Saturday, December 27, 2008

Faith Constructs Our Future World

To Live By Faith Alone?
What is the meaning to this?
Simply put
We Are What We Believe
We Make Future Worlds Happen
By Thinking Them Into Existence
Our Future
Is In OUr Faith
How we intrepret life
How we personalize life
How we inprint life
and make a difference

How do we life by Faith alone?
We must first, truly, soulfully believe
Belief in Dreams
Belief in Magic
Belief in Supernatural
Belief in Creativity
Belief in Nautre
Belief in A Better World For All
Belief that Everything Will Be OK
Belief that Things Will Get Better
Belief that We Are What We Think, Feel, Emote
Belief that we are here on this planet for a purpose
Belief that we are loved and love
Belief that we are Free
Belief that we are Quality Beings
Belief in the Impossible
Belief in Dreams
Belief that we are eternal
Belief that we are protected
Belief that we are perfect just the way we are
Belief that we are needed
Belief that we can provide for those in need, be it spiritual, physical or mental help
Belief that everything is unfolding the way it should
Belief that humankind is on the correct path to Truth
Belief that we have the right to know the truth
Belief that we should pursue the truth rather than physical extravagance
Belief that we need little but love to survive in a cruel world
Belief that we are survivors, overcomers, strong in faith and love and hope
Belief that the future will be good, beneficial for all, purposeful, meaningful
Belief that we can connect our beginning to our end with meaning and destiny
Belief that we can be all that we can be, and mean it
Belief that there are no restrictions, no limits to our potential and creative powers
Belief that we can heal, that there is always a cure for whatever may ail us
Belief that we can help other achieve purposeful, meaningful lives
Belief that it is better to share than take
Belief that others have a right to their exclusive and intrinsic rights to their own particular brand of faith
Belief that we are all treated equally, in all ways
Belief that we make a difference
Belief that we are only getting better, metamorphizing into wonderful Spirit Beings
Belief in the Human Butterfly, and Human Potential
Belief that Love will Overcome All defeat
Belief that Love will Find all people and hug them eternally
Belief in the Spirit of the Season and the Reason of Being
Belief in You, Me, Them, They, Out There is All Good, Fair and Just
Belief it You Matter To Me, You are the reason I am here, to connect spirits, to carry the light into otherworldly realms one day
Belief that Love Never Dies
I Believe in YOu
You Believe in Me
We Believe in each other
The world believes in the earth
The earth shines its love light upon its good citizens
and the Universe unfolds
As it Should
Breathe in the Essence of Being One
With the Universal Design
The Power in Eternity
The Power in Everlasting Love
The Power in Being Love
The POwer in Giving LOve
The Power in Receiving Love
The Power is claimed today
The the Power of Faith, Love and HOpe,Joy be yours this time of year and
Forever more
I Love You

Friday, December 26, 2008

Roy M's Christmas Fiasco

Westgreat steals my Christmas with my daughter.Share
Monday, December 22, 2008 at 10:57pm
I usually like to fly Westjet. They did a lot right and a

few key things wrong. We had a great agent when we took off

from Vancouver, who booked us seats with lots of leg room

in an exit row. The plane was 3 hours late out of

Vancouver, as we had lots of snow. Vancouver only has 1 ice

de-icing truck. After de-icing they closed both runways

down for snow clearing. After a wait we finally took off.

The Westjet staff were their usual attentive staff I have

always appreciated. We landed in Toronto at 10:30 p.m.

several hours late. Our connecting plane was grounded as

Halifax weather had shut them down. We went to baggage

claim 4 as directed. After a 45 minute wait, someone

discovered that not all of our luggage was at carousel 4.

We finally found our luggage in another room beside

carousel 2. No staff was aware of this, nor directed us. We

then headed up to the departures area to find the next

available flight. After another 30 minute wait we found

ourselves at the booking agent's desk. She informed us that

we would be reassigned flights and contacted the next day.

We confirmed that she had the correct contact number and

discovered she did not. She had to ask for assistance to do

it from another employee. Unfortunately this is where the

train came off the tracks. She did not do it correctly. We

were given food and accommodation vouchers and were

directed to ground transportation. After another half hour

wait we finally caught a ride to the hotel where another 45

minute line up awaited us. Fortunately we were in line with

a bunch of East Coasters who have to be the most patient

good natured Canadians I have ever met. We finally had a

room and managed to order a pizza, just making the 2:00

a.m. closing. We tried calling Westjet several times and

were not able to get through. We called again all morning

and still didn't get through. As the agent the night before

said that there was no point to go down earlier, we finally

went back to the airport at around 12:00 p.m. After a 2

hour wait in line, we were finally culled out of the line

to go to an agent who was able to issue food and

accommodation vouchers. We were still not given any

information on next available flights. We kept calling all

day and still were not able to get through on the toll free

line. Finally at about 6:00 p.m. we finally reached an

agent that said that we were booked on a 7:30 p.m. flight.

We had not received a call to inform us of this. We did a

mad rush back to the airport and arrived at 6:30. It took

about 10 minutes of urgent insistance to finally talk to an

agent, only to discover that we were past the 6:30 booking

time. This agent was incredibly helpful and did everything

she could within her power to find us a flight to link up

before Christmas. I have to mention that my daughter is

alone and going to school in Halifax. We have not spent a

Christmas together in years. Shelley my partner was looking

forward to spending Christmas with her 88 year old

grandmother. We were not able to secure a flight before

Dec.26th. We lost 2 nites accommodations, may or may not

have a rent a car when we get to Halifax, lost 2 1/2 days

pay for Alicia, Shelley and myself...We were lucky as we

were able to book some extra time as were only supposed to

stay until the 30th of December. Lesson to Westjet: Train

your staff properly, put together a contact centre capable

of handling an emergency. $250.00 credit cannot hope to

compensate for the disappointment and financial loss. I'm

not impressed! If anyone knows any high up executives at

Westjet, by all means pass along their contact information.

I would love to have a chat with them.
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AJ Kutchaw at 8:38am December 23
Couldn't have phrased things better myself. I think this

story should be posted on Ja-Len Jones at 3:22pm

December 26
Dear Roy:

This could be a sequel to Planes Trains and Automobiles -

did you swear a lot? I'd be cursing a blue streak, although

that probalbly wouldnt do any good.
Maybe Westjet needs a rubber room after they drive everyone

crazy? What an ordeal...Lord!To recoup your loses

fiscaly...go to UofB's student lawyer for free evaluation

of potential lawsuit, or publish your finding in the

editorial page.
You write extremely well Roy. Now is the hour of your

discontent, write those feelings and events down as they

happen, you'll need the notes for evidence for any lawsuit.
Good luck in the future travel plans Roy. Remember the old

adage; once bit twice shy.
After all is said and done, I bet you have learned many

hardball lessons...thank-you for informing me just in case

I go to Paris this spring with my sisters...not sure if I

want to now..J West Jet Sucks!Pray you get to visit your family this Christmas..I was watching BC on the news...the snowplows were not working? Safety first, but if this is a mechanical techno glitch due to WestJet or Airport's is not longer "Act of God" and you have a case. Airports should be prepped for snow..this IS Canada! If it ws a huge storm, everybody is delayed...GOOD LUCK ROY AND FAMIY,,HANG LOOSE!!!^.^OMG!!!Unbelievable!All you guys that got stuck should CLASS ACTION the Airport because they didnt even have SANTA at the airport, nobody...that is so not right...Christmas delayed but not the love, you are a bit of alright Roy!I truly admire your stamina perservance and determination to see your folks! Commendable!

Shoah - An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The word "shoah" is also a video collective by Stephen Speilberg and
others to video survivors of the holocaust. The premise is excellent.
We should "shoah" all events that prove to be of a humanitarian
nature as to prove the validity when such validity is rejected by the
status quo. We are getting 10 degrees tomorrow! A Colorado "high"?
High in Colorado by John Denver. I thought it was cold as anything
there? What's with that John Denver. Glad I am not travelling there
on a plane. Final Destination at Xmas? Santa doesnt visit at funeral
homes so EVERYONE be safe this holiday season. We want you back! jajo-

Publishing Today: Controversy versus Censorship

Re: Publishing Today: Controversy versus Censorship

Dear Susan: You're absolutely correct! Time limited my editing, and
I hate editing my own work. Thought "ya'll here" would be so kind.
Today I have "new eyes in New York" and will be slicing and goes...Thanks for the recommendation! jannneee--- In, Susan J Elliott

Publishing Today: Contraversy versus Censorship

Depending on the truth, the much heated contraversy in

publication today is the weighing of printing contraversial

material over the right of the artist/writer to express

him/herself. Is it the editor's right to censor writers'

artistic expression, and thereby their valued opinions?

This contraversial debate is raging in politics,

literature, the arts, basically any written publication, or

artistic endeavour. Is anyone asking why is this censorship

an issue? Do we need to be concerned about censorship


Many journalistic submissions to various publishers are becoming,

more and more frequently, censored by editors

prior to publication. Some writers contend that the obtruse

editing is bordering on censorship and this censorship has ruined

their ability to freely express their opinions and artistic style,

etc. This arrest of artists and journalists creative license and

basic freedoms to free speech, free expression, freedom of the press,

is greatly compromising the journalists' and artists, etc.,

integrity, livelihood, and basic human rights.

