Saturday, December 27, 2008

Faith Constructs Our Future World

To Live By Faith Alone?
What is the meaning to this?
Simply put
We Are What We Believe
We Make Future Worlds Happen
By Thinking Them Into Existence
Our Future
Is In OUr Faith
How we intrepret life
How we personalize life
How we inprint life
and make a difference

How do we life by Faith alone?
We must first, truly, soulfully believe
Belief in Dreams
Belief in Magic
Belief in Supernatural
Belief in Creativity
Belief in Nautre
Belief in A Better World For All
Belief that Everything Will Be OK
Belief that Things Will Get Better
Belief that We Are What We Think, Feel, Emote
Belief that we are here on this planet for a purpose
Belief that we are loved and love
Belief that we are Free
Belief that we are Quality Beings
Belief in the Impossible
Belief in Dreams
Belief that we are eternal
Belief that we are protected
Belief that we are perfect just the way we are
Belief that we are needed
Belief that we can provide for those in need, be it spiritual, physical or mental help
Belief that everything is unfolding the way it should
Belief that humankind is on the correct path to Truth
Belief that we have the right to know the truth
Belief that we should pursue the truth rather than physical extravagance
Belief that we need little but love to survive in a cruel world
Belief that we are survivors, overcomers, strong in faith and love and hope
Belief that the future will be good, beneficial for all, purposeful, meaningful
Belief that we can connect our beginning to our end with meaning and destiny
Belief that we can be all that we can be, and mean it
Belief that there are no restrictions, no limits to our potential and creative powers
Belief that we can heal, that there is always a cure for whatever may ail us
Belief that we can help other achieve purposeful, meaningful lives
Belief that it is better to share than take
Belief that others have a right to their exclusive and intrinsic rights to their own particular brand of faith
Belief that we are all treated equally, in all ways
Belief that we make a difference
Belief that we are only getting better, metamorphizing into wonderful Spirit Beings
Belief in the Human Butterfly, and Human Potential
Belief that Love will Overcome All defeat
Belief that Love will Find all people and hug them eternally
Belief in the Spirit of the Season and the Reason of Being
Belief in You, Me, Them, They, Out There is All Good, Fair and Just
Belief it You Matter To Me, You are the reason I am here, to connect spirits, to carry the light into otherworldly realms one day
Belief that Love Never Dies
I Believe in YOu
You Believe in Me
We Believe in each other
The world believes in the earth
The earth shines its love light upon its good citizens
and the Universe unfolds
As it Should
Breathe in the Essence of Being One
With the Universal Design
The Power in Eternity
The Power in Everlasting Love
The Power in Being Love
The POwer in Giving LOve
The Power in Receiving Love
The Power is claimed today
The the Power of Faith, Love and HOpe,Joy be yours this time of year and
Forever more
I Love You

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