..."Once more, my now bewildered Dove" 48/1775 (with a kicker)

courtesy Wikipedia "Columba"

A dove Necklace

Once more, my now bewildered Dove by Emily Dickinson

Once more, my now bewildered Dove
Bestirs her puzzled wings
Once more her mistress, on the deep
Her troubled question flings —

Thrice to the floating casement
The Patriarch's bird returned,
Courage! My brave Columba!
There may yet be land

Today I decided to enter into the trance of Miss Emily Dickinson's spirit, or she was calling from the etheric today, anyway, I got a clear message to channel her spirit today!

And amazingly too! Because today I noticed something! Emily just answered my last poem that I wrote below hers called "Heart we will forget him".

Isn't this just too synchornistic?

Let's listen to what Emily is trying to tell me about heart and love. Please!

"there may yet be land".

I am finding this wholly inspiration after the;

Thrice to the floating casement"

So love was drown three times, three loves that broke her heart but now shall be broke again, as Emily hold out hope to love yet again, as she does not give up on love as it is a poet's livelihood.

Chiccoreal Channelling the Spirit of Miss Emily Dickinson who had answered her last poem so consistently with a new poem that she didnt really probably have conscious but rather the unconscious mind came forward or brought forward all this really awakening things that JUST HAPPENED TO BE IN MISS EMILY'S POEM TODAY. it is similar to opening the Bible randomly at the Bible answering prayer! Indeed thank-you for answering Prayer today, and for giving me a lighterness of heart today after wallowing all night on long past midnight dead affairs that linger in the heart-fed memories of "what could have been if". Think I'll use more birds in my poetry too to express a dissimilitude of natural tendency to bulk up on love like it was the last dish I'd ever eat. I just aint! Go on Emily, what else do you have to tell me, I'm all ears and lips!

Poor Emily. Poor me!

Am I the Dove
Or is she?
"My brave Columba"
I wont forget you!

(note: Columba is a wood pigeon, a common carrier pigeon found in the Old World primarily and then in the Americas. Interestingly, Columba is Latin for Dove! Amazing! Sending Messages aren't we? Enjoy!


Poem~A~Day~~~Emily Dickinson~~~"Heart! We will forget him!"#47/1175

Heart! We will forget him! by Emily Dickinson

Heart! We will forget him!
You and I — tonight!
You may forget the warmth he gave —
I will forget the light!

When you have done, pray tell me
That I may straight begin!
Haste! lest while you're lagging
I remember him!

In this heart-felt and directly emotional poem by Emily Dickinson pleas not the amount of exclamation marks!

When Emily refers to "Heart" it is a person personified. In this way Emily has split from her heart seeing it as a separate entity, something to be cajoled, delegated and dispatched.

Like an old friend Emily tells her heart "We will forget him". Like a little colonel Emily is determined to have her heart become the first line of defence when it comes to forgetting "him" but her heart sometimes "lagged" behind and springs to mind feelings and images of him.

In other words, to Emily, her heart brings forth feelings and thoughts that she can not control but she tries to control at all costs "that I may straight begin". Her prime directive of Emily's is to totally "forget him" rather than "remember him". Yet her heart betrays her! So like the heart full of heart-memories!

The paradox here; between "forget him" and "remember him", the beginning she tries to forget him, in the end the love of heart makes her remember him. Emily obviously loved this "him" very much. One can only speculate as to the state of Emily's heart here or whom, exactly, is this special "him". I am considering that it is the beau that did die before Emily tied the knot.

Or it could have been her later day love, the one who was also a writer who she so valiantly tried to win and did impress. Due to Miss Emily's tenacity, she perhaps went "overboard" in her need to attach to this man and it was to her detriment since most men did not appreciate forward women during Victorian times, being forward considered a "faux pas". Perhaps only Virginia Wolfe could just begin to be the whole woman Emily was yearning to become. The road to evolution being paved with many prior suffragettes!