Under the UN charter of Rights and Freedoms, The Constitution,

and many other democratic nations' constitutions, journalism,

writing, the arts, etc., is allowed these freedoms as a necessary

requirement and obligation of a free state. If these freedoms are

bring dismantled or destroyed how are we to defend these

freedoms, and in the war on terror climate of today, is it safe to

defend these rights? Is there a way to regain the freedoms lost by an

overprotective nature of the War On Terror? Can we keep the freedoms

and loose the paranoia associated with the terror atmosphere found in

journalism/writing/arts today?

Editing is coming precariously close to outright

censorship in the form found in many a fascist government which does

not honour the absolutes in regards to freedoms of a

democractic people. Does anyone care? Is anyone doing

anything about it, or even noticing the trend in

journalism, etc., today? If nothing is done, it should be recorded,

if nothing else. Could Stephen Speilberg record this lack of

journalistic freedom, etc, by way of a movie like Shoah? We would all

benefit from shedding the light on any possible infringement to our

rights as writers and artists. It would benefit everyone to determine

where this obstruction of justice is coming and would get us

back on the path to the truth. We would then, hopefully begin to

realize the importance of these and other freedoms and know the

essential truths necessary for our survival as democratic nations of

the world.

This grave oversight of any possible infarction of human rights

issues should be a worrisome sign of impending doom. After all, we

are suppose to live for freedom, and what if we cannot express this

freedom? We are no longer free. The nations' democratic tenet is

eliminated from the equation, and therefore we cease to exist as a

sovereign nation, at least on paper anyway. How would this lack of

freedom of the press effect the country in general, or the world

specifically? The prognosis does not look good.

As far as any potentially breach of our rights as journalists,

writers, artists, etc., this action of censorship is a prelude to our

times as an under-represented public. Any democratic nation has the

right to various freedoms, they do not need to be suspended

indefinitely as they are being suspended today.

If we are no longer able to read The Times,(for example) but

rather, we are only able to read a washed-out, propagandized, cookie-

cutter version of The Times we will be the loser in this power-

struggle of "button, button, who gets the paper"? The citizens of

democracy will be the ones to suffer, ultimately for

this "stormtrooper" mentality of editing-in-excess journalism.

Freedom lovers beware, you have nothing to loose but your words.

Does this lack of freedom worry the naive, uneducated and

unassuming reader who has no idea what is happening in the world or

the way events are unfolding and how? Ultimately, this lack of

information will negatively effect the reader, it will keep

them "dumbed down" indefinitely, with no set time frame. Is this fair

or just?

Has the time already arrived in haste to make waste of

our once "oh so sweet" freedoms? Freedoms where many of our

countries' young died in numerous wars in the name of said

Freedom? Our young are still dying today. For how long?

How would these soldiers feel today if they were alive, and

those soldiers that are alive today, fighting in the field, how do

they feel about the truth being censored?

There is serious doubt that the overt protectionism is

necessary to this degree, and that we should be given back more of

our freedoms lost pre 911. The question here; are we being

protected or deceived? And for what purpose? The never-

ending war on terror may destroy all rights and freedoms

under the banner of "protectionism". We seriously need to

rethink and rewrite our future, if we are "allowed" to

rewrite the future.

If there will be no freedom now or in the immediate future,

what is the time frame in regards to regaining our much

loved freedoms? Perhaps freedoms can be suspended "for a

time" but eventually things should get back to "normal",

correct? If our freedoms are being put on a "holding

pattern" how much longer will it be until we get to express

ourselves and our world? How are we going to be able to

express and write about our world when it is being filtered

to an enormous degree.

Without the truth we are spinning our wheels, we are frustrating

our best efforts, we are eliminating the one thing which made us

great in the first place, Freedom!

War On Terror could be described in history by the hold it has

on journalistic intergrity and artistic license as "Freedom with an

expiry date". Should not the rallying cry read, "give me Liberty or

give me Death" rather than "Freedom: expiry date 9/11"? Has mankind

changed so radically from the inspirational freedom-loving French

philosophy entrenched in the Constitutions of the democratic

world to edit the word "freedom" and its usage

entirely from our press?

Maybe the only place to find the word freedom and the

description of freedom in the press today will be on the

editor's cutting room floor. How did this happen? How did

we let this happen to us?

This silent invasion of the journalists' expression of the

written word found in the press and other publications is indeed

slowly eroding all of our rights as citizens of a free and

democratic nation? Are we going to sit back idly and except

this treatment by those entrusted to present "the facts"?

How would we know the facts if we cannot examine the facts

and weigh them for ourselves? If the facts are occult or

hidden, what does this say about what we have become during

this tragic scenario, War On Terror?

Journalists, writers, artists, etc., need to challenge

and change the status quo of the new censorship in

publication today. The truth, rather than being

unpalatable must become something to savour, and to

cherish. We need the truth today, more than ever,

the truth of journalistic integrity and reporting.

The essence of our being as a nation is freedom, without freedom we

are lost as a people and a nation.

Jane Jones Canada

Sat Aug 16, 2008 6:56 pm

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You Have A Right To Be Happy

Evil? No individual rights...thats NOT what the Constitution says;
> > when it states clearly "The right to life and liberty and the
> pursuit
> > of happiness (I like this one) for ALL!!! If we have these laws
> > entrenched in the Constitution to protect life and liberty than
> there
> > is a huge DISCONNECT when it comes to POLICING these inherent (via
> > Constitutional Rights) this not Right? Where, oh WHERE is the
> > disconnect happening? FIND it you will find your problem (AS A
> > PROGRAMMER wannabe)...YOU KNOW THAT!!!ps how does this relate to
> the
> > Hitler name-sake child? You mean that kind had NO RIGHTS when he
> was
> > saddled with the name? NO KIDDING!!! Poor Hitler-child! He can
> always
> > change his name once he reaches the AGE OF MAJORITY and can die at
> > war before he legally gets his first "high" on beer. AMAZING
> > DISCONNECT going on ladies and gents...BUT WHY???WHY???WHY???Answer
> > please! :) jajo


hEY you're right! If more people were allowed to "feel good" about themselves and others we'd have no more war machine. Oh my god did I say something sinful? No More War? What the heck would that be like? A challenge to all to find out WHY WE WAR IN THE FIRST PLACE. What DARK PSYCHOLOGICAL NEED is inherent in MEN to WAR? To me War is a last ditch attempt to settle problems. War is a FAILURE to reach DIPLOMACY with another country. We need to reexamine WHY we have this NEED FOR WAR so ingrained in our psyches BEFORE WE ARE ALL DEAD AS DOORNAILS! We will never understand were we are headed if we dont examine our collective unconsious and the NATURE OF MAN. MAN VS MAN may be easier for us to accept that MAN vs NATURE because (maybe) MAN VS NATURE is the fact that MAN is out of control and basically MAN is a CONTROL FREAK...wanting to claim this world as his/her OWN. It isnt ours, we are really borrowing it. We have no right to kill it says in the Bible. We feel it is in self-defence, yes and no. We really are IDIOTS when we choose WAR as the only option to DIPLOMACY. LETS WORK ON THIS ONE FOLKS...IT IS KEY-CRITICAL!!!














Ignore the Scrooges, in time they will see the 3 ghosts of

Xmas too, and come 'round to an understanding on their

special purpose on this planet. I guess I feel there are

traumas for some attached because the word FAMILY. Some

have had negative experiences, or confused relationships

which could cause such emotionality (depression) at this

time of year. You know what you do? Get a balloon at the

store (nonlatex to those allergic to latex) and fill it

with helium (ask someone to do this). Then put down in

black magic marker on each balloon your bad feelings you

want to release forever. First though, it is a good idea to

really understand that feeling. Let's say it is

"abandonment" by folks. Maybe mommy or daddy were too busy

for you, or just ignored your needs. Put those words "Felt

ignored by Folks" on a balloon or whatever other feeling is

disturbing you at this time of year. "Hates Santa music"

because it reminds me of the time my folks were fighting or

how I couldnt relate to others, or felt a huge DISCONNECT

in my life (you may not know what it is, but put down the

VAGUE feelings too)...and GO to a spot where it is safe to

release Helium balloons. And as you release them, say this








HAVE STORED DEEP IN MY HEART. as you release the balloon

into the forever sky of forgiveness (you are releasing

yourself from the burden of negative feelings) you will

feel a great relief and tension that was stored up blocking

arteries, and making you less of a full person will BE GONE

FOREVER!!! ISN'T THIS A GREAT IDEA? wish i knew about this

technique years ago! ps you can also do this without

balloons by imagining the releasing of the balloons in your

mind, but it is more effective if you do it literally by

actually releasing the helium balloons. Good luck on the

quest to be the BEST YOU CAN BE - YOU!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Stumbling Accidentally Into Joy

Oy Vey! Today has been full of mishaps! Rushing around

trying to do too much with literally nothing done, I feel

lost in a world of "unfufilled destiny". Do you ever have

one of those days? Mine has lasted for for far too long -

all of my life as a matter of fact! I dont want to blame

anyone. This is just the way I see it, it could be a cruel

thing to read this for some, hazard to read this at your

own peril!

