Tuesday, December 2, 2008

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"It was the third leg of the journey, I was looking at a...". "Hummmm, what WAS i looking at?" I questioned my odd thinking the third day of my 37 years, I have had a period for 37 years and one month, I think I deserve a break! I was loaded to bear with preperiod juices, the kind the drug store would like to sell. My pms must have been rich because, think of it, I havent had a period for at least 8 months. I thought, finally, this is it, no more soiled undies in the drawer. No matter, maybe God is playing one last joke on me! Maybe I will be like Sarah and Abraham and have one more kid that I call jokingly, Isaac! Could you imagine how Sarah must have felt? All those years no kinds, turns, 80 and then bingobango, out pops the prayed for kid. Sort of like a gum machine that never gives of its bounty til one day the overflow. Held back reserves, life unlived. Until now! About the third leg? I sing just like AMERICA!!! I did have a friend of mine at a sweatshop labour name witheld shoes in the back room of forever. It seemed like had succumbed to that horrible industrial disease name witheld of too much glue sniffing. Probably not by choice, it just did make him appear there was an evil effect to this glue, probably caused by friends of Mr name witheld. my evil boss. I think this same industrial disease name witheld also sadly effected the life of another coworker at another health sciences job, name witheld. Working in a name witheld lab preparing slides was definitely the most healthy of jobs, the glue, most nights, again, getting the better of a damn good employee.

Seems like I can never get my hubs name right. Even when I met him. Meeting name witheld at work, we started out professionally speaking. I had to fill out one of those client cards. I still get stuck on the missing "O" in name witheld. But you dont call guys name witheld without the O. Maybe some do, I have seen that name before, but I often think they got that name because the mother could not spell very well. That was my problem, plus I worked for a henpecking boss who's constant misoginistic behaviour made me feel like a less than stellar human being. He was, lets say, evil. Axis of evil perhaps if you get my drift. He was a bin laden in sheep's clothing, or at least looking back at his agenda, certainly did make me feel this way.

Gush and bloom and flush, and woosh. Noises certainly associated with the end of a period, and epoch of curse!