Then again and however, please prove me right or prove me wrong Emily is deceased and cannot speak for herself except in her poetry. The joy is in the reading and the direct experience of words on lips. As much speculating is just that, the joy of discovering something new and learning something new, whether or not it is historically accurate or not, for now and as yet. Time will come when we have all the pieces put together and in place to discover the complete nature of Miss Emily Dickinson who will indeed and does stand the test of time and does stand up amongst the greatests of authentic transcendentalist American poets.

Chiccoreal's Modernist Approach and Take On The Heart That "Him" Stole
or "Emily; Whom or What's Your Heart's Desire?"

You down low you made me grovel in the earthen gravel
and growl and howl at the moon for hours!
you made me stand up and scream
frats and soriety sistas
No faint heart do not lie
do not remember him that made me die
Remembering now
the promises like butter
melted and flowing freely
close the door
there's no more killing floors!
no more blood to mop up
no more bleedin' hearts to mend
that cruel game is up
now for the return volley
from Cupid's bent arrow
as I return full fury
hell hath anone either
Emily you deserve so much better!
What's your heart's desire?


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Spirit World: A Perspective

Our spirits are free completely of the physical embodiment when we transition to the spirit realm.

There are no encumbrances to keep us on the earthly plane although we often are still anchored here by ever diminishing energies or luminous lines found in our K-spine area. This energy is condensed cosmic love energy which is powerfully intense and often created within our inner-most being.

As we continue to grow more and more spirit in our bodies, or as we still have the newborn heavenly energies, which eventually wear out and are seeded into a new body energy which is soul + spirit = Spiritus or the combination of the vessel body soul and the accumulation of Spirit energies.

The K-spine name refers to the Kundalini energies which are latently stored in the spine area around the solar plexus. This area can be described as soul-energy which is seeding, reading for the "time" when it transitions into the pure Spirit of One Love Divine Energy. There the karmatic egos are compressed living in the intense mitochondrial energy of the luminous K-spine dna.

This Pure Spirit dna is similar to RAM (random access memory) or spiritual memory storage system as our bodies have been collecting this data since birth and prior to that in other lifetimes. Our spirit memory chips are similar to a very energetic form of atomic energy, as yet to be fully understood to any degree.

When we transition, or we soul travel (if we have found this skill; I will discuss this later) we hold within us the keys to our next journey. If we are able to express the same lightness of soul body we will get to Nirvana. This lightness has nothing to do with weight as we understand weight on earth. It is a higher vibrational level, much higher than any sound in the spectral range that we are able to measure. This range also is a higher light frequency; one we do not encounter on this physical plane. However, some are able to achieve this super range of frequency and communicate with the transitioned and the soul traveller.

Similar to a bridge or gap, or soul bodies must transition through a tunnel which is connected to the physical world and the other gamma opposite world. This tunnel is similar to the brains corpus collosum in that it bridges a dualistic physical reality which switches back and forth from positive to negative fueled energies of existence. The opposite gamma world may be exactly the opposite of this world, but in reverse, like a mirror image, or a polarized negative photograph.

When we understand the mechanism of the physical reality of this particular energy duality which continues ad infinitum to fuel itself in a perpetual motion kind of way, in a back and forth recharge mechanism. Because of the way our bodies seem to hold onto a certain frequency we are basically prisioners of our bodies and their continued travel through the frequency tunel to the next polar opposite world (similar to the movie The Earth Behind the Sun).

As an energy force, not yet understood or recognized, the love plasma field is within and without this physical reality of ours. The frequency of Love is a much higher frequency in both sound and light spectrum. It is not known and not able to be registered as it is a very esoteric energy, or element.

This plasma of love energy is the universe. We live on the outside of this energy and it can be made to encompass our being, our soul being to a point where we become one wlith love, as in a unified Love energy, or as religions would say, Heaven, Nirvana, or Paradise.

This is the plane where we want to arrive, when we "transition, or die and leave this phsycial world for the next physical world in reverse. The ability for us to realize we need a higher frequency to jump the bridge and become of the treadmill of being "born again" into this physical realm of over and over again, ad infinitum, literally!