Yes, Life is what happens to us when we make other plans;

thank-you John Lennon. It takes a lot of mental "tweaking"

to make life "go the way it should" and life it is also a

mind-set to some degree. Yes, We make our own heaven and

hell to some extent, but sometimes there are other factors

which echo far beyond what would be considered as in being

unfairly treated as a human being. But why me? What is

wrong with me that I should be treated so unfairly, or at

least what my mind feels as unfair? But others do not see

it that way, to them, their treatment of me was fair and

just. They just did not see life from my perspective at

all, why? Selfishness? Yes, selfishness, and lack of

wanting to communicate in a fair and equitable way with me.

It is not right, but it is what happened to me. Here is my


Today, I see all the mistakes I have made and have to ask

what did I do wrong in the past to deserve this heart-

wrenching pain of being treated so unfairly all my life by

others. What do I do to deserve the proverbial "S*it

kicking?" from family friends and strangers?

Seriously, today did I have to put that dish so

precariously on the shelf that it would fall out of the

fridge and break into a million pieces? Or did I have to

"forget" to put the meat away for a moment while I deliver

meals on wheels to the back room? These are serious

oversights, perhaps accidental, maybe not.

Deep within my heart of hearts I feel the burden of regret

and I do not know why. Maybe I cannot live up to any sort

of ideal. Maybe I am just not good enough for me or

others.Lingering selfdoubt which causes less focus but..


Each day I struggle sincerely to be "the best that I can

be" but I always feel I fall far short of that place where

I belong. Why is that?

There is a reason I feel less than stellar most days;

clumsy, dizzy, confused, sad, dazed. There is a missing

piece, I cannot fill because I cannot meet mine or others

expectations of myself for some reason. But why?

There has come this middling time in my life when I have

found out I really screwed up (I think) early on in my

life, and I am paying for it dearly today, endlessly. Even

prisoners get out of prison eventually for misgivings

created before 18. But why? Other people had the same

misfortune of confused youth, and yet came out of it with

flying colours! It must be that some lucky people have had

"help", a good friend or relative must have bolstered their

self-esteem with cash and credit and recreated the perfect

Stepford Wife scenario...a dream within a dream. Reality

tweaked as to not show it's underlying grinding of the

mechanical bs.

Isn't that what family, friends and lovers are ultimately

for, for the unconditional love and acceptance when

mistakes are made or when expectations never expected are

never lived up to anyway? Why do I feel ignored, why do I

feel less than what others need? Why has life not handed me

a straight deck of cards? Is it too much to ask? For people

to treat me fairly, consistently, and not hide everything

from me, as if I am not worthy to be part of their

existence? What is it about me that is just not good

enough? What can I do to change it? Probably nothing. My

existence here just does not feel welcome to most. So how

can I adequately perform at maximum capacity when I feel so

many nagging self-doubts caused by people who did not

bolster my self esteem or pay much attention to me. Was I

really wanted? Why don't I feel that way. "Take me out to

the ballgame?" but leave me behind when the sun is still up

in the summer and I can hear the rest of the family

laughing as they walk away from me locked in my room. Why

did you do that to me? Lock me out of your lives? Why did

you only approve of one boyfriend I brought to the house?

And he turned out to be a fraud artist tres extraordinaire.

Yes, I am beginning to link the dots of the family unit

compact we have created which favours power over feelings

of honesty, trust and decency. Mr. Big must not like people

behaving like people very much.

But what if they do not accept your choice in a mate -


What does that do to a family? Emotional scars cut much

deeper than any knife.

What would have made my world better? One word; acceptance.

Emotional, and guidance if possible, and if really

possible, being allowed to be one of the coveted "in"

crowd, or a success. But success really is only for the

few, or there is no success. It is like everyone being a

doctor, it just will never happen.We cannot all be doctors.

There is a pecking order of power we must all succumb to,

and like life, like it or lump it, it doesnt make a

difference, nor can anyone ever change this status quo

power lording it over the family compact corporate world.

Power lords of the corporate world unit, you have nothing

to loose but your personal intregrity. Perhaps my high

hopes were just that, too high for reality. A reality which

I found "ex communicated me" from existence and religated

me to the "back" shelf of life. Alone, disenfrancised,

mostly alone feelings. Feelings of never being understood

or loved the way I wanted to be loved; for love sake, not

towing the "company" line of arranged marriages.

These subsequent feelings of loss of self make me feel

banished to a country where I must continually question

motives of persons. Why did I not have the real love I

desired but a "false front" love which is above all

conditional? I just don't "get" the corporate mind-set I

suppose. 600 billion? No, I dont get that either!

I thought love was to be "unconditional".

We all know parents love us unconditionally, however, if

love is held back for too long, or if a child's emotional

needs are also ignored, there is not much there, is there?

Can you ever go back in time and claim that emotional self?

Seriously, no.

People will never change as far as intrinsic personality is

concerned. The boyfriend you broke up with because they

were emotionally cold. The parents who were too busy

climbing the social corporate ladder, the sister or brother

who is on the same corporate treadmill and are vacant in

your life. You just are not good enough, neither is your

husband and your kids, you just did not make the grade like

they did, they are superior in every way to you. You are a

loser, you dont deserve attention. Cold, cruel world to the


Maybe the sister or brother has a serious and ongoing case

of sibling rivalry.Maybe the power crazed father or mother

decided that this sister or brother would "carry the torch"

for the family lineage and become the "executrix" of the

family. They really continue the cowing down and bowing

down to the power beyond the family, the corporate family

dicatates. As long as they have the vice each night to

suffice their neurotic "disengage" from true feelings they

can continue to lie about who and what they truly are

inside. More importantly, they lie for the corporate

leaders, denying love to someone who was suppose to be

loved - me. Abandoned, I am alone, without your true love,

I die a little bit inside. And this is the feeling I have

today as I understand my deep-set feelings that this time

of which this end of year makes me account.

Your old friends, family dont really want to contact you.

Your history you have with your old friends/family is just

that history. History which can be stored away for another

day, another life time, remaining, unrequitted,

misunderstood. Pending. Unfinished business? Perhaps you

remain a threat or there was a jealousy caused from the

power sway taking effect. Love does not act this way! Does

someone really want something you have or is this the only

way they have of communicating the threat they are under,

because they must tow the company line and the company line

says "do this or else"...Or else what, no promotion, no

upper standing in the community, firing? Oh god dont fire

me. It sounds so fatal. But not nearly as fatal as love

never have existed because you must do something to

disenfrancise this person for political purposes. Odd that.

There is something much deeper and sinister going on here?

But what? Can you help me find that missing piece cut out

of my life, by some entity unknown, yet known by it's hate?

Then, all is smiles; so damn fake! We have to show a good

false front, after all, we have all this money and power,

and we have this poor destitute relative. Should we throw

crumbs, left overs, or beers that don't pop? All this can

get you sick, and that is what is wanted? To get sick, die

and be removed from these peoples existence once and for

all. What mind set is this, really? This type of bs really

makes me sick! It isnt natural and you know where it is

coming from, read Cask of the Amontillado by Edgar Alan

Poe. Maybe a secret cult society of rich snobs fuelled by

powermonger ways of the big billionaires society. No wonder

we are loosing the war on terror!

all these features create going back to recreate a more

"perfect" past is really absent.

Welcome the mother/father, boyfriend, sister, brother

without a social agenda. Does that happen very often? If

so, how lucky you are! Lately, I feel used, as in used up.

Nobody really has a clue as to my needs because I am too

busy fufilling them.

I must reclaim the Joy of Life that I feel life has taken

away from me. I must find that one constant that never

changes; "unconditional love". I must find it soon, or

else, I fear, I wont want to be here much longer.

Look, after all is said and done, life is one thing, love

another. If you mix the two you have the benefit of being

incredibly lucky. When I had the unfortunate experience of

having no one to relate to, well at times, but not

consistently, I feel I missed out on the Joy. I felt I have

been lied to, or I was not good enough, not the

professional they wanted, no smart enough, not pretty or

beautiful enough, not full of "bubbly" personality.

I am depressed because I cannot be me because I was not

given the encouragement to be me at critical times. You may

not understand this, because you world has been almost

perfect. Things unravelled for you in this life like it

should, with everything in balance and harmony. Consider

yourself not only lucky, but rare.

The emptiness of my life will not go away. As I see the

relationship bridges burned behind me, I want to go back

and set them aright. The depression comes in the fact, I

cannot. It is too late, or it never was the way it should

have been, for whatever reason. It is just so unfair when

you give your all and you feel stabbed in the back, lied

to, unloved, thrown away like yesterday's garbage. Yes, I

was naive not to see this coming from the vanishing point a

long time ago.

Today, I am aware of the many pitfalls along the way. I had

promised ALWAYS to have the listening ear, to be a caring

person and friend. No money, no threats of punishment, no

control mechanisms will ever take away the inherent Joy the

Lord has given to me. It is my birthright and no one can

take that away because they are jealous, mean, stressed,

naive, vacant, evil. There is something I claimed today,

myself. I have great Joy knowing I have overcome all the

"stings and arrows" of outrageous fortune in knowing people

who refused to meet me in the middle. Who could not

reciprocate love. Who only were out for their own good.

