Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Evolution of the Spiral Revolutions

Trying to conceive of energy as a vibrational Source got me to thinking, as I pondered the energy of our Universe, primarily our sun. Vibrational chakra energy is an amazing thing, and is fairly new to me and I am not sure why. I thought this should have been something I would have learned by now!

The Sun's energy to me is definitely and infinitely "sound vibrational" and hums with a constant beat. Although I am not aware, at least consciously of the entirely what this means. The vibration is our connection with the infinite Universe, both the inner and outer worlds, the macro and microscopic.

Behind the Sun's energy, behind the flat field plasma that is the Sun's energic core there is the begining hum of the key of "g". This is very musical, as the sun and other celestial orbs ring like bells!

Also I've noted the beat of the heart of the universe. The same heart that beats with all of our hearts beats at the core of the universe! This interaction between orbs and energies of all sorts gives of the rich intraction of energies that I've tried to understand and draw.

I realize that the energies are interactive and they blend.

This blending of energies in art would be similar to transparencies, once the point of touch happens. Thus we have the huge Sun with its yellow-white to orange energy the pivotal and closet active energy source. In other words, the sun has enormous impact on our mood, and energies, and intent. It effects virtuallly every cell of our bodies on a daily minute by minute, second to second basis. The Sun is our primary energy.

Then there are the other interactive energies with the sun, our own earth for example which also has our sun's energy within its core. The earth is a blue energy. How did the earth get this blue energy? The earth got its blue energy from an exchange between the sun's infrared spectrum as diffused all the way from the centrex core of pure white energy plasma at the core of all that is. We are on the outer arm of a distal spiral galaxy and we have become somewhat diffused. That is why the sun's white energy light shows as yellow-white light. And why the infra red is infra red and not atomic white light!

While white yellow light and the dark matter of space do merge to the ultra violet spectrum found in the dark matter spectrum. Since dark matter maybe more intense than the plasma white cosmic light at the centre of our Universe, we have to keep our minds open and suspend disbelief that Light is greater than dark matter. For this moment, please?

Stay with me as I try to explain to the best of my abilities that just maybe the dark matter which is a compression of all light energy matter found in the centre of all galaxies. These galaxies were once huge clusters or one sun entities, and they were or still are HUGE! Is it not amazing that EVERYTHING SPINS AND IS MOVING? Now the Question; is there anything in the Universe that DOES NOT MOVE? Am I looking for a Universal Constant? A Static Field Plasma that precipitates everything and is nothing at the same time. Is this possible for our non-static rather dynamic minds to understand? Is everything in the Universe dynamic on some level?

However in the outer reaches of the Universe, such as where we exist, the sun is often too distant from the core in proximal central region or range to continue being perfectly unified a field and the sun's energy does waiver somewhat from the pure white cosmic energy to the less than core energized sourse of pure white cosmic energy field "point of purchase" central or not to the Unverse is a matter and or bone of much contention. It is difficult to find a centre but not so difficult to find a plasma unified field of this cosmic energy field which is everywhere and anywhere at the same moment unless through time and space this has warped, which looks to be the situation. Again, alignmnet could be a causal of this degree of change in the sustaining cosmic energy field.

To draw "pictures" of the energy is not an easy task since the energy is spiraling left than spiraling right all the time and this goes on and on ad infinitum. At the same time the core is energized by the outer energy of "continual motion of reversed spiral motion" This constant clockwise and counterclockwise spin give the Universe it sustainability.

More on music of the spheres in the next lesson!


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