We must learn how to be love now so that the energy of love may transport us to the higher levels of existence in the spirit realm of love. To be love we must understand love exists in this way, as an entity, as our Creator who is beyond this phsycial plane, that is why communication is so difficult at times because of the distance between or physical plane and the Source of Love. The Creator cannot exist where is is not perfected love, thus the difficulty for so many, but we've all had a feeling of love, that is strong, difficult to sustain for long.

To be this powerful love force, element, energy we must seek Love. We must be love, meditate on love, let love in and give love.

Our transitioned love ones have always wanted to communicate to us, but due to the fact they exist on a higher frequency it is difficult for them to communicate with us, although they have luck when our plhysical defences are down, when are asleep, etc. Then we have vivid dreams of their nocturnal visits and we cannot believe how "real" the experience of their presence has been, it is due to the fact it is surreality, more than what we are use to, and we miss that love we know and we want more all the time, to be one with love, to exist in love forevermore. And this is so possible!

Seek the Source; Seek Love and You will find Love. Everlasting Love. Our sacred communication with the divine is that simple. The psychic plasma field of love is always opoen to our communication of love and is a one way being connected eternally to the omni-present loving Creator.

We can invoke our transitioned love ones, channel their spirit, help them to the Source. Our loved ones can also give us this benefit and are always watching us as they too are part of the love plasma field and are everywhere and here right beside us, all the time! This is how love energy works, sort of a real time, automatic and everywhere state of being!

As we become more aware of our spirit with ourselves we become aware of our spiritual purpose. We intuitively know what to do to set in motion the advancement of love and the balance of our planet and Universe. Love will take our physical world and make it again what it was always suppose to be, a spiritual embodiment of our loving Creator. Our loving creator is Love! And that is what he wants all of us to be and to return to one day!


Evolution of the Spiral Revolutions

Trying to conceive of energy as a vibrational Source got me to thinking, as I pondered the energy of our Universe, primarily our sun. Vibrational chakra energy is an amazing thing, and is fairly new to me and I am not sure why. I thought this should have been something I would have learned by now!

The Sun's energy to me is definitely and infinitely "sound vibrational" and hums with a constant beat. Although I am not aware, at least consciously of the entirely what this means. The vibration is our connection with the infinite Universe, both the inner and outer worlds, the macro and microscopic.

Behind the Sun's energy, behind the flat field plasma that is the Sun's energic core there is the begining hum of the key of "g". This is very musical, as the sun and other celestial orbs ring like bells!

Also I've noted the beat of the heart of the universe. The same heart that beats with all of our hearts beats at the core of the universe! This interaction between orbs and energies of all sorts gives of the rich intraction of energies that I've tried to understand and draw.

I realize that the energies are interactive and they blend.

This blending of energies in art would be similar to transparencies, once the point of touch happens. Thus we have the huge Sun with its yellow-white to orange energy the pivotal and closet active energy source. In other words, the sun has enormous impact on our mood, and energies, and intent. It effects virtuallly every cell of our bodies on a daily minute by minute, second to second basis. The Sun is our primary energy.

Then there are the other interactive energies with the sun, our own earth for example which also has our sun's energy within its core. The earth is a blue energy. How did the earth get this blue energy? The earth got its blue energy from an exchange between the sun's infrared spectrum as diffused all the way from the centrex core of pure white energy plasma at the core of all that is. We are on the outer arm of a distal spiral galaxy and we have become somewhat diffused. That is why the sun's white energy light shows as yellow-white light. And why the infra red is infra red and not atomic white light!

While white yellow light and the dark matter of space do merge to the ultra violet spectrum found in the dark matter spectrum. Since dark matter maybe more intense than the plasma white cosmic light at the centre of our Universe, we have to keep our minds open and suspend disbelief that Light is greater than dark matter. For this moment, please?

Stay with me as I try to explain to the best of my abilities that just maybe the dark matter which is a compression of all light energy matter found in the centre of all galaxies. These galaxies were once huge clusters or one sun entities, and they were or still are HUGE! Is it not amazing that EVERYTHING SPINS AND IS MOVING? Now the Question; is there anything in the Universe that DOES NOT MOVE? Am I looking for a Universal Constant? A Static Field Plasma that precipitates everything and is nothing at the same time. Is this possible for our non-static rather dynamic minds to understand? Is everything in the Universe dynamic on some level?