Today I have stumbled accidentally into Joy. JOy knowing I

please do not be offended...this truth is needed...dont hide is our reason to be...we all deserve that...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Holy Christmas Everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Wings to you and yours, and the entire Room! May the true Spirit of Christmas bless you always; Peace, Love and Joy.
Thank-you Wings for the Emily Dickenson quote, please tell me what would it be in Cornish? Is it similar to gaelic?
Yes, Love Never Dies, it is eternal, this I believe whole-heartedly. It is the one thing, the only thing in this Universe that we may claim as a constant. This gives us hope, and strengthens are purpose and resolve here on earth, to love and be loved. Love is never having to say you are sorry (Love Story). (I could go on and on...)
Similarily, I have had loss experience at this time of year. My hubs' beloved Mum and Dad passed in the December months. His Dad from pnemonia (he had only one lung as well as Mom also from a lung ailment, both did smoke and this did contribute but they did die about 10 years before (at least) their time. Smoking is horrible, and I wish it were not something which the govt allows to promote but I guess we wouldnt have a govt without vices, that would be a first!)
So December use to be an avoidance month; I knew the emotionality was intense, with outbursts, and ill-will caused from repressing sad feelings of loss of parents, etc,. Christmas, rather than the "good will to all" one comes to expect at this time of year, had been something I did not look forward to at all. This was so unlike my previous belief system, because Christmas use to be a very joyous time for us.
It was also unfortunate that Dad-in-law passed before he got to see his first son's grandson. I did not know him for very long either I do remember his keen sense of humour, he could always make the most creative jokes, and smile through his pain. Brave and stoic man, much like the Cornish, yet he was as Welsh as Tom Jones. Must be something in the water there!
Subsequently, the Mom-in-law passed before she got to see the littlest elf, my youngest. It was always so much a "Christmas avoidance", both having deceased in December (almost a year apart) that we "escaped" from the land we knew to another much more isolated existence in the frozen tundra lands of Northern Canada near Hudson's Bay. One word "Brrrrr"! What were we thinking?
By moving up as far up north as possible it was the only way my hub could deal with the pain of loss.
After 25 years (the parents-in-laws passing happened early 1980's)my husband is just starting to come 'round again. His parents were always really good to him, and they were very close, more than most, I think. My hub had polio and this made for a very tight-nit group of overcomers. Some may relate to this?
Back in the 80's I got some brass ornaments personalized with the inlaws names. We have these beautiful ornaments on the tree in their memory as a way of connecting the past to the present. It helps me keep perspective on the true meaning of Christmas.
For all the literatae in the room, one can find great comfort in the classic literature of Charles Dickens' "A Christmas Carol" bridging the philosophy and spirit gaps that are often missing in the over-commercialization of Christmas. It is indeed a timeless tale of the true meaning of Christmas, I watch the classic or read from the book each year. Lessons are still learned and memories rekindled with the classics from the five foot high book shelf!
As we go through the Christmas rituals and with the inlaws memory, I am comforted and reminded of the Love that Never Dies. The rose or tulip that despite all odds grows through the most difficult conditions of snow and cold, popping up from the snow with steely resolve; a miracle unto itself. Angels and miracles are real!
Christmas has become for us at this time more of a holy time than a happy time for us too. It is difficult for us to get to church because of the weather, etc., yet Christmas will always be very special. Holy and good time of year. Reflective, reminiscent memories bitter and sweet, of a life lived, and lived well. What more can anyone ask?
These many Holy and Magical "Magi"-like things happen each year to one of us, or our friends report special events happening. It is now recorded, thanks to the computer ease of access.
For example, last year my hub saw outside his window four huge beings, we think they were Archangels. Even if our imaginations were working overtime at this "sugar plum fairie land" Nutcraker time, if we expect a miracle, we will get receive this supernatural present. "I believe in fairies, I beleive in fairies" (from Peter Pan) another favourite book.
We are, after all, what we believe and we should live by faith alone.
Yes, miracles and blessings from above do have unusual ways of making themselves known to us. As long as we truly believe that Love Never Dies we have the connection to the constant Universal essence; Love. When we do truly believe in miracles, signs and wonders will continue to be real for us, Love will open the door to those "veiled miracle worlds" as yet hidden, glorious secrets to be revealed, if we ask and believe that they exist for us. ^^chicco repost 20 dec 08

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Funny Essay on Euthanasia

Thank-you for this Composium on Senectitude (is

that near Schenectady, New York?)this cold December

morning's philosophic condundrum needs a jumpstart. Should

we our shouldn't we "legally" kill another for mercy's


The debate is complex and mind-boggling, but I will offer

my "three-cents (thank you Carol for the extra penny).

Composing myself which is entirely set upon emotionality

and memories of personal experience on this said subject

matter is difficult, to say the least.

Set on "repose mode" in regards to this very "touchy" and

sensitive subject matter, I will attempt to preponder

without prejudice the jurisprudence of said subject matter.


After reading the header, I was taken much aback; "No,

Wings, don't do it", whatever "it" "is"? Not what I think

"it" "is", I hope!

After reading the Wings article and after much jaw

clenching, stomach churning, and stiffness in the

transcarpal area, hands, whitened from numbness and shocked

from the shock of the new ideas on Euthanasia

(is that in Asia?)Wings has indeed launched his "thousand

ships". All may partake and taste the bitter sting upon the

tongue of the ancient hemlock remedies and the modern OD

methods employed daily in hospitals near you of this so

called "mercy killing" for "mercy's sake".

At this conjuncture, I am reminded of Portia's Mercy Speech

in Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice";

The Quality of Mercy is not strained,
It droppeth from Heaven
Upon the Place

Which begs to question the immortal bard's scolding

philosophy of the earth being a "less than perfect place

upon which to dwell".

We are not angels, nor devils, but must, at time, make

decision where only "angels dare tread" and where "only

God" should administer swift justice. How to equalize the

unequal scale of justice, be it man's or God's?. To Mercy

Kill or Not to Mercy Kill that IS the question! (from

Hamlet here folks and paraphrased for convenience and much

leniency, forgive me Bard!).

After all, age will creep into all our lives eventually,

enslaving man to the cold, cold grave. Not something we

ever want to think about, well, not unless we are in any

kind of mood, or wax "Poe"etic? To attempt to answer the

age old problem; "can granny be done in legally" is fraught

with legal and moral issues too numerous to divulge here,

at this time. Lectures to follow.

After systematically wringing out rheumatic knuckles this

morning and giving a huge stretch of rebirth kundalini

forces in the lower spine, I am now suppine and able to

write succinctly about the "stinking mess of Euthanasia


To take upon me this mantel of unresolved angst and pain

for many facing life and death issues is a burden deep. For

we are really discussing human life, dignity and the

meaning of life, and which qualities found in the human

experience which we value enough to keep alive "another


For all caregivers,those on death's door and family and

friends, I do not believe the Euthanasia issue will ever be

or should be easily dispensed. It is one of those deeply

entrenched moral issues, like abortion, which do not sit

well at the tea table.
Wings, your thesis, I take it, is aligned with the

fencesitter mugwump. This certainly not Wings witnessed in

other essays. Certainly, I sense you favour, at least for

yourself, "Please Ressucitate At All Costs" rather than "Do

Not Resusiciate At All Or I Will Kill You At All Costs"?

Wings, please tell me bluntly, are ye "for" or "again'"

Mercy Killing? For some is just not good enough, we all are

equal, under the law, and must arrive at the conclusion

that what is good for the goose is good for the gander?

Correct me if I have shot in the dark on this issue.

Back to the behemoth of an issue, Mercy Killing; the ease

of compartment with the dispensing of this "issue" once and

for all is this; A Living Will. If people would only

remember to go to a lawyer to fill out the necessary

paperwork, much grief would be alleviated, once and for

all. Without a Living Will, individuals and their families

must waiver in the wind, without truly feeling that the

individuals right to their own life was properly

adminstered, thereby the nagging "doubt" will always be

illicited and contort the human soul to much turmoil.

The Nations have no right in our collective bedrooms, they

should get out of the death game too. This is an individual

matter and should be treated thusly.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Poem A Day

A Poem A Day

Truthseekers Lament

When I am away
It is sad to say
Time to make-up
The lapse has sway

More water in the cup
more water under the bridge
closing the gap
on the truth
when the gate was kept open
and you could hear
the creaking gate
banging against the fence
sitting there
in the middle
We are all mugwumps

Like John A. Macdonald did
the First Prime Minister
of Canada's
into the Lake
St. Joseph
He did dip
the Holy Grail
a cup in Orangemen circles
Bequeathing the land
to ancient ancetors
Faith of Our Fathers

Drink to Imbibe
the refreshing waters
of yesterday
pure and clean
Crystalline Dream
Limestone purified
Our Hearts Desire
To Become our

Too Good To Be True
This rarified Land
Strong and Free
A Nation New
Keeping in Stores
Moose Factories
For yesteryear
Hunting and Fishing
Tracking and Trapping
We made Beaver Pelts
from hard working Beaver's hides
Moose meat
bannock bread delights
and black bears
left their tracks
on my native soul
to the Future
Bold Braves All
This Nation
Red and White and Blue
The Union Jack Lion
and Fleur de Lis
Maple Syrup
and Habitant Soup

True Colours
of the Land

Into the Truth
Be Known
What is unknown
The hidden chronicles
Me Cold

A scent of that
You got a good nose

For details are like that
Hard to find
under all that
wraps and binds
drags and tags
on the Rt big toe

Questioning the house
is good reason so to do
because if we dont
they'll walk away with
the show
and tell
us please do
why we cannot have
when we do not know
what is going on
behind closed doors
more transparency needed
no cameras off session
we want to see the entire
from its infancy
to its completion
in surround sound
vista, visions and verrisimilitude
is our
Lets stay on track
or become
what we have found out lately
a train wreck
that didnt need to

If the truth be told...

the saga continues...

hit that motherlode
of truth
the gold vein
that runs through the centre
of our coursed lives

hope it doensnt
end in a collapsed universe
folding upon itself
like that train
we want to leave behind
and erase the memories
times unsung
heroes make us wake up
and smell the coffee
the truth may be in our noses
or right under them!