Dear name witheld: Thank-you for this information! About Karel Capek's "Rossum's Universal Robots (RUR), I shall have to google the man and his work. This week on TCM (Turner Classic Movie Network) the play Stage Door is going to be shown. This was my first professional production at 16! I played Bobby Melrose! Of course, I thought Jack Warner would have noticed my "broad" talent. Oh well...
Anyway, I am not panicking now, the storm is behind us, that ravaging beast called Hurricane Ike. Not sure how the lovely and fair sweet Suzi faired in this Hurricane Ike, one of many this season.
It has been horrible weather this year, cold, wet and damp. Complaining now only seems worthwhile in hindsight, if it isn't the Hurricane season, it is a drought season. El Nino. At least the Hurricane is named after a man this time around.
If only the scientists knew how to cool the ocean waters or something. Maybe some enterprising youth could erect huge windmills rather than continue with the beleagered oil refinery factories which do not help matters in the Gulf of Mexico.
I have some friends in Houston, Texas who weathered the hurricane with only 1/2 hour of electrical outage. FEMA is getting better prepared for these non-stop disaster events. The cost in the Billions may be why Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch are closing shop. Sign of things to come? How to stop the train wreck literally (California train crash could be sinister too) and figuratively. What next?
Migraines caused from extreme low pressure can last for days. My "canary in the cage" spidey-sense communicates to me similar to those who feels storms coming when arthritis kicks in, and joints swell.
There are other causes of undue nervousness and feelings of impeding dread due to extreme weather fluctuations. I could really hire myself as a barometer as I can feel it in my bones! The many tornadoes and hurricanes (not to mention Listerosis outbreak) all taking a toll. It was my conjecture that sunspots and hurricanes, as well as bacteriologic, virologic outbreaks, etc may be caused by sunspot activity. The gamma radiation being released could be the signal that the sun is not doing well, and may be on a downward spiral. A spiral, like the dna, formed the the peptide chain of events of unknown electrical solar energy fields. Maybe, hopefully the Hadron collider will find out these truths before it is too late. Maybe not. It is interesting to note that the dna intertwined chain is also an electrically charged molecule, with fluctuations and activity as yet unknown. How does this effect us? Why? All unanswered questions. Maybe it is time to find answers to these question before it is really too late. Floods definitely will be the next biggy on a global scale. But how does one stop an ocean or two?
The mysterious doppleganger effect of a full moon, unusual biological rumblings of the old hag syndrome, plus the Hadron Collider, as well as no electricity has all been a bit too much lately for this sad Sally. Something about things coming in threes? Let's be on the proton side of this positive thinking trend to turn back the tide of impending doom. Doom is not inevitable, not if humans truly has a will that works!gibj
Robots (RUR)
> The "Last Flower" which, name witheld...anonymous for now...
> >
> >Oh dear sweet souls on name witheld: "Parting is such sweet sorrow"(quote
> from
> > William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet). Oh how I will miss you all
> if
> > the dreaded and perilous collapse of space from Cern Switzerland
> > tarries our way.
> > Thank goodness mankind cannot figure out how to make bozons race at
> > the speed of light as yet or we may indeed be toast or some
> squashed
> > version of toast or anti-toast.
> > This "experiment" may indeed effect the unified field and create a
> > massive chasm in the multi-dimensional fold of the Universe. If
> this
> > is the case, we'd end up in a mini black hole. Probably nobody
> would
> > figure out humankind existed at all in the future. Instead of
> a "big
> > bang" it would be a mini-black hole, and this just does not seem
> > fitting for our legacy as upright primates.
> > All this matter will become compressed flatter than a pancake! I
> told
> > you the world she IS flat!
> > I worry ad infinitum that the Haldron accelerator really should
> have
> > gone through more checks and balances and safety protocol before
> this
> > unknown power is unleased. The doomsayers have sued this project at
> > least three times I have heard. Apparently the accelator smasher is
> > just being stoked up right now and the real damage (if any) will
> > occur in late October when the little bozons really get nasty and
> > want to fuse with something. Then we worry and hang onto our hats
> > because we may see on the horizon a tube or tunnel like object with
> > odd lights emerging. What will be our last thoughts, oh I should
> have
> > unplugged the coffeemaker?
> > These "What if" scenarios do happen. Remember the Mercury, Gemini
> > and Apollo space programs of the early 60's? There was much
> confusion
> > as to whether or not the Van Allen belt of oxygen would ignite and
> > catch fire when the first rocketships were launched into the early
> > space race?
> > Or the first time Einstein's "Theory of Relativity" became hard
> copy
> > and the atom bomb was unleashed from it's deadly apriori thought
> > process? Do our mind waves make waves? How odd the creative process
> > when what we think becomes physical form. How powerful words
> thoughts
> > in this mysterious world which is both simple and complex,
> > macroscopic and microscopic, sublime and ridiculous.
> > It is very fortunate for us that these "unknowns" could be the
> > pivotal link between our multiplication of our dna or our ultimate
> > demise of mankind, creating an unnecessary and complete disaster
> for
> > mankind.
> > In a way all these unknowns, similar to Pandora's box, are inviting
> > and cunningly deceptive. We have toyed with so many unknowns for so
> > long, unaware of the outcome until generations pass and we look
> back
> > in horror, saying "hold on" why didn't anyone put safety protocol
> in
> > place? We may still have an ozone if the Abombs were not slowly
> > unravelling our matrix with each mushroom cloud unleashed into the