However in the outer reaches of the Universe, such as where we exist, the sun is often too distant from the core in proximal central region or range to continue being perfectly unified a field and the sun's energy does waiver somewhat from the pure white cosmic energy to the less than core energized sourse of pure white cosmic energy field "point of purchase" central or not to the Unverse is a matter and or bone of much contention. It is difficult to find a centre but not so difficult to find a plasma unified field of this cosmic energy field which is everywhere and anywhere at the same moment unless through time and space this has warped, which looks to be the situation. Again, alignmnet could be a causal of this degree of change in the sustaining cosmic energy field.

To draw "pictures" of the energy is not an easy task since the energy is spiraling left than spiraling right all the time and this goes on and on ad infinitum. At the same time the core is energized by the outer energy of "continual motion of reversed spiral motion" This constant clockwise and counterclockwise spin give the Universe it sustainability.

More on music of the spheres in the next lesson!


~~~MAGPIE #44~~~RB Red Racer Sled

Behind the cold steel fence Jimmy could only stop and stare dreamily about sledding. He watched with great anticipation as a group of boys proudly walked their brand new RB Red Racer Sled up the steep neighbourhood hill.

The RB racer sled was everything Jimmy ever wanted, at least for the last two Christmases. Each year he would ask his parents for the sled, but each year his parents would say "Maybe next year, Jimmy!" Jimmy did not care that it was too expensive for his parents, or that he was still abit too young for the challenging sled. He could sing the song backwards;

"RB Red Racer Sled RB Red Racer Sled, the Faster Racer...On The Hill!" RB Red Racer Sled, RB Red Racer Sled, RB Red Racer Sled"

For many hours Jimmy would watch the other children screaming with tantamount pleasure. As the children would go up and down the hills for hours on end laughing wildly with glee while sledding with wreckless abandon on the Old School House toboggan hill.

To Jimmy it seemed that everyone had a RB Red Racer Sled. Most every child did have a new RB racer. Jimmy did not seem to mind feeling left out of his seemingly simple request for Christmas. He knew that sooner or later Santa would bring him the sled, he just had to be patient.

Today, Jimmy could not stand it any longer, he would be bold. He had to prove to himself the RB Red Racer Sled was everything it was cracked up to be "and then some" Jimmy would alway say to his parents. He absolutely must try the new sled, he felt, to see if it did, in fact, really did go as faster than a jet airplane. The commercial on the radio said it would go faster than anything!

Jimmy would run to the bottom of the hill before the others started to head for the hill early Saturday afternoon. Jimmy was hoping someone would ask him to join them. No one ever did. Jimmy sighed and thought;

"Maybe I should go home, I'm starting to get cold."

With much hopeful anticipation and naive anticipation Jimmy would ask one of the popular boys of the Ladbrooke Road Gang "Can I play with you guys?"

"Hey, Spike; did you hear that? Jimmy wants us to play with us! Jimmy wants to go sledding! Hey guys do want Jimmy to sled with us?" With a quick sarcastic bite "Why don't you go ask your mommy to get you a sled for Christmas".

All Jimmy had wanted for at least the last two Christmases was a brand-new RB sled racer. For Jimmy, that seemed an unlikely request, Christmas would not be the same since his father was laid off from the glass factory.

"No! the boys said in unison, the sandy-haired boy piped in "Yah, go home and wash your dirty dishes!"

Jimmy started to turn his back and sadly walked away. "Thump" Jimmy felt the full wallop of an icy snowball to the back of his head. Jimmy turned around "Hey!" Before he had a chance to feel the throbbing pain decided to "Vamoosh" his favourite word lately. It seemed to be his Dad's favourite word too, and Jimmy took awhile to figure out exactly what it meant when he was told to do the same often.

As the obnoxious gang began running after him, Jimmy tried to use every trick in the book, every tactic possible to deflect any harm. Jimmy knew this did not feel right, that he better get heading home.