Corruption and How to Fix it

Hi Y'all! I have to make up for yesterday as I was busy and couldnt write too much. I think I will just write what is on the top of my head (for now).

Of course there are two main news events that are the talk of the town. The Big Three needing a bailout 0f 6 billion to start with and The Gov of Illinois corruption charges.

Personally, I feel the Big Three should not have just "walked out" on USA and gone like dinner to Mexico. How did the govt allow this to happen in the first place? If there were rules in place, govt legislation, this collapse of Big Three may have been prevented. Also, if we were to prevent this fallout from poor management or greed and corruption we would have not put the world into this tailspin of economic disaster.

Would it not be far better to have allowed other methods of energy (other than oil) many years ago, in the 1970's first had the energy crisis concerning high oil prices and the oil embargos. Oil was and is being used as a tool by the terrorists to create mayhem for democracy. Back then (the 70's) we should have done so much more. Why wasn't something done in the 70's to stop the train wreck we are now experiencing in 2008.

Perhaps nobody did anything to stop the oil crisis because there was corruption at high levels. Let's face it; people in the big business world were making tons of money from oil at the expense of the common man who had to pay the unweilding prices of that oil. We have all been ripped off and we should demand via class action, money back on these monopolized price-fixing prices of oil. Why can we not Class Action all the oil company cartels? Are they that big and evil now? Are we able to deal with them? They are a cabel, or evil group of powered persons who control may .00000001 of the world's population. Definitely not a fair game here. This oil cartel needs to be dismantled or stopped at all costs. Our very lives dependent on the success or failure of these insidious denizen of theives and corrupt individuals. Enough is enough. What can be done and when? It is really all a matter of time before we are victimized if we allow for the oil cartels control over our existence and livelihood. Comments more than welcome!

Corruption seems to be the order of the day when we look at the Illinois Governor situation. Mr. B. (short for Mr. Big Boss) really had too much power. Plain and simple. At this point the monied people are really victimized as well by a few who want to "Lord it over" the rest of us citizens. And we allow it? Or do we? Are the laws being manipulated for the few? Yes! How to stop this?

Corruption can be stopped by allowing a complete transparency of all government operations. Right now this is nearly impossible. However, it may not be if the correct technology is employed. The citizens must hold the key to the government or else it is not democracy. How do we open wide these files to see the rats hiding beneath the layers of red tape? We need a special agency overseer who is arms length and scrutinized by many organizations that do not know one another so that collusion of corruption does not take place. It is not difficult to see how corruption operates, it is as simple as the terrorist network itself.

Terrorism works in this way; anarchy. Overthrow the state and set up an agenda of the terrorist brand; fascism. Some people claim that Anarchy will allow for the overthrow of a corrupt state. However, the tenets of democracy are not corrupt by nature. It is the interference of the democratic process that allows the terrorist network (of any known entity) to prevail. This must be stopped. How? Overseers, armslength and legion. Anarchy only works as a last ditch effort to SOS. It should not be used as a platform in anf by itself. It is inherently evil as the evil the Anarchists are fighting. It comes down to this; what values do we place in high esteem in our country? If the bottom line is MONEY, we are doomed. Money is not a quality. It is a tool for quality to exist. Period.

When we let ourselves fall prey to the excesses of the rich and powerful, and we notice our basic human rights slowly (or quickly) eroding, action needs to take place. There could or should be a forum of complaint system that is not rerouted or destroyed or falsely reported and stashed in some ebayance drawer in some "swivel servants" office. These complaints should be read by ALL citizens of a free state and should be studied. People do not complain for no good reason. Those who are there to foul the system should be recognized and tagged. Regular citizens have been complaining for years about government impropriety and injustice at various areas and levels and nothing was done. Why? What was stopping this essential democratic process of individual (and group) report from happening? We know the answer to this question, the corruptors!

Maybe the only way out of our predicament, which unfortunately is dire, is to become more truthful. You'd think that the computer would be an excellent way for people to report these injustices and destruction of our democratic principles. Yet time and time again we find that reporting is not active enough a process. If there are enough complaints, a class action could be filed. Sure, this will clog up the judiciary system. However, a seperate branch of the judiciary could be employed for this purpose, called the Reporting of Abuse of the System. In this way, we would be able to recoginize, once and for all, where all this started and how to stop it and get back on the right track again.

In conclusions, corruption will kill us all. We need to find ways to stop it permanently. No quick fixes, we need a system that works for all. We need fair play for all. We need government not to cow down to big business and big businesses greed festering ways. We need the bottom line on the government agenda to truly read and be, "of the people, by the people, for the people". May the spirit of democracy win this insidious war against corruption!


Monday, December 8, 2008

Rubbie Dub Dubbie Three Executives in a Tubbie

quite an infrastructure
the way things work
out there
in the corporate cubbie world

Rubbie Dub Dub
Three Executives In a Tubbie
Getting Drunk as skunkies
lighting paper ciggies
Oh the money
They stole from you
Friggy Piggy, Oink Oink
Run to the bank to save your bacon

rub my back and I'll rub yours
10 fold if you do
minus 10 plus if you don't
You better wash my back
Cause I'm watching yours

more likely you will
it is like this
if you dont rub me
the right way
i'll wipe you out
You let me stay on
Top of the Game now

Yet in our midst
there is a stealthy gorilla
backtracking fear's fury in
Central Park's early morning mists

like the proverbial
elephant in the too small walk-in closet
He takes you in, squeezes you tight
You know
You're not coming out anytime soon

it is getting harder by the ton
to close the door of this eluded preception
these ancient monster mysteries a masterpiece theatre
of the absurd
10,000 year old history
Pillage, Sack and Burn away the calories
and the
books at Farheinheit 451

the door will flung open soon
and the truth will be unfailingly revealed
our fiery lustful secrets
all witnesses once concealed

Our secret we'd like to share
a penny for your thoughts
We'll keep this all confidential
before we derail you on your tracks
We've known you since your youth
The understudy taught

Now unbridled veil of deception
We seek reality's glare
This Enemy's scheme produces
Ourselves as Our own
Worst Nightmare

Priviledge and Cohesiveness
Working hand in hand
creating a stronghold
our face in the sand

a thousand clones
we beget
the same intent
an evil purpose
in the wake of our new found

Dumbing down the public
we want to stay on top
we are really on the bottom
looking up

this elephant is quite obvious now
weaving on the spider's loom
watching for the opening door
Ruby Gloom tip toeing through the tulips
Bring back the years of our Youth Forgot

Is this the State of the Nation?
The Bullying cry is heard around the block
Urging Heart felt nations surrender
by Brutus' determination
a stab in the back
When we weren't looking?

In this predetermination
You have three great kids
Wonderfully great kids
sorry that
the third to be used
for insurance purposes

Mr Big needs the cash
Mr Big is strapped for cash
and there's nowhere left
to do the laundry
Mr Big will wear dirty clothes another day

Parlay to the ambassador to not go sour
on this plan
Kesters hitting the road
faster than a locomotive
Did you get their motives?

All looks sunshine and bright
by the light of day
but something underneath us is urging us
to go the other way

These troubles keep
mounting horrible swell
deep wells of despair
we keep running out of luck
head first into the fray spraying
on our dna covered

its the snake's lair
waiting to take us in
well planned for fifty friggin' years
the final kill
to fattenen the slime pit hoard
with more
of our dead soldier's severed heads
our young one's blood

Someone will tell you to do this
or do that
or else...

who's doing the wiping
who's doing the swiping
who's doing the wiping out
who's just doing
to anyone they can

the infrastructure
is beneath us and that which lies
on the polished surface
unknown by most of us

when you pooled your resplendint resources
did the others let you know
end up eating
from your dirty old garbage cans
food for thought for yesterday's sin

Jane Jones June 28, 2008

Dear Wings: So you are an all or nothing type of paramour?

no black paint on
> the toe-nails unless you are goth.

You do think women are "slave class"?

when she gets up to make my cup of tea

However, Wings does saves the day for chivalry

Bare feet and pearls sounds perfect

Basically he redeemed himself with the forementioned

and could be quite a catch

If you have a large enough net ladies (if you know what I mean?)

All For Laughs,

Proud Mary Day when Sandy met Clay

So here is some roll in the hay type fun!

