Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Spirit World: A Perspective

Our spirits are free completely of the physical embodiment when we transition to the spirit realm.

There are no encumbrances to keep us on the earthly plane although we often are still anchored here by ever diminishing energies or luminous lines found in our K-spine area. This energy is condensed cosmic love energy which is powerfully intense and often created within our inner-most being.

As we continue to grow more and more spirit in our bodies, or as we still have the newborn heavenly energies, which eventually wear out and are seeded into a new body energy which is soul + spirit = Spiritus or the combination of the vessel body soul and the accumulation of Spirit energies.

The K-spine name refers to the Kundalini energies which are latently stored in the spine area around the solar plexus. This area can be described as soul-energy which is seeding, reading for the "time" when it transitions into the pure Spirit of One Love Divine Energy. There the karmatic egos are compressed living in the intense mitochondrial energy of the luminous K-spine dna.

This Pure Spirit dna is similar to RAM (random access memory) or spiritual memory storage system as our bodies have been collecting this data since birth and prior to that in other lifetimes. Our spirit memory chips are similar to a very energetic form of atomic energy, as yet to be fully understood to any degree.

When we transition, or we soul travel (if we have found this skill; I will discuss this later) we hold within us the keys to our next journey. If we are able to express the same lightness of soul body we will get to Nirvana. This lightness has nothing to do with weight as we understand weight on earth. It is a higher vibrational level, much higher than any sound in the spectral range that we are able to measure. This range also is a higher light frequency; one we do not encounter on this physical plane. However, some are able to achieve this super range of frequency and communicate with the transitioned and the soul traveller.

Similar to a bridge or gap, or soul bodies must transition through a tunnel which is connected to the physical world and the other gamma opposite world. This tunnel is similar to the brains corpus collosum in that it bridges a dualistic physical reality which switches back and forth from positive to negative fueled energies of existence. The opposite gamma world may be exactly the opposite of this world, but in reverse, like a mirror image, or a polarized negative photograph.

When we understand the mechanism of the physical reality of this particular energy duality which continues ad infinitum to fuel itself in a perpetual motion kind of way, in a back and forth recharge mechanism. Because of the way our bodies seem to hold onto a certain frequency we are basically prisioners of our bodies and their continued travel through the frequency tunel to the next polar opposite world (similar to the movie The Earth Behind the Sun).

As an energy force, not yet understood or recognized, the love plasma field is within and without this physical reality of ours. The frequency of Love is a much higher frequency in both sound and light spectrum. It is not known and not able to be registered as it is a very esoteric energy, or element.

This plasma of love energy is the universe. We live on the outside of this energy and it can be made to encompass our being, our soul being to a point where we become one wlith love, as in a unified Love energy, or as religions would say, Heaven, Nirvana, or Paradise.

This is the plane where we want to arrive, when we "transition, or die and leave this phsycial world for the next physical world in reverse. The ability for us to realize we need a higher frequency to jump the bridge and become of the treadmill of being "born again" into this physical realm of over and over again, ad infinitum, literally!

We must learn how to be love now so that the energy of love may transport us to the higher levels of existence in the spirit realm of love. To be love we must understand love exists in this way, as an entity, as our Creator who is beyond this phsycial plane, that is why communication is so difficult at times because of the distance between or physical plane and the Source of Love. The Creator cannot exist where is is not perfected love, thus the difficulty for so many, but we've all had a feeling of love, that is strong, difficult to sustain for long.

To be this powerful love force, element, energy we must seek Love. We must be love, meditate on love, let love in and give love.

Our transitioned love ones have always wanted to communicate to us, but due to the fact they exist on a higher frequency it is difficult for them to communicate with us, although they have luck when our plhysical defences are down, when are asleep, etc. Then we have vivid dreams of their nocturnal visits and we cannot believe how "real" the experience of their presence has been, it is due to the fact it is surreality, more than what we are use to, and we miss that love we know and we want more all the time, to be one with love, to exist in love forevermore. And this is so possible!

Seek the Source; Seek Love and You will find Love. Everlasting Love. Our sacred communication with the divine is that simple. The psychic plasma field of love is always opoen to our communication of love and is a one way being connected eternally to the omni-present loving Creator.

We can invoke our transitioned love ones, channel their spirit, help them to the Source. Our loved ones can also give us this benefit and are always watching us as they too are part of the love plasma field and are everywhere and here right beside us, all the time! This is how love energy works, sort of a real time, automatic and everywhere state of being!

As we become more aware of our spirit with ourselves we become aware of our spiritual purpose. We intuitively know what to do to set in motion the advancement of love and the balance of our planet and Universe. Love will take our physical world and make it again what it was always suppose to be, a spiritual embodiment of our loving Creator. Our loving creator is Love! And that is what he wants all of us to be and to return to one day!



  1. smart post.
    you know so much about this, wow.

  2. We get so specific and judgmental about how we choose to love. This puts it in the proper perspective.