Jimmy started running as fast as he could, which was not fast because he was dressed in full snowsuit gear. The old fashioned and overstuffed overboots functioned similar to walking on the moon, slow as molasses in January.

A recurrent dream had been haunting Jimmy lately. Often he dreamt of being chased by boggeymen in little red UFO's. When he looked around him, he felt everything was happening to him in slow-motion, he had nowhere to hide. The gang looked like alien life form, and acted like it too.

Jimmy felt a return to the frozen part of the nightmare the part when he was unable to move a muscle while the aliens crept upon him. Plus he had the added bonus of an upset stomach. "It must have been the Ovaltine" thought Jimmy.

His holey old hockey socks would always bunch down at the ends of his boots creating a very uncomfortable and audible squishy feeling. The effects of being cold and sweaty besides the awkward need to explain his stinking old popcorn feet to him Mom was over-rode by the dangerous numbness he noticed and the bluish tinge starting to threaten to frostbite his feet.

Like a hungry alligator, Spike aggressively grabbed Jimmy by the back of his snow pants, trying to find the wedgy area. Being a size too small, Jimmy was lucky, Spike could not give him the dreaded wedgy; not today anyway.

Spike determined to drag him up the hill by his snowsuit straps. His mother would not be happy as one strap was torn clean off his pants. The other boys followed laughing wildly. "Ha-Ha". Jimmy felt terrified and started to cry.

"Remember you said you wanted to go sledding? Well you're goin' sledding!" Spike yelled out to the other boys; "Hey BB, Get the rope out of the knapsack".

Jimmy soon realized that the boys were no longer headed towards the regular run. Spike had decided to walk through the woods towards The Bluffs, the highest and most dangerous hill in town.

As soon as Jimmy realized what the dastardly crew were up to he began screaming "Noooooo, Help...Help..." to no avail, they were far from earshot.

It was late afternoon by now and it was getting a lot colder as the sun was beginning to set. Jimmy's eyes were wide with terror.

"Here you go little boy, you're finally going to get to try out the new RB sled" Spike's yellow eyes slanted to pinpoints as he tied him face-first onto the sled. "We'll make sure you're going to have an exciting ride". With that Spike, BB, Mikey, Fang and Bulk started to push with all their might the young Jimmy down the steep hill.

It was getting close to midnight. The police had been scowering the area since early evening. There was no sight of the little boy anywhere around the hill. Jimmy's mother and father were frantic waiting at the bottom of the hill, praying for their son to magically appear before them.

An officer yelled out to his Captain "I think we finally found something, Sir". With flashlights the police could make out a distinguishing feature on the ice covered pond. "I think it's says RB Hed Racer".

Late in the evening on the Old Schoolhouse hill in mid to late December, a small voice can still be heard on the biting winter wind singing an old familiar song;
"RB Red Racer Sled, RB Red Racer Sled, RB Red Racer Sled the faster racer ever!"


Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Poetry Bus Driving Through Yellow Snow: The Pub Crawler Clan

sliding sideways out the back door
holding onto your skirt so I wouldnt fall
you cant come in here you're on THE no serve list
fuck sé
I'm learnin' Gaelic
lick mo Dick
landed immigrant status
person non gratis still
I'm not free just cheap
and very easy when I'm drunk n Irish
as I must always be
what the hell else do i got
from these devilish genes!
hey don't look that way
you old sod
got to look good
or Mr. Kelly will put in a headlock!
tie that slipknot over me head
would ya bud?
what you mean I got a big irish potato head?
ya wanna fight; step outside ya bstrd!
boys goin' to town with skirts
pushin' and a shovin'
the air thick with androgen
like a dance that doesnt go anywhere
drunken sailors live it up before the shoreleaves
up your irish kilt!
mines red and green
like Christmas all year
you'd like to see the underwear?
I'll never leave my senses
I've line up for a shot
like John Wayne in The Quiet Man
I'm fricken LOUD when I'm drunk!