> > atmosphere. And they say global warming is caused by greenhouse
> gases
> > from cars alone? It could be many factors which contribute to the
> > final big bang goodbye.
> > Today, according to Dr. David Suzuki and others, we already have
> > hardly any ozone to protect from harmful UV's. There is a terrible
> > increase in skin cancer because of the ozone hole(s). So why not
> add
> > a black hole to the ozone hole. From one hole to another it all
> adds
> > up, and creates a snake pit of a mess, too complex for future
> > generations to clean up.
> > Maybe death by black hole will be slow and deliberate rather than
> > short and sweet. I definitely prefer the latter. Saints be praised
> if
> > the saints Save Our Souls from our own folly, or ego which have
> > become so much more than Super. Flying to close to the sun made
> > Icarus burn up and plummet to the ground. So the tree of knowledge
> > which should have been left "well enough alone" is the culprit. Is
> it
> > too late? Wait and see. If I look like I am typing in white
> tomorrow
> > at this time you will know we have indeed gone through a black hole
> > and have come out the otherside, albeit backasswards. (go ahead and
> > say a little prayer here).
> > I will be catching up on my Conversations with God tonight thank-
> you
> > Neil Donald Walsch. Thanks for the forewarning! To be forewarned is
> > to be forearmed. However, can anyone protect themselves against a
> > black hole? I just do not have many bozons hanging around the
> house,
> > oh wait, maybe I do! As Dylan Thomas so aptly recommends in
> > these "life and death" cases; "Curse, curse against the dying of
> the
> > light". Get out your flashlights ladies and gentlemen!gibj ---
> >
> > In ticket2write@yahoogroups.com, "wings081" wrote:
> > >
> > > Forget Global Warming for there is about to occur an experiment
> > which
> > > could result in the termination of all mankind.
> > >
> > > Sometime after 0800hrs tomorrow,in a 17mile long tunnel beneath
> > > the Swiss/French border, scientists intend to reproduce the Big
> > Bang
> > > with their Large Hadron Collider.
> > > It is possible, due to the intense gravity created that this
> world
> > of
> > > ours will implode on itself.
> > > In case this turns out to be fact rather than fiction,I would
> like
> > to
> > > take this opportunity to thank all members for their efforts to
> > make
> > > t2w one of the greatest creative writing groups on the WWW.
> > >
> > > Might I suggest you telephone your loved ones to bid them a fond
> > > farewell;make friends with your enemies;have a nice hot cup of
> cocoa
> > > and hit the sack for your final pillow conversation before
> dreaming
> > > yourself into the oblivion of Wednesday September 10th 2008.
> > >
> > > By my reckoning we have roughly ten hours to go, so farewell my
> > > friends it's been nice knowing you.
> > >
> > > As always
> > >
> > > Wings
> > > Now where did I park my space ship.Beam me up Scotty.
> > >
> >
>Dear namewitheld: The poor girl must have been on the edge before the Hadron nonesense pushed her into her own black hole of dispair. But can we blame the girl? Only 16? I suppose responsible reporting must be top of the priority list for most countries agenda considering how "out of hand" this doom and gloom machine can get. You speak about War of the Worlds. I remember listening to a rebroadcast of the radio show when I was a young girl and becoming quite frightened, thinking it was real. My sister did not help events. There was so much propelling people to mass hysteria (akward word here I admit). The end of WWII, the new A-bomb, Communism, Martians and Green Cheese from the Moon. Let's face it, human can only handle so much unless they happen to be Arnie Swartznegger or like version. Sensitives, as many poets, writers tend to be are prone to the "hysterias" with phobia being a major contender. It is too bad someone could not have communicated with the girl and get her to a nunnery, preferably Sister Theresa's. There her inward attack of the psyche could have been replaced with an outward bound soul which knows no bounds. We just have trouble with death. Other animals seem to accept such fate, although there may be much ritualization over the event. Look at the elephants returning en masse year after year to the same bone yard site of their ancestors, amazing studies in animal behaviour. If, and when our demise is on the timed horizon we just must willing accept the fact, and go "boldly where no man has gone before". To quote another fine Canuck, Will Shatner. I got kissed by Scottie at a convention ya know. I was the Green Orion woman at a campus brew haha one halloween. Oh yes, those were the days. Our future may be so bright we will have to where shades or so dark we will have to wear night vision goggles. Whichever it is, I hope I can handle it!gibj--- >
Re: On Italian Landscape

Dear Name witheld: Lovely thought process here. The labours of the molecules,
unknown. There is always so much more going on in any picutre, you
have to wonder how one picutre would take presidence over another.
Like the molecule blueprint should be the picture but instead we see
a beautiful Italian landscape just so. It is perfect, and labour by
all makes this perfection, or at least movement. Molecules, beyond
all else, need to keep on the move. How and why who knows. Seems we
are all electrons, protons or neutrons. Everything defined
electrically speaking. Gold? Why some molecules have more protons to
electrons makes each individuation of matter and then what about
thought, how is that matter and why does it matter. What matters?gibj-
-- >
> http://accessaddison.andover.edu/Obj3006?sid=6704387&x=434619
> This poem was inspired by the painting, "Italian Landscape", by
> Washington Allston. An Internet image is at the link above.

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On Italian Landscape
http://accessaddison.andover.edu/Obj3006?sid=6704387&x=434619 This poem was inspired by the painting, "Italian Landscape", by Washington Allston. An Internet... James F. Newell
Sep 13, 2008
2:43 pm
Re: On Italian Landscape
Dear name witheld: Lovely thought process here. The labours of the molecules, unknown. There is always so much more going on in any picutre, you have to wonder how one...

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