She Strapped On Her Bass Guitar
by the surging rivers swells
Her Man wet after swimming
with the thought
of her unbridled love song

Weeping secret joyous tears
They Laughed and Sang Together
Through the Years
They knew each other very well
Today they would find love
at the Cajun go go

Dark haired man, passions fire
Woman's strength his loves desire
Honeysuckle sweet taste of the tongue
He glides through her skin
One on One

Legs and arms holding back the tide
awash with pleasure
the dome decrees
all hail dome
kingdom come
we are one

They knew each other
on the banks of the river
that day when
earthy Clay Met sandy Sally
two Cajun sweethearts
sweaty and mustily drenched
naked in the sun
clear crisp river mud

D.H. Lawrence I am not!

(i suck at erotica sorry)OMG my love life is a deodorant commercial?

Writing bones

Re: Mentorship Has Its Priviledges

Gang: Too maudlin! Sorry, what was I thinking! Hormones again!
Please realize a writer has off days. Maybe years. Dry as toast this
year. Toast is dry, right? Jane Jones ps line 19 or so should
read "ways". I guess my cut and paste and hidden bottle of chivas
were impeding my concentration!Wowsa!Jane Jones--- In, "jannneee2121" wrote:
> Til Rivers run and crest their banks again, my soul is
> flooded with the penetrating waters of desperation seeping
> into my dying soul purging my earthen vessel of desire. I
> have awaited patiently for the return of the pedagogic
> goddess of the airwaves, Tilly Rivers. Where is Tilly
> Rivers? Who is Tilly Rivers? Could Tilly Rivers be a
> figment of my imagination? Could Tilly Rivers be me? Or my
> Great Aunt Tilly? Prove you are real. And if you were real,
> would that make any difference? Would it make the fantasy
> any less real? Flow out of my electric skin. Begin the
> light's journey on its way to sea. Navigate the waters of
> my soul so I will know the sea by the light breeze on my
> neck. Enervate my deadened ill-routed road. Plow the way
> for the rivers way is hidden along the banks of the
> Mississippi. Oh how I love spelling Mississippi.
> Oh how I love and miss Aunt Tilly. Tilly please answer my
> email! I would love to be you for a day! A writer of erotic
> electric energy pills. How can I be you? Could I feel your
> pain and pleasure, how many diffe? Please come back again
> to the room that beckons your lapping luscious waters of
> Joy. Thank-you Tilly Rivers!
> Another writer who calibrates a response from my leather-
> bound soul is Lisa Alvaro. Lisa's beautiful sensitivity is
> felt in every well expressed emotive line. She denudates
> clear emotions of scenes tieing the threads of experience
> through to completion. Reminds me of the many Carlos
> Castanada books I read during my discover Mexico(and other
> things) phase. The Way of Knowledge via Yaqui is clearly
> felt in her poems. I especially liked Reclamo and I Am
> Looking For You Mother. Lisa Alvaro is an amazing talent -
> I cannot wait to read her novels as well as Tilly Rivers.
> Thank-you room for introducing me and all of you for
> inspiring me and making me very happy in a new found
> creative outlet. (attention Walmart shoppers!) I find all
> to be mentors and I wish all of you nothing but Joy In The
> Morning! Maybe one day I could have a real live mentor
> instead of this monitor. I hear Leonard Cohen is
> vacationing here this summer. Tha would be a fine aside for
> all you Beautiful Losers! (a novel by Leonard Cohen, not an
> insult by me to anyone here). I wonder if someday someone
> will call me a mentor instead of just a mother! But that
> will be left for the talented ones all of you present. You
> are all divine to me. They have porcelain skin and deep
> eyes that never end. Amen. Jane Jones June 17 2008

Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:08 am

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Forward Re: Mentorship Has Its Priviledges

Gang: Too maudlin! Sorry, what was I thinking! Hormones again!
Please realize a writer has off days. Maybe years. Dry as toast this
year. Toast is dry, right? Jane Jones ps line 19 or so should
read "ways". I guess my cut and paste and hidden bottle of chivas
were impeding my concentration!Wowsa!Jane Jones--- In, "jannneee2121" wrote:
> Til Rivers run and crest their banks again, my soul is
> flooded with the penetrating waters of desperation seeping
> into my dying soul purging my earthen vessel of desire. I
> have awaited patiently for the return of the pedagogic
> goddess of the airwaves, Tilly Rivers. Where is Tilly
> Rivers? Who is Tilly Rivers? Could Tilly Rivers be a
> figment of my imagination? Could Tilly Rivers be me? Or my
> Great Aunt Tilly? Prove you are real. And if you were real,
> would that make any difference? Would it make the fantasy
> any less real? Flow out of my electric skin. Begin the
> light's journey on its way to sea. Navigate the waters of
> my soul so I will know the sea by the light breeze on my
> neck. Enervate my deadened ill-routed road. Plow the way
> for the rivers way is hidden along the banks of the
> Mississippi. Oh how I love spelling Mississippi.
> Oh how I love and miss Aunt Tilly. Tilly please answer my
> email! I would love to be you for a day! A writer of erotic
> electric energy pills. How can I be you? Could I feel your
> pain and pleasure, how many diffe? Please come back again
> to the room that beckons your lapping luscious waters of
> Joy. Thank-you Tilly Rivers!
> Another writer who calibrates a response from my leather-
> bound soul is Lisa Alvaro. Lisa's beautiful sensitivity is
> felt in every well expressed emotive line. She denudates
> clear emotions of scenes tieing the threads of experience
> through to completion. Reminds me of the many Carlos
> Castanada books I read during my discover Mexico(and other
> things) phase. The Way of Knowledge via Yaqui is clearly
> felt in her poems. I especially liked Reclamo and I Am
> Looking For You Mother. Lisa Alvaro is an amazing talent -
> I cannot wait to read her novels as well as Tilly Rivers.
> Thank-you room for introducing me and all of you for
> inspiring me and making me very happy in a new found
> creative outlet. (attention Walmart shoppers!) I find all
> to be mentors and I wish all of you nothing but Joy In The
> Morning! Maybe one day I could have a real live mentor
> instead of this monitor. I hear Leonard Cohen is
> vacationing here this summer. Tha would be a fine aside for
> all you Beautiful Losers! (a novel by Leonard Cohen, not an
> insult by me to anyone here). I wonder if someday someone
> will call me a mentor instead of just a mother! But that
> will be left for the talented ones all of you present. You
> are all divine to me. They have porcelain skin and deep
> eyes that never end. Amen. Jane Jones June 17 2008

Wed Jun 18, 2008 12:08 am

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Forward Re: The Day My Television Broke (36741 Richard)