more like that redhead
Maureen O'Sullivan
Dont she have a bar?
She's been called to the bar?
That golden one in heaven
God bless her!
at Molly Blooms the Rounds on us
Could you play The Jarabe Tapatío
requests some drunk each night
We're not in friggin' Mexico
Maybe I am!
All laugh and fall to the ground
the crawlers take in the sweat and the mud and the stinky old beer
or When Irish Eyes or Smilin'
Ah shuddup
or Danny Boy?
Somebody die?
rememberin' when we were only a little bit lost
we girl boys who knew not
Not done yet; we're off to meet and have
some meat and potatoes
or the dreaded corn beef and cabbage
Ugh that'll get me goin'
to the place I'm always prayin' too
and maybe some pub food, like tater wedges
now I got a wedgy
feck off!
hey pull that out of my butt?
15 minutes of fame are up; bar none for the Irish
only the best
yet to come!
gonna get some!
Next we meet at the Mighty Quinns and Fancy Lacey's
Round the corner I get the spins Sheets to the Wind!
Geary's on Third
A more refined place
to make music stage right
on fresh line and morris wallpaper
I let go a bowlfull of comeup agin bangers and mash
By now I've downed a Mickey at Rooney's
spit hooved and demonic at Black Donnellys!
The Black Swan was meditative and quiet
as I composed myself somewhat then back again
on the downward backstair spiral
glowing red embers lit the piss made antifreeze
pavement near the gate from Hades at O'Hallorans
the alley bar behooves us, moves us to shake faster
trippin the light fantastic we're not done yet
in with that swank swirlin' dirvishness O'Malley's
faster and faster we go spun out like ceiling fan
splayed like those displayed fish heads on my dish
queasey swish it's coming up again
time for a leak and Timothy Leary's
and I got a flash back
dont need to crawl when I should walk
or at least take Kat's Poetry Bus!
damn dwirlin' swervishness feekn swags!
here the men all look like old hags
and I thought I was one for tonight only
a star I'd sing Karoke drunk as usual
couldnt be from an uppercruster encounter
how will i ever show my face
I'll have to change sex fast
rather than the nitty gritty of underbelly
Uncle Nitty he did it
given me half a chance to prove it
and all this for a chance encounter
with the angel on my shoulder!
twas Micky's secret
prove it to me be a man and move in with us
All night slosh at the endless ontap dregs
got a smoke? pour another, with a head
we've got more swillin' to do
start with shots
20cc od CC
ends with her walkin' out
slam of the door
and the sound of broken bottles
in the back alley
hellish earth-shattering sounds
my baby left me

this needs an audit! Traditional Mexican Hat Dance!
for A very modern version of the Mexican Hat Dance!
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Friday, December 3, 2010

Magpie#43 ~~~The Back Door Bakery

The backyard stage door stood still
like a barn door, a mouth somewhat opened and agap
just hung there becoming somewhat unhinged
a silent screen door, a silent scream
as how could things be fair for the door?
"Who will taste my master's wares?"
as all were so patiently
awaiting fresh strawberry tarts
and ingenues anticipating sweet nectarines
as tender tangerine dreams already had once
and up mr. big beer-bellys alley's
often thought a fat-man's bluff ~ not today!
as an open door all walked in through the out door
and into the rough and ready
and into the polished nd pretty
Party Time!

first at the starting gate was Mama's short-bread
all butter recipe as light as a feather
all-purpose flour rose yeastfully to the ocassion
as icing sugar shifted to a fine dust
gingerbread houses stood the test of time
with jelly-beans, gum drops and sugar plums
pasted the glazed-covered marzipan hands
candied fruitcake pans all rolled and brand new aglow

At Ann McColls the fresh-linen
glistening snow flake and diamond aprons
fresh favours, colours and scents all in a row
cake tins clang little tiny bells on every steeple and shelf
little rolled circles of rum-soaked balls
cute cookie cutters stacked
doe a deer. a snowman, a shiny stra as well as
everything that's ever been imagined at least once!

Soon the crowds pushed forward to enter
paparrazi preferred rolled cheeze panzarotti
to deep-dish pepperoni pizzas on Pisa pieplates
the Chocolate Chip Toll House Opened today
Emailed the Smell of cinnamon buns abaking
wafting on the hallowed air of the kitchen air
Say Cheesecake to die for ~ have you tried it?
five layered chocolate gateau
fresh pastry abound petite fours
crepe suzettes stuffed with lemon zest

Mrs. T's sampled fair trade squares
one a penny two a penny hot cross buns!
give me a penny youll not have any
give me a quarter you'll get mortar
give me a dollar you'll go farther!

all homemade and better than that
try one you'll cry for more
try two you'll cry for four!
try them all you'll run for the door

young faces beam bright through
steam-covered windows
children's for want ply
wanton looks for mocha covered wontons

pioneer ginger snaps slow as molasses
plum pudding stews made many months ago
in Captain January blizzards with Buddy and Shirley
cookies neatly lined up by the dozens
fresh from the oven; what a treat!
muffins baking til fully brimming
their tops suddenly burst the beam
like bulging bellies
pants five sizes too small
caused quite a frantic glance
as all were entranced at the bakery entrance

warm oatmeal and raisin cookies batter
just got to try it
what's the matter?
milk and eggs and flour
basic to fancy is pretty dandy!
make mine a double homemade batch
cookies are ready when just hot enough to touch
as we know how these cookies warm the cockles of the heart
spring-form pans burst forth as the top flipflops
upside down angel cake so top shelf

found all this food the saints edifying edibles
divinities egg-white and nice and light
ambrosia salad heaven can wait!
bring your friends and an appetite
at this time of year there's always much hype
comfort and joy strewn far and wide
with so much love grows true bliss outed bars
Nanaimo stacked to the crafted log cabin rafters
as wind swept snows swirls around ankles jingle
barefoot in the kitchen a pregnant pause that refreshes
with a fresh cinnamon bun in the oven
watching who's who at Tim Hortons?

These enticing icing is a celebratory times
four famous bakers
make merry memories in the millions
such as that which makes whatnots come to life
making chocolate bark
yule logs all lined up on parchment

so many kind of tiny cupcakes
with silver sparkles and golden apples
all ready to find a rolly-poly jolly belly
to curl up in a cozy corner with hot cocoa avec marshmallow
coke floats takes you back home to those good old days

the home fires burn with an inner warmth
stoke the fires of winter desires
as soon as the stroke of midnight appears
magical fragrant oils of
peppermint sticks in ice cream

as red wool suit waits and melts
in a pool of egg nog and nutmeg
dangling candy canes in every corner
multi-coloured seasonalcandy convections

with nuts and nutcrackers of every known kind
large wooden bowls brimming over
clickity clack clickity clack
the first prancing hooves heard on glacee slick
golden labs and licorice retrievers
lightly stroked by big white mitts
stroked and told good boy go get a tidbit

dong't mind us
we're always happily imbibing,
egg-nogged and carolling
wide-eyed, bushy-tail wagging
similarily creatures waiting to catch a glimpse
of all the goodies, far and wide I know how hard
squirrels work to pack their booty stock

apple, cherry and blueberry pies cooling nicely
on the back rack by the window neighbours drooling
as my marachino cherry floats atop blended and whipped creme
delicious toasted coconut drops browned just so
Morning scented drift says wake up and smell the fresh perked coffee

It's a new day to rise n shine
as a slow-drip brews a quickly liveliness
the loveliness of a brand new morning
Wakey Wakey
It's time for eggs and bacy!
bacon and eggs coffee and juice;

french toast and pancakes with real Canadian maple syrup
as last nights brunch it was gluttony too much a pig-out
hoping to bring a bit of a punch to those in need
as guilt builds with each charitalbe commercial
malted milks and frothy lattes may shake again
stay calm the nerves that make the desires rage

to pack a punch and drive home a drunk as a designated driver
as everyone raves so uncontrollable these seasonal cravings
this party central
as I hear someone dunk an almond biscotti
i hear the backdoor slam and cry
"why wasnt I invited?"
by the many passerbys who wandered by
fellow wanderlust of frosting and lightly dusted
Would anyone come to release
The baby it's cold outside
from the baby it's too hot inside?
The Door Bellowed watch out below
I'm coming in!