Definitely beginning to "get" the artistic license thing. It is what
I am trying to accomplish in my writing as well. What I like to do is
to use antidotal happenings in my own life and transform these
happenings into an idea piece. This stream of consciousness, or
go with the flow of the flush toilet and to cross-relate such odd and
unusual events found in everyday.
Lately, it seems that I am having more and more glitches happening
than usual. Glitches being an event which happens in succession, for
example, the same man walking through Walmart doors 5 seconds ago.
Things like glitches can really derail a person's sense of gestalt.
It is really odd that you mentioned you were constructing your works
from actual events, I wonder how many writers draw on their everyday
worlds to pocket literary gems? I thoroughly enjoyed reading your
Now that you mention the humour, I hope the next Jack Benny (Richard)
take my "wife" please (oh that was Henny Youngman)will go easy with
this Walmart shopper; although I do miss the timed specials at K-
mart. Humour's Muse; poking fun at our foibles as human beings and
the absurdity of life. Attention Walmart Shoppers and the
classic "The Day My Television Broke" is a riot! Thanks for making me
laugh Richard. You remind me of my Baby Boomer/Walter Mitty moments.
Jane Jones--- In, "Richard J. Bates"
> You bring out a good point! To make sure no one gets the wrong
> the details need to be leading in the right direction. I was
> to the general woes of customer assembly with an example - not
> to focus on anything outside of my own ineptitude and the ease with
> which I wander into a mindset of discouragement; The clutter being
> visual evidence of the malady. I was trying not to be generic-
> the example of Walmart because I understand that specifics bolster
> impact and credibility of an article. I would say especially where
> humor is attempted.
> The impetus came from a kitchen cabinet I tried to assemble twenty
> five years ago. I don't even know whether we had Walmart here in
> Canada back then. Am I being deceitful or ... I think I have my
> artistic license around here someplace. Oh well- I'll have to look
> it later 'gotta go to work now.
> -Richard
> --- In, "jannneee2121"
> wrote:
> >
> > Richard...Hey, wait a minute...something just dawned on
> > times does the consumer have to assemble t.v. sets from
walmart??? If
> > it is those new plasma tv's I wouldn't know...are they really
> > difficult to assemble? Really Richard! But then again it is
> > difficult to read Chinese writing converted to English.
> > I thought tv were just stashed in boxes, open it up and plug in.
> > cant be as complicated as the computer set up. When will I too go
> > wireless! Dont tell me you have to be a techy geeky type to do
> > too! Nooooooo!
> > Tell me it ain't so...Richard are you pulling the wool over our
> > collective eyes or is there real difficulty in the appliance
> > of Walmart? Consumers unite! lol, ps I dont like Walmart's high
> > prices lately, but with the gas going up to breakneck levels, I
> > think they would covertly torture us with ill-designed
> > manuals as well? First the melamine, then the staph tomatoes now
> > instructions...geesh what next? ps I love Walmart, it is really
> > stores today! Just need to buy American/Canadian folks to win
> > the export/import war. Jane Jones--- In
> >, "wings081" wrote:
> > >
> > > Hi Richard
> > > Great to see you back in form.
> > > Just a couple suggestions you may like to toss around, or toss
> > >
> > > Assembling the furniture item from Walmart:
> > > I have always found it is best to follow the instructions to
> > > letter and not try to jump ahead.The same could be said of
> > > should learn from the mistakes of others and not consider
> > > infallible.
> > >
> > > Further on you mention "My old paint supplies stash"
> > > There comes a time when the wall gets damaged,perhaps by a
> > > scribbling.This is where those old tins of paint come in handy
> > a
> > > perfect match.
> > > People get damaged also and it is then we can gain solace from
> > those
> > > around us,who may have grown past their sell by date
> > > but are part and parcel of our past and can be relied upon as
> > > butress to offer support when we are our lowest ebb.
> > >
> > > As always
> > >
> > > Wings
> > >
> > > --- In, "Richard J. Bates"
> > > wrote:
> > > >
> > > > I appreciate the fact that it's not ready for market the way
> > is.
> > > > It's too flabby and I need to streamline, chop and channel
> > it...but
> > > > can you tell me what kind of statistics or facts would be
> > suitable
> > > to
> > > > beef up. I wouldn't know what venue it would need either.
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >
> > > >
> > > > --- In, "Richard J. Bates"
> >
> > > > wrote:
> > > > >
> > > > > You have that sizable box in front of you. Not your TV, the
> > thing
> > > you
> > > > > got from Walmart.
> > > > > At the moment you're trying to assess whether you're
capable of
> > > the of
> > > > > assembling it simply by scanning the parts in your minds
eye and
> > > > > trusting some innate wisdom or ... or of acquiescing to the
> > > > > encroachment of following a complete stranger's written
> > > instructions.
> > > > > It's a tough call for most men. Women seem to be free of
> > > > > stressfulness.
> > > > > You decide to go the responsible adult route and first
check to
> > > verify
> > > > > that all the parts needed are actually there, before you
> > A
> > > > > niggling irregularity arises. You see the potential for
> > > frustration
> > > > > but concede that it's too early to react. There seems to be
> > > piece
> > > > > which isn't illustrated on the dummy sheet. One, two,
> > > four ...
> > > > > Good! You can count. Now! Why do they have to print these
> > things
> > > with
> > > > > microscopically thin lines? (There's a mental tooling up
for the
> > > > > anticipated tirade if things don't work out at the end of
> > this.)
> > > You
> > > > > find yourself analyzing the phrase ... "jumping the gun",
> > > wonder
> > > > > where someone could find a thread of logic in putting that
> > in
> > > > > circulation. Gun runners sure, but who ever heard of gun
> > jumpers.
> > > > > You try to push aside the images of carefree jocular
> > > workers
> > > > > who'd rather be out tooling around town in their financed
> > the
> > > hilt
> > > > > [and that's just the insurance coverage] Ford Focus than
> > > > > plastic wrapped bits into cardboard boxes. You sense you're
> > > > > reacting and decide to let the task at hand be your only
> > > This
> > > > > is best.
> > > > >
> > > > > In the quietness of a media-less room; one such as mine,
> > your
> > > > > television set is nonfunctional],
> > > > > there comes a tendency for thoughts, to meander like tiny
> > > > > seeking their source.
> > > > > Everything in life is on a mission to sequester our
> > > This
> > > > > is one of those summary conclusions which can be reached -
> > by
> > > cell
> > > > > phone, snail mail or any one of a number of e-mail
> > > > > `Throwing things out is like weeding a garden maybe. If
> > > like me
> > > > > your fingers race for the mute button. It's not unlike a
> > of
> > > dodge
> > > > > ball, but without the physical benefits. "YOU CAN SAVE
> > > > > OF DOLLARS IF YOU ..." [Click!]
> > > > > I smirk and tell the box that I can do that right from
where I'm
> > > > > sitting on this couch. Don't spend! and you'll save,
> > > > > Here's one says the cynic ... Which came first, the dream
or the
> > > > > opportunist who exploits it? The mediating thought, since
> > one
> > > is
> > > > > autonomous ... we are ALL here to give and to take a little
> > > life.
> > > > > It's like breathing. Mankind must dream and others can
> > as
> > > a
> > > > > consequence.
> > > > > No matter what it costs, it's free enterprise. `Gotta dream.
> > > > >
> > > > > Common sense comes into play when we're marinading our
> > > > > overnight in a soup concocted of personal expectations and
> > > projected
> > > > > likelihoods.
> > > > > My friend up north is a mechanic. He owns forty acres of
land, a
> > > > > sizeable portion of which is populated by the carcasses of
> > > and
> > > > > forgotten automobiles. He's a man with a few dreams.
> > > > > Where you and I might see a twisted half rust eaten, weed
> > choked,
> > > > > unsightly space-stealing pile of junk, he envisions a home
> > > many a
> > > > > shiny, lovingly restored classic.
> > > > > The odd time a greying individual with an understanding of
> > > dreams
> > > > > will drive by on Kirkfield road and stop at the end of this
> > man's
> > > > > driveway to get a better look at the thirty four year old
> > darlin
> > > he's
> > > > > parked out there.
> > > > >
> > > > > I think our problem as we get older is that we tend to
forget to
> > > > > glance over at our dreams and see how they're doin these
> > > There's
> > > > > an irrepressible beauty in the image of an old couple who
> > > have
> > > > > the spark of life in their marriage, seeing each other
> > just
> > > as
> > > > > handsome or pretty as the day they tied the knot. Something
> > rare
> > > but
> > > > > life affirming when that happens.
> > > > >
> > > > > But what can be said of our relationship with THINGS? Our
> > dreams
> > > never
> > > > > appear to be getting any older but we carry them around in
> > > back
> > > > > pockets, stuffing more of the same into them perhaps to the
> > point
> > > > > where it's hard to sit down and be comfortable on that side
> > > our body.
> > > > > Dreams! Even without a mirror, on inspection offer a
reality -
> > > they
> > > > > don't look so good these days. 'Can be painful but
> > > necessary.
> > > > > Why should we still be obedient to the attraction of them?
> > > > > Our tendency to cling to the belief that ... someday I'm
> > > gonna ... and
> > > > > I'll need these things to do thus and so misplaced
> > > allegiance.
> > > > > I have made the landmark decision today to divorce myself
> > my
> > > old
> > > > > dreams and expectations.
> > > > > Yes! I will toss those potential research magazines, all
> > > boxes
> > > > > of them. They won't get scanned into my computer ; they
> > > > > yesterday and they won't serve my writing ambitions today.
> > > > > My old paint supplies stash? Paint your wagon if you wish
but I
> > > want
> > > > > my space back.
> > > > > I hope they never find a cure for excessive dreaming just
> > case
> > > > > someone is looking for it but my own advice "to self" is
that I
> > > should
> > > > > dream responsibly. I don't want to go crashing into the
> > landscape
> > > of
> > > > > reality, ignoring the collateral damage incurred ... but by
> > > same
> > > > > token I want to recognize that it's awfully difficult to
steer a
> > > > > parked car. This kind of action should only be undertaken by
> > > > > rambunctious seven year olds waiting for their mothers to
> > > > > loading groceries.
> > > > > In the war on disorder and personal chaos, this is a
> > > > > beachhead and every foot must be constantly on the advance.
> > > old
> > > > > clique, " a place for everything, and everything in it's
> > > needs"
> > > > > to be dusted of and retrofitted into the fabric of my being.
> > > > > Having the knowledge that I'm fearfully and wonderfully
made I
> > > offer
> > > > > up a prayer to you Lord ...Please give me and unobstructed
> > > > >
> > > > > `Humph ...'still got a pile of papers on that column
speaker ...
> > > > > blocks that window a little.
> > > > >
> > > >
> > >
> >

Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:58 am

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The Day My Television Broke
You have that sizable box in front of you. Not your TV, the thing you got from Walmart. At the moment you're trying to assess whether you're capable of the of ... Richard J. Bates
Jun 13, 2008
6:08 pm
Re: The Day My Television Broke
I appreciate the fact that it's not ready for market the way it is. It's too flabby and I need to streamline, chop and channel it...but can you tell me what... Richard J. Bates
Jun My highschool drama teacher once told me (I believe he was from the
states; Mr. John Krisak) there is much drama in silence. Go slowly,
relishing each and every word. Words have power! Congratulations!JaneIf the truth be told Message List

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If the truth be told
and we were so bold to listen
we would wake up
and smell the coffee
and go back to bed

Jane Jones June 2008
Re: A Clerihew

Love it! Here's another one!

Hilary went up the hill
to catch a bill with water(gate)
that was always wavering(in the senate)
the bill fell down(medicare?)
and lost his trousers! (monica)
poor hil has too much history (and mostly his!)
Jane Jones

--- In, "emleedickinson"
> Barak Obama
> And his hot mama,
> Leave Hilary behind
> On their ascendent climb.
> --Emlee
A mirror on the soul, a reflected image of the poet's face show the
truth. The eyes being a window of the soul, the reflected image of
the "absoluteness" of our lives. Well written piece, a throughly
enjoyable read!Jane Jones--- In, "rede2rollbaby"
> "Reflection"
> I ponder languid water's surface,
> see spreading circles, left by rain.
> Watch them grow, then interlace,
> to meld, to a stillness, once again.
> I watch…mesmerized, perchance,
> as transient circles show my face.
> Those shimmering rings entrance,
> the waters, all life's truths retrace…
> ©. Copyright: Bernard de Silva…
> 6/10/08.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Simply Mom: A Poem For Your Birthday Mom, As Promised

Simply Mom: A Poem From Your Daughter On Your Birthday As Promised

Just Mom
Lovely, kind, sweet Mom
Darling Mom
Warm Hugs Mom
Mom My Mom
You are
My Primary Mom Cell
You started it all
for me and
Forever more

Mom, you and me
Mom and Me
We are CNA/RNA entwined
encrypted and tatooed
stamped and etched
in time and space
and space and time
a moment
by God's Design
Thank Jesus!

Dearest Mom
like binder twine
and corrugated make-believe houses
in the basement
of Brampton Road
in Toronto

Mom is the Center of My Universe
Mom is the Champion
Of My Being
Mom is all there is
Save God and Jesus
and Dad
and my Family

Mom is a Hero
When heroes were Nightingale Heroines
Tending the sick
Making Chicken Soup
Like Heaven
Warm Butterscotch Pudding
Macarron Cookies
toasted just so
with Marachino cherry sitting on top

Mom is the Queen
Twin of Elizabeth
It is amazing how much Royalty
My Mom Rules
with gentle chiding
and softly reprimands

Mom your smiles are like summer sunshine
all cosy and warm
reassuring me
things will be alright

Thank-you Mom
For being My Mom
For being My friend
For being My mentor
For marrying Dad

Thank-you Mom
For everything under the Sun
Because you are everything
to me
and always
will be
the Most Beautiful Mom
in the Universe

Love, Jane

Dec 4, 2008

Coalition Government In Canada - Is It Really Legal?

Seems today Canada is on the verge of having a Coalition government. What exactly is a coalition government? Let me look it up!

Introduction to Coalition Government in Canada
What are coalition governments?

Generally speaking, coalition governments are ones in which two or more political parties enter into a formal agreement to govern together. The parties form a coalition with one another - hence the term "Coalition Government." In understanding this type of government further, it is important to examine key concepts in Canadian Parliamentary politics, such as the Prime Minister and Cabinet, the notion of responsible government, and the role of political parties in forming governments

Since this coalition has only happened once in Canadian history (what was I sleeping during history class)in WWI, it has not been employed or has been avoided at all costs. And why? BECAUSE A COALITION GOVERNMENT IS INEFFECTUAL. IT IS A LAME DUCK GOVERNMENT NOT SANCTION OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE BY THE PEOPLE. A coalition government is a government that is NOREPRESENTATIONAL therefore it should be deemed ILLEGAL and a new ELECTION called or REFERENDUM if that is cheaper.

Camadians, in my opinion, are getting the short shrift, as they did not elected this congealed blob of a non-government entity. Due to the fact the wheels of diplomacy in government operations failed we, the people have succumbed to a government called a "COALITION GOVT" which in my opinion proves that the government machinery is failing the people of Canada.

Be fair, call another election and let's get it right this time! Enable laws to immediately call a referendum vote by all Canadians or enact laws to disallow stagnant voting in parliament to ensure that the principals of democracy ARE ALWAYS WITHELD in the hallowed halls of democracy. Who do they think they are kidding on Parliament Hill...this is usurpership PLAIN AND SIMPLE! Please do not pull the wool over our democracy - may the people and freedom reign!

next topic; how to cure Coalition Govt disease!

Jane JOnes

If and when Canada goes back

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vistual Arts Experience in London circa 1970...part I

Maybe it is time to comment on Visual Arts. Yes, I have to go back to complete a four year program in Visual Arts. I am that stupid. No I got pregnant. Which wasn't dumb. It was time. Not many would be pregnant at university in Visual Arts. I think I was waiting for a doctor to marry me and save me. Which sort of happened. Not really. Three kids popped out before I knew what was happening. Which is, in hindsight a creative process. If you want to plan for a family it will never happen. And when it does happen for you great. For me, it didnt happen the way I had planned because I found a difficult time to merge the two worlds of Art and Family.
Most professional artists I had the pleasure to interview and befriend were really scary. They did not have families. They were divorced or in the process. They were single loners with their love of their life Art. I really wanted to figure out was I willing to sacrifice my family life for art (ooops sorry, Art). In a way, after reading art manifestos about this and that, I figured experience the better teacher. I would be the Marcel Duchamp of the domestic chess game. Adapt or die. In this search to find myself and my new budding family and a world of creative art marketing and professional art strategy, I felt scared. The threshold was narrowing, my decisions limited. The window of opportunity slammed shut on my foot and now I am just getting back to where I left off, at 50? Yes I have been the dappler, the Sunday dreamer of believing "I Am An Artist". Duncan DeK would not approve. I have failed my art school. But I set presidents (sp?) in my ability to be who I am without the burden of those "telling who I should be, what I should do, how I should live" Although in part, there will always be those who tell us "what to do". It is part of the infernal plot to micromanage our existence. Complete as a Clockwork Orange. We dont even know how brainwashed we truly are, and that is sad. Survival, on the other hand is a great teacher, mentor and cold hearted orb of a friend. Lonely place. Sad place. Hidden behind the masterpieces? Pain. It is the way it is, it is life and I can't change that.
My ability to confront my need demons is not of a leadership capacity. I tend to avoid confrontation. This is good and bad. Not to moralize here but I think I needed time to sort out who I am and where I fit into this world. Self-examination is the artist's job description, or should be for tres Beaux Art (not the school). I think I had been given the right tools for the job. Here is the blank canvas, go ahead and paint.
Meeting the artist Guido Molanari was perhaps one of the biggest events of my art studio experience at Western's Fine Art department.
He taught me how to draw.
One day we were Life Drawing (from the nude) and he was there. He magically appeared. Paterson Ewen my professor had invited him into our studio drawing class.
His trademark navy trenchcoat besmugged with Montreal lofts and gutters. He was human. He was Guido.
Guido taught us to start with the pencil to the paper and dont look at the page. Ever. The line would be expressed through feeling not image. It was a lesson that has stayed with me as I search for the expression of line and the meaning of colour. Taking me onto another journey. Kadinski studies of synethesia, the melding of sound, colour, taste, hearing, experience, into a deeper meaning of the plastic means of visual art. Modern, very Modern Art.
Paterson Ewen the Venice Biennale winner for the year I was there was off to Venice with Mary Hansen. Mary and Paterson were a couple and I had felt very happy for them. It was through much suffer Paterson evoked the images of his Universal Spatial realities, and I enjoyed the odd Blue at Ceeps when it had those old panorama landscapes of the Canadian rockies. It was gritty and real. Paterson would be very laid back, and hardly ever say much. Often he was in his own world and to face this world his eye would twitch as he look over his horned-rimmed glasses. Odd I had this fantasy about him then. I thought he could have been someone else in my life, like a long lost Uncle or brother that suffered some cruel fate in the war. I knew this to be true. He was a saintly sort of brother and I wanted to help him, with his situation, but they were, really beyond my abilities. I offered friendship and the odd beer. That was good enough.
Visiting Ron Martin's studio in the 80's was a highlight for me as a wannabe artist in training bra. It was a cold and snowy New Years day. Ron Martin and me were celebrating together in his studio (not what you think, although). Ron Martin was working on the paint chip series of painting that were one tint to the left. That was incredible. The detail. The precision. The dedication gave me an indication that this work was not cut out for sissies afraid of late nights by the record machine. It was a hard grind, life as a painter. It was so meticulously executed by Ron I was in awe of his mastery. I sat back and watched him paint on New Years. The painting was the party. It was awesome!
My boyfriend at the time name witheld had just broken up with me. I was not prepared for a second failure of a relationship. Ron would always have his Art to love him and I could only hope that he would find time to find someone. Some artists cannot love, but they do try, Ron I use the patting of the bed to remind my hub it is time for bed, I'm 50 now and surely on my way out. Not that I want to. Nor do I need to, I just feel the scene has passed me by or the train left the station and I am holding the bag. Back to the Ceeps!
My old boyfriend use to have a studio at the old Cigar factory on King St. It was vacant for many years sitting there unloved. It eventually was torn down for the condo trade. I really did love to sneak into that building and recall its history. I have an affinity to old buildings and times. I get caught feeling the ghosts of those worlds and can tune into the art world in the 60's with Greg Curnoe, Paterson Ewen, Ron Martin, Ramon Krecetas and others in London Ontario's own factory of artists. Pie-In-The-Sky, -It- Must-Have-Been-A-Great-Time-To-Be-An-Artist cooperative.
Hearing stories about Paterson and lustfully and fitfully painting the surface router in tow, Greg Curnoe with his pop art Percy bird and sensitive paintings of his wife with the Jackie O hair bob. It was timeless. The time was just so. It had to be synchronicity, all this coming together of talented painters.
Back to the early 70's visiting the gallery every Saturday, I would happen upon artists at the Forest City Art Gallery, then on King Street by the Eaton's mall and Novacks Army Surplus store.
to be continued...